Dragon Ball FighterZ - XB1/PS4/PC - Gameplay Session #1 REACTION!!!

Pc gamer steam summer salesteamer pot for tamales DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ game right gone another 2018 oh my god how is go today loyalist Kingdom Im Dwayne and sad wait thats every Dragon Ball Z fighter this is a little game um Im an apology but it shouldve been me part instead of fighters V I dont know what the hell that hang about fight Izzy why should it should be Z fighters and that sounds better cool it sounds ducks better doesnt know Im sorry lets dive on it Im good what me fighters sounds like a plane I guess like a new jet plane does mmm perfect so Japanese Oh like that yes sir Music receive a kick oh this reminds me of um ah Hannah you dont affect you say it so what oh damn it home Naruto Naruto another oh oh yeah yeah yeah whoa they better have a whole bunch of characters I think they well yeah this is my meaning like you had a edible choice ticket you got a double bed oppressive bicycle you like the name yeah mine are the same thing yeah we SI saltatory intercept thats more like 3d token it moves like this this look like see I was all trying these when youre fighting just like left and right oh yeah going all the way around yeah I guess why they like drive around not you today Im not I need to the classic this arcade mode this is arcade mode Dragon Ball because they really have a game that palette can also run oh my god is that your dad wont look at a funereal wow they are touching the detail crazy they made this like yelling also like art oh yeah oh yeah but I like it I like it Oh mmm we introduced ins every time somebody is something Oh have to go through handle yeah everybody loves teen gohan EVP adult go on a 15 go hon they often been going ugly yeah in adultery bow to you oh oh oh dont bother that day oh wow damn yeah yeah okay way to do now you dont be like this Ill find a solution firewood and Goku baggage-free well yeah you know play with Dell mmm a he you want alright wow wow since on Xbox ps4 and PC oh yeah so it wont get literally gonna not 2018 oh my god ah geez I want dont forget a closed beta is coming before the end of the summer okay my god bless our system work why bargain horses comp Capcom if anything Im still getting that he said yeah I stood Megaman I loved Megaman I loved Megaman Im copping that tend to buy this game this one looks really good yeah high five high five and just hi I want to play this so much just because of that old feel I just want to oh I want to do it yeah this is so much better game than X Universe yeah it is I wanted to our heart easy mode fighting boss yes like a totally different game yeah annoying boss fight yeah yeah thank you I think when I play the universe like Ill just like mmm like its okay I feel that its a lot into it I like you too I like all these right now look we love playin Im not fighting games I like fighting games like this yeah like Marvel vs. Capcom and Capcom kept all I might say why not say that but and this is in mortal combat yeah like I like those types of left and right I fight you game yeah like I have to go around and fly around you and run around you to do stuff like I want to do this I understand yeah buddy we got split time allotted I forget to like Rakesh and right cars game steam In todays Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Dragon Ball FighterZ - XB1/PS4/PC - Gameplay session #1 and this is like a classic arcade game!!!Original Video Link: business Inquiries contact us @: Get your own GT Omega Racing Gaming Chair using our Discount Code : D&J UK/EU: USA: CA: Follow us on Instagram ..............► Jasmines Instagram.........► Dwaynes Instagram.......► Follow us on Twitter ................► Snap us on Snapchat ................► Like us on Facebook ................► ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mw2 not launching steam reddit top 10 free to play survival games on steam bonelab steam return a game steam free steam games for low end pc