Martial Artists PLAY Dragon Ball FighterZ

Split screen steam gamesbest steam vr games reddit DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ game dude why do I have a fish for a hat I cant unsee that now I was like a bird Beaker that is perfect self what is that are you saying that kind of stuff dude hes fighting his uh Idol stance I like Vitas because he like holds his hands in the back kind of like a an Asian Dad hes disappointed in you yep that when they get stronger they turn blonde with blue eyes thank God my hairs not blotting step out yeah theyre my favorite dude cools we choose three characters Im gonna go with my boy Gohan okay Im gonna pick Amy and then youll pick Amy we dont have Android 17 no is there is there even an Android 17 there is but theres a shopping cart on his face meaning you gotta buy him its all right well go Google black whats the purpose of that dude some oh come on not used to these controls keep pressing the B but remember when I played this game for the first time right now I too remember it all right so you can change things but Im just gonna change the color Im good Im just learning how to do stuffs learning how to walk oh thats cool all right and then well just do random yeah random all right I I know you can call your teammates out I forget how to do it Ill press buttons and see what happens we really feel like newscasters Laughter that looks like you yep thats pretty with the drill with the drill thats me now with the coffee and I think back is to block so if you just hold back oh okay wait wait she goes she hits me and goes way way okay thats oh punch oh damn look at that kick I wish I could do that real live did you see the school just extended his freaking leg like in uh that character in one Im literally pressing one button can you not just give me a second give me four pack I like him try pressing though I like his like stance like as he walks back hes like come on full lets go oh oh wait I forgot I dont even know what happened so just keep pressing the x button like keep pressing it just keep pressing it keep pressing it keep going keep going so it just keeps doing stuff oh dudes oh thats the oh okay that calls people that also calls people how do you call people these back two buttons okay yeah hey oh to come help yeah oh dude oh wait what okay we just take a second to talk about you like this well no yeah like so just come hither Ive been doing some motion capture lately and its really difficult because if this is like you say youre like starting pose or something you have to start in this do the attack and then end in this and it has to blend seamlessly so the person who captured this must have had a very uh I have a feeling that an interesting time trying you dont think so no I dont think so I dont know thatd be really cool though it would be I dont think they did you mean they didnt extend someones leg like that he fights a little bit like um what is it from one piece that too but um from Street Fighter coming from somebody who has little limbs I wish I had his power to just oh I dont even know what I did a warm-up she says its okay trunks Music yeah he just getting signed all over him oh best hands oh oh he uses the sword oh I like that Oh Daddy likey oh that knee Music Ah thats cool the star you kicked my all the way to the heavens bro oh Music I like how Im just like oh ah so you can teleport if you press these two buttons together dude nice Music oh he punched through my head okay now Im the pink-haired version of you so Im Im gonna be better dude the colors are so cool in this Aesthetics overall dude what am I doing Im just sitting there charging up wait wait I want to see what that does okay I think see how the bottom right there youre charging up the your your thing what do I do after this uh so the teleport takes charge if you do the teleport do these two see how it took away a bar now youre at six so you have to charge those I dont even know how to charge how did you charge these two buttons ah charge in the air though okay here we go does it make your next Attack stronger then just by charging I dont think so oh thats cool see that oh you ran up on me you ran up on me oh wait I thought she died uh how does that work so you can switch the characters how do I switch all right Im dead I only have one character so I cant switch do you have one more all right no I thought I was done too and then she came back its pretty safe the earring earring I like how hes not moving and the hair and the earring you like the villains all right all right Ill go on the good side and you be the villain you got all the blondes dude I know right freaking Aryan team okay now when they get stronger they turn blonde with blue eyes thank God my hairs not blotting thats about a yeah theyre my favorite dude cools all right you ready I think Im like crying still cute look at like look at them their whole thing is about like posing and oh youre already crying oh I know Ive yet to beat you in my eye Maybe oh oh you can reflect like that thats cool um he just did like oh God oh God nice nice oh oh what is that kick its like a it kicks diagonal you know what Im talking about do it me no its like this the kids swing leg up like an accident like you know the Cynthia rothlock the one that you like kicked behind the head it looked like that the kick is coming towards us as the viewer now watch let me see if I can it oh God it didnt do it do you see that its like a soccer ball its a food its a foot like sweep thing its interesting oh yeah its a foot sweep I like that it usually cakes are just like profile you know you just farted on me I think you know purple is his skin color so hes just wearing Underoos oh thats tight oh high flying knee teleport in the back oh thats tight oh thats tight Music oh homeboy has the the biggest case of oh I said no God the movements that they can do imagine being able to do that in real life what I have a single tear rolling down my face still I dont know why yeah I think somethings in my eye and it cant blink more tears are coming oh you want to take a break now Ill just kick your ass first here we go let me just do all this consciously crying for my character oh my God the tears happening oh damn oh my God so what was that movie you hit the tail yeah oh man dude oh Ty okay so thats his combo for that wiener attack dude wiener wiener chicken dinner oh thats cool what did I just do oh dude Thats What I Call finger gun that hurt my feelings I think I did I cant play while making you cry this is weird all right who do you want to play I will play the buffest characters thats why yeah just do the main characters okay those are the the buffest characters probably I gotta let my boy go hungry well Im gonna win all two well when I can see out of my eye Ill play one-handed just to block your vision I mean its gonna play with one eye oh my good eye oh super cereal yeah he stays with the black hair we like that foreign so like you cant block while the attack is happening huh uh you have to like have a fine some like in between timing to kind of how is there any time in between oh what oh I went above you that was cool I didnt know what he did oh thats cool cool you did like a Webster kick it looked like it had a trailing back leg like a race oh thats cool Music Laughter what is this the hands bro hey hey cross is one of the coolest characters ever Music is awesome oh cool oh nice Music hey knee and then cut oh oh youre playing trunks too oh god oh dude you are um just handing it to me oh God whos who am I blue yeah no finally drugs Music oh Music that was beautiful what the theres the brother okay then right to business shall we oh man that was bad good thing I have dont have to be good at playing video games to do mooc out for it I just helped make video games I dont play them Im gonna go purple team you can do pink team pink team yeah theres a pink one right there I like how were picking characters based on color coordination I mean isnt that the only way to do it they gotta be aesthetically like nice right yo this guy looks sick you know theyre dope when theyre walking with their their hands in their pockets yeah dude oh you know theyre badass when they they bounce like a Mochi ball s oh just straight punched me in the face oh God Im getting smacked dude oh okay all right here we go here we go dont do that I love him hes so cute yeah oh dude he just clap attack he just clapped back well dude oh my God this guy I dont know how to play him at all to the Rocks Im getting both dude rock on lets go its so different so you have to power up every time you oh I jumped right into that go ahead he does like an up kick and then downwards oh that was tight Music Music dude hes fighting his Idol stance I like Buddhist because he like holds his hands in the back kind of like a an Asian Dad hes disappointed in you yep I found myself doing that the other day interesting this is the Ginyu Force Guy the one you liked there you go look the kick but yeah let me show you whats so interesting because you dont normally see kicks like change planes like that you know there you go yeah it puts you to the side see I told you my hands are so sore did you force baby I love their poses theres some worse ones in the sense of best ones Ill try Android 16. and lets try moving it Napa yamchas dope Yamcha has a wolf thing so Im gonna do that are you feeling represented hes like shredded yeah representation matters guys she feels representative Laughter the World Tournament area is where you get your butt handed to you be humble be humble yeah me never ever thats a thats a loser mentality Im just kidding dude look how much bigger I am this crouching you dont like that Idol no its cool but it would be so hard if like they actually did motion capture oh yeah the character to start here do whatever special attack and then come back to here all Blended I like mine yeah look its the shoulders its like popping together yeah its together hes like but this is like real life size of us thats how big I am to you did you just I think I just did you just I think you you grabbed me oh oh grabbed your crotch I fully that was not consensual unless you wanted that come here Piccolo let me grab you again bro come here grab the crotch I fully hes not using leverage at all he just grabs it grabbing a Piccolos pickle oh dude I didnt even watch what I was doing I was utterly I thought it was gonna be my moment I tried to distract you with a joke and then it I kept pressing a button now this is more of our representation here you and me come here tiny yeah yeah dude that was just all you just hit me all right thats below the belt yeah its all below the belt bro thats all below the belt I just shoot my things at you I have more arms Im shooting my hands look Im shooting my hands oh Im shooting my hands gun in it I need more I need more hands you hit me in the knee you know thats my weak point I have a bad knee whoa I went with all the big boys Music this is like a millennial versus a gen Z right here I want to do the voice recordings or Boomer voice acting is amazing even backhanded oh he did a what wait stop are you even pushing anything what did you just do I backwards kicked you like a flash kick yeah dude yeah let me show you again okay dont do it on me just I I have to do it on you otherwise theres no combo get your get your butt over here no Music no how dare you block me I like the dare you block me this is very like hes very karate thats the freaking Brian pose finally that is Brian Lee look him up youll know what we mean oh you know what happens its a very effective attack I like backhanded you dude why do I have a fish for a hat I cant unsee that now I was like a bird Beaker that is perfect self what is that are you saying that kind of stuff about him what did you get um it just beat my ass every time I tell a bad joke now I could actually do something about these jokes of yours do it Music sorry all right here we go see I wanted you to have that so you I could do Yamcha oh yeah baby okay so Yamcha is actually one of the like weakest characters but hes so dope in this what thanks everybody think about youre welcome good job dont hit yourself youre too close to the floor imagine I just like head butt the table thats a good thing I would do I want to try hit again I feel like hes hes cool but I couldnt get his moves off at all I couldnt get him off its too late gosh I cant with you cant take you anywhere nice never okay lets do this look at that point thats your favorite character isnt it Kid Buu is your favorite character I just love the the character choices its very unique I feel like its always like you know like typical poses and stuff all right hold on hold on her pose though the the knees buckled in is like Wing Chun in the sense ah true except shes not wow yeah usually you gotta be square to the opponent Im gonna go this way yeah you kind of have to put my opponents this way gotta pee pose a little bit with the legs and then yeah well they have to turn it this way so then the audience can see but you would never fight like that no and her like shes turned away slightly yeah look at the way she yeah does a round kick crazy interesting do you think that skirts not very flexible and thats why it is a denim skirt well when she does a low one she doesnt lean so far back yep its so she can get a higher thats what it is I think its to show that shes traveling forward see thats true so when she travels forward having that lean back something just like no I was like what the heck was in my face its broken my face yeah so its to show the contrast that shes moving forward which is really smart you know its also differentiate oh did you just backhanded somebody oh sorry sorry no look he does a spinning hook kick but forward he moves forward with it reminds me of like shuffling yeah oh look at him well hold on look at his back move though hold on oh thats kind of cool thats tight oh look at the Way She Moves he just elbows thats his first move is an elbow down oh right in the babies right in the dumplings right in the dumplings right in the Boba oh what was that kick did you oh it was like a Van Damme theyre like a Van Damme it was like a side yeah it was like the split yeah round size round yeah but that would never work with your coming deck can you hold up you dont know its just Im showing you what he does Vegeta Vegeta Im not even using Vegeta you cant do that are you ready to lose oh no its not its a split kick yeah its a Van Damme Van Dammes a splay kick it would have worked better I think as a side oh side round oh separate separate yeah yeah it looks awkward like with both feet Flex like this it doesnt read us its the Van Damme I like her arms like this too like a freaking Mario get over here oh bear hugged that just happened oh my gosh thats pretty cool oh no no no no no no no that weird split kick thing got me wrong she has shes leaning this way forward towards the audience yeah so it also doesnt make the kick look as oh everybody knows if youre doing like a high kick you gotta shoot from a lower angle so you look right she got the Myspace angles dude the Myspace English bammo dude what oh theres bird the Sun its not as funny we dont get it the first time I didnt I definitely did not get it were just gonna charge it did I just attack you with my head full Angie maybe oh I countered oh is it sensitive probably how do you combo oh there we go wait Laughter I dont even know hold on wait look oh time time wait I thought we had timer I thought we had it all I thought there was no time limit okay thats pretty cool that turn around though thats totally your Vibes dude it was a lot of fun its a fun game its fun because like you dont have to really like know how to play it and its still like you said like each button kind of has like a a nice payoff I guess for me I I really enjoy the unique characters like the ones that are like funny because Im all about like the action comedy and for me its just a little bit more unique than what weve seen normally with fighting games where its like everyone is just badass and they have like you know super like good technique and so its fun for me to watch the ones that are like yeah and like all the interesting like choices that they make its so hilarious and its also good for me to know you know in what we do I really enjoyed playing this yeah Im a big fan of anime so it was just like all over two thumbs way up two four thumbs if you count my toes theyre theyre thumbing in there you guys cant see it but no free feet picks I gotta pay for that and once again my name is Yoshi so you can find me on all social media platforms at Yoshi underscore sudarso and I do stream on Twitch regularly and you can find me on the Instagram at gemasaur for more experts play make sure you subscribe to gameology see you guys next time Music thank you how to open steam games without steam We know you missed them and now they are back!Our favorite martial artists Yoshi Sudarso and Gemma Nguyen are here today with an awesome episode of Experts Play and the game they will be playing is the one and only Dragon Ball FighterZ. 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