Como vincular cuenta de steam con epic gamesgame free trên steam DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 - REPROBED game this Lobster Bliss gold trophy is by far the most thing I had to do in Destroy All Humans too and it basically happens in the final mission of the game Dark Side of the Moon and the trophy is for pretty much just completing the final level and killing the final boss at the end of it but the problem is this mission is just really really long and one big long escort Mission which is never fun and youre just going through the enemy sort of Hideout and just fighting wave after wave of the same enemies and waiting for your companion to just catch up with you and then youll go into another room have to clear out waves of enemies in that room before then moving on to the next room and doing the same thing over again and again fighting the same set of Blitz enemies again and again well still Natalia your blonde companion seems to just have a Death Wish because whenever she gets hit by one of the blitzs acid attacks she just stands in the acid pool taking even more damage oh God its just such a long-winded and dragged out Mission and it just gets really annoying really fast and then at the end she has a habit of dying when shes trying to set bombs because shes just sort of standing in place and while youre trying to kill everyone and defend there youre just constantly hear her screaming taking damage because look at her here shes standing here in another acid pool just constantly getting hit and youll be lucky if she doesnt die before you complete the mission oh its just an annoying level that takes about 30 minutes to complete and then once you do the two of them manage to make their escape before the bombs blow up and its here where youre about to fight the final boss so as they celebrate a bit too early Natalia gets shot by the final villain of the game and its up to you as crypto to now avenge her death and kill the but before you could start to fight him he mutates into a bigger stronger Blitz than youve ever thought before complete with body armor and its here where this trophy Lobster Bliss because theres absolutely because this final boss is pure that one PlayStation trophy Music so if you played this game on release you would have a really nervous time here as you start to fight the boss because it was basically a lucky dip roulette spin of the wheel wherever youd be able to beat this boss or not because Im playing on a patched version but the bass version had a mission breaking book where the boss could be invincible so you couldnt kill him forcing you to replay that really long and tedious mission in the hopes that it would work so thankfully that was patched and when I started to fight the boss at first I didnt think he was taking damage but then I noticed yep thank God hes taking damage foreign Applause so with the bus having not glitched out all I had to do now was simply kill him so that sounds easy but this boss fight is just absolutely so your best weapon to use is your disintegrator ray uh gun uh because that will just have a rapid fire especially if youve upgraded it its like a machine gun basically and that seems to do a lot of damage and you can just sort of strafe around him in a circle using your skate ability and just keep shooting him and that would take down a chunk of his health the only problem is that once you run out of Arrow your other weapons are a bit even those ion grenades that are usually brilliant are very effective against him and its very awkward to get extra ammo in this level because you have to shoot these sacks on the walls but then they bounce all over the place and try to wait for them to transmogrify to turn into ammo is a bit of a pain because hes constantly attacking you and when you transform items you dont always get the right the weapon ammo that you need plus he also regenerates his health if you arent shooting him which just makes him even more of a pain unfortunately doesnt stop there however because you couldnt be doing really well in the fight and then all of a sudden youll just find your Shield just takes a massive hit and all of a sudden before you know it youre just dead and you dont really know why its so frustrating and it happened to me multiple times I mean I tried to fight this bus Ive got his health down to about halfway I was doing really well and then all of a sudden I was just dying out of nowhere I mean look at this what the was that what even hit me there how the did I die there that is bollocks are you kidding me so after repeating the boss fight another three or four times and die in the same way out of nowhere when I just suddenly get killed for no reason I eventually figured out what the problem was you see at some point during the boss fight these poison Vats will open up and flood the area with poison and youre supposed to go didnt stand behind them in the safe Zone but look at that you got the out of bounds marker on there so you shouldnt even be going here why load of you dont even get to see it or hear it just all of a sudden when youre fighting the bus youll suddenly start to just take a load of damage and thats when youre supposed to realize theres poison gas in the area but its never really clear so you just sort of die out of nowhere which just really really started to piss me off with this fight so before I lose more hair I decided to pause the game and go to the internet to see if there was a better solution of how to beat this boss more easily and I found a great little cheese video by Warby who was able to just fly back to the UFO saucer going out of the bus area and flying back through the level and I thought that was that genius idea because if you could get into the saucer a LED fly back to the bus you could just easily annihilate him with all of the sources super strong weapons because if they could take down a building they could easily take down this bus and at this point I was really happy because this looked like a really easy method to do and kill this boss a lot quicker than what I would as crypto so at this point I was really happy and I rushed back to my PS5 and unpause the game to try this move but look what happens when and I try to do this out of bounds going back to the UFO trick no God please no no so it killed me for going out of bounds so I try it again by just flying right over the top towards the UFO but eventually it killed me again so it looks like they patched this out for sake so just how did I get the trophy well after a few more attempts to fight him legitimately and basically just failing every time upon restarting the fight this happened Music oh Music foreign Music so yeah Ill beat the boss because he glitched out and got stuck in the floor unable to attack me so I could easily hit him and funnily enough that actually happened to me throughout the level as I was getting towards the bus one of those big air Blitz enemies seemed to get stuck in the terrain underneath the floor but his head was sort of poking out so I could still sort of shoot him you can see it here so yeah this game is quite Rough Around the Edges to be honest and its a bit disappointing I didnt enjoy this one as much as the first one that I never played this one on PS2 back in the day but yeah glitches like this are annoying but at least it helped me defeat an annoying boss I mean look at this boss glitch as well the skys just glitching out here going crazy which was really distracting when Im trying to focus on the bus and the world just seems to be ending around me but yeah I did it but the boss is definitely and I got the trophy in a way so the lobster Blitz trophy he gets a trophy rating of all right here we go foreign Music steam theory brewery A Long Tedious and annoying Escort Mission with a Glitchy and BS Final Boss await you if you decide to try and UNLOCK the LOBSTER BLISQUE Trophy in DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 ReProbed on PS5.THAT ONE BULLSHIT PLAYSTATION 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