Destiny 2: Witch Queen Review - No Witches?

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500 to get started on your audiobook journey immediately thank you for sponsoring this video audible and destiny hello everybody my name is brookie currently having slurs thrown at me for not pushing the wellspring payload destiny destiny destiny thats definitely i love destiny and im tired of pretending i dont have you had a rough ride bungie oh yes you have i played destiny 1s beta because i was hot off the halo train really excited to see what bungie comes out with and i was met with mediocrity beta was fun but mediocrity in spades there were ideas concepts themes all things that showed lots of promise and potential but for a while thats all it was was promise and potential and none of it was properly acted on destiny 1 became the game with a niche audience you occasionally heard spatterings about and thats kind of what it stayed for a while with a few dlcs things improved slightly crotas n was not particularly great but it wasnt dlc house of wolves was also kind of like a side mission but then the taken king showed up and basically saved destiny 1 from ruin hope spraying from this things change the story got better and theres a little gleaming light shining through them wrath of the machine came out after that kind of kept the ball rolling not as good but they kept the ball rolling and then right there that was the end of destiny 1. destiny 2 on the horizon huge improvements to be made 60 fps on pc lots of options coming out here destiny 2 the new world and it launched with the red war gall the cabal and it was meaty ochre at best not as bad as destiny one i wouldnt say there were still lots of improvements made but it had no real intrigue first of osiris came out and it was quite bad warming came out and it was okay and then just like in destiny 1 2 okay mediocre expansions and then bang the big one for sake aldrin saw brother of mara saw queen of the reef going out to an attempt to revive her gathering all these scorn barons new area new enemy faction to fight not only that kane vi rest in peace there was stakes there was intrigue there was excitement and just like with taking king forsaken saved destiny 2. shadow keep afterwards was a disappointment but thats mainly because they were leaving activision it feels genuinely unfinished and then beyond light came out and you know it was pretty good not quite forsaken level some people loved it the overarching lore people the exo fans oh they adored it and anyone who thinks that elsie bray is thick as  __  or something i dont i dont know but looming on the horizon you had not only the new seasonal mall a bunch has been created a new seasonal bits of content every single quarter of the year to keep things going instead just expansion drought expansion drought but then the big big narrative change coming up the witch queen sabathun sister of oryx hive god of deceit and lies it was time for us to meet her head on in battle the seeds of her corruption have been planted the prior seasons have been building up towards it marisovs involvement saint 14 is back things are changing and now there is a throne world to be raided how did it fare oh a lot of people say its about on par with taking king and forsaken and if you say that you have nostalgia goggles fused to your  __  head taking king and forsaken are not bad expansions neither of them but they saved their respective games they brought the games back from the brink of difficulties collapse issues all these kinds of things it saved their games this is not trudging destiny up from the deep this is elevating it to its zenith the witch queen came out when destiny was already at its height beyond light was really good and all this seasonal content was incredible we had each of the quarters hunt chosen spicer and lost and each of them were building up that narrative more and more and season of the lost was incredible so many good activities so much narrative involvement we were already basically in the height of destiny with season of the lost and all the witch queen did was grab it and shove it even higher this is the best expansion destiny has ever had period it is a new personal high for quality and care and gameplay and narrative and everything it is the top destiny has ever been and im a little scared it might not be able to maintain that but right now which queen is the best and its not even a question its not even close after doing everything the campaign some of the quests the activities wellspring the vox obscura all the new stuff after doing all of that if the raids sucked balls it would have still been the best expansion and the raid didnt suck balls weve gone to the point where 90 of the complaints about destiny are either outdated or just memes or done by people who dont  __  play destiny issues the game has had previously been wiped away either by updates or just slow adjustments to the game which i guess means updates but you know more like creative decisions whatever there will always be valid criticisms thats why i said 90 not 100 but at the moment it feels like the amount of criticisms are so low on the totem pole compared to everything great going on with this experience now destiny is  __  incredible right now and i would recommend it to almost anyone especially with the release of the witch queen so lets talk about the campaign things couldnt get much worse the universe just loves proving me wrong doesnt it you load into the game you load into the campaign and you have two options normal and legendary mode thats the first time theyve done this normal mode puts you into the regular destiny campaign which is generally a breeze its super simple you just gotta move your way through it and its nice and relaxing for the narrative only its kind of like an easy mode which has always been what its been legendary changes everything your light level is locked at a certain amount beneath the enemies which means they do more damage and you do less there are often more enemies there are modifiers there are a larger a lot higher damage with certain score and crossbow characters per chance and overall the legendary mode is just harder in almost every way and apparently even harder if youre playing with a group because you have the light is fading parts but by doing the legendary campaign you got double loot and by the time you finished it you got a whole bunch of gear that was way higher in level preparing you for the raid sooner which was a fantastic decision i played the entire campaign on legendary and i would recommend it to everybody now i did it solo its no mark in the park dont get me wrong it definitely tested me throughout the entire campaign i struggled a bit but overall i wasnt like tearing my hair out with some of the missions except for a couple boss fights those boss fights being the  __  scorned dude with the giant sensor from like the pressage mission the scoring sniper  __  as well and the final boss fight which i guess spoiler but not like it really matters is indeed savathun and god damn was she  __  hard but those insane fights especially the one with sabathun need to feel better because for the longest time youve had this this grand story about your guardian and all the things its doing with light and dark and dealing with the multiple kinds of enemies that hive the fallen ball et cetera and all of these just intriguing interesting campaigns that you always would then walk up with a galler horn or something that nature in one shot whatever you were fighting the game didnt have a great narrative to difficulty combo these giant gods savathun is a hive god and considering if we were fighting her like we were fighting ulrics way back when wed just be killing her with a little dicky pistol but for me i died to savathun a lot she  __  me in the ass easily over and over and over again it took me a while and she felt like i was actually fighting a hive god a struggle light or heavy is appreciated to sell these narrative moments more but its not just that this campaign may have been better with the legendary mode and the narrative was better but its also because this was a campaign mode for the longest time parts of the destiny campaigns would actually have certain missions that would be go do bounties go do patrols and public events go do this strike or this lost sector basically trying to introduce you to the new world whether thats the tangled shore or europa et cetera it was always lots of filler content and thats been basically all cut out the entire campaign is a campaign from start to finish with the exception of one and thats doing the light blade strike which is the best strike they added so im okay with that each mission is truly a mission with a narrative and narrative consequences and often cut scenes that accompany it good cutscenes too like the overall story right savathun has the light she has our power void our solar she has the strength shes giving it to all of her hive guardians and with that a new location has been added game mechanics have been shamed void 3.0 new enemies have been added theres all of this new stuff coming in and its a true and honest-to-god threat and its finally a campaign that feels like it but even so you know thats just thats the surface level of this whole story the story has so many more deeper layers to it and twists and turns and things to think about and finally the the affirmation of something ive been saying since like d1 the traveler is not our friend its a big  __  off ball looking out for itself and a phenomenal ass cutscene shows this after everything you simply let me die if there is an answer i dont hear it it doesnt seem like theres as many um pre-rendered like really high quality cutscenes like there are in forsaken like the one where you saw aikora with the worm and the hive worms and stuff like those really high quality cutscenes seem to be not as many of those in this one as forsaken but it still looks really darn good so i cant really complain the cutscenes we did get are pretty outstanding qualities savathuns voice acted just perfectly shes so so good i love a lot of the other major or not really major but side characters like the witness sounds great in particular that cutscene with the worms and all that and drowning in the deep and cataclysm and all that its the voice acting is pretty solid all the major cutscenes sound great and have a lot of effort put into them though i you know one gripe you have that cut scene where uh or icora is revealing the whole worms and the witness and you know youre shown that sabbath and the hive were lied to by the witness uh you know instead of traveler and all that stuff to go to the darkness and then once you realize that akora is like well they were tricked the hive were lied to and then right after she says that you walk to her and and then so the hive god of lies was lied to this changes everything i get it bungie half your hunter players have brain damage from hitting their heads in the ceiling with stompies one too many times and i mean im a titan player i get it i get it but like come on a little  __  faith please anyway this all culminates into the final mission which is a banger it is super long maybe even too long but i take too long over too short any day of the week just the area the visuals of it the big bell like the the big hive bowl area that youre in and then the sabbath boss fight and the realizations and the voice acting with it and our ghosts getting all high and mighty its its so phenomenal its gorgeous looking its well done its well paced it is a incredible conclusion to this campaign and it despite the fact that the conclusion does feel a little open-ended in in many ways actually particularly the fact that sabathuns ghost goes tomorrow is still alive and that is a very possible reason for her to come back later on then the witness revealed that megamind look at ass like theres a lot leading up after that but it still feels like closure it still feels like we accomplished something huge and it feels satisfying i really gotta shout out the va for savathun shes so god damn good in this one the game is yours to play now you might not think that clip is particularly like amazing in delivery like better than other stuff but i dont know theres just something about it like the poisonous delivery you know the god of lies and the way she kind of draws it out its like shes great make her like put her everywhere give her more roles make her our ghosts make her the drifter maker osiris she already was but with the campaign coming to the end the reveal of the witness it lacked that other part that destiny campaigns used to have which is the theres lost sectors and bounties and blah blah blah but they decided to instead add that to the exotic quest of queens and worms the queens and worms quest is a really great idea and i hope they do this in every other expansion basically all the things you need to do all of the content you will be consuming for the next however long is stuck in this quest line you do the strikes you just lost sectors i think i think you do patrols maybe public events i forget exactly everything but the dwell spring you do like all the major things you will be doing in sevethuns throne world from there on out as well as having some genuinely funny dialogue with the worm i am shocked how much i like the worm hes so evil but hes so cute and then we turned him into a gun mind you the worm gun oh oh this is a perfect choice please do this every time afterwards have a long campaign of great well-paced missions and then you want to show us the area show us off the new destination all kind of stuff throw it in the exot quest afterwards its its a perfect idea it makes doing the quest nice and smooth and familiarizes new players it is a a plus idea in particular i kind of like the altar of reflection stuff not because of the actual combat and whatever but the the lore bits are good i like the two truths two lies game she likes to play which is funny because you know theres nothing saying that shes not lying about that fact theres two truths and two lies so the game is moot but its interesting enough you know im curious speaking of lies let me tell you a lie void 3.0 is just as bad as stasis in pvp no incorrect disagree malarkey wrong void 3.0 the new edition of voy that allows you to really customize your characters actual abilities more the grenades the aspects all that stuff the way you use your super its a great hit i love it its really interesting its fun it adds a lot more depth to someone that i really always liked i was always a void fan and you know i love defensive strike and i was always a ward of dawn player especially in d1 and so this in its own right is really fun for one but man like comparing this to stasis though like its its good you know like a lot of titans have over shields and hunters are invisible and all this stuff like yeah but comparing this to stasis is literally 1984. void 3.0 is just fun the build crafting the ideas you can make the way they synergize with one another the way that stasis has been for the longest time but i just never really got interested in stasis i found stasis to be a little boring but void 3.0 feels just really fun and especially when youre running titan where everything explodes and youve got a funnel web and its a fun subclass change and im excited to see the difference itll make with things like arc and also solar later on because right now arc is basically all i use and i want to thunder crash something with kirus and solar oh i guess like synthesized builds it not much whether stuff has been added when crafting thats interesting i like the concept it needs some work though is a fat load of costs for it and i gotta get it to an extent and some of the perks like the enhanced perks seem kind of worthless but thats not the worst thing in the world like they should only really offer a five to ten percent increase in use because i mean how much bloat do you want were killing everything in half a second anyway you want to kill things in less than half a second now like make it even crazier i get it for the material cost and that kind of stuff but damn i did i dont know but besides that i like the open crafting a lot it allows me to use weapons i normally wouldnt so i can get the deep sight resonance from them and messing around with patterns and stuff gives me different exciting concepts especially with the idea that some exotics might actually get their catalyst via the weapon crafting system layer like the osteo striga does but certain things like making a good pulse or a scouter being able to craft especially raid weapons i mean im a pve player more than im a pvp player so being able to perfectly craft that subsistence frenzy role that i want excuse you being able to craft the role i won is is really nice especially when you have upgraded subsistence and such but i will admit the system does need a little bit of work im just not smart enough to think of any decisions i dont know glaives though glaives when it comes to weaponry in the olden days i like my good long two-handed thing right give me a halberd or a polax glaive naginata get any of those long ones i mean i played law bringer in  __  for honor like me though it should make plenty of sense i like these kinds of things so the idea that ive got a destiny medieval magic glaive that also is a gun and a shield really cool now im not disappointed with the glaive but it definitely feels on the weak side i like using it quite a lot actually i find it to be a really fun weapon to run around with just having the glaive but as a weapon it definitely feels like they were maybe a little scared with what it could do and so they basically made it not work with with with anything the gun is fun but a little low on damage the shield is actually pretty good but i dont know getting behind cover is is not the hardest thing in the world to do and the melee basically operates as an unempowered melee which means that synergy with a crapload of stuff just isnt there it needs some better synergy with exotic armor and perks and the like it really needs more options for this kind of build craft because the moment it feels really weak with the exception of suppressing glade but thats just a seasonal artifact mod doesnt really count also maybe some more animations on the on the swings just like the same one two three one two three it gets a little bit boring sometimes overall i mean i like i like the glaive i like it a lot but its its definitely weak and i think it could use some ups im actually really starting to realize how much content is in this expansion we havent even talked about the throne world yet or shes season the risen season of the risen rise my glorious creation rise so as i mentioned before destiny is in like a quarterly season thing now and in these seasons its where the new content comes in the new gameplay loop arise new armor new battle pass kind of thing so therefore new cosmetics new weapons all these things arrive in the seasonal content along with some kind of seasonal artifact mod to go along with it and that actually helps carry the narrative a bit more from expansion to expansion if you played all of beyond light and then went straight to which queen youd probably be pretty confused but beyond light into hunt chosen splicer and lost it makes a million more sense it is absolutely a nice slow build up for next expansion and thats what im expecting to happen come this one season of the risen is season 16 and it entirely involves us working with kaidel the empress of the cabal in order to use her scions to mind control minds like  __  i dont know a bunch of hive in order for us to learn their plans and the like its its a little dubious i wont lie uh stealing hive and then forcefully entering their minds to learn their secrets as prisoners is kind of  __  and other people seem to agree as well his name is crow well talk about that in a moment but right at all you know the hive are pretty awful people so thats the goal of this season and so far its pretty great oh the gear isnt really my thing but if you like the ball stuff youre gonna love it i love the little synaptic spear thing i i still love fighting loosen hive the loosened brood theyre really fun and they add a great new dynamic and challenge having to grab that ghost and crush it way more fun than champions will ever be because champions suck they just suck but the competency of storytelling in season of the risen is shockingly high this one is having a lot more crow and saladin going on crow right now is isnt liking whats happening its like oh my god were were literally mind  __  these hive like we are stealing them as prisoners and forcefully entering their brains to steal their secrets like this is a little wrong and saladin is their big gruff man like theres a horrors of war and war has horrors and this is what we have to do because hive are  __  lords and all this stuff and thousands finally getting some development and an arc which is great because for the longest time i only knew him as guy who voices iron banner and besides that he was always really  __  boring and crow you youre a naive son of a  __  crow you are a naive sob however i get it everything he does im like i disagree with but i get it which is always the important part when it comes to storytelling you know its not about whether you agree with the person who does the thing that they do you just gotta believe that they would do it you know i dont particularly agree with the excessive mass murder committed by joel from the last of us at the end of the first game and lying to ellie but i would believe he would do it the only thing these seasons are really missing is pre-render cutscene theres a couple cut scenes here and there and they have that nice one where its like a oil painting or whatever that is like the ink blots and the white and the black the grayscale thing but besides that it could use a couple more perimeter cinematics but theres still enough here at the moment and i like where theyre going for it and great its not over yet were like halfway through so theres still more time to see the rest of the season but overall like these are good these are so good the narrative being placed in front of you despite the fact that you have to kind of sit there in first person and listen to a lot of it is a little bit weak but i am thoroughly invested its like a tv show because every week the narrative keeps going every reset it keeps going more and more and more and then you have a little bit of down time to earn what you need before the next season its just its so smart this is the season that comes out with the expansion like season of the hunt these are normally the weak ones whats next season gonna be like holy  __  oh my god speaking of holy  __  what about that raid holy  __  gamers gamers do i have news for you one of the best experience destiny has to offer is its raid it is some of the most challenging some of the most fun exciting the most destiny thing out there its its a mmo light so the raid is of course one of the most important things of the expansion if youve never done a destiny raid before its generally a very long mission taking between an hour and a half to three hours depending on team competency and normally spans multiple different kinds of encounters and bosses to go along with it with specific mechanics in each encounter after each encounter theres a bit of loot that drops for you generally having armor or weapons that you can only get from the raid and normally theres an exotic a fancy pantsy raid only low chance drop at the end that you can also get unless your garden and salvation suck my dick the things that set destiny raids apart from other mmo experiences is generally the fact that destiny raids are much shorter but also have a much lower margin of error in a big mmo like if im thinking of lets say wow you know back in the day lich king ice crown citadel thats when i remember it the groups were obviously very very large but also there were like what was it like 15 encounters theres a ton of bosses many of them were optional though and getting through the entire raid took a very very long time but at the same time you had a lot more margin of error it really is margin of error i cant think of a better term for it people could  __  up and die a lot more often than in a destiny rate sometimes just one to two  __  ups or one to two deaths is the end of that encounter and you need to wipe immediately but naturally its also making all the encounters way faster most encounters dont take longer than maybe 10 minutes each just depends on how many times you fail and have to restart it depending on how good you are could be even faster like deep stone crypt with a really good team you can do in sub an hour but you know last wish with a team still learning it could be three four five hours maybe now those two are different in length of course and depending on how youre doing riven can definitely take a lot longer but regardless this is not like a 10 hour long real mmo raid though the encounters are pretty tight so example attributes one deep stone crypt you have to have someone with a scanner buff to call out the correct actrix of all the clones thats praising the sun and gonna kill you while if someone hits the wrong one you all wipe and die riven and last wish you shoot the wrong eye you all wipe and die you dont pick up a hairball fast enough on the garden salvation opening you all wipe and die there are a lot of very quick and twitch options that everyone needs to do and everyones been on the same page but if you do it fast enough and well enough like i said these raids take very short periods of time you could do every single raid in a night if you are competent enough as a team so for the newest raid this is the vow of the disciple you are heading to a giant darkness pyramid that has a disciple of the witness rook rook is a bad man doing bad things and he must be stopped and its the first time were doing a major raid and fighting a faction that is not really what weve seen before giant pyramid darkness ship rook is a hes an interesting looking man to say the least and like with most raids the mechanics all kind of go on top of each other as they go on so in valid cyber you start off with a little bit of a scorn fighting section which you need to figure out the weight of darkness where if youre out for too far then you will be killed so like okay now you know that you dont have to go get these weird little crystally things to bring back to this cart of some kind to keep it going so now you know about the enlightenment buffs you can get and now you know about the weight of darkness as youre moving to the first encounter encounter two is the exhibition if im wrong you can laugh at me Music this is a puzzle coordination memorization combo there are a ton of symbols giant obelisks need to be protected you split yourself up into various groups and this is where you learn all of the symbols after that you have the caretaker youre adding the symbols plus the thing you learned in the beginning to grab the little stuff together caretaker boss thats where we tapped out on worlds first we just didnt have the damage for that sob but then youve got the seizure-inducing gauntlet after that which is a whole thing a little bit of platforming after that and then finally youve got rook disciple of the witness and then all the things you learned from before are added and used right there and then for him and thats thats your reign overall im pretty pleased with val disciple but not overall from like the raid itself its my favorite raid uh i wouldnt call it better than last wish kind of on par with it with deep stone overall but its the fact that this raid was so different it really shows that bungie is ready to push itself outside the box on the mechanics of the game like for the longest time the issues that i saw with raids was the reliance on things like well of radiance weapons of light and various things of that nature and a lot of the bosses were just giant immobile crit spots for the most of it as much as i love last wish kali morgeth and riven are all stand in a spot with the well of radiance basically deep stone crypt has a little bit more intrigue but youre still well of radiancing in crypt security as well as the 10x fight deep stone showdown had the idea to make some different encounters mainly with the attrix one fight and a short damage encounter and the descent fight which i find is fun because its just total chaos val disciple has almost no sections where youre really just sitting there with a well or fighting something randomly immobile everything is super different the pillar and puzzle encounter has roamers moving around the map and people defending the defenders could use a well sure but theres no major boss the caretaker forces you to go from platform to platform to platform in order to do your damage so if you do want to use weapons of light or a well you have to stagger it and at least it takes a little bit of skill to do so not a lot but it forces you to do it the third fight is you cant stop moving youre literally timed in this horrifying area with a bunch of relics and youre running through the place its just super chaos its a horrifyingly stressful but i kind of like it for that and rook rook fights back rook is a sassy looking the way he walks with his little his goddamn hand his big ass feet and hes walking around smacking you and then when its damage time and dps time he actually tries to  __  you up he pulls out his sword and says come at me  __  and he runs that you blast these giant four lasers all over the arena you have to be able to dodge and move because if you dont then well he kills you its a boss that you actually have to fight so standing in a well isnt an option standing in a bubble really isnt an option like youve got to go out there and deal with him in your own way you all have to be your own kind of skill as youre moving around its so much fun and its so out of the box and it shows that bungie is not out of ideas for these raids because this is truly one of the more fun raids because its so different and so at the end of this right youve got the best campaign destiny history the best environment in destiny his i am such a sucker for magenta i love magenta i love statues and i absolutely  __  love flowers i also love the combination of some kind of steel like gold or iron mixed with something like something white colored and the magenta color like this just savathuns throne world was made for me god damn it this is the most gorgeous place ive been to in a video game in a long time and then i go play elder ring and im going to  __  kaelin i dont want to go to  __  caleb i want to go to saboteurs throne world because its so pretty the queens bailey that area in the throne with the queens but oh my god its so pretty oh my god its like its like im running through an area full of just death and and horror but at the same time its its death in a horror with like a beckoning hand oh so  __  good well spring activity fox obscure altar of this and that new raid the the changes to gambit are pretty great also i mean gamma has problems but its still better that the season there is like this is the best time this is the best timeline destiny 2 the witch queen is the best timeline to be in almost all the complaints i can think of right now are just minor minutia complaints here and there or stuff done by people with like 40 000 hours in which queen already because thats all they do is destiny and i guess you can talk about the whole price point and the sun setting thing because thats its own thats its own deal which im im mixed on on one hand i get so much content for the cost that i just dont care at all because i get so much  __  content on the other hand the vaulting of like tangled shore and stuff they say its for removal of dev time because new stuff gets added to the game and that stuff might break old stuff so instead of having to spend dev time to fix old stuff old stuff gets cycled out and possibly brought back in and also file size i dont like it but i dont have a solution because im not a game dev so and honestly maybe hot take here but if removing that stuff saves dev time to give us what we got now get rid of it i dont give a  __  if thats what i need to sacrifice in order to get this experience right here right now fine this is insane and i adore it and that is it for me in terms of sucking bungees dick the entire video i really like destiny right now it is a blast the only reason im not on it every day is because elden ring so yeah give it a shot jump on it if you want to its free to play its not really free to play its like free to try try it out maybe a little bit see if you enjoyed it if you do maybe put you can put some money on it you know and we finally have some questions to answer holy  __  we have real things ricky you watched in kanto and i mentioned that you really liked it any specifics thoughts and it really stuck out i just really like the color i thought the acting and voice side thing was really good and some of the songs were especially like i think the bruno one and the two caterpillar one at the end really got to me especially the one at the end oh my god that one that one hit the feels hard but just the color of the environment i almost wish it was like 20 minutes longer because some things felt a little bit kind of brought up and dropped needed some more development but i dont know i just really enjoyed it it just i dont know its nice warm and fuzzy not the greatest movie ive seen but it was good one of my go-to comfort foods 10 piece wings stop five uh all boneless five of it being like garlic parmesan or lemon pepper the other five being like uh spicy cream honey barbecue maybe mango habanero im feeling particularly spicy have you considered  __  there i had to sneak one of these  __  ones in here all right im out of here im gone come on obviously youre a skater picture of steam gift card Go to or text Bricky to 500-500 to get a 30 day free trial!⬛ PATREON - ⬛ MERCH STORE - ⬛ BIGBRICKPLAYS - ⬛ TWITCH - ⬛ DISCORD - ⬛ TWITTER - ⬛ INSTAGRAM - ---------------------------------------------------------------- ⬛ MY CHAIR - #destiny2 #destiny2review #witchqueen steam remote play on phone 4 player coop games steam best cute games on steam free fantasy games on steam steam on a mac