Destroy All Humans Review Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?

Steam osx gamessteam cloud gaming pc DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 - REPROBED game whats oompa loompa size part of a race that never dies is the color of blueberry food dyes and lost their genitalia so theres no girls or guys thats right furons little blue skinned clones from another home these suckers have been taken out enemies across the known universe with unchecked atomic weaponry long enough that they lost their ability to procreate and have to use clones to keep their race alive however like a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy the furons have started to get diminishing returns from each clone created so what do they do they go back to earth the last bastion of hope that lies out there in the deep blackness of space one last place where the rampant ancient sexcapades of a scouting mission have paid off in spades because thousands of years ago on shore leave apparently the board aliens bred with human women and now every human on earth has a little bit of dna all up inside them to replenish their supply the furons have gone to earth and need to well tear it out of humans what could go wrong a third-person shooter remake lets see how it did as always if you liked the video i would love for you to subscribe less than forty percent of people who watch the videos are subscribed hit the button hit the notification bell so you get every alert destroy all humans the remake is out on ps4 pc and xbox here very soon and comes for the price of 29 to 39 depending on where you get it graphics are up first you never know what youre gonna get with remakes especially now in todays day and age weve seen amazing remakes like final fantasy vii that took the original world and adjusted it breaking it out into a larger fuller world and that may have missed some beats here and there but its still impressed in a lot of others or resident evil 2 which shambled into gamers hearts and never exactly left thats a testament to passion and heart taking something that many know and love and making it something that even more people will know and love despite its age and a lot of that is due to the graphics and black forest has done a very good job here the remake strikingly is improved in several spots eliciting a number of these wow moments that youll have just by seeing that little green dude walking through ankle-high grass thats actually up to his belly button or watching cows in a field for a budget titles remake its an excellent example of quality attention and making the remake look current or as current as they can with the resources that they have environments in particular dramatically improved as is the landscape itself with a huge increase in environmental detail as well as draw distance it reminds me far more of lets say saints row than it does the maligned assassins creed remakes we get a huge increase in lighting and shadow quality throughout on every location as well this helps tremendously later on in some of the locations they have this awesome surreal cartoon look to them that matches well especially that first time you see the oddly exaggerated characters show up in the cutscenes thematically though destroy all humans was always excellent from the bouncing back in 1950s cars in movie theaters where teens are experimenting with getting their shoulders into it or x-ray moments when you light up an enemy you can see their skeleton through their skin as they crackle all of that humor that was there physically is here now its just vastly improved also vastly improved is crypto himself ive always loved him whats not to like about pure blue-skinned alien destruction dressed in space-age dungarees with delusions of thuggery blasting people left and right stealing their brains and using weapons to turn people into night lights when a game is character based like this especially well a different style character like this you always really have to buy into what he is and i buy into this is basically a blue skinned bill knight of science guy rampaging through the game hes got very animated facial details and emotions as well especially for like i said a game of this budget from alien salutes he accidentally shoots off during speeches disguised as human politicians to his revulsion at how cows work he steals the show a bit especially well anybody from his race and that comedic feel is a conscious choice and the games always been more mars attacks than the day the earth stood still the way it is presented now works fantastically cutscenes are also redone and overall the graphical effect on all the characters is a nice step up what isnt a nice step though is some of the weird things that happen for example you might spend a good deal of your time taking over other characters in the game which is both a cool effect and creepy as hell when you think about it you might be following an old happy sally down the road shes decked out in heels and swinging her hips but then weirdly enough when you take her over her entire way of moving changes like shes in the middle of some decked out heavyweight squat in the gym and is sort of stuck about a quarter way through it look at this and they all do that every one of the characters everyone you take over animates like a light pole in some magical neighborhood come to life but not like pixar and  __  but something that a kid would draw and youd be like oh jimmy man that looks really good and then when he goes to sleep youd burn it i assume it has something to do with the actions and the activities you do in the game because when youre walking around like a 1950 starlet who looks like the constipation medicine just kicked in its funny intentional or otherwise one problem with the game also is that the subtitles go beyond the borders of the screen this is a bug im hoping it gets fixed on a patch youll see that in a couple examples here of course thats all while youre on the ground you havent even jumped into a little saucer devastation this thing is decked out with some destructive weaponry like laser rays and pulse cannons and the buildings and the towns exploding and lighting on fire and collapsing is done very well and i was like just blowing everything up especially because youve got a laser cannon thatd probably need a neutron star to power the damn thing however when you are doing so you will notice a bit of a lack of complexity in some of the locations even when youre up above them now when it comes to performance the game isnt going to strain pretty much any system out there thats come out the last couple years 4k max settings at 90 plus frames per second on the 2080 ti and 1080p and 1440p being available on the 1080 and the 1080 ti respectively the game doesnt really have a bevy of settings you can twist and turn in the graphics settings theres enough to catch a couple extra frames if you need them including view distance shadow quality and tessellation all of which can help you get some performance back if you need it but you most likely wont if youre looking to play it on anything thats even remotely current or well even not super current as a package despite a few bumps this looks really good and its performance is excellent and that brings us to sound music and voice attack waves target the infrastructure i want those calm towers out of commission support waves your task is simple destroy the communist insurgents holding the television station at this time we wish to abduct you for the purpose of scientific research the procedure will be protracted and invasive do you have any objections Applause earth creature i am addressing you respond or be vaporized my radar shows more humans approaching and lets do voice first jack nicholson is an alien count me in jay grant albright as crypto channeling jack nicholson hard enough to probably be surprised he hasnt been sued for impersonation before is something that i actually like its not spot on but the delivery and the tone and that weird rhythm jack has is easy enough to instantly catch on to and it gives crypto a bit of a carryover character that doesnt require as much backstory moving on from there it is great that richard stephen horowitz loves to play pissed off short dudes because he does it so well and its his turn here as pox if he isnt zim or raging in skylanders is chaos hes here raging away about the stupidity of others and raving about the intelligence of all of his kind so hes pretty much the same character hes always been and its also awesome while he doesnt go out of his way much to really make any of those characters sound different from one another this was recorded back in the day when the original came out and he was far less known at that time also due to the audio being cleaned up from the original it can be a bit rough to listen to its fairly scratchy there are a number of lines that dont seem to have that issues especially from the npcs and i think theyve been added to the game later on or now because theres some repetitiveness when you eavesdrop on someones thoughts that doesnt seem to be here in this game like it was in the original when it comes to this atmosphere when it comes to this kind of game and when it comes to a game styled in this way you need to have the music knock it out of the park because its gonna matter so much resonating a very movie-like vibe are those old late-night black and white tv shows its got warbly synths and just eerie tones and it nails it now theres no water phones or anything like that stick solidly into the base of samples and modern instruments and this is added to excellent harps in a string section that feels strangely wide surprisingly wide the thing about these games trying to harken back to a time when men were men no hugs were allowed and dinner was something you dressed up for and kiss was probably third base you want it to actually sound current but also alien enough and airy enough to filter back into those bygone days i think this soundtrack perfectly nails it from the action moments to the more sedate ones and that brings us to sound this i wasnt so impressed with environmentally the game sounded better than i expected with birds chirping in forest locations crickets at night or the occasional late night tv show broadcast when youre trying to tune a bunch of antennas to the right signal so you can take over suburbia with your alien agenda the game does keep that b movie vibe throughout with its laser crackles and the little whirl sound that comes up when you pick up enemies to toss them where it doesnt fare so well though is when you get into large battles in the towns or well pretty much anywhere the mixing seems a bit all over the place adjusting it helped somewhat but its like the cues were off and sometimes the voices and the sounds didnt feel like they were accurate and it actually felt like they were a little bit mixed up also the sounds in the saucer especially when youre firing the guns dont have the impact i would have liked shooting the laser in particular sounded muted and a bit unnatural overall i would say just okay and that brings us to gameplay and a bit about story this is a world thats going to sound interesting to a lot of us its a combination of bored aliens banging away on shore leave a clone race stealing brains for longevity all somehow shoved up deep into the red scare menace of the cold war era all of this as you play crypto 137 investigating what happened to the alien who arrived before you the mysteriously named crypto136 working with you and your overly aggressive leader pucks you try to rescue your comrade and uncover the mystery that is the enigmatic group majestic and its leader silhouette now the game has you running and gunning through various different areas in the world sometimes youre using alien technology to pretend youre other people to get into restricted areas sometimes taking out entire armed forces including tanks and mechs and other times just trying to talk to cows its a very standard third person shooter with you going through small levels and performing various required and optional tasks to move the story forward now sometimes you need to scan humans to find out the location of some item in the game world other times you need to sneak in to perform acts of sabotage secretly and other times you just go full tilt blasting out with your weapons that youve upgraded and researched throughout the game and to do that upgrading in research baby you need some cash but the main currency in this game is dna because like i said your race has visited earth centuries before and knocked up a whole boatload of women because everybody knows a three-foot blue whizzin child apparently is hot as hell if youre a bored housewife and use those brains to upgrade your saucer or your on foot weapons you can make your electrical guns shoot arc volts from one enemy to the other or make brains pop out of enemies faster and various other upgrades i do have to say that the upgrade system is not overly deep when it comes to customization and getting brains isnt really all that hard but it works to keep you advancing and doing things to get that next new weapon type or upgrade to get those you got to kill a lot of people and movement and control are going to matter its about what i expected with the controller or mouse and keyboard support the latter really makes using the sonic powers a good deal easier though neither are really bad but flicking an enemy away with a mouse swipe is just so much faster than the gamepad you notice it right away especially as battles get really intense youll have abilities like dash that let you quick dodge out of the way of enemies as well mix that with the ability to command humans take them over make them fight for you or take their appearance for sneaking or just read their thoughts you have some variations in the gameplay its just not a ton and thats really exaggerated by a couple things first the levels are insanely short like 5 to 25 minutes the longest maybe a bit beyond that but barely it was just really short which feels weirdly arcade-like and shallow even when sneaking behind enemy lines the game is not really that difficult so jumping from human to human to human and not being seen is not a big challenge also theres something awesome about trying to single-handedly in the dairy industry by shooting it from a ufo or dodging and destroying missiles they are towards you but it gets tedious quickly as you clear areas you go back to them and you can explore them but without any real objectives at that point exploring them really is just for cash and that sort of got boring there was a payoff there but it wasnt something that enticed me also while the game isnt difficult there are a couple levels where the difficulty spike did grow tremendously crypto is not the most robust of characters in the first place even with upgrades and getting just a couple shots to your shield can break it down and then quickly you find yourself on a mission over screen and even with the ability to in battle sometimes rebuild the shield the game is sending wave after wave at you with enemies and tanks and then mechs and then tanks and then tanks and mechs and then mechs and tanks and then tanks on mechs and still you just have the small area that you have to protect or the mission ends those missions feel creaky as hell they feel ancient luckily there are only a few missions with this kind of thing in it but it is something you should be aware of so you upgrade the weapons and they become insanely more powerful you can also transmorgify items into ammo but that takes a moment and that moment might also be you dodging other shots killing a bad guy and having to aim at something else and smashing a button a few times while youre looking at a box to turn into ammo can get old a bit quickly that brings us to fun factor i had some very good times with destroy all humans but it is stunningly uneven especially in the long run at first the story isnt half bad the jump in graphical quality really helps tear aston through the backyard of some 1950 superstar and tossing half the backyard items into soldiers faces that was enjoyable as was listening to the one-liners when those characters saw you but the more i progressed the lack of real difficulty and just the overall lack of mission diversity started to hit pretty hard just when you get in a rhythm in some of these missions the mission is actually over popping you back into the spaceship and going to your next mission you could loiter about but it really didnt pay off a ton you could go back in the free exploration mode that paid off a tiny bit better but its only if you really want to upgrade something like saints row remake before it sometimes bringing these games into the future shows that not all quality of life changes are terrible and not all current game design is some horrible thing there have been vast improvements in mechanic cycles and gameplay loops and attention retention for the player and we see some of those in this game and you can notice it right away however when its compared to that lack of mission variety and lack of overall difficulty and then the random difficulty spikes i have to admit wasnt as fun as i had hoped so as you guys know i rate games on a buy weight for sale rent or never touched again rating scale with rent being replaced by deep deep sale on pc if thats the review i give it this should be called like two audiences one review because thats really what weve got youve got two audiences the die hards who know what to expect and then youve got the other audience that maybe this is a 15 year old game so add another five years to that before maybe they jumped into some of these titles they may not even know what this is and theyre expecting something possibly a little bit more modern i will say this its 30 bucks which is a budget price i still didnt enjoy it enough to say it was worth going out and getting as you guys know i buy a copy of every single game i get even if the devs give me a code so to me i just feel that this should probably be something maybe you purchase on sale now if youre a diehard fan of this game and you already know the caveats youll probably jump into it but it doesnt have a lot of quality of life improvements it is longer than the original its got some cut content from the original as well but that mission variety just doesnt do much for me and the shooting and the guns and the weaponry didnt have enough variation to keep me really excited i did like the humor and the story a great deal but its not enough to make me come back to it so anyway thats it for me man i hope you guys like these videos i absolutely love doing it if you did give it a thumbs up if you didnt give it a thumbs down i would love for you to check out my twitter facebook follow me where you can and you can always come to patreon because it helps especially with youtube just being an absolute disaster so every patron who joins jumps into an awesome discord and also just gets to hang out with some very cool people and you help the channel i buy a copy of every single game i get as i stated before so that also helps me do that anyway thats it for me peace out and enjoy the rest of your week steam turbine generator Exclusive Plague Tale Requiem Hands on Preview out the Last of Us Part 1 REVIEW! 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