Dragon Ball FighterZ - EVO 2022 Top 8

Steam 1 free gamerenting a steamer to remove wallpaper DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ game evo 2022 if youre looking for a 2.5 d fighting game action complete with your childhood favorites look no further because returning to evo for its fourth year in a row is none other than dragon ball fighters Music yo whats up were out at the west city cypher and sun gets all tension when they send you to the next dimension lets go everybody scream shut up im cutting you with the ankles put them on blast as soon as i hit the cancel everybody get mangled and i dont need to pass so ill knock it through the floor and bury you in your lab coat let me see you block this option im so fuzzy my mixes looking toxic watch me get your head busted one touch ill be feeding your ls in the corner whenever you trying to press something ready you better be hit the spark on an enemy ive been feeding you everything with consecutive energy hit them full screen kill a full team this earthquake body three gokus to turn it into my birthday coming at the gates got the gun blazing on any occasion all hes so amazing what everyone say you want to step inside the cajun dog i am saying yall this imitations with limitations thatll easily break one false move can lead so well eat the mistake one down two down i got three on the way i eat shawl licks and pieces of cake Music Music that is draining gotta keep straining push weights to steal it the strength never weighing the next journey revealing the clear difference between hard work and genius real level threats are barely an inconvenience every new form designed to cause harm knocking you through building setting off alarms anyone who wants to challenge the throne bring a whole bag of sensu beans and then its all Music kane can we please get kane to the stage Applause Music the x right there the orange x right there nitro Applause Music whoa Applause joshua Applause Music shanks Applause legendary bread Applause Music Applause zayn Applause and rounding out your top eight fin rich Applause who will be crowned evil 2022s dragon ball fighterz champion lets find out as we get started with this top eight right now lets go over to our commentators on stream tyrant and damascus and welcome to top eight evo 2022 dragon ball fighterz guys this is gonna be one of the best top eights youve ever seen in this game entirely the basket said hold it down bro lets get it lets get it indeed man this top 8 is absolutely hyped as hell you have seen the players intros all of these guys are here absolutely ready today we are crowning a new champion and take a look at this bracket look at how beautiful this is turret in the flag variety we got three french we got three americans we got one japanese we got one spanish done incredible absolutely incredible stuff but you can ask for more look look at this this is thats what we want to see this is what you want to see university diversity and the french takeover is very much there as three french players were here and all three of them are in winners this is a historic moment as well for the french fgc this has never happened before at evo three french players in top eight let alone in windows brackets is an absolute first and unprecedented of course kane will have to face ryzes very own nitro then its warm to the ak the big classical classical of dragon ball fighters these days shanks versus legendary fred in losers and last but not least were gonna have zayn versus fenric all four games are super hype and of course a new champion today right goitian sonic fox the two running champions not in the brackets absolutely theyre not here so were gonna have a new champion and of course guys do not forget this is the first event in the draggable fighters world tour a new season has begun and if you win todays event if you win evo youre in the finals youre guaranteed in so you want to take that you want to get those points and these guys theyre all going to be scrapping for it man i cannot wait i cannot wait ive been talking to a lot of the players and everything and the most striking one to me ive been talking the french guys i have never seen these guys like this theyre all in the zone theyre all very theyre ready theyre all here and here is kane versus nitro as the first match of this top eight winners semi-final friend versus usa kane versus nitro niger is there trying to get a nitro hat that movement in world finals when he plays in world finals in that loses bracket he tweeted i have never felt like i wanted to win that much in my life yes something clicked that day and he was like i need to win im not just here to try and win i need to win and he comes with this hunger kane on the other side very similar hunger as kanes last two tournaments were a combo breaker and heat wave and both of them were grand finals both of them were grand finals lost he feels cursed with the second place i feel like this is something that has followed kane throughout the entire dragon ball fighters games lifespan you know like hes always been so close to that huge victory yeah he came so close to qualifying for the world finals on numerous occasions and matt yeah he is well over jewish victory and i feel like right now this do or die kane is a scary opponent to face yeah yeah exactly and who knows you know today might be his big breakout victory these two players have never won an international tournament outside of their own continent kane won european tournaments for the french tournament nitro and american tournaments but these two have never won a world scale tournament and today might be the day nitro of course the sole u.s representative in that witness bracket kane one of the three french players looking to make that winners final fully french but first of course youre gonna have to go over nitro and the fun fact as well taran nitro is also still in the run for a stripe top eight as hes currently in top 24. yes yes thats true nitro putting in so much work recently um and its crazy to think that nitro nearly didnt make the tournament this guy like he barely made it yeah he was kind of close im not sure what happened i think like the flights are pretty crazy right now so he unfortunately missed his first flight but did arrive yesterday able to qualify um here in the top and now man ah man these games i just cant wait yeah absolutely i mean thats the thing when when i heard that was coming i was like come on and look at this top eight winners on one side and on the other side in a strive he beat hotashi he sent hotachi into losers in strive if you guys in the chat are not into strive hatashi is like one of the absolute best one of the favorites to take the entire event nitro sent him down to that losers bracket lets see what he can do right now the players are currently setting up on the stage big stage in there and you can see of course every one hes there range and jake ryan are taking care of hyping that crowd open we know theyre gonna do an excellent job at this because damn love those guys man the the crowd is ready and there is there is quite a good french contingent and you know how loud the french are oh my goodness youre gonna be able to hear them from way way back well regardless you know over there gonna be up front row and center um yeah the french guys here in full force a group of young players that really radicalized the game yeah you know almost change the meta in a way oh absolutely yes its been a big change i mean i think yasha is pretty much the the one who really stepped into that current meta creating that team which is a double fusion fusion into 17 and then everyone started to follow a follow follow and then lately we had the patch right which made adult go on better on that patch just it made adult gohan not absolute top but hes like outside of top five hes probably sitting around that top ten you know viable yeah pretty good character he still has shortcomings but viable now and thats what wawa needed he needed a character he vibes with and he can play with and since then hes looked absolutely unstoppable at events for now though nitro versus kane how do you see this one going oh my goodness um so i feel like these players are on a very similar level yeah i feel like its gonna we can have a very back and forth set on our hands i feel like you know its gonna be one of those ones where we see the uh adaptamentations theyre gonna be adapting to each other left and right i dont know i just i just think theyre both so good i cant see it being a wash one side i really cant all the games are gonna be very close yeah that is uh the one i want to see and of course uh you know we know the teams nitro on one side hes the blue crew master oh yeah blue pull up coat with android 21 very very solid team kane on his side he plays quite a few teams but he has uh locked around that super sign for gogeta uh lab coat and tien has been uh kanes main uh you know anchor for quite a while he really believes intense power and i feel like tien is kind of like slept on because hes not the greatest character in the game hes solid but hes solid and he hits like a truck hes a hes hes one of the few i would feel um right in saying uh one of the few dedicated anchor characters in the game like i would say like like tien uh maybe like jenimba as well his solid anchor there are some characters that can do like any role but those characters you know they excel in that role you know if you have them last youre in a pretty good place yeah thats what you want of course like thats the classic 10 with spark and you know one of the strengths of chain as well i feel like people really overlook is like 10 has automatic staircases if hits you in the air hes going to staircase you for like 10 minutes yeah with a million little taps it takes a while all the way down into a blocked string into his own pressure so that is one of the strength the strength of that tien on the other side is nitro his blue cool is i mean one of the reasons why niger is such a fun favorite as well like he always brings the source with yes very stylish combos very high damage combos blue goku um you know i feel like this character is another i wouldnt say slept on i think people realize how good he is but like people just i dont know i feel like he he has quite a lot of work to play on like you know consistently yeah we see hook using him obviously as well shout out to the hook Applause im a bit its you know we we were gonna have an american regardless it was him or pred yeah um to make it heres the top eight but you know unfortunate team kill there would love to see hook up here in the in the top eight for evo but regardless you know freds going to be excellent in his own right yeah those of you who might have missed into some of the earlier games a couple of highlights you know happened i think one of the main highlights of the day was yasha versus fenric first match yasha is like 2v1 you know pretty much has one fenwich run oh yes yes black that was something cube means that jasha fan which i won in the end but done that first match was absolutely legendary uh weve got quite a lot of like cool uh little moments here uh wawa the finish of four against zayn was one of the most insane plays ive seen yeah in this game and yeah that legendary played against hook it was kind of a heartbreaking one you could see like i saw hook walking out of the stage like you could see he really yeah yeah so good yeah but yes we are going to be getting uh straight into the game in a moment guys they are just sorting something out on the stage so bear with us probably out back and you know while wait for that shot i want to know who do you think will win that entire tournament weve got the bracket uh who was which was uh showed to you guys who do you think will win who are you cheering for today why is it jasha is it nitro is it zayn uh is it shanks who is your favorite chat let me know bro i think we need to talk about zayn for a moment this guy started attending tournaments less than a year ago thats crazy can you believe that thats crazy nine months ago and hes here at evo top eight this guy is built differently yeah i see a lot of wawas i see some fenwich i see a lot of zayn you know zayn is making it work i see a ton uh of different picks out there why is that me padre of course hes one of the fan favorites uh you know one of the guys whos done i know you guys if youre not heavily watching dragon ball fighters lately shanks probably has the coolest team in the top 8 i think its yeah its pretty unique vegeta cell and yes said play city zain of course with zamasu and beerus player as well weve got a solid amount of teams you know youre gonna see of course quite a few laptops quite a few fusions as this is the current really uh i think so i heard theyre pretty good theyre pretty good alright i heard you know like pretty good all right buddy yeah remember when labcoat was top one and she got nerfed into top ones devastating nerves devastating nerves vegito was nerfed from top top two to top two you know like great changes great changes yet but let us see knight of the sky all good all good were good we can check all the mix the mix begins before we even play and it looks like were gonna have a point a lab coat for nature he usually goes yeah for point blue goku but in this match decides to go for lap good point and thats a good shot right to try and nullify the approaches yeah from super saiyan for gojita because you know you know he likes to do a lot of like jump s a lot of uh lariats yeah Applause getting the first opening straight into his own left foot he does not want to play the super handful against left with mashup and hes gonna wait right now hes time to walk oh good defense there okay pressure is on here reflects away um Music well be in a great situation afterwards actually what no no no no its generally Music with a dominant start of this match but theyre not easy at all if you guys want to try that in training its definitely one of those that are difficult to apply properly gonna go for that level three get a snack get all of the steals in the wall that you need and its not dead yet yeah get the sugar rush oh he saw the approaches disrespected okay he just go brings his lab coat nitro on the back foot here youve gotta imagine thats part of the protected female right now but im not sure lets find out Music lets go another better things hes down for did he get kind advantage of this movement gets the side switch and hes just gonna go back straight to the corner dragon rush to the better not down Music Applause Music Applause Music steals damage from absolutely any hit using chaos which was made faster in the previous fight so much more viable in neutral gonna wait in the corner trying to block nice youre looking but what a pickup confirm one button Music Applause Music right now between these two this match of course it promised to be close and there we go three and now turn this time for the spectrometer yeah the finish is gonna come up Applause what a play for the new york player what would you h why dont you wait of course at this range you cant get the full fuzzy the one that will actually beat the two eights in the crowd chance usa has came he immediately pressed his buttons and hes there to get ready for the next game and the first opening goes to nitro hes on the momentum right now yeah one side with fox there we go corner position nitro in control carrying that momentum over oh fade away button watch out get away oh no we have the speed its gonna be called pain without the a its so good yes sir nice road not gonna go for the region just gonna go with the simple one not gonna kill just yet but this park is eliminated thats right thats a big factor whenever the command ground gets out from uh came off nitrogen ready for this one its gonna be a good moment for him to tighten up super saiyan force with vegeta out and now try to put pressure on the fellow lab coat thats right not having sparkles early on is a huge factor nitro keeps the pressure on uses his own spark to do so oh maybe mr dash castle there there you go the spark is on hes still there i know you cant block that the debunk is there and just received that level 21 is now deeper 21 from nitro special make more damage now into the region nice row on a great situation now yeah full control right here like you said extra damage on the specials and kanes lab coat dealing out a lot less down here we go there we go well be able to eliminate that level 21. would it gain on the back foot it was a much closer game in game number one but it looks like nitro is comfortable into this set now thats right sometimes it takes one of those really good is closing all possible approaches okay hes supposed to stay away again into Music Applause but no spot this could be wrong he needs a miracle right now okay after he needs a little child youre gonna get this one because youre gonna get hit regardless reach out to there you try to get something gonna get hit but no conversion from knights okay needs to bury your movement but thats gonna be another almost unstoppable okay level three here left coat 21 gonna push kane back towards the corner lets see what the pressure is the overhead nitro with a quick second game finish your food level one two zero what an incredible play by the american hero nycha look at him popping off the entire crowd of course well get behind him for the entire length of this tournament as hes the soul usa representative in winners and niger is filling it right now charter we are back in this and remember guys that nitro is one of the players who started to come out on top in the pandemic on the online event on the offline events that are invitational with no crowd this is the first time that hes in front of such a massive crowd and man hes feeling it the sea of people you can see nitro there really feel it usually hes a humble guy usually he just says yeah like this yeah yeah beating the chest usually just see him just play the game you know unplug his controller walk off you know hes chilling but bro you could see the energy from him right there thats so awesome to see hes feeding from the energy we we are currently witnessing nitro ascending kane looking good at the beginning but unfortunately for him not going to work nitro gets the win there that sanskaine down kane will have to play the winner of zayn versus fenwich a bit later uh today uh shanks versus legendary fred is the other uh losers bracket match the other winners semi-finals gonna be worse yeah but man nitro is looking like hes ready to take that entire tournament aaron this is a different nitro this is a powered up nitro after the finals losing to wawa you know at the end 3-0 you could really see that like that was a humble nitro but i think he went away knowing what he had to work on and were seeing it bro this is another planet nitro looking ridiculous absolutely but lets talk about that next game oh my god this guy hes a classical yasha the man who literally had pretty much made that the current meta right now with his team of gogeta blue vegito blue and android 17 and wawa currently undisputed number one in the world back-to-back major champion hes playing absolutely ridiculous he won the world finals the dominant fashion he won the world finals going through a top eight solely going for three nils he didnt even lose a single game in torpedo he didnt do a single character in grand finals and he has brought the adult gohan back into his team these two as well their friends their rivals theyre literally goku and vegeta yes from the scene and theyre also sponsored by two organizations that historically are rivaled pretty much every game these guys will sponsor and smash their rivals every single game theyre in salary and bms end up being the big rivals there so i know it has to happen man everyone is there very hyped lately wawa had had the upper hand yes yeah there was a moment where yasha completely had numbers i remember this remember the obviously the open final the tasha won a couple moments where yasha literally got absolute crazy wins lately its completely wawa but today yashar looks like hes on a mission yes he is looking hungry for it and yeah what better chance to prove yourself than here at evos man like these two definitely back and forth over the years like there was a time like the breakout performance from rabbi in season two i think that ignited something within the french scene because after that these guys just exploded yes guys like yasha guys guys like kane you know jilla these guys all just really pushed through that barrier and became world-class players and i believe it was it was wawas amazing performances when theyre winning japan saga taking down fembrich versus fighting and top three there um these performances i feel really did fuel the fire within the french community absolutely the french community has always been extremely passionate i mean as a country overall in france you know dragon ball z is an extremely popular one of the most popular you know like uh culture icons cultural icons friends so you knew that a lot of people would play that game and the average level has always been pretty high of course in season 2 we all remember that like absolutely soul destroying loss from kane in that lcq a couple of moments where some of the french like did great gilar reaching top eight a couple of times but now to be different because wawa is joining evil as the favorite last time i went to evo three years ago 2019 talent he got 13th yes that was his very first evo he came as part of the crowdfunding campaign which literally im the one who ran that campaign taran that was after versus fighting we created the crowdfunding to send wawa to evo i remember and we got the 2.5k needed in literally like three hours bro theres theres something im saying theres something about wawas playstyle like he just inspires so many people yeah honestly you like you could hear the crowd chat in his name when he came out on the stage earlier yeah bro like this guy the way he plays the game the way he plays so many different characters in such a unique way and discovers new strategies new combo roots stylish combo roots at that yeah it really is an inspiration for a lot of people man yeah hes always been like hes hes very unique as a player because hes really free-flowing yeah hes hes really like making it up as he goes very creative always going for the cool combos and everything yeah and thats a good oppression of style because when you see yasha yasha is the mathematical monster his team is designed to touch you everything he does is optimal everything he does is the right thing to do thats the way he plays he reads you like crazy huawei is just unreadable so thats thats what these clashes look like in general thats absolutely insane uh to see these two play each other and this time we are see were watching them playing on the biggest stage there is talent yep thats right its the biggest stage of all this evo you can see the crowd right there thats just a sea of people that just goes on and on and on man these guys youve got to imagine like theyve played on stage so many times but youve got to imagine the nerves are still there for these guys somewhere wawa definitely has much more experience than yasha on a large one because of course he played the world finals he played in japan saga yeah uh he did a lot of tournaments in season two yasha in season two was still like getting to his level its season three that sawayasha completely like break out with his former team gohan vegeta and base goku team yes before he went to the current team hes really you know came out like of the moulds in season three and started leading the way yeah he was one of the very first in season three uh to beat wawa along with kaiden in france yeah these were the two who were really consistently putting pressure on him but today its different hes at home i was talking to yash earlier and he said that when he was on stage he said i feel like it doesnt bother me anymore wow thats what he told me he actually told me i can play and i dont feel like the crowd noises are affecting my play anymore he just plays the game he just man he found the zone thats what you need he found once once you unlock this bro the world is your oyster like you could you could you know you can just take it as far as you want to go but here we go were going to get into it character select its going to be uh double fusions i imagine for both these players yeah the android 17 on the actual side and then the out of gohan for wawa absolutely unfortunately in the chat no go play dragon ball fighters anymore hes focused on dnf duel he decided to not go to evo uh this time as he could not unfortunately make his fenwich hes here sonic fox was saying that theyre focusing on skull girls and by all means school girls champion sonic fox cant argue with it cant complain cant say anything so no sonic fox nor goichi in the bracket and its true that if you guys have not watched dragon ball since the last evo you must be uh very surprised to see the only member of the old guards being fed rich in this top eight along with shanks who both weather in that top eight in 2019 back to back top eight for this year absolutely the first time shanks qualified for that top eight first time a spanish player had ever made top a evolution and here he is repeating it here at evo 2022 you love to see it okay guys we are almost ready for our second game winners semi-finals versus yasha this is this promises to be such a good match yep this is it always is it always a good match if you follow the european scene youve definitely seen this match numerous times yeah and there is a lot as well to uh uh you know weighing on the players shoulders right now we all remember at the end of the world finals when wawa was winning yasha was behind and could not hold his tears it meant so much to him he was really there wanting that win and hes here at evo hes really really looking for a win at the biggest tournament there is but first youre going to have to vanquish the man who has been his demon lately can he do it against warwick lets see here i think this tail of the story here evo is who can beat wawa he was looking unstoppable at the world finals just a few weeks ago oh yeah like 3-0 grand finals didnt lose a character yep all of his matches in winners top eight in top eight was was three zeros so i dont know man like this guy is a beast right now though yasha is looking hungry hes looking focused hes looking ready hes looking ready and thats a the kind of match where you have the same pair forward there we go the crowd is getting hyped the crowd is transforming along with gogeta there we go the fusion dance the strongest warrior oh yeah you hear that crowd lets go lets go what do you do versus the episode and yesterdays gonna try to get the first opening right now but why with us right now the barrier covering vegeta and were just getting away avoiding that assist and lets see trying to hold crossed up not gonna walk just yet huaweis having to block right now the second is blocked hes going to open wall yeah great stuff right there all right very keen starts yeah solar is very on yeah gonna try to do some more right now characters and more importantly he has not unlocked others yet because we dont know otherwise hes not a character until you put one ball Music to hopefully win the micro transactions yeah weve got in-game currency okay in-game currency is the bomb all right oh my god the sandwich there yes i might support to kill you know hes gonna hit this point do you see that name in the top left of the screen yeah Music hes looking for the next opening and finally while i guess the opening he should be able to get this oh good for the support do you know why because he wants to build the ball i think hes gonna go for seven he wants the seven but no go for five there we go reverse beat hes now available and look at that block string hes signed the rotation to get away but thats gonna be chasing and he chased him look at the combos of course using the reverse feet there putting matt down and thats gonna be long hey oh my god the win condition is active guys level seven i dont go and cancel specials into other thresholds which means now he has access to safety and good luck you absolutely need to knock this kind of situation because look at this going to go yeah yeah yeah saucy gameplay we take those level three Applause that should be more than enough tires because hes talking to vegeta you do level one into level five and that should be the kill for yeah right now level one into level five yasha clutches that win man the momentum was insane on one side that Applause is absolutely ridiculous oh and yasha maj is to clutch it but um this is the thing with adol gohan right if you spend seven bars you get like a ridiculous character but its also a huge investment that might just not pay off yes yes yes yes it is Applause lets find out we know he plays literally every character in the game he plays question mark so its hard to prepare for him he plays question mark but batman does but lately were finally seeing wawa committing to a team and hes just thinking right now what do i go for no real reason to change i think like yasha had a really really good start and then you know the other hand obviously that was a bit too hard to come back yeah to try and do so i think that kojita went down really early and that was really the downfall yeah Applause ah lets go the audience is all ready and we are there for game number two yasha is looking to eliminate the guy who has been his absolute demon lately but you know never will walk out no no no absolutely you can never rule him out but right there could that be the first line of defense down for wawa yashar looking unbeatable right here all right an opening thats very respectful from both of the players just looking full speed looking for the way in reflects trying to get in and the barrier is both played that is the one the team is built around the two touches right now looking for anymore exactly the same scenario as game number one that point character walk hes absolutely going in yesterdays table and again with no oh my goodness joshua challenges against me again and again this is another situation while on low levels of gohan thats exactly what you need you know get another go on level zero make him less of a character hes gonna spot the jersey and understood oh hes got turkey but he got you no way were getting the happy birthday right now is going to absolutely optimize the hell out of this because Music necessary to keep going and keep the momentum there we go level three and that is a dead android 17 that is used for watching that with the spirit sword okay thats gonna be a dead character what a turn around for wawa happy birthdays and dragon ball fighters are so unforgiving oh my god yesterday that went so fast bro what happened that was way too what happened that was way too broad and lets see looking excellent defensive assist its invincible in the air yasha absolutely struggling right now so good okay here we go back attack there it is Music yeah its really hard to deal with level three and now youre probably gonna finish you have to go for safe side forward or cross always apply the sweet translation on your good friend six and oh no but hes not believing in the fight but thats okay because he gets the opening okay oh yeah Applause that was so clean dead character thats the one thats the muscle memory you see of an issue but you cannot count to vanish against someone whos in foreign Applause the big hug between the guys who are school friends but man you can see the disappointment in yeah face yasha hes qualified to win his final he will challenge nigel for sporting grand finals and look at the focus he did not show a single emotion on his face oh yeah that that looked like he just thats what he expected he was like yeah i knew i was gonna win like so by one big deal its just another day in the office for yasha but bro 2-0 1-2-0 man and look at the crowd cheering for yasha absolutely insane atmosphere right here at evo all of the crowd is super getting into it and that is the updated bracket for you guys nitro versus the asha is going to be the winners final of this tournament wawa will have to play the winner of chinese the dead undergrad kane will have to play the winner of zayn versus fenwich time tired all of these matcha is so exciting oh my god im shaking with excitement bro these games have already been insane yeah and weve got so much more to come man like oh like come on evo hits differently bro it is different you know like weve been to events weve been around weve been like never seen something the crowd right now is absolutely insane everyone is there you know all of the other tournaments are pretty much done aside from strive i believe that its still going to a qualified top eight so everyone in the venue now are there all eyes are on the main stage for dragon ball fighterz top eight new champion being crowned wow why losers to the favorite of the tournament bro it was about who can beat wawa and there we go we have our answer it was yasha yep that is the one strong wahwan kane hinds bracket and as we see right now legendary press moving forward the combo breaker champion against shanks who was in grand finals of ceo he got second at ceo losing to wawa on this are they talking about which share they want which side they want i think they were told which side to pick anyway shanks is going to sit down as well so legendary fred one of the guys he finally had his breakout win with combo breaker hes been grinding hes been doing well for so long but finally in the shanks one of the fan favorites man and you know the spanish guys i know theyve got a viewing party going on with the giants crew right now in spain and i know youre watching guys so much love to all of you we love your energy and im sure shanks is going to feel it today shout outs to spain for those of you who are not aware of spain barcelona fighters aka the main you know community in spain they rented a full hotel ballroom to watch evil amazing and more than 500 people are going there to watch evil and play casual its basically fgc major attendance but to watch evil this is how dedicated yes the spanish community is and theyre gonna all be there cheering for padre shanks the fan favorites the man whos been carrying pain on his back the first spanish player to ever reach evo top 8 not once but now twice twice yes and hes gonna try to make that run deeper and deeper last time he got four can he do better this time lets find out a great performance last evo and you know shanks hes been through some hardships in recent years yeah but hes back now hes focused hes found his team hes found his uh his his groove he might have not seen dragon ball since last evo shanks is now a bad player he used to play stick yeah like i said the hardships man my man had a hand injury he had to give up playing an arcade stick yep he had that hand injury uh rifle painful had stopped playing for a while and then when he came back he could not like get the comfort of the stick anymore so he moved to pad and he spent a lot of time just getting used to part getting used to movement on path execution but it takes a while to change uh inputs and eventually you know made it work all the way to these european final december who can forget that qualifying and just like bursting into tears incredible incredible yeah that was that was an amazing moment man you could really see shanks passion for the game come out there um but fred as well you know hes another emotional player you remember a combo breaker this guy won you could see how much it meant to him oh yeah the tears were flowing yeah but man they were tears of happiness let me tell you hes been waiting for so long to get that win fred is one of those players there who he always felt like hes always been grinding hes won a lot of his locals but he always felt like when there is an international competition people dont look at him as a potential winner after combo breaker now you have to now you have to now you cannot just say oh fred the good no fred is an actual world-class player world class player contender for the win were gonna go for a quick this is the button check button coming live these are not the real teams what oh man i wanted to see frieza and goku not today bro not today when have you ever seen this intro in the past like like three years i swear i saw it in season one yeah thats all sorry to beat with easy man was playing a super saiyan goofy point for some of the time yeah its a bottle check guys dont uh dont worry and uh and i respect it man like you need to do it especially in the game like dragon ball fights thats so much about the movement based gameplay you need to be on point with that you need to make sure theres theres no theres no excuses you know yeah and theres something in the community now which we call the pred button check the checks the temperature and the wind condition that sell games arena right now that the wind is like see its like 27 degrees south the tape measure for the monitor all of this its all good the conditions are good the weather conditions are good no rain the forecast is clear whats the economy is going and thats it he should be ready its time guys its time to drop down into the losers bracket one of these amazing world-class players will be sent home after this game wed like to see them both continue but they cannot yep there must be a winner and a loser when you see these and lets see thats Laughter Applause for the one time i want to play cell points because the senior needs to happen he said it might be the last time i get to do this because i do we do it lets go imagine we just trolled everyone and just like went together Applause were gonna were gonna let it rock you guys at home everybody in the chat get ready were gonna stay silent for you guys were gonna stay silent for the crowd everybody up on their feet i want to hear you in the chat players are getting ready for it taking some time and theyre going to make it work do not pick cell games arena though oh i think shanks is telling him dont pick sell games arena otherwise the dramatic intro i mean that ones cool too but he wants to say hes like can you pick destroyed nanek because im in red for the metal yeah walked by but arena see this guy this man came prepared shanks the champion of the people he was the moment no dont do that no no he and can we have this yeah i want to see the crowds for the year now whats the crowd plus the game shout out to production look at this sea of humanity damn bro it just goes on and on Applause it is time right guys were just going to sign off for a moment here and let you guys enjoy this moment look at this everybodys ready bro throw back to season one Applause no enjoy no not like this i swear yo i swear thank you this was the biggest heartbreak of my entire life i feel betrayed i feel that was top one anime betrayal Applause take two guys anyway evil 2022 sell games sell intro thank you throwback to season one enjoy everybody enjoy this moment chat get hyped lets go Applause Applause this is no game prepare yourself evolution 2022 back at the mandalay bay in las vegas the crowd is here we are all enjoying some good astronomical fighters shanks giving us what we want i see you on the chat getting high but its time for the first match he loses bracket shanks going to put the pressure on the tingo and immediately he doesnt have an assist anymore the base vegeta is backwards is available for trying to go with the empty but spread defense is looking immaculate so far here we go cell looking for that revenge of gohan okay look at this theyre waiting the assist to come back because they are oh no and unfortunately unfortunately bread taking the basement away from shanks its time for the duo cell and geneva shanks since he lost the character to his era yep yeah ive never seen air gargantual use like efficiently ever since el garcia was we dont need that we have enough defensive options okay there we go oh the pressure string here the backs off dont want a conversion though gonna go to work now there we go as well coast the coast right now bring you all the way to the corner knocked down all right wow a huge dragon rush there for fred everything working out this first game of shanks is not going well yep this is very difficult for shanks right now legendary players playing absolutely ridiculous yeah sell down that being said the number with spark is definitely a potential win condition at the geneva player myself i know i dont have the number with im chilling for me this character is ridiculous okay here we go no no conversion unfortunately there are the dp assists Music but again yeah thread catches thanks to sleeping the movement is not ideal for shanks and shanks and fred is just going to extend right now just needs one touch to get the kill but no the ex legs are going to catch sleeping once again legendary with yet another opening fighting for his life right now with this gen empire one of the strongest anchors if not these from this anchor in the game but its going to be tough i dont have much life good for thats the one i should go to anyway against the air legs im not gonna lie its looking very long for shanks right now hes an absolute miracle to make this one more hes got the assist there we go thats not blocking the mix and spread not even losing a single character shanks needs to find a way in and he goes back immediately in keep the center point in gohan looking like a an ancient era off of the dragon right absolutely shanks here look at this movement-based gameplay waiting for example Music Music on the defensive again on the verge of losing cell gets one more hit sparks up it does not want it to hes absolutely insane and once again has to get away because the spin which pretty much blows the situation and there we go get for the loser play right there Music instead that was genius that was extremely smart Music does not have access to this i mean you know the other two thats pretty good they do right yes im sure all right low five beats to make you up to mix your opponents too yeah very very clean and it stays in front that time great stuff and you see how the basement uh basically level one gives him the perfect space yeah the level three very very good player mid class applied by saying but there was one stop right there but i take it for legendary very nice enough look at this extension grab knock down level three how to beat laptop 21 the most he really had the mission of beating this character he knows the os is he knows how to escape some of the common strings and the drama legendary bread lately his defense has been absolutely insane we dont have goichi in the house but man is not a refresh showing us how good defense can be in this game yes defensive has always been a key to winning unless you know break definitely has that his arsenal here we go cross up h just a knock down good block there from shanks that time again reflects away oh open door this is huge but then youre only fine right now this is first of all evil this is his first fighting game as he mentioned in his fact and hes just going to extend level three i dont think so i think i think that might be dead yeah it was like on the will not its close say john no matter where the moment is pressing buttons reflect oh he he could not challenge that spin and once again down to geneva there is ball but man thread has the complete hand on the game oh yeah okay good choice down reflect sometimes people panic so you still reflect but you dont have the advantage yeah but you need to reflect because if youve lost block double digits yes ridiculous engine oh there we go there we go i dont care about that Applause optimizing yes thats it thats more enough to get the kill shanks going down and lets go low five beats to destroy left foot 21-2 there we go 21 out of the picture right now its down to the anchor for both players can change make it give us a game number three in this one this time hes not gonna change the tape both characters are attained but generally dont use the same much what a big oh what a conversion from frank did you see that he delays he saw the hit and he woke up immediately and hes gonna have to optimize the balance of this one you dont need much more the level three is gonna take it my padre is now out of the tournament legendary threat continues the legendary run in this losers bracket what a day it is for fred amazing stuff fred i i spoke to prince earlier today and he was feeling like pretty pretty crushed he was like i lost the fam rich bro like i said i should have had it like he was feeling down about himself but the way hes playing now that was so so good the reactions this kid has just next level movement defense everything that honestly it reminds me of that combo breaker the grand finals the pred versus yasha oh yeah literally the defense ive seen that day i was like listen i know today is pretty day but if bread plays like this consistently there arent many people in this world who can take him down and hes showing it right now right shanks his entire team is built around the mix yeah and he got mixed what once one time one time he didnt really get out two games he didnt really get to use a lot of set play yeah especially not with cell yeah but like you know its tough tough indeed tough indeed guys but an amazing first few games here at evolution 2022 the first two games are amazing our next one is going to be zayn versus fernish but before were gonna get a quick break stay hydrated get a drink get a snack and back in a few minutes for zayn versus sandwich evolution top eight is still going on see you in a few minutes for more dragon ball fighters playstation tournaments brings competitive play to all skill levels in the fgc you can compete for cash prizes virtual currency and more find your next tournament and sign up at back though though emoji got called for the corner Music you know Music lets go Applause Music Music whats one award is one award enough well the gold medal was that enough nah is one title enough nope what about one sponsor no way with every win you only want more because enough is never enough hi this is the choir car you dont remember me now talk to me im not the only one doing a job on this train enemies i recognize that guy he was in mexico tequila we come and we get off this train the white death waits for you with his army of assassins allies we need to come up with a plan well thats a snake it would appear so bullet train exclusively in theaters now playing radar so Music Music so Music Music all those watching their witness a clash of power and technique Music this will be a fierce contest who will grasp glory in their hands who will eat and who will be eaten the fateful battle is about to begin can you all feel the drama their true abilities will be tested show me the ultimate fight thanks for watching and supporting evo 2022 speaking of support you should support our monitor and headset partner in zone from sony the newest brand in gaming gear providing you top of the line equipment the inzone m9 and m3 27-inch monitors bring you incredible high resolution and high dynamic range pictures and reactive experience with 144 hertz and 240 hertz refresh rates one millisecond grade to gray response time variable refresh rate technology and more on the audio side their line of headsets includes the inzone h9 h7 and h3 models featuring 360 spatial sound for gaming the line offers noise cancelling wired and wireless options with dedicated pc software for both monitors and headsets the inzone hub enables personalized settings to your optimization sharpen your senses with the brand new enzone products and check them out at slash gaming dash gear thats what its going to take thats what weve always felt its going to take someone that has bold enough to just play their game against can be comfortable enough nothing he is in full control sonic back to the wall will we see over hill master oh he is trying to take him nicholas is happy to hold these throws right now look at the life difference who cares i would be surprised if fox goes for another one but this time the throw tech a challenge a trade but again no tech hes happy to take the damage itd rather sonic fox be minus and then take his hand but no he challenges and right here what is gonna happen oh my goodness sonic is gonna make nicolas flink first and take game number one its the real master to get us started he flinched he flinched that command no awkward situation right there for apology man golden legs big damage right here for shanks using the three h to get the extension knocked down with the back attack okay big green sparks up half to do it have to do it the character hes known for character he did so much work for in the first two games shanks that was an incredible moment clip that please crazy what a moment therefore shanks is on three characters but apology man now on his team but hey shut up i got a dp get out bring me that goku mix mix mix shanks right now really feeling it hes got his whole country opening behind him of course man apology man right now on the back foot not looking good all right and the better level three that is the best mix-up he can get with the team in the corner time to guess no doubt shanks right now whats it gonna be whats the setup oh he tried to bear one but do you hate my man was ready for that one get back super saiyan goku is back in and trying for the mix up again gets hit but no conversion on the assist shanks still keeping the offense on apology man forced to block him and thats gonna be a dead super saiyan goku shanks one character away from making history happen shanks right now holding it down its all up to tien apology man can he make it happen hes an amazing player i dont doubt this but its a tall order up against shanks space on the point five m starts as well for minimum scaling because stranger corner hes gonna try to extend to get the third bar not yet one more hit is needed for shanks to get the kill left apology man needs to make the miracle happen tries to get overhead shut up blood and thats gonna be it going straight oh my god one in one kill one one and then one and thats gonna be it el padre shanks for the first time in fighting game history a spanish player will be representing espana into bait vamos oh my goodness that is so heartwarming right there shanks hes worked so hard hes held a whole community on his shoulders the spanish all look up to this guy you know as the leader look at this as an example and this is a beautiful evo moment right here shanks holding it down for spain and man thats bringing tears tomorrow Music right now Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music the vibes are immaculate the power levels are infinite the level of gameplay is insane we are back at the mandalay bay convention center in las vegas as evolution is back to offline dragon ball fighters top 8 with my boy terence this has been absolute quality matches and we are nowhere near done oh my goodness we are nowhere near done we have an absolute amazing all-star cast of some of the greatest in dragon ball fighters coming up for you guys man weve already seen three insane matches you can see the results right there on your screen guys the bracket where were at right now we can the bottom left you blow both to the bracket right there its gonna be zane versus fenrirs coming up next another banger yep non-stop yep and its not stopped the crowd is absolutely insane everyone is super invested into the game into the top eight you know cheering for the favorite enjoying the plays and right now zayn about to face fenric fenrich is here to defend the old guard that is what hes doing right now he has been doing he has done so many tournaments on the dragon ball era and hes always been stopped by one person goichi koichi is not there anymore parents absolutely now he must be thinking i cannot afford to lose my one demon is not playing anymore its my time to shine oh here we go were going to get the zamasus speech on the main stage ill see you soon see you tomorrow go to bathroom break youll be back Laughter oh my god i love the intro is so dark all right yeah its definitely not all talk okay here we go youre not getting out its alive we got blue gogeta on the other side of course beverage switching up the team recently went to the world finals in paris to realize the levels realized the meta where the rest of the world was and adjusted himself in his game always has been an optimal player i mean always play the optimal teams of course you can see him one of the best assists in the entire game Music out the picture like shes im only good because shes good but he doesnt feel like hes actually doing anything crazy with the character uh wanting to see and find someone else kept the love code maybe we kind of thought yeah ive been watching the same stream actually and he was saying how he feels like his lab coats really improved recently as well because he places the character on point you know youre forced to play them a lot for extended periods of time so you know you just improve naturally over time and a guy like jay just you know he just steamrolled into these improvements its crazy to think this guy his first offline tournament was less than a year ago his first offline was that was our first finance in december now that is how good this man is Music Music so lets see what the pressures going to be from february lets find out just go through Music and there we go try and give the guard control to make it work zayn needs to chase that register we will finish right now not really taking any risk and you have an hour and a half to convert from this assist my man saw it was like oh look i got a hit yeah let me get a drink check what time it is do i have tips to read okay cool how convenient yeah let me just convert this let me finish my drink then hold my drink then i will continue literally and there we go the dash up dragon rafter close things out here for beverage Applause thinking what do i do what do i change penrich has looked very very solid very convincing japanese player who lost to a yasha in winos bracket earlier today and hes looking to try and continue and eventually potentially get a run back against asha for now hes gonna have to defeat zane and this is a do or die situation zayn this could be the last last chance he gets here he used to really think about this i like this though hes taking his time hes not rushing things okay back in now here we go guys oh first two here yes i started using my drink hey im ready now i can press buttons yeah he was absolutely ready he got the conversion mick we dont do that here no we dont do that here federico set play you know they did five-place adjustment in the past like 10 seconds for the love of god Music Music Music to make a miracle happen because now fenwich looks like hes on the job hes looking he is looking on job for sure zane comes in though the final character is that theory he loves playing so much for sure Music had pretty much given up at this point and you can see in zayns face not looking satisfied at all of his play did not get a chance to play at all yeah unfortunately that did not get a chance to really showcase his skills we know he is one of the best players in the world but fenrich was just not letting him play it was single player story mode only today here on the dragonball main stage absolutely as we see i think hes mystic smash playing the playing behind lets take a look at this right here boy thats what i love about fighting in tournaments i mean you and i we like a lot of fighting games you need to select the one youre actually following you know for the weekend im dead im focusing on dragon ball but im always having a knife street fighter yeah oh daigo is there oh yeah strike is there trying to follow a bit of everything but its all about dragon ball right now uh sandwich taking the win against zayn we have our losers quarter finals ready while our spreads is famous oh my goodness bro looking at this and knowing that these some of these guys are going to be going home that is just insane its an all-star cast guys it is an awesome shout-out to shanks and zayn seventh place at this years evo remember that this is the opening of the dragon world war championship 2022 2023 we have a full season of competitive gaming out there and evil kicks off the world tour winning evil gets you a ton of points and youre in and exactly youre pretty much in that world finals if you get there absolutely absolutely like you said man first stop on the world tour the only power plus event on the dragon ball fighters world tour calendar in fact so you know its its a big its a big opportunity here and these guys theyre all going to be scrapping for it man im here for it oh yes everyone it means a lot to absolutely everyone in there all of the players for all of them it would be your first evo for some of them literally your first international win yeah thats what we want to see and i do believe that our next one is spread oh this ones gonna be interesting because fred looking at how thread is what bing and shanks this is looking like combo breaker bread yes the the thread that was just looking unbeatable that day yep really cool what happened while i lost before he did fred won the entire tournament of course that was a different version of the game in that build of course everybody was playing lab coach she was basically if you didnt have her you basically werent winning yeah so um obviously there have been some changes to the game since then so were playing in in a slightly different meta but still you know like its its its an interesting one for sure like wawa is definitely looking like the guy but after that winners semi-finals against yasha is he still the guy thats the question were gonna see how this one goes because right now the players are in legendary threats versus wawa winner continues in to lose a semi loser is out wow thats thats such a hard pill to swallow for some of these guys man theyve come so far top six here dragon ball fight is the evo 2022 out of over 600 entrance huge for the day its been a lot of fun just talking to everyone throughout the day so many people have met today tarantula yesterday telling me this is my first evo this is my first tournament people have been waiting for these events to come back to finally get in and theyre in now and theyre enjoying weve been enjoying all day were closing dragon ball today and these matches have been extremely entertaining look at the crowd in the background that literally just keeps going out of shot everybody coming here to show their passion for fighting games the passion for dragon ball fighters man this is just electric in this room guys if you ever get the chance to attend evo or even a fighting game major any of them please just come out support the games have fun were all here for the same reason you know well hear the same reason there is no limit thats what your lovely is whether youre blue square green square pink square or whatever freaking wawa youre welcome to enter the world open bracket come and have fun join us watch the tournament have fun with everyone meet friends its a ton of fun make memories being that its memories as well and i dont have a lot of you guys shout out to all of you guys around 60 000 lets go viewers on the stream i would like to know chat where are you watching us from let me know in the chat so where are you and then stop every time i have this one thats not funny give me an actual location boston las vegas connecticut california puerto rico new zealand uk lets go uk canada malaysia this is the true world championship brazil lets be out there lets go lets go we are the thailands its a worldwide event argentina norway philippines i love love to see it love you guys this is exactly what we love this is the world championship the entire world and welcome speaking about the world united bro yeah i love the the format for the dragon will fight as world tour yes nobody is excluded and everybody has a chance yep yep that is the one everyone can enter get their points qualified to the world finals shout out to all of the people mexico ecuador you guys are absolutely ridiculous yeah i see some australians as well because im kind of sad i know raptor is there i havent seen him i wanted to say hello yeah i couldnt take one of his matches earlier but i i didnt get a chance to actually chat to him yeah yeah so why uh brett does the uh you know the half an hour long button check i mean if it spreads with a button check it is a pretty button check you know so you know like hand warmies yeah smash is not here but it lives on around this one tell me what has been your favorite evil movement so far over the weekend whats been your favorite time yeah this this year as well yeah um Music i have not followed tekken 7 but i heard that there was a huge upset with shadow shadow beat arsenal yes america yes winning shadow 20z right yep that is the one its absolutely insane that the fenwich with the chain run indeed skull goes run finally yeah that was a that was a hot woman one yeah meteor top eight yeah its been good as well right like i think mbtl uh and granblue as well so the first time they get a major offline top 8 and you could see the vibes people loved it im not gonna lie watching the ground blue before dragon ball i i really remembered why i fell in love with that game when it first came out like i just seen the the high level play up there the game changed a lot since the release as well and its really cool to see the evolution of that and man like i feel like that game got a got a real deal honestly like with everything going into online yeah and the game kind of didnt really get a chance seeing it here at evo is beautiful yeah absolutely its just fun to see fred hes firing himself up absolutely what is your game right now this is so important winner will advance on to the losers semi-finals im gonna have to ask spread what is he listening to before hes getting gassed up because he looks he looks like hes popping himself up you know like favorite music to get ready workout music you know you always have all of us know you always have that one music that gets you like yeah man spread its gonna be done ready for this lets go the players are ready its time the crowd is ready as well legendary fred about to face wawa he loses brackets loser goes home simply built different oh my team go on gonna do the try to do the job again see the electricity around gohan right now yeah thats the electricity in this room bro it is its the same its what we feel right now uh look at them Music oh my goodness that was an excellent block indeed okay great time there lab coat 21 brought in oh thats just helping out oh my god oh my goodness with the yeah and because you jump to try and challenge the uh you get beat by the npm as hes very smart from one while theyre gonna go again hes not he does not want to drop anything no i like that you know tournament combos yeah bro level three thats going to be because hes not trying to lose this one at all hes dead right yeah thats gonna be a good character for sure keeping it simple im just getting Music Music Applause Applause level one and there we go he gets level three as well so the double air dash is available now Music lets go legendary fred looking to come back weve got Music is going to be blocked there we go legendary blocks waiting and the instant radar is going to get the opening going to win game number one hes on one i love the crowd man bro look at this i cant believe the crowd just keeps on going yeah yeah its 11 30 p.m right here in las vegas im done no one seems like the end anywhere and youre ready to sleep no way because were here to have fun and were making discounts evolution and huaweis looking solid threat decided to go back to the character select stream take some time you just need some time to breathe exactly you know its not against the rules chill get your time yeah yeah we will be back in a moment guys okay were good were good were good you know the classic Applause little well be right back its okay were back were good everythings fine its going to be wawa versus legendary print one nil lets check it out lets get back into the match right now the way wow i played that first game that was a while that has felt defeat you know in the last few tournaments hes been unstoppable yep he won the world finals without losing a single game in the top eight there that was insane but now yeah here he is evo top eight he has lost to yasha he has to fight his way out the losers bracket but so does trent oh man first exchange yep goes on the front side Music potentially there thats gonna wait im not pressing any buttons because he expects his bread to do something on wake up good luck with the q l hes going to open him up oh what happened there what happened with the dpf hes going to get the full corner momentum shift is what just happened legendary absolutely bleeding hes getting away were trying to invade the spot there every single approach he takes is the right one so far i wonder Music oh Music Music but unfortunately not a great d8c option for level three most likely the values yeah of course youve got four bars you know you said not to get out of danger regardless oh there we go doing an incredible job with these assist calls moving around the screen look at that block though looking so good nice again is the defense yeah the defense is absolutely insane thread hes up for the brick wall wow why is really putting a lot of effort to open his opening up im just waiting right now the battle of the movement as the float is going in and one way is just gonna extend the string as much as he can at the bus back now is gonna be reflected yeah thats beautiful okay there we go oh no took care of margin 21. make the most of this young man all right we can go yeah get that combo get some light back to with the ground yep maybe one day we have an indicator on screen that would be nice right thatd be nice as a white man once said hed really be like that sometimes send the man down oh now this is extremely difficult yeah you better go for level seven immediately i thought youve got no chance you need to get the high level right now i mean level one now does a ton of damage lets see what he can get the supernatural not getting there but getting a lot he might go for it okay hes gonna get it hes gonna do it level level seven were gonna care about the damage at all all he wants is a character that will put you absolutely lock you down anytime he gets close to you thats what he needs to come back and he got double air dust as well look at wawas movement free flowing dash block trying to get one thing red bring the pressure on the reflex for more can he get close to bread were keeping the distances and there we go its a very big time which means any string can end with a 2l Applause absolutely out of his mind today have you seen the patient have you seen the composure bro was extremely menacing did not flinch he did he didnt falter at all okay guys absolutely insane on this and you can see the focus in the eyes of the contenders Music man what happened these guys leveled up so quick at the finals he was looking on people but now yep the thing is though when youre on top when youre the champion when youre defending all eyes are on you people are training to beat you yeah and its showing the fruits of their training are coming through right now in trouble perhaps absolute trouble lets see the first opening good immediate yes clean reach up there as always is a great option to open up okay level up yeah thats so important for worldwides team strategy again Music right brian gohan not it bro okay all the dp oh my god defensive assist calls so good in this game yeah while were waiting for this one cracking db maybe a bit too early remember me the super saiyan 2. remember when i was for real for real you retire it bob okay here we go get that snack bro he wants to save that thats his main character hes going for it he might just do it what do we say what do we say Applause dead margin 21 ded legendary bread down one but he still got four so technically he has two and trying to look for the deep mix right now Music its the same damage with added emotional damage and he killed oh no bradys gonna be kicking himself after that he does the same damage my friend it is the same chief oh Music okay the was way too ready with the right defensive option you can see the sigh of relief you can see the french crowd you can see sure this is yes thats it for this is the one of the heads of pms right here cheering for his boy wawa well move on to lose the semi-final thread losing but man what an impressive play by france bro look at this crowd nothing beats this nothing evolution everyone everyones in everyone is enjoying and i hope you guys are enjoying as much as we are because man so far every single match has been inside and i must say one i won but the more we go and the more i watch spread and im just questioning how do you open this man up because wow i had to put so much effort to just get some openings on threads the defense yes bro as you know theres a very known well-known quote football jose mourinho attack wins games defense with championships there you go you need to have that good defense man and weve seen it since season one and dragon ball fights who could forget gochis reign of dominance yep the the defense was a key factor to the amount of tournaments that he won yeah um and you can see it man like these guys the bet your defense is you know you you the better chance of winning there so great stuff while were gonna advance on losers semifinals well play the winner of kane and femridge which sounds crazy to say will it be a french face-off or will fernrich make it through lets see the cane fan which we did not get an opportunity to see it you know recently lets see on this one park the bus indeed shots i know you guys were not expecting the football reference but you know its what happens im out there would you love that i know its called soccer here but yeah i tried to comply with local rules but this one ill never like i even by moving to the uk i even say chips now which i was against foreign fish and chips mate yeah but chips are like on a tuesday i dont know yeah yeah its like you know it is culture out there sandwich on the left about to face kane and im trying to think whens the last time these two met in tournament time bro i dont know we would have been one of the season two tournaments perhaps yeah im trying to think no japan saga nothing nothing madrid not in ufa because federation was not there have they ever played in tournaments i actually im actually not sure i think kane has never been attended i cant say ive seen this one yeah kane you know a guy that is one of the best in the world at this game definitely had some uh some hardships in the game you know who could forget that the cursed season my man had like controller disconnects yeah came so close to qualifying the disqualifications like you know what theyre the worst things you know whats funny in season two you cant have this match against taco the japanese player yeah and had the controller made him lose and pretty much eliminate him from the world tour right he beat taco today and thats him okay be honest when you beat him did you feel like a yeah revenge because i want to see though i was like not even little i dont know moments just like leave it bro no not happening here hes all business and this is the most focused cane ive ever seen actually like like bro im loving this this is one of the best topics ive ever seen lets see how it goes how things unfold Music that holds the arcade stick so delicately you would not think its the way this guy plays its insane to press the button all the way to get the bottom the move to come out hes just pressing the button lightly i was next to fenwich at wall finals watching him play you couldnt hear the bouncer like why you couldnt hear the buttons yeah its like he just i dont know his hands like so light onto the stick and ive tried to like reproducing this and its impossible yeah i like to really press the button bro yeah all right lets see kane taking a moment to focus he really really wants this he was telling me before listen i saw him next to the stage i just came saying whats up he looked at me straight in the eye because of me bro i want this so much i can tell the only words he told me was i want this so much i know how much you wanted you can see how serious it is right now sandwich as well ive been chasing the title for so long two players who absolutely absolutely need that win kane under pressure and were all good were going to sell games arena fist bumps have happened oh thats the sign its on its on right now lets go bandwidth versus chaser goes home winner goes the top four to play wawa in the loser semi-finals guys lets go lets see kane looking to make that topper four with three french players but let us see ruby and you can see every single class so here it is right outside like youll basically always see Music its a great angle but you would have a touch Music there we go send it oh bro Music oh and there we go look at this what we want with the lightning bus come back gave the happy birthday we wishes back the greeting card has been sent back to the center and there we go another opening putting the man down and what can he do right now hes got the spawn turret hes still supposed hes gonna beat the visa what an incredible the strongest human in the world dont even tell me krillin its all about yeah man like kane holding it down what a comeback and you could see why he uses that character on his team bro tien is such a strong anchor this is the fastest 1v3 comeback ive ever seen in my life bro i dont think ive ever seen he into the Applause oh a spot for most situations Music yeah i think hes got the ball hes going to get the ground ball anyway okay he could have got the grab and then level of course you know nobody Applause three characters here to feminists too the new feminist was not about to get ready for that recently now gets the conversion from the beam trying to come back hes got the boss we got an excellent shot Music okay one character away from moving forward the top four of these tournaments making this a full western top four sending japan out of the tournament japan flag there youre right hes flying here in the top 80s maybe sent home oh my goodness gets their hit that was difficult to see which side i think nope will not be killed will be fantastic are you remembering the ground oh you know what i respect the hell out of that okay so press buttons go straight to the commander gonna go straight to level five as well for the kill yeah because theres minimum scaling on that youre wishing like three level five the same for fake broken yeah look at this look at the destruction the crowd is enjoying the hell out of this man and so are we i hope you guys enjoyed out there big chilling with us one of the absolute best in the world sending sandwich out of the tournament fifth place for fanbridge the worst placement for feldwich in evil history today ferris congratulating him and you can see the french crowd absolutely there for the boy tarrant top four has three friends players bro france have evolved along with the game bro you love to see it this group of friends from from from france a group of friends that really just love dragon ball love this game wanted to change the way the game is played yeah and you could see theyve made it happen theyve changed the meta shifted the meta dragon fights to what we see today man kane one of those guys making the movement as well hes gonna have to play wawa this game is going to be ridiculous kanes definitely one of the guys that has taken it to world in the past has defeated him more than once more than once he originally he was probably the only one who could beat huawei in europe for quite a while yes uh you know slowly but chile others started to catch up like you know the likes of yasha and everything but kane definitely can do it because tom its been an insane run for him that much against fenwich is bound to give him some confidence back because against nitro that second game was difficult it might have destroyed his uh you know momentum maybe but absolutely not showing it on this and look at this the entire crowd is now only having one word in their mouth that is nitro the last american hope the hero of america right now one american versus three french can he run the gauntlets thats right nitro of course any time he is in paris for one of the invitational events get so many games in with these french guys you know you go to the practice room hes always in there having fun you know just chat to everybody about the game chilling and grinding it out yash is definitely one of the people that hes played multiple times multiple casual sets with but the stakes have never been higher than they are right now winners final who is going to get that huge advantage in the grand finals winner side man this is going to be crazy and thats going to be the first time yes top three this first two three the winners finals losers final and grand finals are all first to three more games for us i am never going to say no to that one no as the players getting crazy both of these players are extremely hungry for their win you can see how much it means to nitro as well and yasha is now getting ready getting his hands ready because its time for a spot in grand finals that would be a first for any of these two players nitro handing over the usb hes like yo plug me in bro so i can whoop your ass lets go this is gonna be such a good game man i dont know i cant call it i really cant call it seeing how the two are playing i dont know like i do feel like yasha is on a mission today like hes i know even talking to him earlier it really struck me as hes really here to win like hes really really really meaning it hes like not letting anything go yeah away from his reach hes doing his very best hes at more than 100 percent but so is nitro yes what weve seen from nitro earlier right you mentioned its right nitro is not the kind of person who pops off or anything when he won he just plays he popped off he looked at the crowd you could see he was just like feeding of that insane energy this is ascended nitro that were witnessing absolutely nitro right here yeah theyre just going to go back they accidentally set it to first of two so were going to get the first three because we are in the winners finals guys over 600 players in this tournament now were down to four only four only i guess were getting closer and i have to say the names that were seeing in this top four yeah almost to be expected though yeah i would say i would say these are the ones these are the favorites no no a massive upset throughout the tournament i would say i feel like most of the tournament went a bit like who you expect to win there was there was some close ones you know there are some close ones yeah but you know everything is good nature hill it was close though yeah but it was close i heard someone i found someone saying that with you or anyone bro the movie is real oh yeah i lost like why do you want the t o to right of the bracket oh three but it was close thats the new dragon character goku it was close though okay here we go all right guys its time winners finals evo 2022 yasha versus nitro this promises to be an absolute banger of a game bro hey overused expression there but its going to be so true earlier this entire topic has been nothing but banger games nitro versus yasha yeah we dont want to see Music and there we go try hard himself okay oh man backing up here trying to keep himself safe playing that full-range game that full screen game broke the blocks good defense Music nice weather outside is absolutely optimal right now with the cod to get the kill yes i watch nitro zero bro one of the most optimal guys in the entire world so good and its a huge win being able to kill that margin 21 didnt even allow her to spot you see the one touch into the spa confirmed that was insane that that proves how in the in the zone yeah when you see the blind spark youre absolutely in the zone you dont even need anything else he was so so ready nitro on the back of the loop oh he was standing Music do not let this guy get confident bro because it will to get some decent damage at least more importantly getting that part out oh wait a second like the damage is huge that might be the damage is huge here i dont think so thats thats godlike need to find the one thing to break yesterdays focus because hes in the zone hes free flowing into the game right now every decision he makes is the right one nitro needs to push his luck and get some momentum back the most focused ive ever seen im not saying something this guy was the national champion of europe in this game to get the world title title oh my god okay the way jasha is playing right now is textbook dragon ball there is no way there is nothing oh no round star come on are you kidding me you need to you need to stop this man the confidence is way too high right now find the way do something done you dash in level one do something completely stupid but surprise him you have to do something to stop this freight train for momentum on the assist again and look it just looks like nitro is just fighting for his life the whole thing is just constantly handed okay this is your chance yeah finally an opening this is what you need dont go for anything difficult Music Music Music snipe yep snipes into the two ends and level three yes he wants to guarantee a bit and thats what he needs he needs to put just in situations where skill doesnt matter you have to take a guess its gonna be okay Music the american champ is here to bring the heat into the battle between the two regional champions american champ nitro european champ knight responsible bring it back hes got this part yeah oh no engaging were getting hit by the stars by the smart supernatural Applause Music Applause look at the focus on this man i can see the energy i can feel the key around nitro hes got a huge task for come back there but yasha needs to make sure he doesnt get too comfortable as nitro is definitely definitely getting him back yes hes warming back up you know getting into the zone a moment ago has momentum Applause situation not enough to do anything significant gonna get the spirit forward gonna be able to get the opening and should be able to build enough to get the kill against android 21 the classic Music is still available for both players here necessary yes he will theyre good steals as well from vegito the yellow one is really strong the ground okay here we go oh thats why im telling you that grab this goblin assist that should be enough once again reclaim the knees completely changed the final what happened what was the kicking mclicking moment for the u.s challenger its this energy its these people behind him hes his own people the americans really getting behind that tree okay knocked down again all the spark up from yashar are we left with the 17th in danger oh bro what happened there im not sure what the nitrogen is like a deer in the headlights Music Music Applause the crowd goes wide whether the french ground the american crowd absolutely everyone here is there to cheer and nitro is delivering right now its the first one for a spot in grand finals we thought yasha had his hand on it but nitro has delivered a pure master class nitro has been so good over the last two games kanyasha reclaimed the momentum hes requesting some water in america come on mate this is the water bottle water bottle with a d it is not its not a bottle of water listen bruh uk ting you need do you need to save the cheese its not water give me the water its water water bottle okay as fast as possible you can see right there the crowd were feeding their energy to nitro feeding the energy going back in now this is the final game of the set who is going to drop down into losers bracket and who is going to get that huge advantage moving into the grand finals winners side it could go either way i cant call it cant call it either chat press one for nitro press q for yasha fill the chat with buttons let us know let us know yes i cant call this this this is good this is too close i see only a lot of ones nitro fanbase is absolutely out there the yashapan bays out there as well players are ready and look at the extremely respectful start youve taken yeah no risk we looked at each other what are you up to nitro what are you up to Music Applause he should be dead nice looking good yes are losing patience there he needs to become blood he needs to rick to fight again the group that he had for the first few games because the zone has completely run out this night right now breaking the gate entering the zone and all right you can Music him to get some momentum beat some ball send the man down stop knocked down and hes still gonna get the wrong tie get the spins faded at the age always catching him sticking up for that need to drop bro that was Music on Applause done his final character the one character he gets on his team from his previous squad it is vegeta blue oh my goodness nitro gets another hit this guy cant stop he cant stop women Music that he had on the first two games nitro Music Music uh Music nah we should be enough no hes gonna do that okay yeah hes gonna pass right here this part is about to run out yeah hes still condensed enough to the miracle right now Applause can we find the clutch to get that come back get it away from this assistant the movement look at this floor this is beautiful gonna try to put that left but what do you want into a situation into the spot nitro hes optimizing every little hit and as long as he finishes this combo the four bars are there number one into level three and in the full completely unlikely reverse switch rises very nitro the american hero qualifies into grand final and we let the french fight each other to join him on the throne winner side grand finals nitro bro seeing nitro pop off like this is giving me goosebumps i love this bro you can hear how much it means to the crowd you can see how much it meets the nitro guaranteed top two at evo grand finals winners side oh man you cant beat this you cant beat it you cant beat this and who can take six games of this nitro this is another this nitro is on another level right now there are three french about to face each other three french players about to face each other to try and get the chance at winning two first two threes against nitro its kane yasha orwa was going to be keen to first we know plays yasha and then winner guest to nitro nitro is playing at a level weve always seen him at high level but this is beyond the high level bro this is god of destruction nitro this guy is ultra eagle i i cant i cant even comprehend that like that comeback from two-nil down yeah thats a reverse ocv come on theres im telling you since the war funnel theres something that clicked into nitro and thats what just happened right now yasha had such a solid hand onto that match after these first two games that were completely free but something changed and slowly but surely you could see asha losing confidence losing trust in his moves not being as efficient as before and nitro using that time to just come back into the game and make it work nitro will be in grand finals the loser semi-final will be the next game guys that will be wawa versus kane but before that were gonna take a short break uh because we need to get hydrated im out of water im gonna have to run and get some more water so guys stay hydrated get a drink get a snack and back with top three of evolution 2022 live from the mandalay bay convention center in las vegas who will join nitro in grand finals the answer will be after the break see you in a few minutes guys Music Music so Music looking for a new controller our partners at power a bring you the fusion pro 2 and the spectre infinity the remarkable fusion pro 2 wire controller for xbox series x and s is packed with pro level features to give you peak gaming performance and comfort featuring a mappable pro pack 3-way trigger locks and much more the officially licensed fusion pro 2 gives you a competitive edge when gaming on xbox or pc the brilliant spectra infiniti enhanced wired controller for xbox series x and s lights up your gaming this one-of-a-kind gamepad offers tons of color combinations you can customize plus three-way trigger locks dual rumble motors and more officially licensed by xbox the spectra infiniti is compatible with both xbox and pc platforms learn more about both at Applause Music Music Music Applause Music is Music Applause Music Applause Music oh room Music a girl is dark off winterfell Music time to eat somebody i am here Music really this is what im up against i look good in the monaco Music Applause Music shout out to our partner rushdown revolt a free-to-play fast-paced and combo-centric fighting game experience 10 unique characters best-in-class rollback netcode and a fresh take on platform fighter combat the games signature spark mechanic lets you cancel any attack into a dash and set you up to combo opponents like never before their alpha is available now on steam with an open beta release coming august 30th the beta will have new stages and a new stance character the chain wielding assassin rainer taxes are going kind of quick right now yeah theyre trying to speedrun this top eight for sure hopefully one big damage character so shell do that celestis doesnt reach the big man out there yeah 16. he may be a grappler but he is the fastest man out there i think you know its safe to say this is the fastest grab ive ever seen in my life im fighting games yeah people are optimizing theyre trying to get the kill level three now that that throw that he does at the end of that pulls you out of the corner slightly so you can actually air dash over and do a cross up here yeah oh wait twist the double cross up coco black beautiful beautiful okay oh try to get out of there yeah that was a good choice wake up h commander pretty safe option to wake up with sometimes light light doesnt reach oh pardon my back lean in with both shoulders hes leaning for so over the air in nice climb down the chimney i dont know exactly what no comedy had to try to do that maybe press some buttons maybe jump back tag but regardless goku black is out of there its called celery and we didnt even see no kami cell get the play last time they got touch of death yeah what sparking i dont know oh auto combo again drop them in the third of the shoulder brakes go for assists and the dragon rusher is level one level three immediately no sparking here so no kami is going to have to guess correctly kubo about to test this hypothesis where we go on the other side of the game dragon rushing nice break all right theres one opportunity to let that man fly im pretty sure nice yeah i like the vanish a good choice to beat both of those options attack nicks up sparks 2h yeah he you read that there was going to be a 2h the vanish you actually put an empty empty banner right there yeah youre exactly right he could have dashboard got it yeah is that what were doing and you saw him wake up with a button he was like i gotta get out of here oh just to go to town level three immediately yes the mix solar kamehameha get the set up after this oh are we gonna do pectoral flies on wake up no and he got the pickup off 21. what a confirm from no commie drop them here i would have spent the cash just to get that damage right into the can opener turning android 16 into a mountain climber though look at no come here but both of these guys are having fun right now yeah kubo looked over and gave him the slow now like all right yeah i see what kind of fight is going to be old forces did you see thats that man assist oh that mix-up is dirty you reset the blocks on yeah im perfect attack and 21 lets you get the cross up on it cheap stuff saw left and using that back at ceo big left the evo champ congrats by the way set up here yall wanna you know now that was stretching out i feel like he won oh dragon rush no comey brings it all the way back game one drops him in game two and hes gonna move on from the usa over kubo nice nice nice Music Music hello everybody and welcome back to evolution 2022 dragon ball fighterz top eight we are down from over 600 players in this bracket down to only four and now its time to make it three make it three make it three indeed its been an insane weekend the vibes have been immaculate all weekend everyone has been having a ton of fun and this feels like a perfect culmination of dragon ball fighters its been so long you know like we had to go through the pandemic arc we got to go to the online arc and now were back were here and dragon ball lately the entire community has been built around that rivalry between na and eu and right now na is on top in grand finals and on the losers semi-final is the three french contenders who all were in winners at the beginning were going to have some classics the kane was wawa was pretty much one of the classics in season two now he kind of became the huawei yasha because we see kane a tad bit less but still a match that always that never fails to deliver kane has beaten wawa more than once and that yes was the grand final that heat wave its a run-back absolutely yeah in that game uh wawa you know he was looking so dominant this is the the reign of terror that were living in right now this is the the uh the wawa era but has things shifted since the world finals like bro everybody went away from that tournament thinking about what they had to work on how to how to defeat wawa right now its looking like people are coming for him bro like they are going for his throat yeah yeah going forward like that was so close against fred fred honestly i was living in pregnancy yeah man of course the way i saw the defense the worst of the approach has been absolutely crazy fred has been so diligent in the way he approaches dragon ball in the way he got better about playing the game and everything unfortunately fell to the one on he is the favorite of this tournaments but hes gonna have to wait to work his way back and can he do so because he lost to yasha earlier first off 68 kane yeah 16. is that the actual team yeah i dont know i mean its wow you cant really its can we tell you you can never tell until it actually happens yeah so is it when you if you start seeing them doing like round start sparks and stuff like that no it looks real to me we actually played were actually going for the team for one of the teams Music semi-finals three will be losing finally take the first character down and killing already on the back foot the team to bring it back maybe youve been surprised by the warwick team choice right now i mean 16 at evo top four what are we 28 Music Music okay oh what a challenge and hes gonna get some level three of course hes level three now and hes only gonna need to suspenders kill really yeah yep for this which means i think the next hits into forty the kill time um yeah yeah you could be right next to you just wanted to kill oh oh he scooped him up that used the armor to go through the assistant where there is no way you expect that command that was a great choice okay it goes low again of course oh the success of the five lane into the ground there we go here we go guys nine you know what it means right now anyway you better not get grabbed you know the ground Applause shake my hands Applause shake my head Music in a good position right now oh he is going to spend the level one okay goes into lab coat kane looking so good the exact opposite as the first game yeah both guys are down really quick i dont know i tried this time okay hes looking like hes coming back yeah man he can do it for sure and were back to first two dont forget this is not a final game so losing semi-finals is 32. yep and we get 10 hours 16 assists we have not seen him actually in play yet so hes only been using an assist he can change the system to come out playing without the eight blocks okay Music oh Music so im looking to see what does he have for us right now for now hes supposed to block the dragon yeah wow though his defense but he does have that spark available i dont think hes gonna spend it here but lets see what pressure plane goes for now probably a high jump no just dashes Music hes here for business hes just gonna use the shotgun trying to steal the corner there but why oh Music Music oh my goodness three taking a well-deserved fourth place at evo 2022 what an incredible performance by the french competitor unfortunately falling short of reaching yasha in that losers final but an excellent player im looking forward to see more kane you know yes yes absolutely we always look forward to seeing more kane you know the world tour is back so hopefully we see some more of him in the near future i mean we know how much cain wanted this tournament we know how much he wanted to win but you cant be mad losing to someone you train with on a daily basis someone you really put the work in and look how far theyve come together man you cant you cant argue that yeah its the one i mean look at this just go back to uh 2019 2019 is going to be in 2019 was wawa coming his first evo getting 13. an absolutely crazy run had a bit of curse because he stick stopped working and he had to play with like half a stick remember go to 13 you know like had a crazy good run everything but at this time no one was like oh yeah wow is a contender now were here in top four plenty of friend of french players are there making it work nitro waiting in grand finals winners but damn were gonna have another french on french and its the revenge from the classic yasha won two nil earlier and now its yeah he loses final inner first two three here we go another french showdown two players that like we said about kane and wawa trained together on a daily basis pushed the meta push this game to its limits yeah and now here they are on the biggest stage one of them must bow out the tournament here the rivalry that just continues on lava versus yasha bro it just doesnt end he doesnt end up all goku and vegeta it is goku and vegeta these two have been absolutely insane throughout the entire season throughout the european tournaments theyve met around and around every offline tournament there is in europe and now theyre here on the biggest stage in the world in loses final yasha gunning for his run back against nitro there was an offline tournament recently where yash would be wah-wah and literally popped off by running around the arena i dont think hes going to get to do it here because its a pretty big venue but i think he might still possibly he literally like i remember he won he stood up and he runs he ran around over the fence yes he ran under around the entire arena like thats how much it meant and of course a win right now would mean a ton because that would be a position in grand finals of evil where nitro the lone american warrior is waiting on his throne for his challenger will it be yasha or will it be wawa man i really cant call it regardless of whatever happens these two are here to make memories theyre here to put the show on for the crowd the viewers at home and of course to win yeah Music oh man these guys chatting you know their boys theyve come so far in this game together and now its time for the yo this is the culmination of all that training yep its really really cool to watch actually it is and theres a lot a lot of rivalry on this of course lately we said that while was taking the wins but wawa lost in windows brackets summing chinese against yasha yasha was there but that that clicking moment from yash looked like that momentum kinda stopped against nitro so thats gonna be the main question of this set kanyasha come back bro how he was playing at the beginning of this topic going into the tournament im sure that the story on everyones mind was like who can be well right now but you know weve seen it both these players yasha and my man waiting in their grandfathers side nitro they can both do it yeah absolutely they can both do it thats cool and see how it is man it doesnt get any better than this so exciting we have losers final set now evo 2072 thank you all so much for tuning in on the chat guys we really appreciate all of you coming into porn and everybody of course here in the venue hes going for the 16 oh he is as well yeah maybe going for the insta kills i think hes gonna maybe gonna try for a game Music if it doesnt work out he might switch i dont know its the first of three yes exactly you have you have a bit more room to work with yeah you know you have something where you can of course give it a try try and make it work Music but wawa versus yasha the boys came all the way from france right here in las vegas to meet each other twice in top eight wow on the winners side was too deal for yasha on the loser side its about to be a big big first of three thats right the last few times these guys have met most of the time i think its been while were getting the upper hand but of course today this is a new yashar Music fusion super saiyan 4 the strongest form lets go bro the intros thats there Music thats so good because you get the misdirection from the assist how many levels as well big no good character though oh no he tried to extend too much thats so unfortunate because that would have killed right you wanted to kill me there we go Music with that same side s there we go look at this and hes going to get the kill here over ryden the meat of the bus okay there we go wow trying to bring it back yeah a lot of people forgot how to really fight this character thats the thing right you meet 16 right now youre ready for the match yeah exactly oh that was so crazy good read from wawa tap the ah theyve acknowledging that uh of course getting a bit of coverage from that 17 assists oh you got slapped up half a goku detected Music okay they did not go there for everyone is the classic spanish level three the spot is number three complete momentum shift we thought that jason had a hand on this game but absolutely not so fast android 16 he was built to be stronger than 17. okay here we go Applause this was pure green square tactics he actually did roast up elena yo my man this is i dont even see that in ranked bro im too high-ranked to see that five and a l round starts what is your square color green green square territory bro do it for the blue squares voila so thats thats actually a strategy like we used to see that with gt gopher because the last hit right after this up after the electricity round i dont know thats crazy he got two one two happy birthday to you my friends you didnt kill are you serious dudes Music yeah right now hes focused hes keeping android 17 healthy right now gonna back off and play defensive i imagine oh wow you better snap him in sir yes yep there we go yeah android 16 17 oh should be able to get that kill yes get that level one in there three number one should get here on superstar Music Music right now i cant lie im not gonna lie though like sometimes playing like extremely unorthodox is the best way to defeat a player thats so calculated like can we just remove the evo logo down there and just like delay seven frames i think that would be more accurate we are on ps4 okay even more all right wait a minute good reflects though from yasha sends them away Music oh Music Music all right lets go lets go defending now hes got four hes got two characters hes got more stop vanishing this guy has 1.2 million vp online and this could be it right now dont forget it is the second game in a set no no no no need to vanish the sword attempts watch out again thats gonna be the two way and look at this face spells darkness bro this face is not the face of the confident player at all thats right usually very easy right take some time go back to character select screen get your drink get hydrated get some energy because right now it looks like wawa is completely in your head hes running away with it with this angry 16 team man i feel like bro he comes with a new strategy and a new team for like uh format every time like i feel like every tournament this guy has something new yeah lets see all right its all or nothing you heard that should never be true up here yep it is oh okay lets go i dont ive seen that one before how does he do it Applause of course its not ridiculously good speaking of 16 periods health flash oh man spot maybe easy are you seeing this nothing that was a spotless because he was mad right he was so long Music looking really good right now okay oh no yeah and now right now the big point that could be his only chance here at making a comeback yep when is the spark here why hes taking his time yes spark please do loads of those loads overhead there good block the dragon rush and thats amazing because hes going to get the blue light and he should be using meters yeah hes going to get the kills whats going Applause Music yasha throwing a lifeline there with that big drop from mama earlier on okay the blitz takes out kojita oh there we go no no no what happened he delayed it too much he actually clicked it with all of the delays Music Applause lets go the church is following along Music we all enjoy the highest level that was impossible to see that was impossible to expect the top reclaims some momentum and it looks like hes starting to find the solution to solve the wawa problem but now the question is will wawa just challenge him because he can he does that you know like youll play a team until he gets figured out and hell be like okay let me play one of my other seven you know 100 teams that i have in the back literally yeah youre not even exaggerating literally no hes going straight back in okay to Music what is that bro absolutely insane these are scrambling games and he should be able to get the kill here level two coming up yeah level two and then one one should get the kill and go to four star dust yes Music spark available as well three characters buttons its literally like youve been away for way too long and im trying to fight against the body to go for the loop no matter what time that is active but the level of predicting so many drops yes absolutely these guys are definitely playing its not themselves just the last couple games you know like its just it just looks a bit a bit sloppy okay works out there with the super down and there we go but its going to be extremely difficult but if youre giving me a 3v1 comeback with 16 that evil Music Music completely changed after that game number two its now down to the final game and the question remains character select man you have to after that loss you were dropping everything you know yeah thats just not himself yes you have to maybe well go for a double fusions team who knows what i do know is jasha is looking on stock one second lets see that game is important for momentum yes and now okay bro uh you did not play this character the whole tournament and now youre gonna switch to him here and youre you set youre all set what were you sure about that thats the pick okay hes settling on it evo column is surprised there are a lot of teams that could have expected from wawa we dont have listed this one ever no well it is losers final of evo 2022 nitro is waiting in grand finals winner sides and on the on on the loser side is the french versus french as wawa versus yasha is happening winner of this will go play against nitro either run back for yasha or a first for this weekend and we got the bangor theme yes android 16 your chat please vote all of your best bangers lets fight lets watch some high level fighters together Music all the way down Applause Music is android 17 is in the back hes not coming second well wait a second hes going to come in now though wait Music is Music Applause Applause the figure slips not like this bro at the worst moment throw back something stage in one final season oh man okay Music cracking at the wall bro qualified to grand finals of evolution 2022 and theyre talking and i think yasha is telling him what just happened why did that keychart come out you can see he has a slight smile he knows that he messed up its a very unfortunate execution error solar is very own yasha taking a well-deserved third place here at evolution as nigeria in grand finals winners will have to face the player who really has been his nemesis lately bro in the name of wawa do you think nitro has the solution to wawa today honestly this nitro is a different one to the one that we saw at the world finals a couple weeks ago um man that was ridiculous the the the last time these guys met in the grand finals it was 3-0 chihuahua yeah and he did not lose a character think about that not only a game he did not lose a character yes thats the one that is a run back and that just chose who are the two best in the world right now for the grand finals of uh of the world tour yes of the world finals and thats the grandfather of evil yes its wawa versus nitro this time its reversed last time it was when we know that nitro in losers and this time its natural immunos worldwide users i think its its pretty obvious to see that order at play there and that is what we are going to have in grand finals as you can see the bracket unfolding and we are coming very close to crowning our new champion either in america for the second time with nitro or giving france the very first evil title for dragon ball fighters so exciting two of the most entertaining players that was a menacing menacing aura coming from new yorks own nitro holding it down for team rise on the other side of course bms wawa man this is going to be crazy lets see have you trained hard enough to beat this man the last time they met of course like we said it was very one-sided i took it 3-0 did not lose a character the whole set yep but now wawa at the disadvantage in the losers bracket has to reset it nitro with the upper hand now and this time its at night just hopped here happened last time it was in france yeah this time its in the us of course meet me here bro meet me here we need to run it back same location set location nitro would like to know your location if you get that notification run away guys bro do not click the notification stay safe and you really do love to see it the jack was sticking the jacket of course you know so many cool stickers were on sale in the in this game yeah i definitely bought you yeah nitro i believe got 17th in stride out of like 2.5 000 people he put a shift yeah thats kind of kind of insane to get 17 in stride but we have one potentially two more sets which is pretty much all my my voice has remaining and i dont want anyone to talk to me like guys its been a rough one and you want to no one talk to me after this yes text me text me if needed whats up pen and paper just dont talk to me bro thats good american sign language you know that is the one the players are getting ready before we are de-syncing the controllers to make sure that nothing happens during the game the grand finals all right are getting ready and being set up oh grand finals time guys evo 2022 were back offline oh you cant beat this look at the crowd going all the way back everybody pulling up to watch some dragon ball yep its the last tournament of the day its 1am in las vegas right now and the players are here to close the entire events lets see if they can make it work nitro in the winners sides im hyped for this one bro you couldnt have asked for for a more in finals you know Music here we go right now getting the right ost always plays with the headphones in what are you picking Music Laughter lets go lets go im ready for this one this is the crowd as is everybody watching at home thank you so much for tuning in guys everybody out there slash evo yeah we out there enjoying some dragon ball fighters last element of the day two more slash evo youll still have all of the top eights yep youll have koa first in the arena uh its kof then tekken then sf5 then strive and all four are guaranteed to be absolute bangers its a great weekend for us fighting game fans and even non-fighting games fun this is the time to watch fighting games and to realize how fun they are nitro is taking his time stepping up take your time you know it took a long time to get here were down from over 600 players to two and i couldnt ask for any too bad than this man nitro and wawa very inspiring okay its time the buttons are checked Music are we paying 21 points Music last time he absolutely destroyed nitro with the double fusion thats true but lets see reminded nitro of his former glory there yep the player with the ultra instinct already the rivalries of dragon ball fighters have been built around france versus america over the last few months and we all had a question where is japan in this equation and the confirmation of this evil is indeed the top rivalry at the moment on dragon ball fighterz is an a versus france as warwin nitro take up the stage for the evil 2022 grand finale wawa representing pms coming all the way from france against the one and only the american hero nitro who is his winner grab finals Music finals Music walmart immediately taking the first character down dominant from the frenchman yes while the big couple battle ahead of him he needs to win six games on your player nitro here oh Music Music so Music and hes just like hiding behind his assists good luck good reflection were getting wawas defenses absolutely immaculate nitrogen looking for the way in wow so good okay here we go again the combo in the corner Music now Music Music Applause designs and all of this because he wants to call the assists or rather maybe to broadcast versus and he got card console nitro with a great first game very back and forth first game between these two guys really he risked it Music takes the lead thats already a much better start than the last time that they played oh he went evil mode do it for Applause already that is a much better time a much better start to the set than the last time they played man nitro firing back taking the first game what a statement match that was i think its time to go back to double fusion we dont have a margin to mess there we go yes this is the team defeated last time yeah absolutely defeated in the small wall yes destroyed game number two of this grand final nigel is already on the lead but its the first two three a bit of time for wawa to adapt and try to bring it back hes got a lot of pressure both of them gunning for their very first evil title bro to stand on top of the wall the stakes have never been higher i mean the world finals was a pretty big stage the last time but bro the energy in the room the crowd behind you is a different feel absolutely first to three and the great first opening yes maybe youll be too ambitious right now without comments who opens fire oh one oh bro wow just chilling just trying to defend the whiff dp no punish though he knew that the longer the string is the more likely a debuff is coming so decided to spawn the momentum somehow Music Music so good look at that Applause Music right now hes in grand finals and hes the one leading the dance against the line who puts him under so much pressure as well final its completely different today yes it is the home turf fox really doing the dividends for nitro okay there we go vanish combo not the most damage but still the positioning is key good stuff good stuff he was calculation Music takes one character down that with that gojita blue is deeper though Music this is only level one right yeah level two its not the greatest right now foreign Music okay yep you wanted to bring it up and now there is no air approach available because you can get the spin after that and while its supposed to block how long can you block power again theres a command you escape the people but you cant even escape goku knocking you Music lets see oh Applause Applause bro the whole crowd charlie for nitro you want evo moments that right theres an evo moment i dont understand why he went for the multi-level ups bro because he went off because he wanted one burst of damage the level three would have killed the point character but it would never occur youre right oh man this is showing how much of a nitro day we are in right now nitro has been incredible throughout the day Music it is match point it is tournament point it is evolution point and nitro opens fire immediately on the back foot what a start i will about to have nitrous first big international wins on the biggest obstacles refuses no blocking just fine funny Music Music back attack coming there we go here we go there we go he does not want to go down like that we want more games and nitro is trying to be cheeky right now but the crosstalk hes going to open him up hes slowly but surely trying to reclaim the lead thats right a character corner were playing a fine game of history of minecraft if you like lost sight oh go get the lego set my friend im gonna press the button im going to challenge you guess the rejects no more spots available for nitro thats massive right there Music oh my god do not have time reflect youve got to watch out natural because if you start getting momentum chihuahua you know full well what this guys capable of yeah dont let it happen again ultimate gohan Music then the challenge but no conversion from nitro and while immediately going to spawn thats gonna be it saves the first match point and doesnt lose a single character manages to get some cool moments nitro now is the moment to get back because if you give that next game two hour the momentum might be extremely difficult to stop thats right all life on nature once wawa gets going nitro knows first hand what hes capable of what while i can do all hes felt hes felt the pain of that in the world finals lets see how it goes here nitro still though just needs one more game just one game guys Music so much Music the movement is immaculate oh my god what an idea but unfortunately cannot fully convert from this one and now hes getting away thats what was putting the pressure getting the supernatural and that should be enough to get that blooper out oh yeah hes dead some levels Music and to try and get the title yeah this is the knights of special he stayed on the ground he too exercises but has been so freaking patient that the predator has been good but no conversion and youve got to watch out dont give the momentum to natural after such a big problem Music okay thats a heartbreaker all right lets go sending him down into level three not the biggest of fixes you get you get to me we dont get the x we just gotta pick Music okay Applause Music yes yes yo that was a twitter combo three part two eight with five votes thats actually the kind of thing before day one when the character is released that you say optimal say check check them out Applause Music all of the nonsense unlike the templates Music all right hes not gonna kill but hes looking to kill the spot hes not fighting the light ball right now hes fighting this part no no no no no no no level three a last-ditch effort to stop wawa here in the fourth game of the set yeah dont need to do anything go straight to the level three and turn all of these sets have been a quick dominant few neil into a tutu into a super tense last game and now its game number five its the first one for the title for nitro or for the bracket you can see nitro just breathing trying to remain calm pressing buttons final game will natural take the title of catwalk reset the breakfast and give us another set final game with the first set in the fifth game now lets see how this one unfolds the grab early on gets it stopped combos needs two characters to become the evil 20 22 champ okay oh wait a second oh no conversion he can get the dash momentum hes Music here we go Music Applause Music that is the Music level four wawa keeping the hopes alive right now algorithm is level five hes got access to reverse beat hes still got about what four to five seconds or strong could be very difficult Applause Music Applause Applause Music one character away from the bracket preset nice roll with this red mark carter can try and immediately go and leave the trophy but hes got to be the absolute manager of the sun right now no this is safe my friend yeah i dont care im gonna put you under pressure and theres nothing you can do about it theres not always covered he tried to punish it but yeah he covered it with the assist that was so smart from all off leaving nothing Music all right guys Music ladies and gentlemen we got a bracket reset the fresh ground absolutely popping off wawa offering on one more high level set and the crowd is absolutely going crazy what an incredible tournament its been paris bro this top eight did not did not miss and weve still got more to come christmas came early man evolution guys the bracket is reset it was definitely looking long for man at the beginning of the brackets at the beginning of the match story but why was the only battery coming back and now hes on the momentum and now listen nitro if you dont win that game like that could be what he needed that confidence boost yeah we might see the world finals while well but were for sure seeing the evo nitro right now okay guys getting straight back into it these two warriors have met around the world in many many tournaments but none as important as this evo grand finals bracket reset ryze nitro bms walmart lets go lets go indeed its the final set of the day another first three wawa looking for the early opening and both of the players are trying to snipe to get that first opening of the set to go into confidence mode why why is happy to block but why is back to your favorite game oh hes playing minecraft today he likes the block but you cant block the d-box okay oh my gosh the challenge with the 2x but is a deep buff so hes kind of both of the adaptations because hes like thats just basically what he does and what has happened hes done with that jewish hes perfect hes really adapting right now its not about killing the characters you know what i dont care im still getting the opening with the beam wawa just finishing the combo there and already eliminating the first character from nigel no more sports Applause Music Applause no more god oaky on this but weve got cupcake weve got that sugar boost Music Music that you can do nothing its okay you know no twice on this one im surprised im very surprised good stuff thats very really good has not been used at all and now its back to square one fair gaming 2v2 thats a big win the nitro no more level 7 to worry about Music Music doing so good mixing up his offensive options oh again the level three he was waiting for it he knew that there must be an opening at some point and now its the same time thats gonna be blocked and the reflective plated thanks to attack reclaim the lead because you do not want to be caught by that debuff man you dont want to ruin it Music foreign yeah and now its time for the big yes Music and he cant really take the risk watch out for that movement right now successfully evade what was defensive maneuver Music oh the supernatural Applause the confidence is growing and growing and the chance to lets Applause bro what an absolute chat is it fading away from our hero nitro okay he off his face right there hes the one deciding what are we doing and thats exactly how you replace the base by stealing your turrets absolutely just doing such a good job Music well reflect on working out here we go want Music as always for nitro to get that opening again no more spots on both sides Music all goes love actually the fantastic play the man got mixed up Applause Music yeah still avoided it right now hes the one putting the pressure on but the deeply whip and nitro is the one now punishing should be able to send that out i dont go hand hes not followed up as well excellent situation from nitro yeah gets the kill Music okay hes going well hes finding character okay he loves so much gohan okay taking oh my god this is starting to be this is the dark souls of fighting game bro yeah a level zero adult gohan thats debuffed against three characters who are nicer characters this is literally the dark rules of the dark Music you know what im happy with this because i feel like the two the two-nil spot was cursed every time someone goes he lost the sets so were gonna avoid that tuning situation lets see oh man 1-1 stay hydrated chat quick hydration check are you guys hydrated get some water i need to i need two man Music i have officially hydrated myself lets go for game number three okay oh man gets that point Music Music right now weve been playing for hours and hours and hours get an opening get the region Music Music that makes sense Music Music theres been some questionable moments absolutely Applause fake outs and there we go the challenge is here yes thats going to be done three spots as well yeah bro look at the bar the life bar is in champions league like you know what i cant throw away this character im just going to agree to stop nitro yeah now its a 2v1 nice try bro yeah youve got to remain polished because its always always a minute yes you know she has received some changes still very solid though grid square gaming doing it for all of you green and yellow squares out there its Music okay shes going to be close enough to pressure though in the corner of course Music hes making this comeback a reality hes actually making this a reality to come in and hes got the good steals hes got the grass yep yep you cant really go engage in the air now yeah he cant stop you from engaging in the air with that using one of the steals potentially using the second if needed hes not going to Music not giving him anything to work with okay the tension oh my goodness im feeling the tension its not right now so important to get up to much points especially on huaweis side hey hey hey there we go send the man down into the extension Applause himself two entire tournament points he reset the bracket and now hes in control nitro what do you have for us what a turnaround this was it feels like only about 10-15 minutes ago nitro was one game away from winning the tournament now it is wawa with that advantage only needs to win one more match and he is your evo champion nitro gonna have to make some magic happen now it looks like wawa has awoken tyrants my butt cheeks are clenched bro im not gonna lie i am stressed and im not even playing i cant even imagine the stress levels from these guys right now i cant imagine it game number four Applause give up game number five Music looking extremely good right now excellent stuff there oh oh okay Music Music Music Music Music the damage is going to be ridiculous right it doesnt even go for every job im expecting hes not hes not trying to miss anything right now punch man up here i guess yes he wants the mix hes not going for any shenanigans right now i dont know hes only at the bottom and youre getting opening this time up heres the first situation you know so you know somehow there we go wawa is gonna get the kill here a couple more levels maybe level six cannot go to seven just yet into one touch wawa one touch away from the ultimate title wall champion six down hes got the six Music Applause is Applause bro the french community have worked so hard so hard over the last few years to push this day to its limit and now you see it wawa is not only the dragonball fighters world champion he is an evo champion lets go lets go one for what im incredible what an incredible grand finals Applause the man from south east of france san jose the town not many people know the name of but you need to update your geography because that small town of the country my neighbor im from this the is there the undeniable best best in the world undisputed world champion evil champion how high can this man reach Applause bro unbelievable scenes like how many evo moments did we have in that top eight alone unbelievable so cool to watch and a player its been instead hes been a player that has given us so many hype moments over the years to take evo i love it man i cant you cant beat this the electricity in the room for this top eight was some of the some of the greatest stuff ive ever seen everybody was so on their toes in the whole game you heard the crowd you could hear them chatting along with all the supers man you cant beat this evo 2022 champion wawa you werent a kid it was absolutely earned i mean no one no one can take this out of the man hes been playing so well hes been so consistent hes played with multiple teams throughout the tournament that win is absolutely deserved and the way as well right hes been pushed back to the ropes so many times this tournament in this top eight it was absolutely not a cruise like it was in world finals it was extremely difficult a man he managed to make it work he clutched the victory he reset the bracket when nitro had three match points and thats the thing as the player you know nitro will sit down and regret that you had three match points but voila was just too good just too good in the end man weve seen it time and time again from him since the breakout performance at versus fighting 2018 when he just exploded onto the scene and since then just a run of dominance like man youd love to see it no i dont think anyone deserves it more than him right now i agree he deserves it the most and the french are singing which means were at home they claimed the mandalay bay convention center through not only wawa but also yasha and kane all three of the french in top four establishing france as the strongest nation there is out there in uh finding the dragon ball fighters nitro showing that his level is absolutely bro insane i do not even know how to describe his performance anymore aside from outstanding amazing amazing moments amazing play from everybody involved everybody in top eight you know showed their stuff the whole tournament man 600 plus that the dragon ball fights community pulled up to evolution and gave us a show that well never forget and i yeah that honestly like that tournament gave so many memories and moments in this game that we were gonna be talking about for for many years absolutely that top eight rich in emotions rich in in crazy clutch moments as well the amount of matches we had that went two-nil back into three two the heart breaks bro the emotions it was a roller coaster ride it had its ups it had its downs it was all over the place man these guys imagine how the players on stage felt you could see the emotion from the energy earth from the crowd from the from from the people supporting them their friends just electricity man fighting games this is why we do this this is why we do this indeed every year its evil and remember evil is just the start of that world championship a whole season of dragon ball fighters back in two weeks that versus fighting in birmingham the two of us will be there right thats the one thats all exactly what we want to were gonna have a ton of dragon ball content out there because thats what we want how high has this top eight been because man its been just high in action all of the players as well all eight players i feel like were expected to make this top eight as well it was no massive surprise yeah who was in the top eight but between obviously the win for moab friends establishing dominance or legendary fred who honestly is one of the mvps of these top eights was absolutely insane but with this guys that will be for myself and talent its been an absolute honor to do the dream bro listen as the fighting game fun as a commentator there is no dream higher than being on top eight so massive shout out big thanks to evil for trusting us giving us this were gonna throw it to the stage for the award ceremony and the familiar face my opinion is at full levels lets go to the stage hokkien guys hope you lets go eight fighters came to the evo 2022 main stage to claim the title of evo champion and it is now time to crown the winner here to present our top eight is dragon ball fighterz producer hiroki song in seventh place from spain shanks Applause also in seventh place from the united states zayn Applause in fifth place from the united states legendary fred Applause also in fifth place from japan fan rich Applause in fourth place from france kane Applause and now for our top three from france in third place yoshi Applause in second place from the united states nitro Applause and now our evo 2022 champion for dragon ball fighters from france after an impressive bracket reset voila Applause Music everyone put your hands together for your evo 2022 dragon ball fighters champion Applause also make some noise for everyone who made top 8 today but we are not done yet because our special guest hiroki-san has a special message for all of the fans Applause Music her name is hiroki and shes producer of dragon ball fighters this is not our first evo but the stunning fights just now were still very eye-opening and thank you all of the top a finalist thank you for good games um sure we just want to borrow a few minutes from you for a very short message but Applause well with the noise and you know whats happening um well still let me try and say for her um with the latest update we just released a few weeks ago we believe that dragon ball fighters has been tuned to its finest so we do not have future plans for any new characters or a balance adjustment but heres the good news as you have heard from her we have decided to implement robot netcode to drive fighters thank you Applause Music so the feature will be implemented to the uh playstation 5 xbox series x and s and pc versions for players who already have the playstation 4 and xbox one versions we do plan to provide you with upgrade paths through upgrade program and start delivery respectively for more details please check out our official social media channels ill be delivering more information to you very soon thank you for playing dragon ball fighter thank you again all right everyone that is it for evo day two but tune in tomorrow as we go live from the arena at 10 a.m with king of fighters 15. 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