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How to see how much money you spent on steamthe devil in me steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN you __ up not __ music hello bandits people me when there was more than usual but during this time I found an extremely funny game in which I spent a lot of time and they I want to tell you it will be about barefoot tours on or dragons dogma doctors and its very funny to play here you can drink huge monsters skull ranks climb on your head launch a pack of tornado wolves in the air and wind more than one walker in the ecology zone and generally have a lot of fun if you dont have a stove further there will be spoilers and of course main memes by sandra lulza, as it often happens, we start with a training where we chew on all the control features and run a friend, save yourself, I’ll delay him, here’s a goblin for you, and I’ll also dump us with such a feature of the game as pawns, so to speak, your party members throughout the game whom you will be constantly change because their level and skills do not grow either, and pawns can grab enemies or press them to the floor so that they do not rock the boat, yes and in general they are extremely useful in battle, sawing there, casting magic, climbing monsters, well, in short, having collected our medieval u pg, we are going to clear the local ruins I and der luft prices one by one sons of __ August don’t go __ __ __ __ like the area training ends and we are shown how a huge dragon is shown somewhere in the sky and it’s so simple, but they give us to create a character and just my advice to you is never create a hoodie here go on because weight tolerance will be in such an ass, in this regard, realism works they say if you create a drisha you will run fast but your carrying capacity will be ass, and if you create a fat bass, otherwise the damage will absorb and carry everything like a mule, but you will lose your speed, therefore, taking into account all my previous mistakes, I will create a hero for myself, a powerhouse of unprecedented growth, immoderate beauty, indescribable, just the dream of all ladies, the heroes of my childhood dreams, a thunderstorm of __ and the cause of girlish tears __ tears and I will give him the most appropriate name, which means cellid is our alpha ons is flirting with houses in an urban-type settlement when suddenly a huge dragon appears, well, as we know, the heroes are endowed only with strength, they are computational abilities our gigolo video what the dragon turned his village into decides to show who the heroes are in the village music having received his head our gigolo is already lying unconscious and the looming dragon is so over him, of course, by, well, at least I screwed up the feature film at the seam, meanwhile the evil witchcraft leave our hero in this world and after he came to his senses they make us understand that in the hero’s head there is only one thing to be white to catch me immediately they let us choose a class and of course I choose a warrior because we condemn thieves and sorcerers, having finished with the choice from the evil one, we meet the lady with whom the gigolo flirts before meeting the dragon, as they say, he can read between the lines music bed bed bed follows here ok, I understand no, there are no pharmacies in the same village, we take our pg one pawn and away we go to the world fell into danger and adventure music a little later we are given to create a permanent pawn for ourselves as companions that will grow with our hero meet umbrellas named jackal having stocked up with more or less initial equipment a woman whom I will call Casco because it is very similar to a helmet from a berserk invites us to sleep, well, I mean, they’ll go to rest for them, for them, the game, we started the journey from the feet of the Boers flies, but my dream was broken, because but the camp attacked him on hydra, you are a snake music while my fighting spirit lives one of the heads of me all- still manages to chop off one bank and the bastard media crawls into its hole and we are given the task of bringing the head of the defeated into the capital so that the lord of these lands himself can __ it on his wall like a trophy, but in order not to be with a full jump, I decide a little complete the quest in my native village where the birch trees are so good there, I completed the task of catching the thief that ran away from me more than once because the speed was m wow Alfonso so-so but my heart with what attempt did I catch up with him and handed over to the customer his leaders wonderful introduction of the birthday cake well and the same lady I took the quest but escort and iodine of the military camp and as a young lady these lands full of dangers wolves and goblins are hiding behind okay, so we need to be vigilant in these parts and the faster we get to the place of those puddles and how you don’t learn how to plaid after successfully accompanying a nice lady, she immediately asks us for a cash for an initial startup and they say if you come to the capital there will be mine shop, I’ll give you a discount, or maybe I’ll just give you, I agree, because she only asks for a mower of local gold, but if she __ me with any enpisi, you can grab and throw such into the channel escort the severed head of the schumacher capital dont worry i keep the blow sleeping police view i find the right person by name from whom to learn combat teach you Alfonso to wear a big axe, wear him and a pawn, and going to explore the city on the quest, I don’t succeed here, and I manage to spy on the traitor and race with some petty noblewoman, it’s impossible to completely break this speed, but I also took on the task of escorting the helmet to some unknown distance while I was accompanying it, at first I saw how goblins attacked some caravan, and as soon as I recaptured it, a griffin flew in, but I quickly drove it away, come back, you must be fighting close to your destination a __ dragon appeared with the goblins and started tearing and throwing hulls, we save ourselves, we care, the pawn is enough, then a little later I recaptured the fortress from goblins and all evil spirits, and for this I was honored with owens and with the king, but at the entrance to him, some petty jester trolled me and put me on a jesters hat on my head, because of which everyone was laughing at me, including the king some title and a new pack of tasks, and after that moment there was a very funny and crazy story that same evening in the castle garden I met the wife of the king, who, by the way, embarrassed my Alfonso, and for this I gave her a knife after a while I took the quest from the maid of the blonde who asked to meet her at night at night learned from her something the blonde wants to see in her chambers, and I thought, and immediately went there as soon as the blonde arrived there, fell into our arms, they say that we came for her love wedding mortgage and so on, although we only saw you there once, but then her husband appeared from somewhere with a small __ behind his back and lets make a rustle repent repent of sin answer say __ nah my gigolo, unable to withstand such treatment with a lady, was already loading the funeral, but then a cutscene started not only was the king on the go under some kind of drugs, but also the stupid girl accused me of sneaking in to her alone and, as a result, after of all this, I was lashed out with whips and locked up in a jail after that, this blonde came to my cell and you are such a Brazilian, what a mare you are, I would die from one look of the executor, here are the keys, run away, I’m going to give a tear as I see a small reptile so that I am constantly trolling I decide to remember him for everything, drag him into the cell and start extinguishing it right there, all the guards come running to all this and they put me in jail again, but I had a master key and I tried to get out by stunning the guard, but it didn’t work and they put me in jail again in the end, I thought since I was already suspected of having an affair with the wife of the king tahir, how easy they would let me out of here, but they let me out just for 5000 coins, but this is not the end of the story, I took another quest castles in which I needed to get there at night and talk with one man, I come to the place and he’s not there, the __ probably got sick, I think I’m going to look for him in the castle, but as soon as I go there, he catches me with the guard for the fact that I wandered around the castle at night and again they put me in jail there is such a moment that when they put you in jail they take off all your gear and every time you need to put it on in a new way, and it’s very hemorrhoids, in short, I get out of prison, put on clothes, I’m waiting for the night, I’m going to I kick the lock on the mark of the dick in the field of the beds with my hammer and the doors open, I think already, well, finally he became, and this is a guard and no, they don’t put me in jail, the man comes after a couple of seconds and, in short, __ up what kind of quest it was good for me that all this __ up diluted super epic battle with a griffin music in short, it’s a very cool game here, it’s a very cool fight to pile a fierce one from your hand on a huge colossus or charge the turn of the day of the Russian Federation into the crowd and a storm or a tornado is worth it to play it definitely here’s the plot and it’s simple but sometimes it delivers moments a lot of lulz i like this video turned out if you want me to ever release a sequel about this spanky game in the comments and your likes there too subscribers and everything that will probably help this channel to find out this was also valenta all wallpapers music music steam cleaner on couch Dragons Dogma.Отличнейшая RPG, хоть и мало популярная.RPG, которой мне не хватало! 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