This Streamer Finally Broke The 5-Year Dragons Dogma Speedrun Record

Cheapest game on steam 2021gta 5 steam and epic games DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN the speedrunning community for dragons dogma recently made a huge breakthrough with new strategies implemented that improved upon the last world record held by glasnock at 14 minutes and two seconds the current world record holder havoc spilled practiced these new struts for over 6 months before they finally nailed all the parts of the speedrun and managed to finish the whole run in less than 13 minutes today we will take a closer look at how this speedrunner broke the 5 year old record in an interview with havoc spill the current world record holder together with flyout fate who is also a very knowledgeable dogma speedrunner that have helped perfecting the run and the strategies they used today lets jump in and watch the walkthrough and explanation of the current world record speed run of dragons dogma uh were typically near over-encumbered for the entire playthrough but there are parts where we lighten up either when were lowering down on blast arrows or when we lose the wake stones towards the end so what can you guys say about the preparation and setup for these speed runs the thing about this speed run is that its actually pretty um pretty forgiving in terms of how you want to do it theres a lot of different ways you can go about it but i think the most important thing is definitely you need liquid vim you need blast arrows and conquerors periods and a lot of them holy  __  yeah you need you need a lot a lot you also need a lot of nerdy part yes nerdy part are very important for the ox cart which is the longest stretch of the speed run um you also need about uh were were between like four and five skeleton keys um because of a few skips we perform later but uh effectively the the main things you need are strong weapons uh decent enough level id say level 150 up you need enough money to have um a makers finger you need enough money he was already way over there in that cutscene there yeah thats thats one of the major things about uh the movement is uh you are sometimes faster than the camera yeah and uh sometimes faster than the game itself ive had times where the game just crashes mid-run like it doesnt load enough fast enough and on console um if the game doesnt load fast enough nobody shows up until like you wait for like five or six seconds so you have to like just pause until people load um so that move there saves about a second but it also saves multiple seconds uh just later in the run when mercedes actually spawns closer to the training hall havoc if you would explain your methods for killing this cyclops uh yeah my methods are just use a blast arrow and aim quick and hope for the best i usually just aim for like the center of mass because the cyclops will always do that animation where they kind of lean over and swipe down theres a one shot kill there it is yeah because the cyclops is already very low on health because its a scripted combat and what is there what are the rules for difficulty on these speed runs um speed run mode automatically sets it to easy oh okay yeah it makes sense yeah if you want to do any percent um its any difficulty you really want to im pretty sure uh theres no separation between categories um but easiest difficulty less health on enemies so its likely the one that people play on the most that right there uh time doesnt the timer doesnt go when youre in the rift so you can dismiss rook freely without losing any in-game time any time youre in the rift in a menu in dialogue or in the pause menu the timer the in-game timer does not go up this guy for example also super helps out with the speed run because he freezes the timer until we can actually align ourselves i feel like in terms of getting from the encampment to the way castle is one of the less polished areas of the run im not too familiar of any routes that are like better than what i currently do so yeah for now this is just kind of what i go for its one of the areas that nobody wants to refine because it seems so pointless in a way now for me personally ive its not long ago i actually did this ox card quest live and its really tricky to not get caught by that so many times i got uh hit by the ox we actually use that to our advantage yeah yeah if you get uh you get staggered by the aux while its running for the rest of that specific run animation you wont get hit by it so if youre a strider you can just tank the hit by the aux and instant reset and then youll be good for as long as that uh little sprint is going for uh the biggest problem with the uh ox cart are the goblins and wolves the harpies typically dont really matter unless you accidentally shoot the ox with your bow in which case the ox will stagger if the ox staggers its an instant reset because of how fast we are now yeah were getting to the point where ox cart is its still very weird its still i mean its a good thing that this part is in so early that you can actually reset and not lose that much time when you when youre trying these speed runs yeah yeah i think thats like the only saving grace about this part if by some miracle we could find a way to skip oxcart altogether i will be very happy ive been working on ideas for that and um it seems like the quest trigger is when the uh when the ox cart hits the corner of the ramp it has to be the ox which is what sucks about it so much because i literally carried mercedes all the way to grand sorin in a test run and it did nothing so it has to be the ox um im trying to figure out oh by the way right there um when the aux is sprinting its immune to staggered which is one of the other safe increases of this run so how many glitches do you use or its honestly kind of hard to say with just how this game runs the glitches are kind of a technicality like for example what were doing with the ox thats technically a glitch because its a group heal but for some reason it affects the ox if you stand close to it arguably the uh duke skip once we once we get to that part that could be arguably a glitch or like an exploit of some kind its hard its definitely an ai exploit for sure but theres definitely a glitch where the goblins dont spawn once we get up to this stretch ahead yeah or the glitch that we just saw when uh havoc vaporized the goblins the other glitches uh that like are used in other runs like any percent has the barrel glitch um you use it to get the bbi weapons early up until uh these bandits outside of grand soren its just youre sweating hoping that you dont screw up ox cart yeah and then and then the bandits are like the last hurdle ive had a stray arrow hit oxan before which by the way thats our name for her havent came up with it i like names names are fun the the plan once we hit grand sorin is to get rid of our pawn because weve already got uh rook gone so we just have to get rid of our pawn three glitches by the way i forgot about skull splitter thats a definite glitch yeah once we get to the ever fall that comes into play its fun to see that only this ox card quest is taking us almost half the run yeah thats exactly how it goes thats insane the run could be cut down to like five or six minutes if we could skip the ox cart somehow thats crazy you can i walked the coastline placing pork crystals thats so random man and then you just mashed grab to pick up your pawn and then you throw them off and then you could just fairy stone out and theyll be uh theyll be theyll be dead before you even throw the stone saves so much time over throwing them off the everfall and then from here uh havoc has perfected the movement into the um pawn guild yeah it could be tricky at times because you cant really see for a few years but ive ive definitely got a feel for you know how fast and how far the cutting wind goes if you hold forward while doing that skill you will have forward momentum so you can just jump off the ledge with the skill and you dont take fall damage so if youre sprinting um you might be able to actually land on the throne yeah theres a few techniques for dealing with the everfall but this is the one im most comfortable with its also the one that havoc changed the entire um movement set of the speed run to incorporate really how did that work before then um we used to just tank it fall damage or just yeah just fall and take the damage yeah youd use the fall damage augment but now with this tech it frees up the augment spaces for other things yeah thats also interesting what kind of uh augments do you guys need for this uh run arrow stuff carry weight i have a picture of it lets see if i can find it real quick so this skip right here was discovered by a runner who shortly thereafter disappeared from the leaderboards after getting second place and um they basically discovered that you can actually bribe the guard after breaking out of jail so this so whoever that person was amazing for revolutionizing the run yeah this is it was that was huge yeah the skyrim tech yeah because before i was just running from um the pawn guild all the way up to maximilian that saves so much time it does it saves a lot because like 10 15 seconds yeah something crazy like that normally uh on a very good run i would get to maximilian at about seven minutes in game time and now its like six months im already im already gone and doing the other quests by the time seven minutes is there oh okay before i get into augments the fortress besieged is really funny because you can just kill the guy and then run away you dont actually have to do anything and then you just pass the quest one of the few quests you can that theres like a fail condition for which is nice but for augments my augment loadout for this run is uh vigilance bastion conveyance leg strength clout and sinew so its a lot of boosting strength and then theres a few that boost um carry weight carry weight and movement speed so for this part um uh havoc and i workshopped a bit and we realized that since were too fast for aldis hes still at the top of the stairs right now we have to just sit and wait for mercedes and we talk to her for like 45 seconds to stall the timer while all this goes into his uh required spot oh so thats why you do that precisely and not only that theres an npc that will actually open the door at the top of the stairs right there so you dont have to waste time like resetting and opening the door making sure everythings good yeah it also perfectly lines up with all this man down to the details im loving that yeah this game runs on a very tight schedule so its very easy to tell when people are going to be where so long as you know specific checkpoint moments in the uh in the route a thing i struggle with from time to time is accidentally scaring the npcs because if you walk up to them with your weapons out they get startled you have to be very careful not to do that because at this point that is another reset because its a major time loss its like two to three seconds one of the weirdest things about that though is that at one point havoc was in grounds to scare all this and didnt so im still workshopping how to further incorporate that its either a luck based glitch or its something that we might be able to exploit were off to fight the griffin uh you talk to the hunting party poor crystal out i grab a spider real quick and then just do a little skip to my lou area yeah music starts havoc prepares buffs and holds out the weapon its its really crazy to think about how just like juxtaposed to like my very first playthrough of the game to me speedrunning it in like 20 minutes yeah its its pretty crazy because the griffin was one of the things i was so frustrated about because it would always get away and now im just like one-shotting it every time yeah that was so clean as well you actually have a lot of questions to do a death animation before you uh port crystal out here so yeah for some reason it locks you in yeah if theres some way to get around that thats another few seconds but as of right now its not a huge deal im gonna run a couple tests to see if it has something to do with the quest itself or if it has something to do with the griffin dying because there could be a way um if it has something to do with the griffin dying to do it if we were to shoot the arrows and then immediately go into a port crystal uh go into a ferry stone there might be a way to skip it but if its attached to the quest itself then youre locked in so this is a nice little recovery checkpoint um basically if you forgot anything at the start of the run you can get it here you can refill on blast arrows or perry perry apps if youre still experimenting with that you can get different uh uh other things but for the most part we usually just do this and youll notice i pause immediately after hitting one of the guards thats to ensure that all of the npcs are loaded so im not wasting in-game time a lot of grand soaring is just do the quests go to jail pick up more quest go to jail yeah pretty its pretty funny its pretty much the entire arc good thing this isnt a pacifist run yeah yeah pacifist speed run would be funny so for this weve picked up the worm kings ring at the start of the run and boom we already give it there and then mercedes i always pick up a forgery because the duke is mean and i dont like him yeah cancel duke fair enough mercedes is one of the few npcs that doesnt get startled yeah you dont have to worry about uh putting your weapons away with mercedes yeah the goat is tough yeah from here i mean on paper the run is pretty straightforward at this point its just a lot of knowing where to teleport to knowing what uh you know checks there are so you can activate fairy stones or do certain things but also i understand that the last part of the run is very rng heavy it is the very very end of the run once you uh get to the gore camaro with the pressure plates that entire encounter is rng and then after that the seneschal fight is rng so best thing you can do with gore kumara is to stay on its right it stay on your uh version of its right side because it goes for a paw swipe but uh the biggest luck based part of it is if it jumps towards you it cuts off is so much time if it roars um typically you have one free roar before you have to reset the entire run i think its just down to the point where you have to get near perfect rng for the gore chimera and the seneschal because well see once i get to that part i have very good luck once again if youre in dialogue the timer isnt going so what you can do is blast arrow conquers periapt and then you can fire off a five-fold shot at the cockatrice walk backward to initiate the dialogue wait for the arrows to hit end dialogue shoot again go back into dialogue and it basically pauses the timer for the entire cockatrice fight yeah because i saw something strange there that your character were actually looking away when was shooting thats the first time ive seen that yeah your head turns to dialogue this is duke skip so original duke skip was you throw him and get arrested new duke skip is this you dont get arrested yep you have to be very fast it was kangen sai in their any percent run yes yeah huge thanks to them for utilizing this its a lot ive only been able to successfully do it a few times yeah two or three times i think um ive ive also pulled it off a similar amount um because the faster your game runs the faster the guards spawn honestly yeah this chimera um has a one shot but typically we end up killing it in two or three hits conkers periopted blast arrows are broken extremely the numbers get so high plus uh theyve got gold forged uh darkening storm this is another kind of rng part we have to use pen ted shot on the uh the liches and you just have to have to hope that the arrows go in the right orientation to hit yeah havocs done a one shot uh before as has um glazdonk who i think coined the idea but sometimes you gotta do it in two typically uh i end up just spamming arrows yeah it could be rough luckily its not like a huge time loss but once the the uh record is like down to the wire theyll be uh the dragons one of the shortest parts of the run its great the ox is harder than the dragon yeah thats insane you just sprint up to grigore and shoot him in the face but here um you see that we roll off clips cliffs a lot thats because the game actually shunts your character down a little bit um you fall faster when rolling its weird uh you can see that sometimes havoc gets magnetized towards enemies thats because of the nature of shearing wind which is why we have to roll reset when were in like public areas like the capital now its the rng fest yep so heres that and then around theres when havoc triggered the roar so that was a little bit of a time loss but then almost immediately the gore camara starts cooperating which is nice yeah this aside from the roar this was near perfect rng so its going to be very hard to replicate that yeah the hardest part is knowing when to step off the pressure plate ive uh ive lost a couple runs to accidentally stepping off too early but here the uh the double leap the and the paw swipe amazing stuff if that roar wasnt there and there was another jump it would have been perfect well thats thats gory boss fight initiated boss fight over yeah thank you dory were on our way to kill god god goes down in three my old route before i realized how slow it was was i would always just port crystal to the the pond guild but just going to the front gate of grand sword is so much faster especially with the new like jail skips front gate of get grand soaring is like the fastest way to get into grand sorin its great its crazy to think and a lot of this is like new discoveries too this glasses record was four years ago and were still discovering new ways of optimizing the run anyway now were in uh very light territory which is good we i i just buff myself up prepare for the fight and try to and hope my aim is good ive been uh instead of just shooting ive been trying to aim at his feet for the um the air like the blast area its more consistent one of my discoveries was that um when the seneschal is staggered he has a higher chance of going into his um like super burst so what i do is i i spec into stagger for my runs the cenotal is the closest thing besides ox cart that this game has to well no ox cart is the closest thing this game has to an auto scroller seneschal is a close second the little hallway where you have all the npcs then you have to run up to the center shell i feel like im not quite perfect at that yet honestly its as optimized as i think its gonna get because of how shearing wind is um but it seems like running on the left side of the hallway is the fastest way to go because ive tried right side its super slow but yeah if you see the cenotrol was staggered there and immediately went into his uh burst its another perfect rng segment i honestly dont even know if its possible to get it any faster than that other than the pawn grabbing the seneschal sooner yeah that was super fast theres a short amount of time in between the stab and everything else where you just have to wait so its just raw anticipation ive just taken to not even looking at the timer once i do that just just getting to the end screen so i can see pretty much but yeah thats the end of the run right there theres definitely a lot of uh nuance and a lot of weird game mechanics that allow us to do some pretty cool stuff 12 52 now this is the first sub 13. uh yeah thats the first recorded one ever world first its crazy to think about i never thought i would have gotten this far well congratulations thank you i owe it all to the community really because i would have never discovered any of these methods or tactics yeah when havoc posted their um i believe it was a fifth place run at first oh it was lower than that my first posted run was like here i could i could actually find 20 something minutes my first ever speedrun mode was on console and i didnt record it and it was like almost 30 minutes in in game time so six months ago i started recording and like practicing i got a 1739 i just it was that run that i verified and i ended up like just kind of egging you on we ended up uh joining the community effort i ended up finding a lot of cool  __  really amazing how the community have come together here and like taking bits from each other and learning and uh perfecting this run yeah yeah its an amazing effort and its amazing to see how the community has evolved and how its gonna continue to evolve in the wake of this second game im gonna be routing the speed run from the start absolutely my first uh dragons dogma two stream is gonna be me routing the game while playing the story oh yeah its going to be interesting what we can do with dragonstone too yeah well if anyones interested in like a super in-depth analysis video of the speedrun im going to be working on that for a bit no guarantees on like on a release date because my process is slow but itll be out there and if anyones interested for like live glitch hunting and things like that uh i stream on twitch yeah ill share both your uh channels and ill just uh say thanks for uh joining me today thank you for having me thanks for having us a lot of fun yeah until then next time then ciao all right until next time ciao forest steam The speedrunning community for Dragons Dogma recently made a huge breakthrough with new strategies implemented...HavocSpill twitch - Flyoutfate twitch - is valorant on steam or epic games elder scrolls online steam deck magic v steam unpacking steam game counter strike steam