Ranking EVERY Destroy All Humans From WORST TO BEST! (Top 5 Games Including Reprobed!)

Platform game steamsteam deck unboxing DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 - REPROBED game howdy as always my totally tubular gamers and were back with another ranking video and todays were going to be ranking a pretty beloved series of games were going to be ranking the destroy all human series of games for the uninitiate it originally put out in the 2000s by thq destroy all humans is an open world action adventure game series that is designed as a parody of cold war era alien invasion films the original destroy all humans came out in 2005 for the ps2 and xbox developed by pandemic studios of star wars battlefront 2 the old one and mercenaries fame the game was never a critical darling the reviewers didnt know really what to make of it but the gamers oh the gamers loved it it became a cult classic pretty much immediately and is one of those mid-2000s games that is looked back on very fondly it was so beloved thq actually deemed the game a success and green lit some sequels a year later we would get distraught humans 2 and then a couple years later we get two more games coming out to straw humans big willy unleashed for the wii and destroy a humans path of the furon these later games would be less well received and thq would cool down on the series but the series still remained a cult hit pretty much no matter what those first two games are still considered absolute classics nowadays people love the original two distraught humans for their really quirky weird sense of humor their interesting different gameplay their unique setting and again just being really weird and the game being actually decently funny now thq would obviously go out of business and pretty much be swept up by thq nordic and then in 2020 thq nordic would actually release a remake of the original destroy humans and you know what the game is still gold even all these years later the game is still great the game is still funny and theres just never been a series that was like destroy all humans and it really does scream the 2000s which i personally love and here we are in 2022 where now we have a remake of the second game as well and so yeah i want to give a big shout out to thq nordic that hooked me up with a review code for the straw humans 2 reprobe thats the remake its coming out soon enough thank you very much thats very based and so for todays video if it wasnt obvious enough were going to rank slash review all of the destroy all human games now over the years theres really been five destroy all humans games sure the remakes add a little extra but aside from the graphics the remakes in the original game really are like the same and it seems redundant to have both of them on the list so were combining them into one were gonna be looking at everything here were gonna be looking at how the games aged hows the humor hows the quirkiness hows the game play how are the weapons how much fun is the game really now some of these games are absolutely beloved i have some really fond memories with the ps2 games myself let me know down below what your favorite game is like sheriffs upcoming all that good stuff lets just get right into it what is the worst of the destroy all humans games the worst of the distraught humans games is the straw humans clone carnage now clone carnage is the standalone multiplayer for the two new remakes of distraught humans if you pre-order just draw humans too re-probed you will get clone carnage however this is the worst game on the list because its a multiplayer focus game that was legitimately dead on arrival there was nobody playing this game when it came out and i cant really imagine anybody playing this game going forward i could be completely wrong and i guess this game totally takes off as some multiplayer sensation but at this moment in time it is a pretty dead game and for a multiplayer focused game yeah thats not good there is split screen so i guess you could have some split screen fun maybe like turok wars on n64 sign but yeah no this is just kind of the worst game by default i didnt even really want to include it on this list but i guess technically it is its own release and i dont even have any footage of the game im just using the trailers because if it was my footage you would just see me run around an empty lobby basically theres not much to this game and you know i dont really know why this wasnt just included in the remakes it should have just been included in the remakes it doesnt need to be this standalone game because clearly that its not working worst game by default but yeah and so here we have destroy humans path of the furon now path of furon was the last to straw humans game for like a decade and theres a reason behind that developed by sandblast games and put out by thq in 2008 destroy humans path the furon received incredibly negative reviews right out of the gate for pretty much everything and after playing it i can agree with those reviews it is pretty bad the story takes place after big willy unleashed it is now the 70s and crypto and pox start their own casino in vegas they turn the ship into an alien themed casino and basically some rival aliens show up and they got to figure out whats going on and theyre just trying to you know run their casino get rich get some dna all that good stuff the story is pretty bad now im not going to act like distraught humans ever had the best story or amazing writing or great characters or anything but like this game just completely misses the mark it is nowhere near as funny the writing is nowhere near as smart and this the story in general is just pretty stupid its uninteresting the characters arent good at least pox and crypto have the correct voice actors but its just not really entertaining in any sense its just not good here and when it comes to actually playing the game i mean its not that far off from the old destroy all humans games you are still dropped into a relatively big area theres a couple in this game mostly around vegas and just kind of do missions its an open environment you can explore you can do some side missions or you can just go on an absolute rampage and kill everybody you still have a variety of weapons theres a couple new ones here but most of them are just returning weapons from the old games and you have a variety of ways to you know destroy all the humans unfortunately killing them and collecting brains and really just doing everything in this game feels nowhere near as satisfying as the other games it feels a lot more shallow and it just doesnt have that feel to it telekinesis is here but its pretty basic and the game is like a gta styled star system and its just poorly implemented and speaking of not working properly we have most of the missions here most of the missions are pretty bland standard typical the straw human stuff and it brings nothing new to the table or when youre trying to use the telekinesis to like scare somebody it usually just glitches out and youre not able to do it at all in fact this game is actually incredibly buggy and glitchy there were tons of instances where it just completely glitched out and id either restart the mission or restart the game yes i actually had to get up and turn the console off and turn it back on i know absolutely ridiculous and then we have one of the biggest sins of this game the frame rate the frame rate in this game is just absolutely atrocious i have not seen a frame rate this bad in a game in forever my buddy frame rater would lose it over this game whether youre just using one of the basic weapons or when you get in the ufo and youre trying to blow stuff up which isnt that bad i might actually say the frame rate just kills any enjoyment in this game it is constantly running at like 10 fps if not worse like it gets down to single digits pretty regularly it just runs like ass like why does this game run so poorly when it looks like crap it ruins any enjoyment it is my biggest issue with the game and its why i think its like the worst of the distraught humans games because it the frame rate is just so bad couple this with the bad writing the uninspired gameplay the uninteresting worlds and again all the glitches and you have a recipe for disaster there is a reason this game is so terribly regarded for whatever reason wasnt even released on the ps3 in the west but you know what it doesnt matter this game isnt worth playing at all i dont think anybody should try it try any of the other games and so here we have destroy humans big willy unleash developed by locomotive games and published by thq for the wii in 2008 big willy unleashed has never really been all that well received either and coming back all these years later yeah i can see why it wasnt all that well received so the story takes place after destroy humans 2 and sees pox and crypto opening a fast food restaurant called big willy and it turns out that pox is actually using this as a scheme to dispose of the human bodys crypto leaves lying around theres a little bit more to the story but i really wasnt a big fan of this like it starts out fine enough and the premise is all right its just i dont really care for where the story goes and then i didnt think the writing or the humor or the voice acting was anywhere near as good as the previous two games first off crypto and pox have different voice actors they dont sound right and you know i just dont really like them id much rather have the ogs and i didnt think the writing or the humor was anywhere near as good this game is really just aggressively unfunny like did you know that willy means penis like wow and they make that joke not once not twice not three times not even 50 times they make it seriously like a hundred times and you know it made me smile or gotta chuckle out of me the first i dont know like dozen times but then it just it really just got annoying and unfunny its like that one kid growing up on the playground who just responds to everything with your mom id be like whats the weather gonna be like today your mom your mom your mom your mom its like dude this isnt funny this is annoying shut up but when it comes to actually playing the game it isnt all that different from the other distraught humans games it is still a third person shooter where youre dropped into a pretty open environment you can just kill everyone to your hearts content or do all the missions because it is on the wii of course you got to use pointer controls and you know it isnt the worst thing ive had plenty of worse experiences with the wii it works fine enough and you know pointing at humans and killing them with your nice funny little weapons its fine enough just like the other games you do get in the ship as well and start blowing stuff up and you know controlling the ship with the weir mode the nunchuck it isnt the best thing it does take some time to use too but i mean its its okay you also do get to go in big willy and go around destroying stuff as well this was again fine enough theres nothing really terrible about it but it does take some time to get used to when it comes to the missions or the structure of the progression of big willy unleashed thats why i think the game does falter a bit it just doesnt really have anything all that memorable or anything all that engaging i think everything was done much better in the first two games and i think that this game feels really shallow in comparison to those games it just isnt all that exciting i just thought it was very forgettable i would really have to think about it to try to remember any missions from this game or just look it up seriously it just felt that disposable to me one of the biggest issues with the game is also the presentation like even for when this game came out like wow did this game look terrible it looked like a like mid gamecube game really i would say this is probably the worst looking to straw humans game of them all and this came out after the first two games for ps2 like this just looks awful the frame rate isnt very good and gosh this just is bad looking its probably pretty obvious by now but this is a very shallow experience its just not worth experiencing i think this and path the furon really failed to capture the magic of the first two destroy humans and really fails to understand what made those games fun to begin with and the humor and all that is just totally whack with this game and its not worth playing and so here we have the original the straw humans well the remake of the original the original was developed by pandemic studios of star wars battlefront fame and this remake was done by black forest games now the original destroy humans was pretty much a hit right from the get-go when it originally released in 2005 for just being incredibly different quirky and just unique compared to all the other games on the market and all these years later people love it for those same reasons the plot is pretty simple you play as cryptosporidium 137 and he gets sent to earth to go rescue his clone brother after he crash lands on earth he gets sent by pox and the two of them figure out whats going on and then they harvest human dna as it turns out human dna can actually be used to help out their alien race the plot is pretty simple i like how it goes i think it is pretty funny and you know they keep it generally light-hearted and they play into like every alien stereotype imaginable and thats great the game takes place in the 50s so naturally the people think that everything to do with crypto is communism its the russians little green men body snatching mind control telekinesis like seriously like all the alien stereotypes theyre all here and its just too funny this game just had me busting out with laughs even back then nowadays too its still really funny and the gameplay absolutely still holds up especially with this remake youre dropped into pretty open environments and usually given a mission or two and these missions are all very interesting youre either spying on the humans were using your body snatcher abilities and it plays more like a stealth game youre more often than not told to just go into an area and basically wipe out all the humans youre given a variety of weapons to do so like the electricity gun the anal probe bombs and even more you know blowing these people up killing them and just harvesting their brains its actually really fun you even have telekinesis you can throw people around and it all works incredibly well the remake made everything a lot smoother a lot snappier the original game controlled fine but it was occasionally clunky this remake though uh you arent just destroying humans from on foot though sometimes you get into your ship and you just level an entire town they added this new view in the remake where you can look down and fire your laser down but yeah youre really just annihilating everything and you know it is a damn fun time to just destroy everything the social stealth levels im not gonna lie these arent amazing they havent aged all that well and the stealth can be kind of shoddy but these outside of the first couple areas of the game arent most of the gameplay most the gameplay you really just are running in there and destroying everything you can even explore the open worlds question market to your hearts content theres not a lot to see here theres some side missions you can get into trouble with the fbi like grand theft auto and you can just harvest more and more brains so you can upgrade crypto in a ship there are some boss fights here as well theyre fine enough the final boss is actually pretty tough in the ship i remember that being tough and even in the remake its tough and you know its pretty good to see after all these years the distraught humans is still pretty fun sure the controls can take a minute to get used to and not all the missions are great but for the most part its still incredibly enjoyable its only like five maybe six hours but those five or six hours are pretty great the game is definitely unforgettable just for how goofy and silly it is it has a great sense of humor and it still plays well i have no problem saying that you should totally check it out if you have any fleeting interest in something like this because its just very different from most games on the market still but i think the best of the straw human series is distraught humans 2 specifically the remake that is about to come out to straw humans 2 reprobed i think this is the best of the distraugh human series i think it really captures the spirit of the series and i think that it is all around actually a really great time now i always thought that the second game was the best in the series but this remake absolutely kills it the original game its a bit hard to come back to sometimes with its age graphics that werent even amazing for the time and the controls that can be a little clunky this remake totally fixes that completely it looks amazing and it feels great the controls are super smooth its really great it feels like a modern game and the graphics i mean look at it it looks great the humans they dont look all that great but the environments are great the frame rates great crypto looks great everything animates really well it looks like how i remember the game looking which is really cool i have nothing but very high praise for the presentation and the controls now the story it takes place after the first game takes place many years after the first game where crypto is the president but that doesnt really mean all that much so pox and crypto really settled into their life on earth pox is chilling in a ship above earth still and it turns out that the kgb are aware of them and you know communism they dont like aliens so they try to kill pox and blow a ship up they blow that ship up but pox gets away he puts his consciousness in a robot so hes now hollow pox for the rest of the series and yeah cryptos just taking his revenge on the kgb for that and he meets up with this woman that he uh really has the hots for the story is very different from the first game as a totally different vibe and it feels much more like say a james bond movie than whatever the first game was going for and it has a lot more quirky interesting characters i think the writing is great this game had me laughing out loud numerous times i really do like the characters crypto and pox definitely steal the show and crypto hes just kind of a scumbag hes so sleazy to that woman oh my goodness im kind of surprised that they didnt change this up at all he really is just aggressively horny for natalia throughout the entire game and makes so many just bad innuendos and yeah hes just kind of a sleazeball but you know when hes just around with pox its pretty funny and the voice acting of course is superb it is great now when it comes to the gameplay it plays very similarly to the first remake see the original the straw humans in two there really wasnt a ton of changes and the same goes for the remake here it plays very similarly it controls again like a dream and you have basically all the weapons from the first game you got your nice electric ray your disintegrator your anal prober in this one you get a couple new weapons and these these are all right but they arent the most substantial editions the bouncers funny for like five minutes then you realize its not a very good weapon and when it comes to the saucer its a very similar story its pretty similar when it comes to the gameplay you dont actually use the saucer all that much i thought the saucer was generally underutilized now when it comes to the progression of this game you have five open worlds these are all very different from each other and they all feel and look incredibly different from each other which is good in these open worlds there is a couple things you can do you can explore around find collectibles kill as many people as you want do some of the side missions like abducting people or you could just do the main missions the main missions arent all that different from the first game killing a lot of people usually moving some stuff around with your telekinesis powers sometimes hollow bobbing lots of uh mind reading theres nowhere near as much stealth in this game like the stealth has been dropped almost completely which is nice or eventually just leveling the city theres a lot of missions in this game and you know most of them are quite a bit better actually than the first games missions they really took the best of the first games missions and made that almost all the missions here and you know a lot of them really are you just kind of killing everybody which was the best missions of the first game like all that stealth crap is really gone for the most part just some mind reading is there but i do think the missions overall are better than the first games i really do like the change in environments as well as it keeps things constantly fresh and you know sitting down and playing through this game in like one or two sittings over the course of a day it was an absolute blast i just had a great time here you get so many fun weapons there you just annihilate a ton of people almost all these missions are actually pretty good the writing is good the game looks great its super smooth the frame rate is good and you know youre just really just destroying everything and its like what more could i ask for it wasnt all perfect though i do still have a few issues with this game the remake in particular there were a number of glitches and bugs mostly with audio where stuff just wouldnt have any audio or the voice acting would just totally fudge up and just have either the wrong lines or theyd be repeating stuff and there were some other glitches here and there while i was playing the game it wasnt anything like saints row where its just game breaking glitch after glitch that and a few of the missions just arent that great there are some stinkers here that arent amazing and like i said earlier some of the weapons just are totally not really even worth using like the bouncer i was just like lame the upgrade system i think was alright but i totally feel like it could be better and the side content was just kind of all right also it it could have been better but these arent big complaints at all these are all pretty minor but in general i think they really hit the nail on the head when it came to what people wanted from a sequel it is a bit more of the same but they really did improve it better maps better humor more interesting characters some new weapons and yeah you just have better missions where you just kind of kill everyone its a really fun time and you know ive always thought that the second game and the first game were pretty underrated and looking now yeah id still say theyre underrated they arent going to win any awards for sure but these are just fun little times that arent full price or anything that i totally think are worth checking out i have no problem recommending the first game and now this new remake i think that they are absolutely worth playing theres some of the best remakes of the last couple years in an era where so many games the remake is often worse than the original game this is like no this makes the second game the original second game basically obsolete which is pretty phenomenal want to give another shout out thq nordic that was super cool for them to provide me the review code i was gonna buy it anyway because i love to straw humans i hope you all enjoyed the video let me know your favorite to straw humans or if youre getting the new game or your favorite weapon or whatever it is if you made it to this part of the video comment cement as in what you use in concrete thank you very much hope everyone has a great day night evening morning whatever it is see yall later bye volleyball game steam Howdy everyone and today we are ranking all of the Destroy all Humans games, including the newly released Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed! 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