DRAGONS DOGMA GAMEPLAY: Alternativa a Dark Souls?

Steam deck psp emulatorelden ring mods steam deck DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN hello friends welcome to this new video of dragons dogma where you are going to see a gameplay of this game played in hard mode in my version of playstation 3 they have recently released a version for pc that I suppose is this but improved and you are going to see my opinion about the game we are going to see a gameplay of a couple of voices or mini voices and also some combats against certain enemies and you will be able to see what this game is about if it convinces you or not and I already have my verdict although I suppose that covet with yours if you are on this channel and well and I also tell you that I am not going to put dads gameplay since I am going to remove the cinematics and what does not seem interesting to me so that there is a gameplay of about 20-30 minutes where its fun and neither does capcom give me a strike since it seems that it claims quite a bit of copyright over its cinematics and I wouldnt like it to happen to me and then well lets go to the main menu topic I m going to put it in mode difficult since you are going to see what it is there are going to be some curious mechanics and this environment mode is going to be much more fun due to the damage you receive and the speed with which your energy is consumed it also increases the gold when defeating the enemies I want to restart the I play in hard mode, you can really only play one game if Im not mistaken and Im telling you how good were going to see the game but Im going to remove the cinematics and were going to see a little bit of how the fighting is, I warn you that its curious because this good game lets read this first even the biggest army ever seen had been annihilated by the fearsome dragon good the people send some heroes to kill the dragon this is a bit self evident a pretty typical game start somewhere else in another life another son of men on your path, well, it means that its very curious because in difficult mode if they hit us, well, theyll screw us over, so if they kill us with one blow, its going to be quite a difficulty Its not that its absurd anymore, its not that its difficult, but its going to be very good. Lets go quickly. I want to take care of the flashlight. quick to hit with one or the other button here it says to the dragon that we have come for it but well well if it is the wrong button I am sorry but what is it that it has what it has then change from giving to these games grabbed one now it hits very good, our partner, a particularity of this game is that we play with other partners, that is, he does not play alone if you are not always going to be surrounded by his entourage, we can hit fast and weak, he hit hard, jump and hit, although later what I do at least is hit super quick here are some failures that allow us to summon pawns from other worlds these pawns that look like pawns from a mine well they really are because other heroes who come to help you heal throw hac Well, you didnt do the typical thing and we can order them to be here or to go on the attack. Im going to tell them that they would do it on the attack and, well, because there are a few drinks and because we have, among other aspects, why killing me with a blow is a bit of an absurd difficulty. You have to be super defensive, look, I didnt do that before, we have fixed the airis back that I gave it with another blow, there are also special blows, such as in the race, notice that for reason it has not miraculously killed me and now we could loot all the objects Im going to go quickly because what I want is to show a single game and well, and tell you about some curiosities, the truth is that the graphics are good, that is, they are attractive. and well, Im going to skip all the cinematics, well, thats going to be like that. Im going to show you a lot of things and Im going to show you a couple of mini sweets some squirrels eyes that I suppose will kill me with a blow attract their attention look at that blow that goal that our protagonist also has because he is supposed to be a tank although I already told you I say that in hard mode the tank dies in one hit then it is a little bit absurd and we have a lot of role-playing components in this game look here at the corpses there are those who died and how we can jump and hit well our friends the truth Its that they work hard and they kill everyone only days to play we are going to stay for a while but we go and we go because they kill us with a blow they have loved the weapon with fire which is appreciated well youll see what Im going to do to die because since they kill you with one blow, well, here I am going to cover myself. I have the canoe and the magician. Come here with our team and these games come out or theyve caught one of them. You ve seen me, look what its going to take from one, what a blow has taken from me. Youve seen two blows and I die. I think theyre going to kill me again a good blow Im resisting and I tell you sorry that I removed the cinematics but I do not want them to put the typical copyright rights in me and I am more interested in showing you the gameplay because for now it is going well but you will read curious things later about all the combats against minimums its sherpa sherpa lot and its for a good thing obviously we take a lot of objects and we get here this area in this game and many cinematics that improve the game experience the only good thing is a chimera or to say this will fix what it takes away is look at what I get take away if bad is naked nobody cures me if nobody cures me Im going to die or yes more than a tray asleep taking a nap takes it has like a little too much life no good no you have to get in front obviously we are going for it because of the chimera one has been hung there on the hump a head back hit or die with a blow and take it for granted anyway this enemy is prepared to kill you with a blow and if Im not mistaken, thats part of history and thats how countless generations go by, well, dont ask me, and about the gold in it, since Ive played for an hour and a half, it must be pretty good. There are data channels that have uploaded this game and now we would do what It is we would create our character okay but I tell you that in this gameplay I am going to focus on and the gameplay here they ask us for another name it should be called pam pam for players who have parental controls activated and we are going to choose here an aspect of this body basic everything that comes by default and confirm when when I play and when I play a game of this role I do the same as it says here I dont like much what it configures well here it tells us what that in a fishing village there are some villagers there who are there fishing quietly and what happens what is going to happen well what do you expect to happen in a game where a dragon comes out the aborted well that a dragon comes here to spoil the party and and swims and goes to having to face him this dragon ct well this is not minimal either you are going to see that he is not going to have great great substance there which is a curious topic at least in the first minutes ok he has hit us with a blow and you know whats going on Its going to happen, well, its going to happen that the dragon is going to take our hearts, but we dont die, we listen to his voice and this is what happens, we have been resurrected, a very strange thing happened, the dragon has spared our lives, he kills us, but instead to die because of resurrected more this with the cinematics it makes more sense to watch them in a video the cinematics but well basically because the dragon catches us it rips out our hearts but instead of dying well well we survived os and what am I really going to do when the hard mode is his be a magician because the fighter in hard mode does not last at all but I want to play with a fighter is that it is the one I have fought before so well here you can take a lot of objects talk to characters a game with a lot of role-playing you can talk to each other they tell you stories and well I tell you that well here they are talking about this guy why why why has he risen well brothers and even with dragon to your village to a dude it takes away from his heart and then hes alive well well good skate infinite infinite cinematics in this game and the truth is that they are good so its worth seeing them but but hey everything is to show you more things out there we could get into the in the different houses to talk to characters but well basically we have to go here to this area of ​​ the map and well they tell us that we can buy objects and armor, the truth is that I did not find any seller but surely the way overwatch game steam DRAGONS DOGMA GAMEPLAY: Alternativa a Dark Souls?En este vídeo vemos un gameplay del comienzo del juego Dragons Dogma para PS3, un juego de rol de acción que os puede gustar.¿Te ha gustado este vídeo? ¡SUSCRÍBETE PARA MÁS! Dragons Dogma (en japonés: ドラゴンズ ドグマ, Doragonzu Doguma), es un videojuego de acción-JRPG de corte occidental, desarrollado y distribuido por Capcom para las consolas PlayStation 3 y Xbox 360, fue lanzado el 22 de mayo de 2012 en Norteamérica, el 24 de mayo de 2012 en Japón, y el 25 de mayo de 2012 en Europa. En enero de 2012, se anunció que la versión del juego para Xbox 360 contará con una demo del videojuego Resident Evil 6. En enero 15 de 2016 el juego fue lanzado para Pc. Jugabilidad El jugador podrá escoger entre distintos roles de personaje: Guerrero, Luchador, Caballero Mágico, Asesino, Hechicero, Arquero Mágico, etc. El juego bebe de la jugabilidad de otros títulos como Shadow of the Colossus o la saga de rol The Elder Scrolls. Con un ambiente medieval el juego te introduce en los zapatos del Arisen quien debe pasar por difíciles y mortíferas pruebas para liberar a Gransys de las garras del dragón. En este juego encontrarás desde sanguinarios asesinos y mercenarios hasta cíclopes, hidras , dragones, etc. Primero tienes que demostrar tu valía en el prólogo una pequeña introducción cargada de acción en donde tu personaje llamado Savan, un Arisen de otros tiempos. Al acabar el prólogo el juego te da la elección de editar tu guerrero/guerrera modificándole desde la cara hasta las piernas. una vez hecho esto al avanzar en la historia crearás otro personaje quien será tu peón principal y tu representante este ´´peón´´ aumentará de nivel al ritmo que tú lo hagas además tienes la opción de contratar a otros dos peones (estos 2 peones te ayudarán en todo momento pero puedes reemplazarlos a tu gusto)los peones pueden ser luchadores, striders, magos, guerreros, exploradores o hechiceros y en totak habrán 100 de cada nivel.los peones se contratan con cristales de falla(gratis si son de tu nivel)en cuanto peones de más nivel que el tuyo contrates mas cristales de falla tendrás que pagar. En este vídeo vemos un gameplay del comienzo del juego Dragons Dogma para PS3, un juego de rol de acción que os puede gustar. Todos los días intentaré subir un vídeo nuevo al canal, así que te animo a que vuelvas a Powerbazinga TV! Visita mi canal para más vídeos: Suscríbete para recibir los nuevos vídeos: install steam linux pirated games on steam deck reddit moss game steam troll games on steam wagner spray tech steamer