Steam deck how to install games to sd cardhow to play steam games on oculus quest link DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ friends in eneva have the Dragon Ball Fighter thrown at a price worth 6 euros or well if you have in dollars well you know that they are about 7 dollars or things like that we are almost almost cheating the page with these prices it is brutal then you also have more versions of the game at prices It is that look at this the complete season pass 3 for 7 euros has been given away Also I think it is a very good very good opportunity if you still do not have the game since rollback is coming since a new big patch is coming a new important patch and that the Fighter will also be the Main game at Evo 2023 take advantage guys you have the link as always in the description of the video guys today we have a video of those with several players with different players and you are not prepared for what we are going to see today we are going to open it with a Hobby against one of the most toxic players in Dragon Ball the chords of shinra not to the player that if he loses he takes that if he loses he insults you by discord tells you that I dont know what I dont know how much it has already happened to many players, the gray one has passed it to the gallows, it has happened to several French players so please obiasasin please destroy it, destroy it Oops he was wrong I dont know a troll that will not be a troll no dont be trying to troll lets see how Mr. obi is good at changing it potential Gohan Lets go there Lets go there okay take Music my mother This is really good enjoy enjoy Ok they put it in the blog the change on the 16th we are going to see that Terminator ok Ovis good defense holding on there you couldnt see anything you couldnt see anything hes going to receive a pretty pretty damaging combo There he is parking Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok a lot of crap a lot of crap no you cant do that you cant do that well he prettiest loops with android 16 what prettiest loops we have another hunt down and dead hes dead theres Gohan into the hole Goku enters the blue Goku ok we have to throw the nonsense of course theres the nonsense tería again the air air tries a little peseta nothing happens Music What a pity man it was very difficult it was very difficult Ok ok There we are Music how wonderful how wonderful I am enjoying people I am enjoying more than a fight between goichi and bus 100% There we are a lot damax what do you have what man dont go do nt go hes doing __ Ok you dont cover yourself you dont cover yourself say everything you wont become obvious to without I knew who was facing I knew this guy was a little bit toxic I knew him I knew him God just destroyed him guys we changed players oh my gosh what we have here we have a bus against nínier kazuto Scarlett foton ok now it has happened like Mr Popo wants to be called saija that is his name lets see this is not the name This is not Scarletts name okay But hey he wants he wants to be __ suto well its nier kazuto go team team __ let me comment he has killed him o No yes Happy Birthday okay lets see good good Open by Scarlett denier Now its going to be difficult for me not to call you Scarlett 5 years with the same Nick and then you want to change okay Ok Hey handsome team the one with the bus with Trump There he is In fact, he locks the air there, he covers it well Wow, what a defense, it slipped in, but oh oh, another one is coming, where are you going, another me of you is coming, I changed, its not worth what piece of Gohan what piece of Gohan youre wearing Even though Ive gotten this far, but how wonderful Gohan adult takes scarle photos friends Goku base against Trunks Sonic where are you going There he is hes trying to air mother of God What are we seeing ok Thats good What good control of the screen he has with Trunks me Mr. guagüita there we are very nice the truth Very nice take that has been beautiful that has been beautiful Eh with a glass from Scarlett there it was changed it was changed nothing happens parking lot that shines no longer shines my goodness But how does it move with the t hoarse Music Ok take it until youve arrived man the Goku base of scarle denier kazuto is very powerful and this and the Gogeta 4 people A4 is the trick I dont know its the trick with j4 lets see its great what a shame Its nothing the grapp helps me there we are we will see c 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 wants the maximum damage Hey look at the other one ok ok What a good eye with what you are doing after having received a Happy Birthday because I have very bad luck 5h until from crazy huh hes been crazy yes guys yes guys were going to bring another bus against nier gas pipeline Lets give it a shot I think he deserves it he hasnt had bad luck at first or herbscarlett has had bad luck So here we go okay Well its very good the assistance of Goku base then there are people who say that the assistant to take care of something is normal Ok try to reset but the boy was hitting the button take advantage change the Trunks Music well there we are Music no more no no no kill no I had a clear 5s There it is not playing the 5l after that Dash I played first lets see a little more they put it in the blog its my turn Okay Cross with the 5s Ah what a pity it didnt come right direct the Sonic makes it well reflected I fall for the 5h mother My mother, my great goal There it is, it did not connect, it was very high, we put it in again, you are going to cover yourself playing, okay, well, on the side, well, of the found There we are what you are doing with the trick, mother of God, but what is this again, the delay and find the open finds the open what he is doing Lets go there tron ​​ against Goku seven bars for Future he eats it Now yes oops with control Open Japan you ca nt see that nobody is not going to kill it is not enough he still does not have the power to be able to kill and these damage this a lot of damage bus with the parking trying two m caponazo well reflected the assistance super das the open was there we will see a change yes level 3 tour the Goku wants the classic now people after what he has done with the trick Music And now where are you going What do you think that this who is he the veto that you are the vegeto now now you are the veto go back to neutral the assistance of the parking lot find the open a little light but try but he shits on himself __ on it and scarle is very hot you didnt __ there we have it there we have it Scarlett says not yet not yet Ok kicks arrived has pitcher they put it blog well reflected what came next eh Look how the door is open for me Im your mother child you I bring the lentils to everyone there we are brutal Hey Scarlett has played crazy against bus I remind you who is bus you dont know Who is bus in case you dont know Leave a good like to the video guys to support him I think it has been worth it very very handsome and see you very soon Music steam games that don t require a good computer 🔥 Juegos y 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