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Zombie game multiplayer steamcan you steam jeans DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 - REPROBED game Music Hey guys Im opening here destroys a 2 game that is an original remake the original game was released on October 17, 2006 for Xbox and Playstation 2 its remake was released now on August 30, 2022 released for PC Shin Epic Games Playstation 5 and Xbox series one games made some different games there I think Diana sisters right the whole franchise some older games and currently they are subsidiaries of the North tag itself which is the publisher of the game right Austrian publisher for those who dont know she bought it in the past it was Norte Games bought thq right part of thq Ali from her Bankruptcy in 2012 And then it took several copyrighted franchises that were from thq and one of them was this one from the series O 11 now they are remaking the game, right, they made the first one I think in 2019 and now the was a second from zero basically in another range and everything and what is this game basically as it is 2006 was right there in the good of openworld games right that started it well with GTA mainly there at the beginning of 2001 so it is a game that tried to be an open world game there is something kind of humor in the game because it is a satire of this issue of films with Cold War Alien of this whole thing, right? Boom on the issue of open world games and played with this theme there so its a game that mixes action and adventure it has an exploration it has a little story a bit silly the case of the two it takes place this girl in the 60s she will have the hippies that whole thing you infiltrating there in the middle I didnt know the original game I never played the original I played a little bit the remake of it a few days ago so I didnt play it anymore but you can see that its a relatively simple game despite having many resources and such even for a very advanced time apparently right nowadays that it is a simpler game a very simple objectives and such but very cool very well done guaranteed fun right for for those who dont want something very serious, it really fulfills its role and it has local cooperative for two players and you can play one player on the keyboard, one player on the controller or the two players on the controller that I tested. so this games initial screen here we can already see several options come on we have here language difficulty tutorial damage number was disabled I turned it on I want to see how it is in the game some control and mouse options there we have key definition crypto standard controls which is the character is in third person and the flying saucer So theres a spoiler here that there will be a moment when you will find the characters flying saucer and here are the news in the control, right proportion And by flying saucer Also, just to visualize it, you cant change or anything audio options, several volumes and some little options. Here, I disabled some songs here so as not to flag the video. and several video detail options that here have their mode right to increase performance higher resolutions from NVidia and the superzolion that is from AMD right so it has a very nice support they made a very nice way they used technology both from nvid and simultaneously something else very rare and active Actually the fax file if Im not mistaken its kind of what I think now we go to any board but who gave the initial push for it went to pmd to not do what NVIDIA its all done, so lets go, Im going to start a new game here first to show you, theres a cooperative story that is nothing more than starting a new campaign and activating coope, its all the same From what Ive seen I think that theres no difference theres a duel mode too, right, which would be a competitive one and a psychokinetic tennis that should be like a minigame something like that, maybe it even looks like in the middle of the game too, I imagine but Ill show you later Im going to test a little cup to show you how it is with the other modes. I do nt think Im not going to risk going in. Lets not go there in the game. It has several save lots. time in recruit mode I found it very easy ok I thought they had experience right I was in doubt and I went to recruit but recruit is very easy its a game that you cant even die so this time Ill be playing experienced Ill imagine its the normal of the game the others I dont know if they will be very difficult, but come on Music it is a continuation of the previous game, as far as I know you are a clone of the character who is the hero of the first game, it is not exactly the same and even From what Ive heard this protagonist now in the second Try to find out what happened to him in the first something like that, right? something like that right but in the second why are you KGB that behind you or you behind them I dont know Music Music Music Music Music Music it starts well right Music fifth grade lets go on the control here left Trigger Aim and lock the target right up there I think its my life maybe its that its regenerating is the damage Remembering that it doesnt show by default, I activated it is necessary in the game so its a weapon that has a load right 100% you take it off It will spend on the load hold if you hold the deck skate then you can enter combat like this Music shortcuts marked after holding and releasing throw or Y cancels lets see so hes saying to remove these three objects from here in the middle of the screen on top of the mini map on the left, right, there are the objectives there, just press and hold it and let it go shipping just press y and he lets go Music This was the guy who was on the mother ship that was destroyed Music taken I made a copy of his mind I I have a jump over there it skipped dialog okay when you press it there is still dialog too Music for nothing more some command guidelines here right press the right analog stick it centers the camera lets go there its here on the map its already showing you see that I have a main objective in yellow, right to collect the infocore and the secondary objective to use Psychosis to kill the agents just throw something at him will it also not die yet the account too the body of the dead guy is up there you can use the his dead body Music and throwing, right, the character is very strong, right, so the game maybe from a program to make you higher even if youre good for the way Im going, dont wait there, damn, how to go down this here is really bad Music releases a new weapon dont release Jetpack its worth it right So jump and in the air jump again and you can hold the Jump button right you see the eye icon over there right which is basically the enemies are watching you n No, right, abestado nucleus, damn, now its a new one Music hold the strigger, it s a weapon that you carry Ah, it hits several times, it seems kind of crazy Oh, I can change weapons, which is the left Button Music It has ammo, it seems Ah, no, ammo recovers Music Music you can hold the x it exploded some objects it s not stopping spawning, you have to kill everyone here to complete this mission Music Music it looks like its an open world but its divided into phases, right it kind of leaves the stage it seems like it comes back later but it seems like its an open world Music Laughter Music Music Laughter sweetheart very silly right here it seems that you start the mission I didnt get the Quest so in theory leave it I see if its possible to explore everything here Music no, this place here is just this area, right? Music Music is a lot of conversation for you to have a mission, right, but remembering that you can skip the dialogues, speed it up too, right, just press the button to skip speech by speech or skip everything, theres no problem at all as it shows the objective, you dont need to read anything the first time I I played was skipping everything free love free love forces the targets to dance with one more party reached to get everyone to dance at higher arches level more dancers needed to start a party Music my goal has already completed high school, right there was the body of a policeman pressing several times I fixed his body phone booth Music come on marked creature you can read peoples minds it seems that Im losing the policemans life right only hippies can enjoy it it worked with that voice still Music my God from heaven this is from the mission there was a dialogue about controlling the womans body if it wouldnt be different WhatsApp now from the mission Music Music Music Music Music Music I ca nt run it seems Music these Oranges are like police officers who didnt detect me, right, apparently thats it now hes ordering something to be used here but its ending my my life of his character here Music how come I do it to infiltrate here I think let it go back Music how do I do it Music I think I got it, it would nt be failing like that Music is very, very youthful love Applause Music Music the guy is the foot and you eliminate their grenades, right, take this weapon here already throw it I will try to return their grenade throw it Music I already completed I already killed as many as he asked for man its very stolen I dont know if theres anything else to explore like, hidden things, the game doesnt leave much of a clue about it, just trying to complete the optional objectives, which dont even do anything, but apparently these stem cells that must have some little progression in the game, right, its enough to melt Nossa Senhora bur Capitalist delicacy like this bolos there you want that place between the missions right to confirm it seems that I cant go far look there s a map of this select that opened the map there s a caption its very small right it looks whole too or not Music I took her body Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music You have to disguise it better, no, I dont need it Music Okay movie Music I wonder if I already have Im going to talk to him about how its going to be, I havent seen it yet, let s go there, the landing site, the progression thing I said, right, theres something here in front of that and its not on the hidden map, I dont know what it was do you want to recover life or nothing else appeared on the interface thats how it is, it gives you a gift to explore the game a little more, not that theres a lot of room to go a little small I heard there in front it also seems like the one that I just got activated lets see with Music Music Music its very __ repair as a soldier repair cholesterol So you have to try to do this soldier Look at the soldier down here Music then I completed the secondary objective already Then you do what you want of the body and lets go he goes to a height and then he falls theres a fuel bar right and he starts to fall I go to where Im going here first Music this one is the damn guy looks right Music I lost one A little life is a shot a life right Music is showing the person with the intention of calling I hit the guy was closer to hit the other theres someone calling its not her not calling Its good that in the 60s there wasnt a cell phone look So many enemies are easier, right, doing that Jedi was something inside Music I cant throw anyone there, leave him there Music Very easy Ready, go back to brushing, these punishments are behind me, theyre down there, theres something here new art ok so you Have you seen what that is there unlocked the artwork then its over Music Music its very stupid its a very subtle love sometimes right pretty cool when its very in the face I dont like it very much but this one I found surprising game well Adventure Look, there are so many things here the box store communication and navigation gene blender lets go in here enter the cabin Music vehicles to fill shield drain Music Music Music Look, theres a tank until Music when you press the left Trigger it turns to low mass Music thats how its another thing the game saw it well independent of it, right Ave Maria its crazy that it didnt cause almost any damage or I completed it now its time to drive And then Im going to complete the two main objectives Music Music very good, very strong, Im already going to see what these cells are, but you can see that each optional objective gives one more cell, right, so the little progression is very small, but there if its something of progression or its a skin maybe release the green one And then This here is what the human saucers are impossible Suck just one cool cool taught a little something here from the gene blender theres a goal Yellow there in front and here I can get in now the box store select a weapon unlocked me ask for equipment to upgrade keep playing to unlock more equipment choose how to upgrade the last one first each line needs reactors were to be unlocked each first different first upgrades use furotec cells last upgrades each line needs reactors you can refund in full other resources improvements were even crossed collect DNA extracting and collecting human brains now it gets interesting so Oh this one is the best or flying saucer no this here is his weapon its mixed right Theres a character thing this here is the characters weapon only it s character movement skates furiously fast cool increase from bad cool skating rink crypto shield right a lot of life right basically there the gun has two upgrades right and an upgrade line excludes the brusher For now thats all you see yes its not even half right a third more or less of the things released here right Remembering that you can give a refund I would take the fast walking one with it I think its super I jump here immediately after jumping to get here I wont have enough points, thats what I dont have anymore I took one of each and spent it theres one psychic gene blender to enhance more progression the truth unlocked psychics are available keep playing to unlock them College human combinations caliber flying saucer sucker tracking location collection keep an eye on progress hippies police soldiers after operation of psychic unit initiative automatically some kind of there are more cases for the time being and you can see that there will be more here, right? For now there is only this the one here after will have three other types, psychokinesis, so I have to get 30 rips 20 police and 10 soldiers to unlock the first one that increases the impact there body theft is KGB 15 inches 20 soldiers deterioration of the host to last longer love free Super targets longer then the brain traction I dont have yet and the other power I havent unlocked so Ill leave it I think the psychokinesis tracking the recipe here will appear for me to get 30 Hips 20 police and 10 soldiers cool then I have this one I think its to redo the mission Maybe this is to repeat the story mission cool cool interesting this and you see that up there there are several chapters look Im in the first one with the flag of the United States Then there are four more chapters still ok so apparently Im playing in those chapters and visual flying saucer thats cool is that what theres more is there let me see here in the I jumped there I didnt see what hes saying one of the targets manual pierce or else we have a manual here for the skills game of all things Enemies weapons characters factions history flying saucer psychic powers enemy worlds and the crypto with the character there I have furonico adas right that you take there unlocks statistical statistical music this one was good very normal it also plays GTA style right 48 minutes of game here is a place that I can also apply skin on the character and here where I can enter with the local player also she there press to enter right then for the copy local I can activate it here already I test it just to complete one more mission I think the control is reserved for Né it appears up there to take this one so there is a skin of the character also I just wanted to see lets go in here I want to see the business of how its just that I get them Music just press just press really well Music 10 k from Music its not showing the counter here from the mission over at O object is the lace Skill itself this thing except that its version of the flying saucer there the left Button is doing this here are the weapons right this here is stealing them too Ah not here that Im catching them Ah this here is not the that I was doing the four ipes thats what you have to do with this weapon to upgrade it more difficult to be Soldiers, right I have to find a soldier here somewhere, its not much but its the least there is, police officer, see if I can do this Music the y recovers shield Music hips and police officers are missing something like that would be quick right Music looks like a landing place Music from the horrip flying saucer it almost happened that here is a place that has a lot of hippies it already has it now to find a place for a police officer there is an army vehicle is a bit buggy no one will call the police just a little bit of a policeman is missing only Music there are more police and its ignorant I think there are four levels of persecution for me right for what I have look there there are four police officers almost there plus one here where is that place to get off here that I had seen Music its here it looks like lets see if there s going to be something here I dont think there are any Ive locked this place up yet something to unlock until it becomes invisible Thats right, the alert starts to pass, people are getting difficult to survive, you can become invisible and here it lands there Thats right, I come here in the blender to mix the next level, its not unlocked yet, theres no way to get it still but it was good to see a little bit, right, how is the process there, I would have to, for example, choose something else here, there is none that interests me very much, not if I dont want to run out, right, to be able to go after it Music Ah, I will see the thing I had talked about Upstairs, there are several places, right in the parking lot. theres something here music that now hes letting me play outside the mission lets see if it works Ready I can call the flying saucer in these places and land in these places calm calm Music I cant talk to him then we have to do the same scheme another mission Music Nossa Senhora Music Music Music somewhere Music the explosives Music Music I wonder if you can get it for the trucks and destroy the trucks I think you have to do it this here, you see how good it is, he reduces speed for you who will do a Dodge and dodge very well see if I can return the Rocket of the guy throws a rocket there guy left it behind Im dying to hide a little wait for life recovering you come here yes it was difficult out of nowhere right the damage is kinda high almost there Ill get that blue whiting over there another thing hidden here Music even a simple violent one here right there I need to analyze the people right Music ca Music Look, but the thing hidden here Wow, a lot of damage Music Ah, so this is the place, isnt it Music I dont know Music Music I wonder if you can find it randomly, but it wasnt supposed to kill that one people, look, theres something here in front of me, a brush, it doesnt seem like it Ah, its underground, you have to find the entrance down here. In the race, beauty regains life and Im already watching City to increase my shield, right Music Initial doesnt work anymore, one more will do that microphone man, the guy doesnt die Music Evolution Music plus some weapon or technology, right Music let s see the object strainer Music it takes time and marks one at a time and maximum ammo 60 Oh my God my life Music I cant use the thing here ready there now I got two reactors cool and now its far away right I dont consi Im going to get this one right to get this one I had to bring three women there but there arent any women nearby, right? Yes, lets go there and a woman Music Live or die She dies Dont count one more She stays here Music Theres more around here, right, not always talks a bit far, right These breads here are just for that, right Music I just want to see if it will pass And then I already test copying a little bit to see how it works. enhancements also there that he will take from both Oh you spend DNA to release it here in the refund I understand Music how is it there damn ammo is not enough Music take it off me man I want to see a shield Music a its a little better lets go Music any landing spot closer here must be Music Music Music Music Music a protagonist I chose what a novelty Music Music Music great song my God in heaven Music very politically correct game different from Saints Roll right that in the reboot of the series they changed the footprint a little bit in this one I think they kept politically incorrect humor kind of native to it probably right I wonder if in the same city its already another psychokinesis blow I didnt understand how to do that it doesnt release the landing site lets go the mind Music Music Music I didnt understand very well how to do it I wonder if thats it I think thats it right look at that it became a project Im dying Accept that it hurts less Laughter I dont believe it I believe it was a pun man That was great I have to do it now is the map issue I still dont understand he speaks well City and I dont know if there will be an exchange of map its not very clear I thought I was going to that one Lets see what thing is there to mark something on the map I dont think so, it seems that we are not going somewhere here Office Music it appears losing life but I dont see my shield falling, right if you walking in water you lose everything that way you dont lose Music I brush nearby there s more or less nearby lets see whats a big noise I thought it was something important further down further than I would like Music its easy Music Thats all right Its no use taking the flying saucer because I already want to go there Music Music Ill take the opportunity and test the map or something if theres really Music the option to tell a joke about the island oh my god from the sky Music Music lets see Dont touch the water get to the island I dont touch the water it would have to be what with a flying saucer or I dont think theyre only doing that in Bahia areas recipes only humans can enter indicators with red with disability to when it turns green ignore Disguise of the Alert looks restricted it says that I could infiltrate it with an appropriate form with forms I would gladly enter Music Music Music the suit of the woman who put it on to help him Music is destroyed with explosive eliminates people who are running away we are running away Hi Music take a lesson here there I lost my place activate the landing place inside here is that right here is those DNA right it seems there is a landing place inside here Music Music stop shooting, go in and the mission ends to throw Vans in the water Music its ok Music dont skip it you see that theres time for the mission, oh my gosh I said damn I just pressed it wrong I found those breads in the other one, right but okay ah at least it came back from here right Music basically you cant let any one explode right so you have to throw it in the water because of that its very easy to do without wanting to let it go at the wrong time for Gods sake dont talk again o dont look at the guy running away man Music throw in this water that I know works, the other one works right Music Im at the base Use the repeller to defend missiles just press the Dodge button, right it looks like lets fry icon the guys there Music not destroying Ave Maria look Music the brutal peace the flying saucer It doesnt recover life by itself you have to use that ability of its draining I didnt imagine that destroying things like that no the rock cracked it here new location available how do i get there navigation communication thats right then it shows theres something that i didnt get down there o i got one of the other and one of them wasnt being any skill o items collected down there on the left i collected five out of 30 of one two of 10 of another and three of 20 of another and must also have the powers in that lock which is one thing was missing there no the mix of genres is a mix of n type upgrades that d Theres nothing much to do, I do nt think I used the left one, which is more important, right, which are the hidden things. I dont know if there will be a secondary mission, which Im not doing. I saw that there was a white objective for me to do it that could be it I arrived So there really are several maps, you know, several maps Thats right, theres a secondary mission Thats right, then, after I completed the map, it released a secondary mission to do there and unlock more things there only do a little mission here I test it at home Music making smart comments is really boring its also boring reading my mind ok ok Music I dont feel like what Im going to do Im going to start here I m going to come here Im going to come here on this tab There is a Player Player 1 on the keyboard Play 2 the control And then I give this Split Screen there you can see that it kind of does something asymmetrical, right, on the left is the mini map below and on the right Here are the objectives, lets see if you can move them away. I have Player 1 on the keyboard and mouse Play 2 on the joystick. Look, it makes it easier. When I passed a lot, the camera separated. the game is rendering twice sometimes to play with two Split Screens you will have to either reduce the resolution or something like that or the graphics or the graphics options or activate those higher performance modes things like that just so you have a Split Screen with cream Hit better but I patiently fell even before seeing the number up there in the take it was kind of stuck there what am I going to do Im going to take advantage of it because Im here close to a landing place see if I can release it there I I have to test what I have to test the question of Death, right, how does it work, I have to test the flying saucer, too, how does it work, I dont know, I cant call it, its going to land now, isnt it, will it? or talking about asking hes the Play 2 I m not able to interact here then Im going to find out what death does here, right, he died hes Respawn near the Play 2 then Im going to test this thing here on the ship, I m not able to interact I wonder you have to interact and the two will stay on the ship let me see ca nt player one controls flight weapons and lightning player 2 controls repelled concealment draining the equipment that player two unlocked controller is highlighted sorry only access the disk menu options of the landing sites players can change roles at any time so the cooperative symmetric right a Player controls some things controls others invisible basically that there is a button that you change the commands, in this case on the keyboard I changed the play 2 controlling itself cooperative very asymmetric better than that two is two flying saucers and it looks a little strange, besides being unbalanced, it probably fell again, just do the following, lets see s and you can activate the badge fear Lets not go there lets activate SS mode only for quality lets see if its good about a little bit lets turn on the most badass dls Ultra performance is in the video the difference is not ugly as hell the game O Brake were the same, good You can see that Respawn is very good in this sense, the performance has dropped well, Ill have to reduce resolution, right? its from time to time there are drops, right from time to time there are drops like that for how much the graphics got worse it doesnt make up for it does nt make up for it you wouldnt have to reduce the resolution or even reduce the options, you know everythings at the maximum too ah When you reach that everyone is partying there its a good time when you manage to dominate people, right just good good good I think it plays a little with this selfie issue too, right there look Im in control hes showing the buttons for me on the keyboard, right as a question on the keyboard it kind of shows all the keyboard and mouse bindings its a small problem there, I did nt unlock beast excavator cannon gastro ion detonator Meteor impact and probe So yeah, I already tested death I already tested one A little bit of the Split Screen I tested the asymmetrical cope of the flying saucer, so you can see that the Play 1 has a small advantage over the very minimal cop, it continues to be the one who has to activate the flying saucer Even during the pasting, you can switch right outside not outside its only play one that can do it Wow look at the size of this here man is going to shoot the missiles and its not even possible to repel it looks like his missiles are over Messenger now he wont take it anymore right he wont look pushing everyone Music nervous good people I think there was a little pressure there you have to exit the mission to cancel the mission restart the mission load the last Check Point with the cool control bridge that and I had already shown the rest I had already seen a little things there to cancel the cope there I canceled it then it was not good Ó there is also a photo mode for those who like this, right, thats it, people found it to test the game well It was good to test some mechanics pass in a chapter of it, so to speak, right? And if you destroy about 2 reprobats, you can see the general proposal of the game, test a little glass with you, too, from the woman who appeared to help him, anyway, as I said, its a very calm game, well, there s this adventure His very youthful humor that nowadays, he earns more, he also accepts a lot of questions about sexuality, etc. Even from 2006 its a very fun game, I found its difficulty is a little complicated at the moment its very easy and suddenly it gets difficult, right? It had a little spike so I think its higher It must be really complicated, right? Because even though you have a lot of firepower, a lot of skills, enemies come out of nowhere, right? And you cant kill them that quickly, satisfactorily, at least with the weapons I have at the moment, right? his cooperation tip is local for two players there is no online cooperation so to play online you would have to use a parsection anyway heres the tip for those who enjoy genre games right if Open Guardião Open World which nowadays very light for an Open Word right divided in relatively small phases but for the time It was certainly a lot and thats it, right, its a remake of the game they made, its not a remaster, right, as I said, its a game that was remade from scratch in a new indie If Im not mistaken, real and at that here is why the screen is a bit slack, no wonder and then as I said, who intends to play in glass I would recommend activating the glass and see how the fps is and reduce the resolution reduces the textures reduces the graphic parts to get a fluid FPS, at least I think that fluid FPS is better, more important than the rest and detail that some moments of the game should be even more, right In a moment of many explosions, many enemies, a certain one location of the map, so its important to already foresee this, try to reduce this to a satisfactory level and unfortunately thats it, people, 3D game that has Split Screen, normal FPS drops a lot, right ? two screens divided less badly for the first three four screen so its terrible 3D It doesnt really not bother very well that the person has to have the computer and look there sometimes due to a limitation of the etc and that still cant get very high FPS ok but yeah thats it the tip Extra local operation for two players throughout the campaign you could see how the game suits its gameplay its systems for two players Look at the question on the ship, right, the flying saucer, how does it fit in the cup? very easy if you activate it, deactivate it, I dont know if it changes the balance a lot, the game is not that balanced either, right? something like that but very calm he died scraping quickly on the other player and life goes on anyway it is a very friendly game in that sense, despite the unfriendly things about it in relation to the type of humor in relation to sexuality to play with a child together something like that can being a little complicated, right, very correct, but very calm, very fun, a game that is pure fun all the time, nothing too serious, in short, the combat is very calm. It has a lot of resources, I think for the level of the game, I was even expecting a game that was mechanically simpler, right, but you have several weapons, several skills, everything is very complex, everything has several interactions, right? put it on top, taking out secondary missions that would be even less, you know, a tenth of the game maybe between a fifth and Decius and theres already a lot available, so its really a game that you have a lot of power, a lot of things to do a lot of skills, a lot of strategies theres this thing with him kind of playing with Stelf, you take a human and not be detected and he does things there like reading and such good espionage, right, he plays with a counter- espionage that you do in a very intelligent, very simple, relatively very friendly way right with all your powers but its something that is not the focus of the game some missions will require or bring totally optional right And thats up to the player if he wants to get there blowing up everything killing everyone or if he wants to do a more surgical thing more punctually using these mechanics of Teófilo has right particularly Im fine Enjoying this type of Stevia I think its a very different thing right from the usual of simply not being detected I think its very smart thats it heres a tip about thanks, and see you next time shark steam and scrub 7020 Análise/Review/Tutorial em Português/PT-BR de Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed, remake do jogo de aventura em mundo aberto que satiriza filmes de guerra-fria e alienígenas de 2006, lançado oficialmente no Steam em 30/08/2022.Gêneros: - Tiro em Terceira Pessoa (TPS): - Ação: - Aventura: - Sandbox: Cooperativo: Local para 2 Jogadores - Jogos com Coop Local para 2 Jogadores: - Jogos com Coop Local: - Jogos para 2 Jogadores: Competitivo: Local para 2 Jogadores Desenvolvedor: Black Forest Games - Jogos feitos na Alemanha: Distribuidora: THQ Nordic - Jogos publicados pela THQ Nordic: Engine: Unreal Engine 4 - Jogos em Unreal Engine: Página no Steam: Página na Epic Games Store (link de afiliado): Discord do Canal: Timestamps: 0:00:00 - Introdução 0:02:41 - Opções 0:04:02 - Multijogador 0:04:34 - Novo Jogo e Dificuldades 0:05:07 - Abertura 0:08:21 - Gameplay 0:09:19 - Mobilidade 0:09:44 - Psicocinese 0:10:29 - Cutscene e Diálogo 0:12:25 - Gameplay 0:12:45 - Objetivo Principal e Opcional 0:14:20 - Mochila a Jato 0:15:01 - Deslocador 0:17:03 - Missão Concluída 0:17:15 - Cutscene 0:18:56 - Diálogo e Cutscene 0:22:38 - Amor Livre 0:23:05 - Roubo de Corpo 0:23:33 - Leitura de Mente 0:24:38 - Troca de Corpo 0:25:06 - Diálogo 0:29:07 - Gameplay 0:30:54 - Troca de Corpo 0:31:13 - Cutscene 0:32:59 - Gameplay 0:35:16 - Diálogo 0:37:20 - Gameplay 0:37:35 - Diálogo 0:38:27 - Gameplay 0:39:15 - Local de Pouso 0:39:46 - Cutscene 0:40:39 - Gameplay 0:44:45 - Cutscene 0:45:19 - Disco-Voador 0:48:49 - Sugadormaster V8 0:49:09 - Loja do Pox 0:51:26 - Liquidificador de Genes 0:52:43 - Holopoxdeck 0:53:03 - Visuais do Disco Voador 0:53:20 - Mapa 0:53:29 - Manual Furon 0:53:56 - Furonigami 0:54:08 - Estatísticon 0:54:18 - Câmara de Clonagem 0:54:58 - Disco-Voador 1:00:17 - Mistura no Liquidificador de Genes 1:01:46 - Local de Pouso 1:02:59 - Diálogo 1:04:09 - Gameplay 1:05:13 - Cutscene e Diálogo 1:07:16 - Gameplay 1:08:58 - Esquiva Acelerada 1:14:37 - Cutscene 1:15:13 - Gameplay 1:17:28 - Cutscene 1:19:33 - Raio Desintegrador 1:21:28 - Desafio de Local de Pouso 1:23:33 - Loja do Pox 1:25:57 - Diálogo 1:28:51 - Golpe de Psicocinese 1:29:29 - Local de Pouso 1:34:54 - Diálogo 1:35:56 - Gameplay 1:36:12 - Áreas Restritas 1:36:52 - Cutscene 1:38:32 - Gameplay 1:39:42 - Local de Pouso 1:40:18 - Disco-Voador 1:41:01 - Missão Fracassada 1:43:26 - Novo Local: Albion 1:43:56 - Comunicação de Navegação 1:44:48 - Albion 1:45:11 - Diálogo 1:46:45 - Teste Co-op Local 1:47:40 - Mini-mapa em Co-op 1:49:55 - Morte em Co-op 1:50:14 - Disco-voador em Co-op 1:51:43 - Teste DLSS 1:53:45 - Armas Trancadas 1:55:42 - Drop-out do Co-op 1:56:03 - Encerramento if i uninstall steam do i lose games how to play ps5 games on steam deck maytag maxima steam dryer how to exit out of a steam game good dating sim games on steam