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Steam clean on whirlpool ovensteamed clams wine DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 - REPROBED gameplay Music all right Music thank you Music foreign Music thank you thank you for coming heres what we know so far and years ago the United States government covered up an invasion by an alien race known as furons and their primary agent was this mirror cryptosporidium 137 dangerous unpredictable so what is being problem is that neurons can clone themselves and most convincingly as human and they use these abilities to put cryptosporidium 138 into the White House then the American people are not noticing uh pull the other one wasnt worse this new crypto clock contains pure vuron DNA harvested from human brains by orthopox Dirty Mastermind of the invasion he also Bears a mysterious new mutation referred to only as the package these aliens pose a dire threat to the Soviet Union comrades and so must destroy as we speak president could know is in Bay City attending a new governor festival and Ortho bucks conducting experiments in a pure on magazine damages theres only one way for me Revolution oh that cant be good greetings comrade Mother Russia sends a regards you expect me to beg human no little view around I expect you to die mines foreign foreign Music hurry up honey all of a sudden I dont feel so missed a little bit Music Music foreign Music foreign s luckily I was able to download a copy of my Exquisite mind into this whole epoxy unit just before the ship exploded gee that is lucky virtual Parks huh kinda constricting aint it well Beggars cant be choosers I need to bring in some big guns I know where I can get my hands on some I did manage to jettison some data cores before the mothership was hit you might be able to recover some weapons from them if you can find any but it certainly wont be easy okay okay so where are the data cores thats just it they could have entered the atmosphere at any time in any place and therefore therefore Ive managed to locate only one it was ejected after my holoparks unit so it landed quite nearby I didnt bring any with me figured uh Heavy Artillery aint exactly the smoothest way to charm the jeans off a pacifist hippie chick oh I knew it I knew your unnatural interest in humans would bring us nothing but trouble whoa whoa whoa youre harsh in my buzz mellow out poxy easy for you to say you werent blown to Pieces Just seconds before restoring your own genitalia whats a datacore you never studied did you a data core is a device used for storing weapons or other Furon technology the outer casing is extremely dense and should have easily survived the fall to Earth the only real trick will be will be finding them well I guess theres nothing left to do but Scout the area and find a data core foreign Music Music foreign Music Music tonight were flying Music foreign foreign Music Music foreign Music learning Music make no sudden moves Music foreign foreign Music whatever it is Music foreign Music thank you that wasnt a complete disaster now get back here we have much to discuss and by discuss I mean I have your new orders Music thank you I dont understand it we blew that alien spacecraft out of the sky and yet the shriveled geriatric ones somehow survived showpass must be harder to kill than we thought I Spit on them nonetheless inform the Kremlin we shall proceed with the operation as planned tell them we need as much revelate as they can ship as quickly as they can ship it the agent orange and our American distributor he suspects nothing in fact he seemed quite enthusiastic about the whole idea he thinks hell be spreading revolution in a paper cup and so he will but not I think the sort he expects idealists they spit on them darling he understood ideas may start the revolutions but guns and gulags finish them well no matter soon the citizen for Bay City will be embarking on a very bad trip Music Laughter Music foreign Music what the hell is going on around here why are those rooskis gunning for us frankly Im more concerned with how the KGB managed such a successful Twin Strike theyre not usually so organized we need to find them crypto before they spring any more surprises I should have known the drugs the alcohol the loose chicks the signs they were all there its obvious those hippies were trying to lure me in so Id let my guard down nice try hippies but Im not just any mindless hedonist Im the best dont worry box Ive got this covered Ill wipe out every one of those bastards for what they did to my guns and you slow down crypto I doubt hippies had much to do with ambushing you and destroying the mothership oh damn on the other hand their brains dont provide much usable DNA anyway so knock yourself out if youre so inclined okay so what I just started knocking on doors and doing the slice and dice you do not the KGB are hardly likely to hang around if you just start indiscriminately blowing away humans yeah well I was just brainstorming Music in main city who always knows whats going down on the streets they call him the freak the freak huh yeah Ive heard about him cats got connections all over town is kind of a burnout though from what I hear he doesnt even need drugs anymore he lives in his own personal mental lava lamp but if any of those stinky monkeys knows what the KGB are up to I bet he does and I suggest you locate him and find out what he knows Music all right enough chit Chad Im off to find her little hippie friend the freak foreign foreign Music Music foreign Music Roger that stand ing I hate going to the park lately the break is always there it really creeps me out that freak at the park should be put away for good if I see that freak down at the park Im gonna make him cut his hair and get a real job hey thatd make a great country song with me I cant get no grew with action maybe Ill ask the freak for some tips when I get back to the park he has to fight the jigsaw that freak at the park should be put away for good thats it no more hookers after midnight foreign Music if you ask me everyone down to the park is a freak the freak is supplying the whole damn Community to park and yet he still cant get any action what a loser Music foreign kind of creepy but I do love his fine Colombian anything its only in your head the kid promised me some of the Primo stuff if I visit him on the hill later on whats up Im on the hill theres a cop its a knock it oh its just a freak again that dude aint right foreign Music promised me some of the Primo stuff if I visit him on the hill later on hes kind of creepy but I do love his fine Colombia Music whoa my God it was full of stars hey there uh Moon doggy uh Im looking for a dude with his ear to the street the kids call him the freak you found him but Im all tapped out man the Heats coming down on me you know try me next week foreign Visions Im sure youve gained much uh wisdom hey Im just trying to find me Camino man no different from you but Ive fried my share of brain cells thats for sure super which is why I seek your uh well for lack of a better word Lets uh call it guidance right on Seeker What can I do you for lets say for the sake of argument that I cannot clone myself how do I live a long and healthy life six six and more sex and if you cant be with the one you love Honey Love the One Youre Worth oh wow you really are why why uh got any tips for dealing with the ladies patience love mutual respect those are the ways to earn a womans heart are you serious you sound like Gloria freaking steinum whoa now Im a liberty man whats with the heavy bye Mama what oh oh crap I forgot Im a chick youre born in the love beads off of me here lets talk about something else well what I need is information what do you know about the Ivins in the cheap suits who crashed our party you mean those KGB cats yeah those dudes are straight all right they make Jack Lord look like Abby Hoffman only they didnt crash me and they were invited who invited the KGB to uh harsh our Buzz from what I hear it was dead cat who leads that commune I dont know his real name but he calls himself coyote bong water which is pretty righteous supposedly hes like this master of tantric meditation and spiritual healing oh I know his cats got the chicks eaten out of his hookah foreign Music s really dig him the most up to them coyote bong water be running that commune like a king which he practically is anyway okay you puked my interest where do I find coyote bong water well from what I hear hes kind of paranoid he doesnt hang out at the park for long I heard hes got a pad someplace but I dont know where what I do know is hes cutting into my livelihood dudes been handing out this new turn on a drink like in a in a can golden revelation think that Im rich if you want him that youre in find some Revelation youll probably find coyote bong water whats in this revelate stuff he claims its like an all-natural Elixir that and enhances your Cosmic awareness or something blowing water says its the first shot in the global Revolution against the man great great like the monkeys arent revolting enough already thanks freak I gotta go find coyote bong water I cant believe I just said that hey Brando you can keep the butter anybody new slash Brad next sexual Liberation does not mean open season on grabbing my ass I swear setting fire to a perfectly good guitar like that its positively wasteful hows brutal Music what do I have to do to get local news to cover a high-speed freeway Chase what I need is a Joan and Joni sandwich Ive got a secret plan to get us out of Vietnam by Christmas why wont anybody listen I dont care what she says Im not letting Ruth Gordon take away my demon babies what exactly is so bad about a police thing I wish I were naked oh Ive been a naughty girl I let my knickers down huh I voted for Nixon there I said it Music doesnt know what Pauls worried about this John and Yoko thing wont last three weeks foreign water guy thinks he can buy my loyalty by handing out free samples of his Home Room mind-altering substance on Ashbury Street that aint if this bong water guy thinks he can buy my loyalty by handing out free samples of his home brewed mind-altering substance on Ashbury if this bong water guy thinks he can buy my loyalty by handing out free samples of his home brewed mind-altering substance on Ashbury Street that is right its all about the buzz man Music Elite hopeless life of drudgery and mortar pumped economy managed by bloated bureaucracy bent on self-exficiation Music thank you Music and next week well start one-on-one Shakti tutoring Ill be giving each of you private Hands-On instruction in crionish potty the highest state of tantric arousal these sessions can run 10 hours so eat a good breakfast thats it for today remember wherever you go Ill be there the shine in your Japan the sparkle in your China damn flashbacks yes again sunshine nice little sit-up guns cheap Russian booze teenage bra burning hippie chicks man after my own heart if I had one Music yeah the Bay City Super organic communal Collective and Compost Farm are you with us man am I with you dude youre bogarting the brain stems Im gonna have to kill you run along comrade my men can handle this pacifist Music what a grunt get breached get bong water out of here hurry now this morning Music Music oh my God I am not amused Music Music oh my God why dont you both make out Brad subscribe ow I knew I should have eaten first hows it hanging freak uh listen I need a little more info all right but hurry it up will you youre making me nervous Music hey freak you ever been to Capital City yes I mean no what would I be doing in a town full of squares and yeah politicians and I aint never been to Tom neither heres the thing I found bong water but he got away before I could ice him whoa I dont know man you didnt tell me you were gonna get violent you didnt ask smart hippie okay okay maybe Ive heard some things hes gone underground and come up with a new plan to distribute his revelate great whats that wacko up to now get this somehow he got his hands on a whole bunch of poops blimps whats he gonna do start a tire company its not whats on the outside man its whats on the inside gas hes gonna guess the whole city with reveling wow thats so wild it might just work well Ill tell you this bong waters been drinking his own Revel Aid if he thinks his schemes gonna work hey youre coming to Jades party what no Im gonna blow up bong Waters blimps full of Rivoli didnt you hear me easy man wont what am I doing talking to this creep foreign foreign foreign all right Music what I respect most about you start the revolution without me someone now sir thank you Music the best thing about free love absolutely no moral or social consequences whatsoever Music pox we got a situation here bong water must be drinking his own product the freak says hes planted a fumigate Bay City with giant blimps full of Rivoli gas great galaxies thats so moronic it just might work so lets get flying ah Im itching for some serious Payback fast my ultra violent minions my scan of the engine core has revealed some critical damage ah crap good news is a girl during the war with the Martians if you can find and activate one of those beacons youll be able to summon your saucer neat trick and then I kick a little monkey ass thank you Music Music somebody there Music whats the best Music what was that wow what that was finally getting to me Music Music all Music dispatch is this an emergency all clear Roger that stand down foreign says George but my body says Ringo news God stabbed my idol with boats of electricity attend the holy syllables of the great Arc voodoo Music foreign thank you Music Music Music foreign Music Music good work getting the saucer here crypto no swear he needs to be aired out every 5 000 parsecs or so it appears the saucer took a hit or twelve on the way here no no no no dont say it Im afraid we cant possibly take off until the engine is repaired ah man Music luckily Ive detected more tacticals from the mothership nearby containing repair parts Music gotcha Ill snatch up those repair pods and swing back to the saucer oh yeah its payback time Music Music foreign Music gta v verify game data steam Veja um pouco do gameplay de Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed de PS5.#destroyallhumans2 Crypto está de volta e tem licença para sondar. 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