Destroy All Humans 2 is a Fun Co-op Throwback!

Does valve own steamtarget steam DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 - REPROBED game want to say thank you to thq nordic for sponsoring this particular stream with destroy humans 2. check out the game as you can see its uh theyre very proud theyre loud and theyre proud and they know what they got its a great license great classic some nostalgic memories from the past got a little godzilla up in there look at that co-op is pretty cool go through the story together all right guys im liking destroy all humans too obviously its a throwback granted this is a 15 year old game dont expect like the open world to be gta right its its not gonna be that this is some old school couch gaming so we picked up right from where i left off in the story thats pretty cool yeah that looks a lot sweeter too got a new weapon there we go thanks for the help joe were just bloody for the rest but itll slowly go away can i get some  __  help please there it goes slowly comes back damn we almost died now joe i have it on the hardest difficulty so you have to be careful all right which way we going exit or go right light them up boys disintegrated march mars attack style multiplayer we could use dual mode story co-op or pk tennis what lets lets try pk tennis whoa look at these freaking class skins its it thats awesome can we target it we cant target it got it yeah that was pretty fun that was really fun all right cool we got that forgot it at multiplayer yeah thats i mean this is a cool cool edition this all says co-op story mode still after all these years it will i mean look at this  __  thats crazy this is well this is a what 15 year old game right return 15. um i forget how this goes i actually have no idea what im doing were coming up on each other fast this is straight up straight up fight hes gonna be chaotic oh new guns whoa yeah see this is this is much better from here go jira where yeah i took your ass with me okay okay you want to fight well i got the better weapon winner winner chicken dinner again player one victory oh its not showing my skin interesting okay and ortho pucks look at that gyrating thats the secret package Music revolution oh come on just like that gone you didnt see it coming oh Music that cant be good greetings comrade mother russia sends her regards through it he dead the cars about to blow boom in the orbit i threw his ass in the orbit shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh plus one plus one bonus got it got a coach oh nice destruction is that enemies i cant tell yes jet pack please got it oh yeah thats what were talking about baby collect the second one now we talking oh  __  hey there buddy ready go to the bridge later Music start dancing thats your best dance girl you better learn some moves come on woman dude oh  __  oh im supposed to do multiple rides okay so freeloading by zen here we go she loving me you sir dance theres two of them what is this take a humans body right now oh her butt oh youre right uh did you see me oh clear okay body snatch a cop though god damn it all right well just oh i dont know everybody dance take the body i was in before you saw no i was in dont you  __  dont you shoot me hey you chill chill good use the police box to make the call all clear okay i did it like split second before the meter ran out uh call the all clear okay hes up on that hill  __  hippies dont even know how to dance joe is that how you dance in the club no no youre trying to pick up chicks im pretty sure theyre the one in the ground no thats how you dance and then the green one thats like every white person dance ever like the shimmy its like and then this one shes just straight up on drugs thats the drug dance so the oj thats the oj oh yeah the carefree okay the arms behind you oh i think we found a freak excuse me sir only hippies can vibe with the freak oh no were provoking him uh lets lets get a hippie oh your bodys rejecting you all right man uh tree oh shes washing the tree shes watching the trees shes washing the tree this is pretty hard whoa far out hey there uh moon doggy im looking for a dude with his ear to the street the kids call him the freak there you go you got you get him you know what you didnt even help me  __  you you know me to  __  you there you go i love the dislocator use pk to kill kgb engines oops disintegrate or not just dismember sweet oh board the saucer aim down with the saucer and grab the marked target were back it sits back online system offline uh thats a woman thats another guy thats it oh she drop it drop it she did all right its time to  __  up the base whoa yeah theres like a repulsotron take out incoming muscles at close range by pressing v php im not sure if im if im destroying it am i like yeah there we go okay cool cool hell yeah joe youre supposed to be  __  shielding us god damn it we really cool i like that little  __  building destruction all right 100 that is how its done that is how its done the hardest difficulty its fun its fun and co-op i like the multiplayer obviously this is a classic game so dont expect miracles from it um i just its nostalgic its uh fun enhanced not all the jokes land i just i just like the charm thats involved obviously you can go through the whole story uh but lets do and so its out now destroy humans too thanks to thq nordic for partnering up with this for the stream lets do one more match of pk tennis grand champion two one super bowl angry joe out to the early lead oh i missed a critical shot there it bounces again come on its bouncing no in the whole yeah 100 points right there baby no oh that was a hundred you owned all joe whoa red yes kicking his ass can other joe stop the slide 300 to zero it is not looking good ladies and gentlemen bounce i i wish finally joe gets on the board i was letting you have that one joe just letting you know youre gonna own gold in this watch that bounce oh i did not expect that joe good job push come on come on come on come on push thats got to go in come on oh that went right past me oh no no joe dont call it a comeback come on yes no its still going its the 500 what what just happened i scored you scored in the very last yes okay i got it angry joe you were coming back a little bit we were having to go back and forth on that last one i was trying to i was like trying to go for the 15 and go back to the hundreds its hard to aim the tiny tiny little ones thats why it took us forever to get that one you betrayed me doesnt matter all you oh he betrayed you thank you all for picking the winning team i will always get to your points ill double your points you should have went all in on me how many people went all in on me pay out them points baby well guys i hope you enjoyed the stream its a fun game a lot of fun destroy all humans thank yall its out now check it out you how do i play steam games offline Check out THQ Nordic on Steam: Its AngryJoe & OtherJoe in Classic Split Screen Co-op and Competitive modes in the Reprobed Destroy All Humans 2 comeback! 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