NEW Gohan Beast Transformation GAMEPLAY & Dramatic Finish UPDATE |DB FighterZ(Season 4)

Steam deck performance overlay levelrelease as steam crossword DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ game if youre not going to make a move then allow me looks like youve grown baby gohan youre not getting away ah man if i dont hurry im going to be late for the conference gohan ill put you out of your misery gohan thats not all youve got dont give up now Music right finish dad gohan best steam deck cover With the reveal of Gohans new Transformation for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, I figured Id do a NEW Video of Final Gohan or Gohan Beast/Beast Gohan for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Showing off his basic combos, specials, and Dramatic Finish. along with his Intro and OutroThis is of course, a mod created by Saitsu. I have to say, this mod of Gohan looks splendid. For people in the comment section, how accurate do you feel this mod is, compared to what he looks like in the movie? Could you see Gohans new Transformation coming in as potential DLC or a Season 4? Credit: Saitsu MrTermu988(thumbnail) Mastaklo(Broly) #dragonballfighterz #finalgohan #cellmax #dragonballfighterzseason4 #ultimategohan #orangepiccolo miele steam oven recipes steam family account free 2 player horror games steam battle net vs steam mw2 game won't launch steam