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Best survival building games on steamsteam hardwood floor DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ game Music hello and welcome to game grumps yeah okay excited for a title six take one  __  do it yeah you just like pull it out of a hat like oh this is what I say welcome to game grumps yeah it just says like say hello welcome to game grumps fake enthusiasts say yeah with extra vertebra mmm I was gonna say verbosity better than that I forgot what the word was oh my god thats not us by the way oh yeah yeah dont get confused what those were other people that have been taken to their births limit yeah I dont I dont know if you got confused with the ball be I being damn he does look a bit like damn dude I love it when a girl takes me to the first limit you know saying especially when you lets talk more about you all right cool select a wireless controller for player 2 thats you thats me okay sir button done lets send these new games are so  __  advanced to plan all these NES games and its like you know just that just do it can only be played characters cool Oh super great alright Ill be Ill be this green fella Ill be curling then because nobody wants a place for  __  Goku nice awestruck Doh dead Im gonna meet Im gonna make you my partner oh thanks and Im gonna have a partner taunt Ill take Goku oh oh I too of a partner Todd okay and partner support I dont okay I dont know what any of this means well its probably just tell me what I can get to the button mashing okay lets fight on the one level okay opening ending cutscene on yes Ill give myself way more health time limit infinity no okay ninety minutes sounds good do it a full-length feature female giving yourself a handicapped dude oh no I put it back start battle with these settings yeah good yeah hold on let me uh meticulously yes no two plus seven isnt why make me the seven monkey balls can you move them around oh you can oh whoa okay sorry wait are we fighting whats happening I dont think so please tell me I dont know what they just said Wow here comes the punching motion blur as oh  __  God that stopped do 250 damage yeah Oh God are you ready to come back into this yeah youre reaching your first limit dude I was I was gonna reach my first f uck I did a no no stop dude I literally know it man yeah 6:16 hey like that yeah youre right again whatd I do dude Ive perfected the drift to the right you want any of this yeah oh I should have drifted harder go ahead  __  oh god dude I am too old to follow this thing my eyes is this what kids do hey you got your partner huh I will believe in my own power yeah this is this is more a DD than  __  what karate yeah yeah why would I believe in my own power by bringing in someone else this is the best strategy in the game where are we what is happening were in this guy because we can fly that was the most logical consequence oh Jesus Christ Im gaming crap kicked out of me to go commando I know get your  __  big ass hair out of my face why dont you just tell me what to do look yeah tell me exactly what buttons to push you cant even touch me because God knows you cant be sure Im touching it dont touch you know wherever I want you know about this some of this how about we have a contest on who dies first oh and whoever dies first yeah oh man is it okay that if I just kill you in real life and we just settle it there yeah do that yeah obviously god this game is a friendship ender I want I want I want to give you a super image blast attack yeah I want you to but I literally I know nothing I know nothing okay let me get let me give you a let me give you a ring of fire Oh God let me give you a little you made a vote I just matched a bunch of buttons and then yelled something Oh welcome to a Dragonball Z fighting unit exactly - just wait are you ready here hold on no no dont do that how about I do the exact opposite wait wait heres heres my move Laughter Applause Laughter its like youre out there for a second Music your arms are Wiggly as  __  yeah Id like a gross lizard II dont see if you needed something really far away from you you would be no youve got not much life left and here I come 100 no why cant I be sick why am I so fun damn yeah piccolo thats right lets drift towards each other Laughter oh yeah what a jerk I love I love it when you beat me within an inch of my life and I win by like a fraction of like one inch of life and my characters like you  __  useless well I guess thats one win for you two out of three is yeah yeah yoku with his super command man man oh Ill stick with Percona no Ill get Krillin on my side yeah like that  __  pretty good up a drama piece yeah this game is all about drama yeah so Stephanie to shut her mouth let right now if we randomize will it take us to the only one place that we can play yeah random what are we doing yeah okay probably wouldve been better oh well confirm next time I cant believe the audacity of the  __  developers in this game that theyre just like yeah just let him unlock the rest of the game yeah shes on Im fighting on the plains for a while little bursts mix angry Oh Oh No I think the pigs act seems like they just have look really is I guess this is just what goes down on the plains tornado thank you dude okay did I dunno to Amazon entire time awesome oh no some verbal dude hes tougher than you okay yeah I know nothing about Dragon Ball Z but okay all you need to know is that Goku is the best and everybody else is not as good as goodbye oh crap pretty much it yeah I mean as far as characters go Vegeta is the best but as far as strength goes Gokus the best I dont know who that is I bet I know him if I saw them Vegeta is the one with the hair that goes a mile high has the huge forhead would click the gigantic widows peak and whos karoku carrot cake from oh nice cartoon thats thats who I am okay lets go cool what Vegeta calls them camera oh thats his Saiyan name oh oh and thats when he goes super saiyan yeah yeah it was super-sized chin what were you doing to do that I dont know oh just hitting a button no no Im getting every time I get my ass beat its trying to give me help oh no no stop birthday Oh super oh that means like damn dude a gap in zero exactly yes Christ Sood Im unstoppable Im and bursting all over here are you at your limit I I dont know except Im like everybody got this oh my god Jesus take your  __  chips theyre not as good as Mike yeah oh Jesus whoa gonna do this oh dear I dont know what it did but Ill do it and Ill do it again oh my dude take it youre no match for my pink pony attack oh yeah well take a feast of mine nothing but it just looks nice are you distracted oh God yeah I did that oh and that was all me it has beat up in the sky take it commandement there we go I did my command there you go heres deadly air Ive died but I still have the power to float take a couple yellows for you genuine blood but thats a kick that youll never forget yeah I wont 30 seconds theyll ask you about it hell be like boy kick I dont recall yeah its just like anime that was terrible I know hell are the one beating the  __  out of me dude come on dude like mixed signals come on get up ow yeah how did you like that kick I did not like it was it full of force and I part of your face I liked it less than that other one that like vaguely recall from earlier well frankly oh no Im sure I had you come here and fight like a man a little super committee its so bad when Im far away nothing good happens I gotta get to you in seven seconds here I come thats a win for me of won this round Music like help them up at least alright were going for this one alright tiebreaker one one burst limit to one limit to burst them all do it random I got Picaro okay Ill go random also I got geek you well thats good I got the super , Hama Hama coma good because thats what it means when you love Hawaii I do Im not just like command man I super like command man rude I cant believe we got the planes Im sorry okay did you want something else no no we did random I was hoping for the planes yeah MIT you know I got to tell you these these movable balls theyre theyre called dragon balls theres my favorite part of the game they should just make this the game just knocking balls around you just turn it on its like Atari style hes not goes to that Oh tari style would be like  __  like four yellow squares and you would never move them all oh absolutely every punch I need to learn that block that looks okay wow Im doing no you just hit next like the time Im too busy crap out of this wiggle your back what if that was my battle cries it would strike fear into the heart soon probably no one  __  special beam cannon oh yeah Im okay I really I did that Ill just walk that I like and I know its a monster dude come on Im a guy yeah like at least say he just because you have an 10a doesnt mean normal kami meet come in in a minute if you want to do to come out in a minute its for back forward circle for before its sort of reading yeah yeah Music please stop all right Wow dude the other room at least please yeah  __  red with 2x all right chill out with the  __  blue Beemer I never win at sky like thats ok well go over next morning okay unlock you up oh crap you son of a  __  yeah and then I wont pay for  __  alimony or child support oh my god wait we have a child yeah boy I knocked you up played with my words I know mommy never told me to do that but hungry dude now Im starting to get this okay good cuz I forgot everything oh oh my arms not long enough damn it you summoned my other Goku oh no you want some slick day mr. face ah come on would you like it to her brother to the sky with you good news my crazy nubian work since I should hope so Applause Laughter Applause holy  __  well thats it oh wait wait we have one right right yeah yeah weve got a rubber match so were down to the  __  very last why one thats first mattify oh no you like my kicks I like them so much Ill punch you in the face to celebrate just  __  everybody off the dance floor Im gonna pick you up with only kicks in my powered up purple form no how do you like my purple so special with my purple can you tell Im about to do the move the worst thing in mortal combat when make a move requires you to press calm yeah and everyone just to tell a mile away oh I know yeah so that same advice yeah rah its like what do you think Im an idiot youre not helping yeah yep do you think a dozen to you cool friendly support whats he have to say dont get punched so much thanks pal no problem youre also youre gonna add dont get kicked thats a bonus lesson tell you that what I care about you as a friend and now youre wiser god damn it youre like an impenetrable wall of dodge about this oh I am NOT okay I think thats have been victorious Aaron wins maybe next time youll never beat me except for those other times dont and winds go home bye that was super fun later everybody special thanks to Matt scratch him and Sam big beckus Vegas Vegas thank you for the game guys we had fun how 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