Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Gameplay Deutsch #09 - Der Alien Kult

Best free pc steam gameshow to make steam recognise installed games DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 - REPROBED gameplay welcome back to another wacky episode destroy all humans two the remake im glad you re out there completely gaga with us again of course we would also like to thank all the people who supported your funny video with a rating of course there are more and to contact we want to give a little support out there its very easy very quick just rate and comment with your disco it doesnt look any different just as well the next mission is waiting over here we are still playing a preview version a very very extensive preview version but Ive already seen a little bit in the final version the graphics look a whole lot better so theres still a little help here this isnt the final version thats really important to the people out there is that back there because you what do you want okay i didnt know the yellow villas would survive but they are the hottest what can i do for you so whats going on here are you guys like that we are a movement you have to join the youth party of free love for hippies you only come by invitation the flip is yes i heard who from you called the shots at this free love party said but keep dreaming you are so the others stayed by the hedge what a kitty now back off yes we have to plan our free love yes free love you have to plan thats life a clean body means theft no one is allowed to see it body eater well do it so that no one notices i know exactly how ok it doesnt work like this im then i have no idea what she thinks then if i cheer everyone else if i just cheer her up thats the tax authorities damn I also wanted scared farts on aliens but the tax authority thats good I could see me here someone does nt know I ve Im looking for someone to see me I saw someone there I do nt know for sure fascists like that talk to cash hey Im cool too Im one of you hello here with philips whats whats going on so everythings going on we organized four lovins this week there were two police raids and nobody was arrested and the club of orgies fans over 80 like the next login be a sponsor you know we could do a lot more to bring free love to the world what do you mean by that we are fit we even have free love in the name but we only have 13 members if you ask me we cant just take everyone everyone says that he or she wants free love but nobody really gets into it and admittedly thats the point you know what would really help to make the whole free love of kempe more popular what a horrible pack the big brother blessed me with very special healing powers oh yes wa ts are for power lets just say with my spaceship you fly like youve never flown if you know what i mean you want to claim somehow you say from space you now see in front of you is just a disguise prove to be worthy and i reveal it with her when the time is right you think the monkeys have invented free love pack is the larry flint of space pack has invented free love where she has the special baton pack big man kraus we are in i have to say the little one was really damn hard wasnt she as will new cult we have founded a new cult mission accomplished and we have completed the bonus goal well that didnt work out the way i wanted it somehow free love and pancakes no to orgies yes to current thats that offers now also packs you are yes sick freaks you are disgusting little bastards okay lets grab a dose of that delicious juice over here n I also saw a small cool sexy artwork I had a new skin look in again and again new skins are always cool there is nothing new but we are growing and still a bit through how about the death from the day care center christoph schlott also organized where is the nice thing aha the classic hippie dog that is walking where we already know from the first part through the day is that i think pretty cool tiny one of the coolest i think you had to be relatively far in the first part to get the free to play so lets go so often over there you can learn to surf faster that would be very useful simply so that you can move around here a little faster free your mind finally us at our orgy and get free pancakes russian real hippie Fritsche what a sound track that is as I said we could play because the license visitors what I today we only talk to hippies with clear n whats going on do you want so youre some kind of gang the hippies arent a gang were young entrepreneurs who use violence to get what they deserve so in other words youre a money what i said ok i have to be here not everyone will find someone i know because i wanted my wife michaela to look really funny how we all lie at the feet of these guys but well thats all make higher pay then ill do a car today because of addictions ambulance namely drives up cool have you ever had a country over and over again until it loses its meaning mouth open then until zombie applause i use my powers keep using my powers we are all confused come on its all cool i think so or not someone is already on the phone here again and now to the vulture has I been rediscovered how cool so says friend nice lounger jet zt for peace so far without tiring now for love now in peace the application without experiencing well whats going on with my with you let the revolution cheer on and see how everyone else is being made cold hey people what if I had a I had an idea how I can get our group to stop it being __ finally the people just dont know what we stand for now they think were just thugs so the people have forgotten what its about yes it works yes i have an idea how it would be it with a different name what do you mean man how about the american revolutionary children of victims without this liberal attitude so kind of what kind of name is that solves you have you ask by chance that is also the name of our 9 if after apple ginger would be abolished forever by giving kittens to children and unearthly sexual powers to adults too h the old people daily is also open to negotiations with the help of alien technology will we end world hunger thats groovy you mean you mean with freeze dried astronauts as a yeah exactly you dont do that stuff when we are concept we are going to eat our own parents now will they become more pizza box without you all they would have yes it never made it that far what does the name for it make a difference wouldnt you rather have more resources for your fight think you can do better what have you done here for the hippies anyway what i have done what have i not done i am the grandfather of all activists my extraterrestrial god has been on this planet since the beginning of time damn it music well now we hadnt seen something like this youre stupid look at me im a shitty alien then youre holding aliens got without the right attitude to f nothing for us i have something of the right attitude my attitude is really right do nt you think prove its so great why did you have me every house roof in the city with minibuses a god damn it miracles come to the ride moment what now do i have to every house roof with had to work hard because with the police against hit war quite strange people are all good I have to do something like that here frank riedel bride female is clear only two are three and scantily clad in the name of the holy genitals higher arg pack ok where are sexy girls me need three pieces of it is unfortunately not lightly dressed that counts if she is dead i think i have the kills i would like to have him on my shirt in a showcase these are then the money is now we also come to the allusion to keeps the money that is a girl im the king of lizards so wet or so wet it doesnt matter im the king check another one or where it counts andritz in that which poland and personal the tour yes i saw only then you play did you have the size from year there was also a bit bigger you recognized well but dont come and com dont shoot at my tenants this for my there damn with my pretty have now come in here and need them for so long so come on dad youre in the mood i think thats good and folkfest on it country without activated thanks nice youre cancer they re real smell the girls are nt a new kid but i here we can definitely fall a bit level group so what now destroy police cars we are police cars live right now which one belongs ok we need buses on the roofs its a bus ok thats always that s a police vehicle what all the time they police vehicles everywhere and now these things are scarce arent they as is currently the case, the poles are harassing you here, he is standing there like that, it exploded, i laid the bus how do i keep destroying the buses but drop them off until there is no bus you are a bus there i will be the slingshot are here is scrap ok just have to throw it in there off and so im a bit over asking about the elements now i have that house almost destroyed music i need halter lth but didnt work for a moment so i can see it from a different perspective but how do i set it then i think i dont want to fully load here rheins room is on the one hand i still manage to do it here of course the perspective music and always he always now I need here still duda it doesnt count how did I put the next to I dont know I have know you re pressed which use it again is used is used music where is here else but okay back there if i activate the announcer i dont think thats the official job but then he lets you down but i think so I no button now all buttons are pressed nothing for sensitive put down I need more buses if I havent destroyed everything now like still bus here so if I go under your eye I can let go it works halfway so I the bus Whats on top of that now three pieces just drove around kisses kisses kisses kisses kisses Im still missing three police cars 2 more one music but the cops are still carting through and are we through or do you call for lots of music police cars I still have one bus here and by god the soft bus cramp so as i said i dont think thats the official solution but we managed it with bonus so friends see you again the next episode look up theres my car hippies profess to be daring car stood on house roofs well see each other again next time rating because well make our current short and steam ps4 crossplay games Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed German Lets Play by KeysJoreKauf das Spiel billiger hier: Play Destroy All Humans 2 Remake Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed Full Game KeysJore 2 mehr Gameplay! - ►PODCAST: ►PODCAST MERCH: ►INSTAGRAM: ►DISCORD: ►LIVESTREAM: ►FACEBOOK: ►STEAM GRUPPE: ►KeysJore BOOSTBOXX PC KAUFEN: ►Mein Equipment: Mein Aufnahmegerät: Meine Maus: Meine Tastatur: Mein PC Headset: Meine Videokamera: Meine PS4 - PS3: | Meine Xbox One - 360: | Meine Wii U: _____________________________________________________ Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed Deutsch - Lets Play Destroy All Humans 2 Remake Deutsch - German/Deutsch Walkthrough Gameplay Lets Play - Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed Deutsch Gameplay with Commentary (German/Deutsch) 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