Untitled goose game steamcyberpunk on steam DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Oh Applause Music Applause Music its like Music Applause Vegeta what does the scouter say about the number of likes on this video its over 9000 its avid even a per reference from Dragon Ball Z because were playing egg mazi such a freaking comedian do small cricket in welcome the Dragon Ball fighters Z bro bro were in the closed beta bro guys I literally had to wait tell me look what time it is alright I literally had to wait until 5:00 in the morning for this beta to start but Im ready to get my Kakarot extension on baby by the way if you guys are you know in a move for a double up lower today thats a wait till 5:00 in the morning lets go Music yeah yeah yeah listen so they call me Kakarot what you trying to do you get a face up bring your crap alright lets go to America English please music yeah yeah yeah I dont know yeah lets go in this lobby welcome to the water dragon ball fighters need your curly standing in the lobby just into a hub okay alright Im sorry Ill calm down all right so like what can we do once we get in here oh so we just like Oh see you later yeah emo yeah chatting AO baby Z we practice with me okay say something Im giving okay so please first pause go to customize oh so this is how you change like your lower avatar you can walk around the constructs lets go Oda its a music changing all right well lets fight then enter the arena edit team please select a team you can edit the team at the options below okay well of course we got go coin slot one the go slide to get Vegeta and slot three oh yeah give me a Future Trunks hundred percent stage West scene lets go lets go waiting for other participants come on second what oh come on dont start this bro I stayed up till five oclock in the freaking morning dont start this were in a lobby all right I mean the coolest mater literally just started up maybe theyre just working out the kinks oh my god oh my god Tomi always dont tell me I stayed up this long for nothing wrong startup screen but I just let me just get one match in I just need one for the gameplay please theres about to be a breeze being patient lets go Music Music I cant sleep alright guys it is now eight hours later we are now in the second session of the Xbox one beta and Bend I tweeted this out excellent users are experiencing problems of course but I heard theres now a trials mode so maybe we can at least play the game against the computer please wait Who am I red team first blue team yo I wanna be red team look what I got over there alright Goku Gohan its so beautiful the background even Music switch oh my gosh whoa - wait what what up MA not doing that today already learn how to tell where this arrest what are you always were going sucks oh you two brought your puffs back in I got something for him get back get back get back your back your neck no ha you want some of this action not ready for this get in here go on Music thank you we gotta get back in there Music Music lets go whats your timeline its like a dollar thing order you seem a little quiet oh just wait well Im gonna get a perfect ha ha ha so you write you back your back oh gee majin buu now we got a match color oh my oh my cheers you want your other kitchens to assist you like Kristen triggers so lets try that all right thats a nice assist no so what you got I need your help Ill just win Music bro I remember growing up I used to hate cells so freakin much just please please Vegeta yeah yeah all right all right this is the last one what watch this Regina is lots of solo Austria Yahoo are you youll want to know who I am but you know what I got somebody better for you to get in here dont make me sacrifice myself dont make me sacrifice myself Ill do it this is pipeline thats one down this one I got to me this tie blackboard this is Burke like you get an answer now here right now I got so special for you because you remember when you killed me Papaji all right you guys were gonna end it here Im just grateful that I got to play it at all like you dont understand how forward Im looking to this game but Im just hoping that you guys and doing this game as much as I do I mean its like youre playing this show like this is the most accurate looking Dragonball Z game weve ever had guys want me to play the fool game when it comes out let that like button know let her know you are hyped for Dragonball Fighters e be sure this is the same rice place that like butter subscribe today to join its that right Music soldier of fortune game steam YO! 10k likes in an hour and I got a DOUBLE UPLOAD today!Yeah.. 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