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Best sex simulator games on steamsteam games to ps5 DESTROY ALL HUMANS! 2 - REPROBED review thank you for coming heres what we know so far and years ago the United States government covered up an invasion by an alien race known as furons and their primary agent was this mirror cryptosporidium 137 dangerous unpredictable now so what has been problem is that neurons can clone themselves and most convincingly as human and they use disabilities to put cryptosporidium 138 into the White House and the American people are not noticing uh pull the other one wasnt worse this new crypto clock contains pure vuron DNA harvested from human brains by Orthodox dirty Mastermind of the invasion he also Bears a mysterious new mutation referred to only as the package these aliens pose a diagram to the Soviet Union comrades and so must destroyed as we speak president could know is in Bay City attending a new governor festival and Ortho bucks conducting experiments in a Furon magazine advantages Music Music Music that cant be good greetings comrade Mother Russia sends her regards you expect me to beg human no little view around I expect you to die mines what then Music foreign s luckily I was able to download a copy of my Exquisite mind into this whole epoxy unit just before the ship exploded gee that is lucky virtual Parks huh kinda constricting aint it well Beggars cant be choosers I need to bring in some big guns I know where I can get my hands on some I did manage to jettison some data cores before the mothership was hit you might be able to recover some weapons from them if you can find any but it certainly wont be easy okay so where are the data cores thats just it they could have entered the atmosphere at any time in any place and therefore landed anywhere on the planet Ive managed to locate only one it was ejected after my holoparks unit so it landed quite nearby whats a data core you never studied did you a datacore is a device used for storing weapons or other Furon technology the outer casing is extremely dense and should have easily survived the fall to Earth the only real trick will be finding them I didnt bring any with me figured uh Heavy Artillery aint exactly the smoothest way to charm the jeans off a pacifist hippie chick oh I knew it I knew your unnatural interest in humans would bring us nothing but trouble whoa whoa whoa youre harsh in my buzz mellow out poxy easy for you to say you werent blown to Pieces Just seconds before restoring your own genitalia well I guess theres nothing left to do but Scout the area and find a data course I dont understand it we blew that alien spacecraft out of the sky and yet the shriveled geriatric ones somehow survived Show Pass must be harder to kill than we thought I Spit on them nonetheless inform the Kremlin we shall proceed with the operation as planned tell them we need as much revelate as they can ship as quickly as they can ship it the agent orange and that American distributor he suspects nothing in fact he seemed quite enthusiastic about whole idea he thinks hell be spreading revolution in a paper cup and so he will but not I think the sort he expects idealists they spit on them Stalin he understood ideas may start the revolutions but guns and gulags finish them well no matter soon the citizens of Bay City will be embarking on a very bad trip Music Laughter Music my heads still spinning what the hell is going on around here why are those rooskis gunning for us frankly Im more concerned with how the KGB managed such a successful Twin Strike theyre not usually so organized we need to find them crypto before they spring any more surprises okay so what I just start knocking on doors and doing the slice and dice you like me to hang around if you just start indiscriminately blowing away humans yeah well I was just brainstorming well stop stop Ive done a little search in the criminal fires of the local constabulary apparently theres one informant in Bay City who always knows whats going down on the streets they call him the freak thank you the freak ah yeah Ive heard about him cats got connections all over town is kind of a burnout though from what I hear he doesnt even need drugs anymore he lives in his own personal mental lava lamp but if any of those stinky monkeys knows what the KGB are up to I bet he does and I suggest you locate him and find out what all right enough Chit Chat Im off to find her little hippie friend the freak foreign whatever hey there uh Moon doggy Im looking for a dude with his ear to the street the kids call him the freak found him but Im all tapped out man the Heats coming down on me you know try me next week Music but what I need is information what do you know about the Ivins in the cheap suits who crashed our party you mean those KGB cats yeah yeah theyre straight all right they make Jack Lord look like Abby Hoffman only they didnt crash man they were invited who invited the KGB to harsh our Buzz what I hear it was dead cat who leads and commune I dont know his real name but he calls himself coyote bong water shes pretty righteous supposedly hes like this character meditation and spiritual healing oh I know his cats got the chicks eaten out of his hookah foreign coyote bong water well from what I hear hes kind of paranoid he doesnt hang out at the park for long I heard hes got a pad someplace but I dont know where what I do know is hes cutting into my livelihood dudes been handing out this new turn on a drink like in a in a can calls it revelate dang that Im a if you want him that youre in find some revelating youll probably find coyote bong water foreign stuff he claims its like an all-natural Elixir that and enhances your Cosmic awareness or something bone water says its the first shot in the global Revolution against the man great great like the monkeys arent revolting enough already thanks freak I gotta go find coyote bong water I cant believe I just said that thank you and next week well start one-on-one Shakti tutoring Ill be giving each of you private Hands-On instruction in crionish potty the highest state of tantric arousal these sessions can run 10 hours so eat a good breakfast thats it for today remember wherever you go Ill be there shine in your Japan the sparkle in your China damn flashbacks yes again sunshine nice little setup guns cheap Russian booze teenage bra burning hippie chicks man after my own heart if I had one join us were about to free the people of this city soon theyll see the truth and embrace our beautiful new Utopia the Bay City Super organic communal Collective and Compost Farm are you with us man am I with you dude youre bogarting the brain stems Im gonna have to kill you Music run along comrade my men can handle this Music hows it hanging freak uh listen I need a little more info all right but hurry it up will you youre making me nervous heres the thing I found bong water but he got away before I could ice him whoa I dont know man you didnt tell me you were gonna get violent you didnt ask smart hippie okay okay maybe Ive heard some things hes gone underground and come up with a new plan to distribute his Revel raid Music pray whats that wacko up to now get this somehow he got his hands on a whole bunch of blimps blimps whats he gonna do start a tire company its not whats on the outside man its whats on the inside yes hes gonna Dash the whole city with Revel lead wow thats so wild it might just work well Ill tell you this bong waters been drinking his own Revel Aid if he thinks his schemes gonna work Music youre coming to Jades party what no Im gonna blow up bong Waters blimps full of revelry didnt you hear me easy man in the world what am I doing talking to this creep pox we got a situation here bong water must be drinking his own product the freak says hes planted a fumigate Bay City with giant blimps full of Rivoli gas great galaxies thats so moronic it just might work so lets get flying ah Im itching for some serious Payback fast my ultra violent minion my scan of the engine core has reviewed some critical damage ah crap the good news is a girl during the war with the Martians if you can find and activate one of those beacons youll be able to summon your saucer neat trick and then I kick a little monkey ass foreign Music parsecs or so it appears the saucer took a hit or twelve on the way here no no no no dont say it Im afraid we cant possibly take off until the engine is repaired ah man Music Music Music right on time to Boogie Music you all right man Music just tell me where bong water is so I can Whack Him and get back to making hot monkey love when youre packing a new Ferrari you dont want to gather in dust in the garage you know what Im saying not really and barn water what can I say man nobodys seen the dude well nobodys at Prudence I guess yeah whos Prudence uh is insurance broker ah dear prunes no shes bong Waters new Protege kind of a revolutionist in training anybody knows where bong Waters at it sounds like a real firecracker maybe I should introduce myself all right Im off to introduce myself to Putin see if I can convince her to give up on water brothers and sisters Children of the Revolution this is the dawning of the age of aquariums my name is Prudence Kane like me many of you joined the American Liberation Front as a way of getting back at your Rich Suburban parents for subjecting you to an adolescence of obscene luxury look princess we aint here for the opening act wheres coyote bong water sadly our leader coyote bong water cannot be with us today because he is setting in motion a grand design to transform this entire city into a counter-cultural Utopia Bay City is about to become one big happy commune suck on that Daddy all right so whats bong water up to this time so how can coyote bong water possibly free the minds of a whole city the same way he freed our minds with Revel Aid how did I know that was coming revelate sounds yummy to the tummy so uh where do I get me some thats the best part our brothers and sisters are about to deliver the final batch of revelate to our leader coyote bong water hes gonna pour it into the bay soon the masses are gonna be begging us to lead them in Revolution those relay trucks could be a serious pain in my ass and I havent blown anything up for at least 10 minutes Music foreign job come in I failed youll have to start the revolution without me yet knit but if it is useless to us now I mean make these students in Prague look like a meeting of the polit bureau we shall destroy this degenerate City and return to the Soviet Union with a spacecraft of fragments we have managed to retreat but what about freeing America from the tyranny of capitalist consumerism Nation shall not have died in vain or in shall not no no I wanted to save America not destroy it and what have I done excuse me sometimes its Kinder just to put them down Music wow so our Furon God is buried in effigy all over Earth whoda thunk oh yes our food love the secret crunch prodigious in size Legend in potency and stamina you put me minded in crypto with your new clones pure fury on DNA and restored yes who are the spitting image of oh God go nuts the prophecy what what prophecy Music of the dominance it is written in the holy book of Uganda I know a son of Arc food shall rise newly born to prepare ye for that day when Arc foodle shall come again wait a minute it sounds incredible I know what its true what hmm I did take a red pill this morning okay just for the sake of argument lets say youre right how the hell am I supposed to bring about the second coming of Arc voodle the scriptures say awkward will return when enough Seekers believe in him again you mean like Tinker Bell reconnect the physical and spiritual all thats needed is for you to spread the good pickup line of Arc Voodoo theyre bound to follow you you want me to start a cult Music religion is the opiate of the masses I like it but how do I do it well well tend to sublimate their Music full of profile sheep ripe for conversion to the way of the Sacred crotch hail our food all time to get religious Hallelujah what you mean one of those statues with a pigeon crap on it precise seek the blessing of our Voodoo and your Cults will prosper if you say so but Im gonna feel like a putz Music weve got those KTB agents now crypto finally my gun was getting lonely man I hate those guys and I didnt think it was possible for anyone to wear worse suits and Majestic so what you got on those sneaky monkeys bong waters last transmission betrayed the location of the KGB base of operations theyre working from an abandoned prison island in the middle of the Bay Music gotcha Ill blast that Island back into the ocean with the rest of the slime Music ball water they were going to destroy the entire city somehow youd best Scout the island first and find out what they have planned all right Im going in to get a piece of The Rock Music my patience is at an end Gods body Im shaking in my booties you guys make Americans look clever excited the workers Revolution is inevitable right you dont really know much about capitalism do you hide I know corrupt corporations fatten themselves off the toil of the American worker even as they pulled the strings of the American government exactly you cant beat that kind of muscle not even with nuclear time bombs hidden all over Bay City Music come on Ive had wet dreams that werent this good come on Destroy these documents before he finds out where the bombs are hidden for savitski Sawyers damn it well we need Bay City hey brewski give me those stocks those documents you recovered in Bay City were most informative it seems the Soviet spymaster agent orenchov is at large Somewhere In This Very City well he aint here for the weather thats for damn sure so those documents say where I might find our little buddy orange Chomp according to the documents hes established a secret base somewhere Underground sacred base underground well that shouldnt be too tough to scan the city while we were flying in yes but its useless the city is riddled with tunnels bikes and excavations Galore its like a damp Moldy Sponge built Atop A noxious Swiss cheese Vivid so what do we do I suppose youll have to swallow your pride and ask one of the natives ah not again I hate reading human minds theyre so simplistic like reading a pop-up book okay locate the tunnels infiltrate them and find agent orange chop then squeeze hard indeed happy spelunking Music at last the infamous agent orange child look Ivan Im kinda in a hurry and between you and me I just as soon save the ammo so what do you say we skipped the Kalinka dance and you tell me what I Wanna Know Music thank you Music okay not what I was expecting but if you think turning yourself into some kind of mutant freak is gonna stop me beating the answers out of you you got another thing coming foreign Music Music Music foreign Music Music what the hell was in those cans Revel Aid cant do that well done Mr President well done indeed do I know you tea bag no sir but I know you forgive me its in best simply to stand clear and give you room to do what you do so well you Soviets are rather slippery fit yes very slippery and deep but they do crack Music if youll follow me Mr President I can promise you answers in abundance shall we Music I wonder if we might have a little chat now Mr President yeah sure what the hey wait a second Mr President I aint in my presidential disguise how do you know who I am they dont call it British intelligence for nothing oh boy okay you got my attention who the hell are you original ponsonby Smythe At Your Service and her majesties although in her case the service is secret Im with M16 the foreign intelligence agency okay so Im starting to get a little ticked off here these bastards blow up my mothers ship kill my boss screw up my pension plan and just when I track one of them down he turns into some kind of super powered Freakazoid mozzarella monster I sympathize to be Frank said we appear to be fighting a common enemy might it not be the better part of valor to join forces and pool our information ah I seem to be late for previous engagement its been a pleasure Mr cryptospiridium do feel free to drop by at your leisure I think youll find we have some neutral interests excellent excellent Ill expect you for lunch then splendid must Dash Music were Jake and Ponzi this aint just a social call is it Im afraid not Im relieved to see you sir the Soviets appear to be up to some Mischief what kind of Mischief are we talking about cause if she says shes 18 you cant just call her a liar no no the Soviet Ambassador is throwing a party for the opening of an exhibit of Russian Modern Art frankly its making me a bit nervous a number of albions VIPs are in attendance so what you want me to get over there rough the Ambassador up a little dear Lord no I just need you to mingle with the crowd and check it out Incognito as it were okay Ill get a disguise wouldnt want my pretty mug to ruin anybodys appetite okey dokey smokey Ill go grab a disguise and mingle with the end crowd excellent Ill stay in radio contact in case you need me foreign shoot the humans all you want space man but youre only treating a simple you want to get the disease you have to shoot the spores lestrovia always nice to meet a chick who can handle her guns you got a name the name is Natalia Im here to help you Spaceman or do you prefer Mr President Mister what the does everybody on this dismal freaking Island know who I am duh pretty much at least everyone in my line of work oh so you work for ponsonby yet although after this little incident I may have to ask him for a job I worked for the cometet gosu darstv why you make pasta Im a secret agent with the KGB hmm what the hell do you think was in those statues hard to say its listed in official documents as ghosts sounds tasty it Loosely translates as either an incredibly lethal biological weapon or it was illegal performance enhancer for the Soviet Olympic team depending on the context so what is it some kind of Mutagen cause I dont know what mutants are supposed to look like but actually no its a Spore it infects a host through inhalation or skin contact but after a brief incubation period it seems to set about genetically rebuilding the victim into something not human you think somebody engineered it for the purpose you have a better explanation Im just trying to put all the pieces together at first I thought it was being made here but now I am not so sure Music Moy the schedules been moved up theyre about to shower these abominable spores all over the city you take the Hyde Park infestation Ill handle the ones in SoHo Spaceman good hunting Music hiya hot stuff sorry to keep you waiting so whats the buzz baby tell me whats a happening Im so glad you asked baby I have to make my contact agent Sergey he says hes got Vital Information for me unfortunately he fears they may be on to him so he and I cant be seen together and I should care because Im not exactly KGB Employee of the Month crypto they may well have a hit spot out looking for me before I make contact with Sergey anyone on my tail must be shaken or eliminated oh Ill stick to your tail all right I figured although you do Stand Out On A Crowd thats what gets a disguise this inside man of yours whats he found thats worth risking his life to get to you Sergey feels as I do that someone or something has perverted the KGB and even the Soviet government and people who ask why have had a troubling tendency to disappear Soviet dissidents disappearing youre right that is weird look can you really trust this guy Sergey I mean how do we know hes not playing both sides I trust him implicitly Sergey and I we have a history uh so lets say I help you out whats in it for me aside from your bewitching company of course a piece of your Mothership Sergey has agreed to procure it for you in exchange for your help in this matter how does that sound like a gas although I would have done it for your company youre such a gentleman Creator walking me to my car your car oh wait a minute what about your pal Sarah gay you said he was meeting us here oh no Sergey is in canalside I just needed to be certain wed shaking off any KGB Tails but the coast looks clear this would be an excellent time to call your saucer my saucer you didnt say anything about my sauce or what do you need that for because you both be able to keep up with me on foot once I start driving silly besides the KGB will surely bring out their Heavy Artillery soon so you may want to even the odds with a little air support you understand dont you yeah I get it you just want me for my saucer and your bewitching company what about when I was at after its been arranged a piece of your spaceship has been hidden nearby here are the coordinates okay okay just just give me a second to get it here thank you tovarish Ill wait for you to take off so thats her contact smarmy looking bastard damn it crypto Focus shes just a chick a human chick you barely know her a hideous repulsive human chick who smells really good no no Focus damn it I found what I was after I just thought Id say goodbye I might not see you for a while but hunting space man and try not to get yourself killed good hunting space Music morning pawns and Bee you rang hmm this better be good I was this close to second base with Princess Margaret I appreciate your coming on such short notice sir this is of the greatest importance thank you dont tell me polka dots are back in this season right they get me Mary Quant On The Hotline actually sir its Pinstripes shall I give you the number of my tailor what was so so sleepy ew Ill uh foreign life forms when will they ever learn ah my head feels like Tiny Tim just whacked me with a ukulele what happened oh good youre back with us again I trust youre comfortably Tipsy how do you feel like a million bucks never better how come theres two of you lets try four ccs of demerols which seconds to level three and prepare the encephalogram now I want you to tell me all the good things you remember about your mother mommy no Mommy not the hot iron again Ill be good I promise subject is fighting the effects of the theorem perhaps another approach would be more effective the puffins have been examining your weapons power sources cryptosporidium were all quite curious as to how the stored mu phase pulse is channeled in the first place I was told there would be no particle physics the number six serum if you please Music tell us when it is tell us or its the ludovico treatment for you eyelids peel back excruciating tutor and fat oh God not Beethoven anything but Beethoven subject has reached desired level of confusion thank you gentlemen I think that will be sufficient well reconvene at 0 500 hours Music what was what was all that about oh my freaking head his gas is noxious smells like poxs underwear dont ask me how I know that hey hey what the ah damn dirty Apes where the hell am I youre in the abscess mental reconditioning facility under the streets of Albion I got here just in time now come on Space man move your ass I dont get it why are you helping me because I know now youre the only one I can trust anyway who else is going to rescue you box man I have never been so glad to see you actually Ive never been glad to see you but I am now serves you right for trusting a human what in the musky name of our food will happen down there oh wow you should have seen it ponsonby drugged me and then he tried to brainwash me but that Natalya chica saved my bacon so pumps and bees playing for both teams I should have knew why didnt you just vaporize it okay look somethings wrong with the guns theyre all screwed up and on top of that I cant transmog either ponsonbys probably been fussing with them I should be able to get them repaired for you I expected Id find you here youre quite sporting crypto and I do admire your spirit but at some point one simply has to face the fact that the other mans one of course you couldnt know who youre up against M16 or perhaps I should say Majestic command 16th sector by the way I have you surrounded Music take off now and my surface-to-air launches will destroy you and your precious sorcer the only way youll leave here alive is in my custody Music well theres no need for any unpleasantness its undignified its beneath us youve lost fair and square now be a man and show a little sportsmanship theres a good fellow Music you bastard you finally did it M16 was all there was left and last at the Majestic agencies all the others friend the Mongolian station the argentinians every one of them destroyed by aliens that last round must have scramble your synapses I only took down the American Majestic Silhouettes Majestic you know Cosmic egomaniac you think this is all about you oh the irony beaten by a solipsistic simpleton from space Music you actually believe you are the only the only what leave it alone crypto the man was the throes of violent demise now youve had your fight can we please just go Music Music remind me again why we couldnt meet someplace classier like I dont know a meat packing plant what shaken sexy my sources are running dry I cant risk further suspicion being cast on Old Friends the time has come for action action well its a bad freaking time what you got in mind burglary Im going to break into the Soviet Embassy little the old B and eh now youre talking my lingo whats the snatch all top secret information is in a heavily defended part of the compound the cryptography room right on thats practically my middle name well my only name so I noticed Im sure well find all the answers we need in there Im sorry to disappoint you crypto but they seem to know all my old tricks the north long has been mined the old gate has been sealed up theyd even placed closed circuit cameras on the only other wall cameras are no problem Im the president Ive learned how to deal with Paparazzi crypto smash you know what Im saying youre sure because once you start smashing it wont be long before the KGB shows up to investigate trust me efficient destruction is one of my four days I dont doubt it good luck to varish yeah so you find anything you see project Solaris is accelerating coded traffic to the KGB station in takushima tripled in the last month I also managed to get my hands on some cargo manifests well and ought to clear things up a little so youd think but what sort of operation uses seven tons of fissile uranium 340 liters of human blood and 92 cases of spam you youve obviously never been to the Pentagon Christmas party where is Taco whats it anyway takushima its a volcanic island nation in the Pacific off the coast of China well have to watch our step dosvedanya see you there hey Goldie ah where are you going if we split up they cant get us both besides I cant hold your hand forever Spaceman foreign Music face so watch the scoop would you drag me down here for a reliable source has told me that there are KGB agents waiting for a package exchange somewhere in takushima City I need you to go down there intercept the package and bring it back to me easy as thought intercept the package huh okay how do I do that nothing you cant handle youll need to disguise yourself as a KGB agent and talk to The Courier when he arrives hell probably be a bit on edge if youre approach him a script though hell most likely destroy the package some people have no appreciation for beauty Music you know Im starting to feel a little taken for granted here yeah Im not just your little messenger boy crypto is that what you think I dont see you that way at all look if you do this for me I promise Ill make it worth your while like Venus butterfly worth my while more like Ill let you blow something up worth your while um greeting comrade he got any vodka of course what is good day to being here if most being without vodka weak local alcohol is only giving me headache luckily I will be returning home soon Lucky Bastard but uh you dont like sake huh saki I spit on it hes smelling like cesspit and tasting like pain Music I actually dig sake its um subtle have you losing all sorts of patriotism Im just saying also you gotta admit these takashimis women are pretty yeah how do you say easy on the eyes you are lacking foreign alcohol and women so you got the uh item what does being hurry its good to finding other Tavaris net ah its just that I I hate fresh air yeah plus I got no sunscreen and it just seems like every day you read something else about sun damage wrinkles you know boy what is happening to start Soviet spirit I guess you guess youre right hey its better than hunting tiny gray Spacemen yet its true even when dying small Spaceman is coming back hes hes like zombie cockroach so youre uh youre going home to the wifes key pretty soon huh duh it will be being good I have been missing a vodka pancake syrup thank you Music man your wife really takes care of you she must be like the best chick in the whole Soviet Union oh youre being right I will be glad to get home yes we ought to get on with it of course now you are walking away as if not knowing me duh you got it comrade thanks a million say hello to the wifes key foreign lets have a peek shall we oh I did good tovarish you did very good these documents contain details of the local Autumn of project Solaris apparently its located in the top secret research facility hidden somewhere on takushima Island and well find it yeah first thing in the AM meantime how about you and me dig up a karaoke bar and a couple of bottles of sake and build ourselves a memory I do a main Sweet Caroline drop the package in your death will be quick immersive now pause us and you will be subjected to your own personal Gulag of pain hey monkeys you mind Im trying to put the ooves mate on the ichay why crypto is that your native tongue it sounds so sensual business before pleasure oh that was a close one I wasnt sure we were going to make it thanks for the help the varish Ive got some things to take care of catch up with you later Music Music foreign Music Music okay what kind of business risky Shady does it involve explosives will not yet I need to investigate something of the highest importance Im picking up an unlicensed review transmission coming from somewhere on the island I want you to listen to the broadcast and find out the location of their base whos base the white ninja called who are broadcasting the message I believe theyre in possession and theyre planning to blow them up ninjas again hello its 1969. what are ninjas doing in 1969 go with it besides who doesnt love ninjas okay lets do this thing how do I start I have mocked a radio on your navigation map get a disguise find the radio and flip through the stations until you hear the white ninja broadcast then listen for a clue as to the whereabouts of the white ninja base here I am a real live alien now bow down before me ninja why heck should I who are you Music I am cryptosporidium of the planet Furon yeah todays your lucky day Sparky true you look like firon but how can I be sure well for one thing I could blast you monkeys back to the Muro Machi period wanna see Thrift meanings you could be close to toddler with nuclear warhead for all I know try me I aint no toddler and this aint no costume perhaps but too thoron could answer all these questions correctly if you fail so sorry you must die then again if you Fury you can clone yourself and come right back and everybody happy okay Sparky well do it your way hit me oh a spiritual leader of hippies in Bay City I know this one it was that wacko coyote bong water lucky guess you wish give me my spaceship fragments Pajama Boy not so fast I have more questions hey Im on a roll bring on the next one attempt which a following not in Bay City foreign Street in the village not that Id have any reason to know that um indeed it is and therefore not in Bay City impressive and the hits keep coming whats next Sparky secret KGB base in Bay City were hidden I know this one the KGB had their base on that prison Island The Rock they did indeed that answer correct all right I played your little game now hand over the prize I gotta see a chick about a chubby silence I still not completely convinced of your furonity fine Bring It PJ where agent orangehoff hiding out in Albion Music Music duh in the abandoned tunnel Network how do you know all this stuff anyway correct in none of your business pretty convenient aint it come on come on I aint I aint happened to hipsters who came to happening you kidding me they did it all baby they made Woodstock look like a tea party correct oh so I heard one more to go okay last question Sparky what organization ponsonby really in charge of oh baby Majestic 16 for the win thats correct so and I do what I tell you right Furon City baby results conclusive engine then it is true you are an alien We Worship You O Lord From Beyond now thats more like it as a token of our faith oh Lord we offer unto you our most ancient and holy artifacts handed down from an age beyond the memory defense Music Music I was kinda hoping for gay shakers black ninja apostates and unbelievers we will fight to death in your name O Lord but first we must compose our death haikus kill them all and see that their precious artifacts hey nobody screws with my cult but me we give you thanks O Lord for this victory piece of cake now now about those geisha girls yippee and now in honor of this Mythic Triumph a victory haiku still Greens in sunlight games go flying bathed in blood tarantino-esque catchy I dont suppose you gotta Haiku describing any super secret KGB bases hidden around here we do secret hidden base put there by the KGB where the hell do you go our spiritual leader Dr go might be able to guide you to Enlightenment and secret base but Im afraid Dr goh has been kidnapped bye why KGB a match okay time to find the good doctor Music hey Matryoshka doll have I got news for you hey Matt what do you know about ninjas only what Ive seen in history books and of course ninja movies apparently the big question in the Ninja world is which Ninja faction you square loyalty to sort of a Jetson shark steal huh okay what are the choices at the moment there are only two black or white Music Ive seen the black ninjas not bad in a sparring match but I can handle them be careful crypto black ninjas are calculated Killers cruel and vicious huh didnt realize we had so much in common Music what you got for me Ill show you mine if you show me yours me only information that may lead to the discovery of the secret base tasty whats the catch its being held by a mysterious figure who goes by the improbable name of Dr go the real catches Dr go has been kidnapped and taken to Castle Kuro let me guess and I gotta kick some Ninja monkey butt to get him back thats right youre really catching on to this by game crypto thank you well Im not generally in the habit of rescuing humans the more the torturing type but if it leads to the secret base for you baby anything my name is Luke uh cryptosporidium Im here to rescue you you are Furon thats right and this is the greatest day of your life first things first wheres the secret KGB Pace what what you said you were here to rescue me yeah but the base locations really all I need youre youre kind of optional more trouble than youre worth really no dear if you do not Rescue Me KGB will kill me then you will never find the base Ned damn well played Egghead okay I dont think you understand the situation go go I dont have to rescue you I could just leave you here for the kg boneheads you like that option logic defeats you I cannot Escape without you you cannot find base without me youre insidiously clever for a monkey you know that and you are amusingly dim for a Furon dear mate and KGB will be here any moment well at least you get to kill somebody stay close doc foreign if we cannot contain a virus they have no choice but to kill the Cure well well way to mangle those cliches pal whos translating this stuff anyway yes me you fellas how to get your money back Music let me show you how its done Russia foreign Music you look a little rough around the edges doc man not that I care I would not expect you to care but yes I was roughed up by some ninjas you ought to take better care of yourself youre no good to me dead not to myself I suppose you are ready to correct on our bargain check out the big brain on Doc yeah its time for you to pay up in information no beating around the bamboo dock I want the location of the KGB base fair enough the basis inside the volcano but no butt stock or I go all Iron Chef and get out the monkey cookbook no no its just you need three security codes to access space codes oh for artfuls okay what are they if I had them I would tell you but sadri I do not oh this just gets better and better one code is held by KGB Rita agent Sasha soy sorski the second is kept by enigmatically beautiful Professor Yuki so the code is in my briefcase which was stored in by black ninja and taken back to their base well at least now I know the score now start with the black ninjas in your code good plan and while you are finding my code I will try to ascertain locations of other two code keepers thank you right on Im off to fry some black ninjas and find that damn briefcase oh here you need key to open briefcase dont lose it only one I have hot ninja brother whats your purpose here you know I got some info that could really help us do a number on the white ninjas oh no we not want trouble trouble are you nuts Im telling you we could kick their asses youre crazy we never actually fight white ninja how you think we last so long youre telling me all this ninja Clan saber rattling is just for show of of course you think we want to get killed those white ninjas not mess around unbelievable you know and now that I think about it maybe you guys are chicken like a fox poetic metaphor but I not get it Im just saying geez what am I saying Im just saying Discretions the better part of valor he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day uh cowardice its the new bravery are you buying any of this uh not really but denial not just river in Egypt good enough Music ah nothing special just thought Id check on the briefcase oh yeah looks pretty secure stupid case very secure anyone want to take they have to fight buku black ninja yeah I have to be pretty dumb to take on a whole base of black ninjas oh who even think of trying die thousand horrible deaths higher doc okay one down where do I find the next code doc it resides with my EXO girlfriend enigmatically beautiful Professor Yuki youre pulling my pod you actually got a chick to go out with you oh yes and when she hears of my escape from Bracken ninja I know shell want to be back uh-huh yeah and where do I find the old flame go go she frequently tends to Zen Rock Garden in Zen temple I bet shes a honey huh doc sexy lady foxy Mama huh please dont kill her no promises konnichiwa can I help you Professor Yuki I presume I am Music I got good news professor your main squeeze Dr go is escape black ninja custody Music Heat maybe not but I gotta tell you the good doctor would love see ya really why should I see him you know you know to to catch up reminisce hell I dont know write a Haiku together haiku he said that a romantic devil devil he knows how I love haiku uh yeah oh yeah him too so does that mean youll see him I will consider it in the meantime there is photograph of me on the Rock in Zen temple Garden find it and take it to him with my love no strong with my affection my fond affection and tell him I might entertain the thought of writing Haiku with him might phew you got it teach whats up doc and it kills me every time got a nice picture of your girl for my wallet doc candid if you catch my drift now where do I find the last code Yuki from me has a final coat because him and his ancestors he is a KGB division head called Sasha soy sorski yeah now thats what I call a subtle gag where do I find this tongue twister he is hold up in KGB building in takoshima City I think perhaps he is depressed but in any case I fear youll have to destroy a whole building to get him out why doctor surely youre not suggesting I kill him I dont know what youre talking about and its just a coincidence the ruskis making time with your chica right dont worry doc Ill wreck the place good and take the code from his dead red fingers whats the buzz foxy mama oh guess who now knows the location of the secret base its the volcano wow I know but we need codes to get in I know where to find the first we could do what you were gonna say or I could reach into my pocket and pull out crypto you have the codes this is wonderful what are they I love you not now krito we have work to do tell me the security codes those are the codes also whos on first Whats On Second and I dont know is on third now then Im off to infiltrate the secret KGB base dont wait up very funny crypto Im coming with you no youre not its too dangerous your chauvinism is touching crypto but I dont take orders from you dont be stupid NAD in case youve forgotten you cant just reclone yourself and in case youve forgotten you dont know how to operate the access terminals outside the base youre the most infuriating female monkey Ive ever met thats your problem to you Im always female monkey why cant I just be monkey be whatever you want I just dont want you to be a dead monkey crypto thats the sweetest thing youve ever said to me yeah well I just dont want to lose my shot at sinking the pink coat thats all of course I understand Music all right enough meaningful Chit Chat lets climb this smoke bomb foreign Music Music foreign Music fire demands I maintain the same distance its Heisenbergs world I just play in it experiments what are you talking about Im so pleased youre asked weve prepared an educational multimedia presentation for just such a month meet Gojira shes single and Pisces and the summer intern for credit at the illegal KGB phase here in takoshiva oh again he got Soviet worker she was happy to volunteer for top secret experiment this twister handle experimentary of quantum radiation transforms kojira bringing out her to run Music yeah oh I love that film I must have seen it a hundred times sadly however the two of you will you will never see it again why because auto destruct sequence initiated base will now struggle oh Music no Music hey poxy finally kicked you out of the Geisha House huh you figure out where that ginormous monster went not for certain was I picking up a signal in the ocean to the South yeah what kind of signal a radiation signature emanating in gamma waves from the creatures tortured brain tortured Music crying out excuse me thats gotta be the most pathetic thing Ive ever heard Music so you want me to hunt down this monstrosity and put it out of its misery actually I want you to Want You To Source if its self-esteem you gotta be kidding me of course I am your mutation now go kill that thing okay okay but how do I find it do I have to you get in your saucer and fly to the spot marked on your radar look for bubbles on the water thats a pretty good sign theres a monster so then what I just dropped some fat boys into the water and blow it up unfortunately no your sorcers weapons are ineffective underwater youll have to figure out some way to get the Beast to surface first and then I play a little whack Alyssa got it Music foreign Music Music Music my lives are flashing before my eyes crypto challenge foreign okay Music what have you done to that poor girl for once its not what it looks like I dont even know what it looks like never mind we dont have time now I just received word from Sergey my contact the KGB he says theyre building project Solaris at a Soviet base in Siberia the town is called tunguska its a little remote no kidding because I thought everything in Russia was 20 minutes from everything else Tick Tock doll face Music Music so this is tunguska yes its good to be back in the USSR but this place makes the rest of Siberia look tropical Music yeah little nippy I better incinerate something for heat for my tool falls off cant have that but I think we can arrange an opportunity for Creative combustion we need to gather intelligence on Project Solaris want to help me out you know it sugar what do you need me to do Im not sure yet Ill know more after agent Sergey briefs me Sergey a yes him again hes been here for weeks digging up Intel on Project Solaris yeah hes a regular double 07 off whats he got that I aint got hand for one thing here he comes let me do the talking Music Music the Ukraine girls knock me out Moscow girls make me Shout its good to see you Sergey natal yushka you look devastating as usual I know but we have no time for for the verbal foreplay what can you tell me of project Solaris not as much as Id like as much as Id like there is a classified area nearby obscured Day and Night by a cloud of radioactive gas I believe it is the source of the Insidious organic weapons being used to subjugate duh the area plans are kept in a high security section of KGB headquarters can you sneak us in you and your little side chick I dont see how now if it were just the two of us jealousy Sergey though the fire Fades comrade the Embers may get smolder even in the tundra thank you comrade well find our own way in now go you mustnt be seen with me Music so exactly what kind of History do you have with this Sergey guy exactly the kind you think crypto not that its any of your business hey see whoever you want you can bang the Red Army Chorus for all I care your permission is noted now can we get to work okay so how do we get our hands on the plans Sergey says well have to sneak into the KGB headquarters and steal them oh Sergey says that does he he does the odds will be against us the place is swarming with agents well crypto says Bring Em on the more the freaking merrier okay then actually you might be onto something there crypto if you can create a large enough disturbance it might lure most of the agents out of the building and while Im playing Monkey Ball youll sneak in and grab the plans gotcha okay doll face Im off to stir up the Soviets be careful in there you hear me dont worry crypto you keep them occupied and Ill be just fine whatever you do just keep them away from the HQ building good luck not bad huh if theres one thing I can do its make with a boom boom Music so how about those plans just why they the real deal or what I just had time to cleanse them quickly before the alarms went off there seemed to be a number of tunnels and a lot of security around them and it looks like the tunnels have these bizarre organic pumps inside which are whats pumping the radioactive gas over the area Music so I take it were gonna put these organic pumps out of business duh the assault would be dangerous Music lay low for a while tovarish Ill be back soon why do they always ask me to do the one thing Music what I found is a scientist who works in the organic weapon Technology Program here he knows all about the machines in those tunnels I uh persuaded him to talk would you find out is there any easy way to shut those things down those pumping machines are actually organic little nuclear reactors incredible not to mention highly unstable a nuclear fuel Rod placed inside one will overload it and cause a meltdown and there just happens to be a nuclear plant in town ought to be a few fuel rods lying around exactly if you get some fuel rods Sergey and I will smuggle them into the tunnels okay Goldie Ill get your fuel rods for you but I expect a big reward agent Sergey is acquiring some Transportation as we speak hell meet you when you find them youre gonna ask him for your reward whoa look at that finished already and here I was just getting started of course I work out dont know if you knew that thank you crypto Sergey and I can take it from here Ill bet uh hey how about I just stick around and help you out myself you know since Im already here Im sure Sergey is a busy guy you know embassies to bug dissonance to torture youre a very generous crypto but I think you can find the time Ill rejoin you once he and I have disabled the machines in the caves until then try and stay out of trouble well that wasnt condescending so he makes time with my girl while I sit around and twiddle my full Angel pods is that it well Homie dont play that I made it through a whole nother game all by myself I dont need anybodys permission to knock some monkey heads certainly not some chicks gay Music private hows it hanging little to the left hey not bad Goldie the soldier shut down the pumps in the tunnels with those fuel rods yet too much KGB heat on the tunnels because of the theft I should have seen it coming anyway its too dangerous for Sergey and me to infiltrate them now Music well we gotta shut those pumps down Old Town smells like Newark oh we will crypto have no fear and this time I want you on the job I need you to carry a fuel Rod into each of the tunnels and place it in the reactor of each of the pumping machines Sergey and I have hidden a container of fuel rods near each tunnel wait yeah you lost me didnt you say the tunnel entrances were crawling with KGB nah but not while the scientists conduct their weekly radiation tests thank you no sweat doll face consider those bumps out of order Music Music foreign look at those bad boys burn oh the phone what are these freaks want now that I think of it that Machinery looks suspiciously familiar poodle crypto do you know who these freaks are theyre not coming cabbage heads great galaxies no theyre not even human theyre the enemy our enemy the enemy we Furious defeated is a martian War crypto theyre blisk please wait a minute I thought we wiped the Bliss out I have no explanation I can barely believe my senses but a few of them must have somehow survived not for long attention Bliss I am cryptosporidium of the planet Huron this planet is now a territory of the Furon Empire and your asses belong to me foreign strategizing tell me about it you gotta fill me in on this whole Bliss thing box my my hard drive is spinning I hardly know where to begin theyre huge hideous brutes with giant Claws and withering out atrocious they have a single hive mind and an imperviousness to radiation like a plate to Mud imagine a cockroach meeting with a lobster oy enough for it youre making me queasy last of 1908 was caused by a meteorite but now we know its true cause the fiery crash of a bliss warship yeah well dont you worry your virtual little head Parks this time theyre going down for good a bold statement many furons fell thanks to the Bliss and theres another problem since the war the Furon defense budget has been Music downsized I fear that most of our current weapons were being affected against the Bliss Music okay well we know what were up against what do you want me to do Ill contact you with new Orcs I have some idea whats going on just Music rash me nah I got a cream for that clear to ride up foreign Music get to the point Sergey Im a busy Furon I have a lead on Project solice you might want to follow up on it Music project Solaris on okay Im listening I have the name of the researcher in charge of the organic weapons program his name is Dr Oro and the Ant thats it okay so you got a name where am I supposed to find this orlov guy I have been unable to discover his current whereabouts but this is a small town everyone knows everyone elses business I got one of those faces everybody opens up to although I doubt or mood do what you have to do gee that really means a lot coming from the KGB okie dokie good luck comrade and dont be afraid to get a little rough well you cant make an omelet without breaking a few Faberge eggs Music foreign Music Music dead monkey still no tales and I need to pick this ones brain about project Solaris right you gotta save this monkey butt Music Music I can see why these folks want them Dr orlov I presume how come you dont get cool punctuation like Dr gold I dont know what youre talking about looks like you had a little KGB infestation lucky I was here to exterminate them for you oh was you Im impressed excellent and I coordination you should try computer game Ive been developing in Spare Time games on a computer youre wasting your time doc what so doc you got a sec I need to ask you a few questions oh is all I was afraid you were one of alien creatures here to infect me well as you can clearly see Im no alien and now about project Solaris the ah solanus da that I know something about I worked on organic weapons program connected with project Solaris that I quit after I saw very strange things Define strange alien creatures like giant space lobsters infecting humans and manipulating their bodies like giant marionettes like that I feared I might be next so I started working on weapon to probably why KGB attacked me or they wanted my Broadway soundtrack collection this weapon you were working on does it work I dont know I never finished the whole thing happened by chance I was walking to work one day when strange object fell from sky was fragment of alien spacecraft computer data bank I used to create weapon an alien artifact with data on the blast well wonders never cease done if you found it perhaps you could use it to defeat creatures Music okay starting to get the death wheres this data thingy now should still be in the research facility in gorodak naoki um science town Kechi I guess I better head over there and find it before the crabbies do they care to facility is well guarded good luck tovarish what did you say name was ah kuryakin Ilya kuryakin nice to meet you Music oh nice of you to drop by okay what are we gonna do about these crabby Bliss theyll undoubtedly kill us if we dont kill them first therefore theres only one thing we can do destroy them starting with their crashed warship unfortunately as discussed its hole is impervious to fury on weaponry does however have a weakness the main Thruster protected by an armored hatch open that hatch crypto and then bring on the boom boom you are so cute when you do that Music so how do I get this Thruster hatch open Its gotta be locked down tight it is and my scones reveal the hatch controls have been disabled it seems the Bliss have removed the Nexus crystals power in the circuit but not destroyed them those crystals are still around somewhere Im reading a faint Lexus signature somewhere inside the Bliss base find the Nexus crystals to power the circuit and open the hatch then destroy that warship I think little crypto just woke up Music all right foxy Im tan rested and ready lets bring this Crab Pot to a boil bam right head for the Bliss base and see if you can find those crystals Ill keep scanning while youre inside if I knock onto the crystals Ill let you know I know and be careful these Bliss are a lot stronger anybody else I thought I got it dont worry ponzabee was right about one thing everybody cracks fabulous look the hutch is open Music because its time to play no Im the place warship and remember dont waste your ammunition firing in the hole the only vulnerable spot is inside that thruster Music foreign Music Babushka shes supposed to meet me here no I havent as a matter of fact you havent even properly introduced us yeah well Im trying to impress her oh relax I have more pressing matters than torpedoing your grand designs actually I was hoping she could help us track down milinkov perhaps shes with agents Music better not be man I have had it with that smug jerk off look at me Im so handsome Im so smart I read poetry I wrestle bears oh my God this you should probably find Natalia she may even need your assistance Music okay yeah yeah Im good Snoop around somebody must have seen her oh hello there comrade doctor your love just the cat I wanted to see you havent seen a hot blonde cheek around here have you names Natalia I did Alien creature was taking Pretty Woman up to alien base oh she is tough cookie was putting up quite a struggle foreign if they heard a hair on her sexy little head Im gonna boil every last one of them only passing by short time ago if you hurry you might catch them uh when finished perhaps you could be rescuing me as well Music wait Music ing youre here the words are talking about turkey is infected ah for crying out and tell me you use protection or dont they teach sex ed in the young Pioneers I am not talking about STDs hes been invested with alien sport PES to the trick hello cryptosporidium sorry to rain on your Communist party but in case you havent noticed your little base looks like Keith Moon redecorated youve lost charge Blaster such arrogance youre beginning to sound like Real Americans soon youll be wearing cowboy hat and speaking in mono syllables says you the truth is this best means nothing at this very moment we are preparing to initiate the Final Phase of operation Solaris from our Ultra secret men facility on the moon its the ultimate fruition of the stalinist ideal what a shame neither of you will be there to see it foreign Music you think Im flying to the Moon without you well done could you you saved the princess ER Natalya you should probably go over it you know make sure shes all right or something go foreign Music cop got away but I couldnt let you you know I know crypto and thank you but we still have to stop milenkov and hes halfway to the Moon by now ah what are we going to do Music uh hello have saucer will travel I was wondering when youd ask your saucer can take both of us all the way to the Moon you kidding Ive done so many mods on that baby shell give you everything but the happy ending Music join me okay sexy whats the plan we must find a way to prevent the proliferation of the Bliss spores our Intel shows the spores derived energy from massive radiation we need to cut off the radiation Supply so we can slow them down foreign so how do they get their radiation Supply their lunar Rovers deliver radioactive materials from the mine to the base I want you to follow one of the Rovers to the mining site at all I thought it was gonna be some hard you got it babe foreign all right Parks I need some serious Intel on moon base Solaris right moon base Solaris consists of two primary areas the Bliss base and the Cosmonaut base like two loaves of the same Twisted mind okay what do we know about the Bliss aside from their ugly history they are indeed the most repulsive race and Incredibly fishing further they treat their workers very badly and have offensively short temples any resemblance to present company is is completely coincidental okay what about the cosmonauts well theyre just humans of course Ill be it the cream of Soviet citizen they think their leaders here represent some sort of shadowy Kremlin cabal of course the Bliss have been playing them like puppets not that they realize it theyre so proud if they knew how the Bliss were using them theyd be furious sounds to me like we need to send the cosmonauts a little wake-up call not a bad idea a crowd seems to be assembling in the Cosmonaut base why dont you check it out I think its time the puppets met their masters okay I got it turn the cosmonauts against the Bliss this is gonna be fun ah is this thing on greetings fellow Children of the Glorious workers Revolution getting lost we are waiting to hear from comrade Cosmonaut Leonard ah is this thing on ah good day comrades comrade Cosmonaut Leonid why we have to work in such long hours at hard labor good question the Bliss Cav you guys working way too hard and you know what its time we did something about it whos with me please give except taking advantage of our good natures but Leonid why we have to leave in Beloved Country and coming to this hellhole da is being worse than verko ions in February Music foreign youre here for one reason and one reason only to help the Bliss take over the Earth I am being why we are never seeing beloved Premier million cough anymore duh he used to be flying up frequently for surprise holiday photo ops accomplished that was being good one melanchov hes kind of busy you know partying in the Mediterranean on his 50-foot yard with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders youre reacting with my chain well we are being stuck in unisex moon base Pistons hmm comrade why we are not being allowed in the area Northeast up here duh what are you having to hide because military thinks youre too drunk and stupid go over there without getting lost thats why drunk okay but stupid wait that sofa we can no longer be trusting premier milinkov oh it aint just Mellencamp kids the best think youre a bunch of morons too whiskovics also but they are always telling a Soviet Union will be ruling world darling it what evidence you are having to mistrust poliskovic and their control in your minds I am thinking comrade Cosmo not Leonid is drinking too much revelate theyve taken over your entire government comrade Leonid is perhaps watching too much American television theyre giant freaking lobsters from Outer freaking space we are seeing long-term psychological effects of space travel poor Leonid theyre taking away your vodka Bob this this is being outraged anything else can being endured if we are having vodka without vodka Russia would have been democracy 200 years ago this will not be standing there is being no such thing as free lunch please give eggs yeah give me vodka or give me death duh yeah so what does this mean for the blaskovics bad news for the police thats the spirit now get out there find the Bliss and kill them Crabbys dead Applause foreign Music Music okay pox Ive cut off the source of the Bliss radiation demolish the Bliss Cosmonaut Alliance and basically provoked an all-out War around Solaris I say its time we take this fight to the crabbies themselves I think youre right well why in the hell you do I do and I even have an ace of our sleep to destroy the Bliss once and forth Music what the hell is that oh no thats the launch sequence alert the Bliss are launching their weapon well maybe its not so bad dream on those seaters are incapable of anything less than four scale annihilation holy crap all this work hours of gameplay and youre telling me we failed Im afraid so crypto once it started theres no way to stop it oh what doomed well never get that pure DNA back to the whole world now our race will clone itself right into the genetic trash bin of History oh Tragedy unless if we overload the laser guidance system the women like fear of Target laser guidance system what laser guide in system this is crypto overload the dishes do the dishes protect the Earth save the Furon DNA got it man whatever happened to destroying all humans let this be a lesson to you crypto the best made plans can be derailed by an unexpected case of the crabs now go Music thank you well cryptosporidio once again you should unexpected pluck youve stopped my weapon launching pretty really we had such glorious renovation planes for that pathetic little planet what no matter youve nearly stand up the inevitable you cant fight progress Huron get this through your monkey brain millencolf we own that planet and theres not a damn thing that you or your rusty Pals can do about it such Blaster such over convenience yet still you cant see the big picture I wonder what you feel so arrogant if you know the full scope of our fiendish master plan really Im gonna probe you so hard youre gonna be wearing diapers for a month I already think of weekly high colonic but thank you for the offer on the other hand I wonder would you be so bold if you knew our devilish master plan I fart bigger than you you think just because you can keep a few depressed peasants in line you can go toe-to-toe with me Im the king of the world the master of disaster the baddest dude in the whole damn Town King Kong aint got nothing on me King Kong died cryptosporidio I wonder would you be so sure of yourself if you knew her between this master plan jeez you guys just gotta have your monologues dont you okay I give whats your damn master plan let me guess you and the Bliss are gonna spread those fours and enslave Humanity commies and crabbies a match made in heaven small minds no imagination its nothing so mundane we dont give a damn about Humanity cryptosporinium but we want from Earth is the same thing you were survival so the crappies want a new crib whats wrong with Mars Mars is a desert an acid Wasteland your foreign oh Earth is three-fifths water all it lacks is massive radioactivity to become when you eaten and you radiated ocean Paradise for Bliss but what about the Russians your people cant live in that my people oh you really are very bright are you why do you think weve waged Cold War encourage the build up of nuclear arms would pursue such obvious suicide 998 ballistic worship crashes 1917 October Revolution told them Earth you of all creatures should know aliens Among Us youre not suggesting suggesting Im telling you leaning Stalin Khrushchev chotsky please dont be ridiculous because that Russian is so close to bliskish no coincidence of course the four runs arent the only race who ever used Earth for sure live the history of the Soviet Union is the history of police Conor the last of our Sports is a block but in the end it makes no difference soon Earth will be out no more humans no more for our DNA God damn thing you can do about it foreign Music thank you Music Music foreign foreign Music now would be a good time to tell me about that Ace up your sleeve you mentioned Id almost forgotten crypto youre a genius using Pucks lab Ive created a new virus that will infect and kill the Bliss catchy lets hope so Ive arranged for it to be delivered to the Moon by a new courier company oh whats the name the North American shipping Association anyway everyone calls them NASA you wouldnt believe the cost of shipping to developing galaxies I should mention though there have been some complications foreign what kind of complications the delivery men are refusing to land without clearance from their boss a fellow called Houston theyre just hovering there waiting for orders and let me guess were gonna give them those orders right exactly yeah Im a regular Rich Little okay lets get contagious foreign Houston Tranquility base here the eagle has landed Music Music Music thats one small step for man Music one small step for man one giant leap for mankind seven months and thats the best with but you didnt like you didnt I dont know why I didnt like it its crap whered you find it on the cereal box I thought it sounded profound profound you wouldnt know profound if it hit you over the head with a camo novel Merv Griffins a deep thinker listen Mister Im getting a little tired of your lip oh yeah Commander Big Shot what are you gonna do about it Oh The Blood on this Mission this one sorry Houston but I cant work another second with this jackass all around Music foreign to kill humanity and turn Earth into an irradiated Water World I know oh well uh the good news is Park says concocted a virus which will cause the Bliss to spontaneously combust I know oh howd you know Im a spy its what I do Music splalaxy to their knees thats what Ill release the virus you just keep those crabbies off me while I do it theyre not touching the hair on your pretty little head doll face trust me they better not I told you Im allergic to shellfish but one way or another tovarish this base is coming down hard I am so turned on right now hey its only the fate of our species right we can do this Im ready are you ready dog comrade Im ready in Spaceman good hunting rock and roll bye honey Applause foreign Music mud ball starts to grow on you I mean at first you think its a boil but its a light Crystal you dont have to pretend I know how you feel about humans well well Music Natalia Music youre gonna pay for that you son of a foreign Music Music Music foreign Music Music Music thank you thank you Music Music foreign Music sorry poxy uh just working on a little science project you were probably motivated what is it physics biology little above a little time Im detecting residual heat from the cloning lab crypto you did it listen you little pustuo if anyones getting a new clone around here it can better be me foreign marketer nothing to worry your sexy little head about whatever you say my insatiable alien loves Zara wake me up when youre ready for re-entry I made a few adjustments 5 games on steam Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed All Cutscenes Full Movie (2022) 4K ULTRA HDNew Clips 2022! 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