Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed Remake Comparison (All Areas)

Check steam profilesteaming carrots DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 - REPROBED game you expect me to beg human no  little fiora i expect you to die ugh are you receiving the  mothership has been destroyed   you must come to my aid immediately  follow the distress beacon to my location my brain is broken the mothership has been destroyed hurry up and next week well start  one-on-one shakti tutoring   ill be giving each of you private  hands-on instruction and crownish potty   the highest state of tantric arousal these  sessions can run 10 hours so eat a good breakfast thats it remember wherever  you go thats it for today   remember wherever you go ill be there  to shine in your japan the sparkle yes again sunshine   nice little setup guns cheap russian booze teenage  bra burning hippie chicks man after my own heart   and join us were about to free the people of  this city youll see its truth and embrace   our beautiful new utopia the basic super organic  communal collective and compost farm are you with   us man am i with you dude youre bogarting  the brain stems im gonna have to kill you run along comrade my men can handle me passive bests what a crunch brothers and sisters children of the revolution  this is the dawning of the age of aquariums my   name is prudence kane like me many of you joined  the american liberation front as a way of getting   back at your rich suburban parents for subjecting  you to an adolescent of obscene luxury luxury   okay simeons heres the deal  you give me coyote bong water its an attack take out those  trucks immediately that was awesome my hmm shoot the humans all you want space man but youre  only treating a symbol you want to get the disease and yes oh so you work for pawns im a secret agent with the kgb three oh okay so thats her contact looking bastard so thats her contact smarmy looking bastard shes just a chick a human chick you barely know  her a hideous repulsive human chick who smells   really good no no focus damn it i found what i was after i just thought id  say goodbye i might not see you for a while   good hunting space man and  try not to get yourself killed hey doll face hey doll face where does an alien go to  have some fun around here takushima is a melting pot of  ancient and modern human cultures   it has a rich history and  a vibrant popular culture   i need you to go down there intercept the package  and bring it in okay save me the history less and   how do i get into this melting pot youll need  to get to know the people who live here first the   villagers the urbanites the police the ninjas  wait a minute ninjas they got ninjas in 1969.   go with it who doesnt love ninjas and believe it  or not we are not the only foreigners here this   place is crawling with kgb they get around dont  they intercept the package always invite me to   the nicest place and then you never let me destroy  them were on foreign ground we have to be careful   careful schmearfall ive been a  model of self-restraint but theres oh what do you want money whats up watch yourself thank you okay i dress like a white ninja perhaps then i will win  as a heart of professor yuki-san at the zen temple   if not at least i will look totally  rainbow  __  make everything go away dress like white ninja go down to zen temple   strike up a conversation  with yuki sun great idea what professor yuki i presume i am  i got good news professor i got   good news professor your main squeeze  dr goh is escape black ninja custody why should i see him because consider  it in the meantime there is photograph   of me on the rocking zen temple garden  find it and take it to him with my love you got it teach um if you catch my drift now where do i find the  last coat the kaijin who stole yuki from me   has a final coat has him and his ancestors  he is a kgb division head called sasha soy i think perhaps he is depressed but in any case  i fear youll have to destroy a whole building   to get him out why doctor surely youre not  suggesting i kill him i dont know what youre   talking about and its just a coincidence  the ruskis making time with your cheeks   dont worry doc ill wreck the place   and take the code from his dead red  thing that comes from his dead red things so this is tunguska its good to be back in the ussr but  this place makes the rest of siberia look   the rest of tropical look tropical looking  good goldie that outfit could melt nicely   youre welcome to borrow it sometimes if you like i better incinerate something  for heat before my tool falls off   cant have that but i think we can arrange  an opportunity for creative combustion im not sure yet ill know more after agent sergey yeah hes a regular double-oh-seven off what  you got that i aint got hair for one thing   here he comes let me do the talking ukraine  girls knock me out moscow girls make me shout   its good to see you something you  look devastating as usual i know you as much as id like there is a classified area  nearby obscured day and night by a cloud of   radioactive gas i believe it is the source of the  insidious organic weapons being used to subjugate the area plans are kept in a high  security section of kgb headquarters   can you sneak us in you and your little side chick  i dont see how now if it were just the two of us   jealousy sergey though the fire fades comrade  the angers may get smoother even in the tundra   exactly the kind you think not that its any of  your business thank you well find our own way so how do we get our hands on the plans exactly the kind you think krito  not that its any of your business   hey see whoever you want you  can bang the red army chorus bro   your permission is noted now can we get to  work actually you might be on to something he wrestles bears okay so how do we get our hands on the plane   sergey says well have to sneak into  the kgb headquarters and steal them   oh sergey says that does he he does the odds will  be against us the place is swarming with agents well crypto says bring them on  the more the freaking merrier   actually you might be on to  something theyre afraid though   if you can create a large enough disturbance it  might lure most of the agents out of the building   and while im playing monkey ball youll  sneak in and grab the plans gotcha okay doll face im off to  stir up the soviets be careful dont worry crypto you keep them  occupied and ill be just fine   whatever you do just keep them  away from the hq building good luck over here please the saw diversions agents are leaving the base away it may be more than i can handle  god i need backup crypto high confidence stop the dark skin business take intruders down youre coming in from our direction um cracker you know thats maybe the clumsiest innuendo  youve ever attempted please i wrote it   myself why does it always have to be your  radiation give me the scoop doll face what   do we know about this bliss base not much  other than it seems to be the main bliss   stronghold it contains their hive and the weapon  they plan to use to destroy earth and thats bad   see im really getting this by stuff huh its true yes crypto those conical gizmos must be the notorious  ursa miners soviet drilling machines built to howd you figure all that out yes my readings indicate there are  still more versaminers in the caves   take them out of commission by any means necessary right what you gonna do what you  gonna do when they orbit you i had better be hurrying up in  getting to cosmonaut base in   time for speech else how will i be getting  commander lee need to be signing my helmet greetings fellow children of  the glorious workers revolution moon is looking like colorful paradise faithful commander leonid is  always being at herb garden   and biodome before a big speech i am wondering  why he must be loving smell of rosemary i am being so sick of working for mule for oh  god how am i going to face them all theyre fed   up with this place and i cant blame them  we sold our principles to a race of them   giant space crabs from mars we see all this  cliche in the book oh i am not fit here stupid cheap kosher meats watch im  late for leaning speech in habitat 1.   just once i would like to buy an american-made  product solid workmanship trusted the world over   nah not really not even in the sixth ah good day comrades comrade cosmonaut why we  have to work in such long hours and hard labor good question the bliss have you guys working  way too hard and you know what its time we   did something about it whos with me oh leonid  is right bliskevicks of taking advantage in february you think this place is bad  you should see cleveland duh he used to be flying up frequently  for surprise holiday photo ops that was being a good one that was being a good one hes kind of busy you know  partying in the mediterranean   on his 50-foot yacht with the dallas  cow pub cheerleaders dallas cowboys why we are not being allowed  in the area northeast of here thats why drunk okay but stupid way that super ah  we can no longer be trusting premier million clubs   oh it aint just melancholic kids the  bliss think youre a bunch of morons too   also but they are always telling a  soviet union will be ruling world   what evidence you are having to mistrust is drinking too much theyve taken over your entire government   comrade leonard is perhaps watching  too much american television theyre giant freaking lobsters  from outer freaking space we are seeing long-term  psychological effects of space travel this this is being outraged anything else  can be endured if we are having vodka ah   russia would have been democracy 200 years ago   this will not be standing there has been no  such thing as free lunch blizzcon yeah give me yeah so what does this mean for the blizzcon  bad news for the police thats the spirit   now get out there find the bliss  and kill them crabbys dead for what god foreign run for your foreign uh uh oh ah oh humanity and turn earth into  an irradiated water world well the good news is pox has   concocted a virus which will cause the  bliss to spontaneously combust i know okay well uh so what are we gonna do were going  to bring these flocci to their knees thats what   ill release the virus you just keep  those cravings off me while i do it   theyre not touching the hair on your pretty  little head doll face trust me theyd better not   i told you im allergic to shellfish but one way  or another tavares this base is coming down hard   i am so turned on right now so turned on right if thats a pickup line  were a match made in heaven so what do we know about this bliss base  exactly we know it splits into two domed   sections and its swarming with bliss warriors  very unfriendly also the entire base is organic   alive and much of it radioactive oh well  guess if it was easy everybody be doing it hey its only the fate of our species right   we can do this im ready are you ready dark  red im ready and spaceman good hunting sorry crypto we havent got much time  and we need to find a way through whos that for you foreign anyway yes so something else oh this is a two-man operation get back here come out okay steam game last played In this edited video I compare all levels and some cutscenes from Destroy All Humans! 2 Remake for PS5 to the original game on PS2, played, recorded and edited together by myself with HDPVR2, from my own walkthrough of the game 0:00 Bay City 4:47 Albion 10:28 Takoshima 16:52 Tunguska 25:26 Solaris WishingTikal SUBSCRIBE to my channel! 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