We Annihilate an Entire City with an Insane Alien in Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed!

Game won't download steamcyberpunk 2077 on steam deck DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 - REPROBED game oh my God this is a UFO nope I I please take me to your leader oh okay uh yeah the McDonalds okay we can get McDonalds we have McDonalds at home oh no but it was good anyway here comes the president come meet him president volcano prison volcano you show that dude alien right sorry I think I had a stroke in the middle why would you die in your volcano Music I can make alien sounds with my butt look at this Chris were dancing its dancing our problems away look at that oh thats so good hes staring at his alien Bread Basket yeah stop stop looking at that oh Chris are they gonna blow up the like button oh Im so out I dont know theyre blowing up our Mothership oh no no go from the daddy ship this is somehow your fault Im sorry Chris the daddy ship left to go buy milk 17 years ago I dont think hes coming back but were you in that ship too I was at the ship oh now oh oh no Chris Russians no get out of here theyre always Russian places there we go there you go dude my head is pulsating oh mine too Oh you mean the game Fish I got him yeah well that was hard Im just gonna gently put him down right there all right roll well grab it we did it we beat the game we won we defeated Russians Im like Rocky Russians and hippies oh wait can I hit one of those out of the air what watch out you got a volcano on your right these are volcanoes Christmas this is our mother ship breaking down Just Like My Mother breaking down when she sees my career choices Just Bounce them oh dude you got them in the volcano all right we gotta work on our defense get into this defense okay no no no were not doing this were not doing this Chris want to see some mind-blowing yeah oh look its brain give me that brain it was very time I wouldnt think Chris is but I couldnt find any okay okay Chris this is where my favorite games as a child I freaking love it look at this guy I want to take his brain does that be a little bit are you an alien or a zombie dont worry Ill get you to the hospital oh well this is incredibly awkward I found them from KGB agents and what should I throw with them were gonna throw the car at them oh Im gonna watch a good again with connectivity this is why you get the extended warranty when you rent a God in America now that hurt me oh wow I dont think he thought that one through seen a man hit by a car but a man a car hit by a man oh my god oh that was violent its okay Chris its gonna be okay oh its our little buddy boy whats up buddy kind of Chris hes just a little hologram that follows me around hey oh my gosh all right we barely we can go upgrade our guns so Im all about that not that this one isnt really fun effective like do we need it up had a nuke scope I dont know we got all these look at that dislocator disintegrated Ray a probe of some sort um Im sure that goes in the ear for getting all the earwax out which is something I get yelled at every day for not doing I will just do it Ill stop talking about it no I dont wanna how else am I gonna make my candle business I dont know but Im tired of your irritators falling out irritated voice off dang it what was that oh okay Music flowers Im planting Russians oh my God oh my gosh that was my house Chris no he finally got all the farts smell out the whole game oh my gosh dude the destruction of this game is unfathomable there we go give me that oh yeah oh yeah wheres the second Danny core oh my okay this is way better whats up buddy lets do a mustache on that side of the police station youre welcome I dont know what I want it I want it its mine I called it I broke it I think I have more mind Powers I gotta test on these guys I got him oh I got him if this have I confused him hold on oh yeah now hes on my side oh now hes your friend he Aikido all right wheres the other stuff second day Decor ah Roblox its a foot store its a bookstore Chris you cant read I know but I like to go in there and smell the pictures they got banned from Barnes and Noble aha do you know Barnes and Noble didnt sell one Barn does the president know this President volcano no president your comments on the situation okay that makes sense oh dang what can we do now dislocator oh I could what do we do with it we whipping around oh oh oh it bounces what the heck what those are the person well that works smacks them into the ground they are screaming and fairness that would dislocate everything on me anyway look this is worse just kill me please this is way worse oh all right Im sold give me that car can you bounce that guy into that guy I can balance anything I want its just it just takes longer Im just gonna start zapping them were just chucking them you bounce a check oh I can bounce a check theres theyre not check theyre Russians a joke for you oh goodness um oh my God what a weird weapon and a little comb red say hello I feel like I missed this time you play American basketball yes where I become biscuit and boo boo someones peeping at us oh no oh my God Chris I dont know youre in this game oh no Chris the hippie sauce quick take her flowers whoa for the fart Burton Reading Rainbow what free love forces targets to dance oh we can make a dance party dance party free laugh baby oh my God the girls is dancing everybodys thrilling well you can body snatch them body snatch and power this guy its so Hudson oh weve been on the force together for seven years buddy I was your best man in your wedding man yeah what are you gonna do much what are you gonna do all right I can just do this again Im gonna make him dance again yeah its 40. theyre all clear Im just gonna run away man this guy everything is groovy Chris far out indeed I want to be this be the fact I want to be the fat guy he probably gets more Donuts I dont have money now ew how dare you be money get out of here get out of here thats where that guy just flew there Ill see you then we gotta read the mines hello how do you humans get to the bathroom I mean how do I go to the bathroom good save I dont see that guy just flying away all right were trying to find something called the freak yes is that me probably visit him on the hill later so the hill is this a freak I think so freak oh sorry he says only hippies can Vibe with him oh okay so I gotta find a hippie yeah you gotta be a hippie so body snatch okay gotta be shot oh Im okay Im out of here oh no they spotted me Chris get Deborah the fuzz is harsh in my butt there we go this was like okay I think were good alien Tech so we can travel between planning no what else do we want to do I dont know make people dance why not its nice oh is he telling us about the Russians okay God I wish I could pull off bell bottoms be beautiful you could dude you can pull them off youre strong oh Im gonna go jump on hippies you just kind of smell like a Goomba Music I dont want to be in a person anymore oh my gosh did you crawl in her I certainly hope not can I make cars dance make the car dance you car this dick its Ted dancing oh my God stop hitting people with your car its rude oh my gosh oh my gosh that was rude and Im over here electrocuted and popping out peoples brains but come on yeah we have some decency okay Im just gonna make everybody laugh and dance and have a good time do it all clear yeah even the cars dance oh dang I hit the wrong button oh my gosh dude I want to be this guy I want to zap people and blow things up are you gonna be the Russian guy over there I dont have to be anyone all hes gotta do is kill the kids you be agents guys Im on your side well hey well then stop stalling and go get the Russian make them dance make them dance and then love each other Im gonna make a man you bounce Me Up Down Baby Everybody Dance Now give me the music no really give me the music this is a robbery give me your brains yummy this is the robber give me music God I love eating brains so now I see why zombies do it why you know why do what do brains do for you in this game I dont remember all I know is that theyre delicious theyre going straight to my thighs whoa whats this its a freak youre a freak hows it hanging she really pulls off that voice real well yeah thats great sorry you gargle a bunch of gravel earlier thank you for your assistance bye love you okay bye oh we gotta get our saucer back like a plate yeah theres a china shop around the corner were gonna have a tea party what is this ancient what is this what is happening I just want I want my saucer back its charged the Idol with your zappomatic you missed I didnt miss I think Im shooting that car he missed there we go there we go I cant believe you missed them that was embarrassing wow Landing Zone unlocked give me my futuristic alien Technologies powered by ancient idols and electricity yeah Chris Scott read a book Im sorry I have it oh there I think we gotta repair it man repair it with a bomb okay army guy come here a second yeah thank you oh yeah wait wheres the gun love me everybody Dance everybody Dance in minutes now though hey guys dont mind me Im just gonna go uh take that oh my God Laughter ah my helmet fell off but apparently I had a second helmet on underneath did you see that thats why Mom says bring two that was weird Music thank you okay bye theyre all busy dancing Ill take that and Ill zap a couple of them just hey shop that guy just for funsies we need some more brains thats hard for me to watch your next Punk no Im not I dont have one idiot outsmarted by a man with no brain Ill never financially recover from this wait give me that theres financials in this goodbye Im seeing Tyler spelling numbers man one of those seems all right oh oh here we go now were talking oh you can put a header pocket cloak on or Assassins Creed it just makes you go invisible never mind now we got death rays like that donut yeah or like go nuts where we got a person sorry dude look at this this is so cool oh yeah I think I can take like this whole car wait can you destroy a building trying to destroy this donut there we go I shot a chance to be this featured in my Donuts yet again now youve really upset the police I cant imagine why all Im doing is just destroying everything I see with the giant laser yeah whats their problem whats possibly wrong with that sharking guards in the ocean what about the army they almost got me think of my way downtown Christy shooting parking sir this is always the worst part I cant find any parking just blow up that Building and park there oh okay lets aint have to destroy all those oh theres tanks oh no dont say it Chris dont say it thank you very much no no I says to sing oh we gotta destroy these hot air balloons full of drugs I think I dont know what theyre full of but Im destroying them is this is this a joker plot thats what it looks like I think I saw this in Batman 1989. theres a boot give me the boat is that Alcatraz yeah were in San Francisco dude I didnt know that Welcome to The Rock Music what that size blew up your whole Mothership how about that one just bounce off you just think this games not realistic thats what we do with people that ask too many questions ah any questions yeah several oh I said dont know all right I think we got the last one whats up the town is singing I love how it did like a birthday balloon at a party oh my God he just said we have the slurp master in there now oh dude that would be amazing oh yeah I dont know but I want to slap oh all right how many people can we fit in here it just eats people thats it I think it said it was like grinding them up into something I dont know what it does but I like it Im gonna get them some beef oh my God look at all oh my God theres so many people no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no oh I think thats how we get upgrades oh okay I can upgrade my zappomatic solid I think thats what the the the brains do you give us upgrades got it uh oh this is pretty sweet leave it like if you guys enjoy want to see more Destroy All Humans would you Repro I guess thats the full name I think there was like a split screen co-op mode so makers will try that in the next one if this gets enough likes and comments and tacos and subscribers see you next time I couldnt reach my air horn in time steam game desktop icon missing Welcome to Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed with Ctop and @SimplyChris ! 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