Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Level 0-74 in 40 minutes

How to switch steam game to another monitorsteam 18 games DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN Music hey you up everyone this is opportuni and in this video Im going to be showing you how to go from level 0 to 74 in 40 minutes alright so Ive already begun Ive done the intro only theum you know the prologue area Ill leave that to you guys it only takes about 10 minutes so few things first you need to be on heart so make sure you arent hard when you do this you either need to select hard learn main menu or if youve already started going to the options and into difficulty and change it to normal and then you can go to main menu and switch it to heart which youve started back at the start so build this only works for a bow build so thats assassin Strider or Ranger to begin with you can only choose between fighter mage and Strider so Ive got Strider first for purposes of this guide Ive picked Strider if you if you want to max out a certain statistics like strength for example you want to pick fighter first stay with that tool level 10 no more and then switch to assassin at level 10 because she cant you cant change a vocation until your level turn you see alright so weve begun first coming to the in here Ive slowed down the timer succeeds exactly what I am doing so coming to the end you want to manage stored items and going to change equipment now what Im doing now its not this isnt like a priority its not like extremely important this is just to help your defense a little bit so you want to come into here they should be sure Bob do is no matter what build you are going to a torso you want to select the way wavering cloth the wavering cloth the the Vagabond armas pretty good as well but the waiver and club its just a bit more magic defense which you will need going to equip that they want to go into hands or arms and equip the lions spine now this is Dragons Dogma dark arisen so this will all be in your item management already its actually part of the game well Im doing Im just equipping a ring this is and theres no need to do this Im not sure why Im equipping that winged ring for I think the force of habit really theres notice boy they furnitures grab any note an e/m you know many quests why youre doing this it wont really harm anything why you want to come into a stellar store youre not going to sell not buy Ill come out of this it needs going to sell first so youre going to buy just cancel transaction going to sell you know and then switch item management with r1 you from the ps4 and youre only going to once you an item storage go into your head you had a attire you want to sell all of that as you see that middle one pneumonitis monocle its also 300 thousand gold so that book main bulky moneys going to come from as early in the game so so all you had all you had to get anyone to go back on to buy you want to buy 100 green green wire ish I think its pronounced buy 100 of them because you will be using them to heal you throughout the course of this video you entered by turn offer one just below it the Mithridates that will just thats just a hell point if you get poison at any point you can use one of them and itll heal you here or the poison theyre both debuff right so after that come out and going to the tools tab and go into throwback throw blast excuse me and you want to purchase 100 of them yeah 100 dont take too many because they are quite heavy i one thing i forgot to mention your carry weight is very important youve not seen me so youre not carry weight your body weight is very important you didnt see me m design my character but you want to be over 110 body weight because that all your body weight your body like your body weight gives you more it allows you to carry more sorry Ill go back to that in this woman shop you want to buy 150 mushrooms thats all youre buying from here then afterwards just move on with the main story objectives and I will walk you through it so you go along so 150 and then move on with the main story yes our way back to the carry weights your body weight needs to be over 110 thats very important when youre creating a character at the start office because if you if you pick lower than that then you wont be able to carry as much and what we have purchased here it might it may overburden you what happens when you make your character over 110 body weight is hell have a maximum carrying carrying capacity of hundred kilos and that is what you want it will help you further in the game as well hope you to carry more trust me that would be very helpful all right so were on with the main story weve sold everything weve bought what we need to know so 100 healing items 10 poison herbes 103 blasts and 150 mushrooms make sure you hotkey them you did that on the invention menu just click on him there no problem to come up saying assign hotkey they just choose to a hotkey 1 and he used a hotkey hold L 1 and L 1 together l1 and r1 and then press whatever Direction line d-pad that item is hotkey to all right so Renaud here you want to use the throw blasts II do want to save him you can see if he did not save him now hell be gone for history so just I see passing by just focus and throw blossom goblins kill him easy and talked with and then carry on to the the next camp economy was caught its at the encampment got quite remember yeah I carry on to the next place where were going for the story just reference II side quests you shouldnt the only one that should be miserable with the story objective so Ill do at the moment its the renayta one thats why I need to make sure you grab him and your this just completing these few story objectives so I do you shouldnt really miss any my memory is a bit hazy on that because its been a long time since Ive played you should have missed any as long as you dont go any more passive main story than what do I do if you need if you want to Im only doing it at this speed for the purposes of the guide you can do any story size cross on the way if you want so once youre in this little tent you want to make sure you grab a liquid vim here there we go liquid then make sure you collect that very important for later on right nearly under the guide youll need that so you interrupt this riff stone and then you you move back here you enter the gate exit the gate sorry this this org out here just throw to throw one or two three blasts at him and that will kill him if youre new to this game you hit youre likely going to be very amazed by math damage this foe busts throw gusty for such a minor little item that you can purchase at start of the game its quite unbelievable how much damage they can do the only bad point is you have to equip them manually you cannot hock him unfortunately it would be a bit too easy we cook because you can literally probably just spam them then so you do need to manual manually equip them each time and sometimes if you go a bit too fast as you get into the rhythm sometimes when youll sort of cancel the equipped youll go through it and not realize youre not actually equipped it so just make sure you be wary of that so yeah you just all you need to do is jump dont go too close to that org just jump throw a throw blast one or two and thatll kill him loot anything he drops then come back into the encampment youll head back over to the rift and then you will make make your main pawn now its completely up to how you want and made them do not do what I do in this guide Im just doing this for guide purposes really it doesnt matter what point you make Ive made a fighter one because hell just go closer to enemies of Cicis in his bit of a melee range hell go closer to enemies to engage them rather than engage them from a distance like a mage or you know or a range you know a ranged build for example and it just it just comes in a little bit more useful on another part later on where you will youll have three or four four really strong enemies trying to attack you and it just helps the quicker and closer your pawns get onto them it will just take the heat off you sight and just give you a little bit more chance to get through that section Im probably making it sound really difficult there isnt it can be but you will see you will see youll see soon you just need to do exactly what I meant what instructs when we get to that point and you and youll see that its doable all right so youve made youve made you Bain main point youve come into there just come straight back out that gate and back out that gate do not do any more main quests now you can do some side quests if you want we do not talk to anybody else related to main story quests all right because if you do that will well that may void some side quests that you may not have actually done yet all right so you come back out in you get that notification saying that the casados beach is open at night now thats what we needed all right so back to curse artists now all the way back over there youve probably noticed my stamina gauge I do keep refilling it with mushrooms thats because as I said earlier Ive hotkey them so I dont need to go into the main menu to do that I just hold l1 and r1 and press whatever direction on the d-pad its hotkey T and it uses them like that much more convenient the reason I keep jumping and rolling is because normally holding l1 and r1 it will youll stop for a second but if I do it as Im rolling it has no effect on me thats why Im waiting to Im rolling from a jump and then I used them it just just saves a few seconds you dont need to worry about that too much but it just saves a few seconds just allows you to get get around a bit quicker all right so back back in Casares theres few more SciQuest open now you want to come into that in talk to Allah in Keeper here Pablo Pablos you want to rest for 50 gold and you want to stay till nightfall because needs to be it needs to be nighttime to head to be bi where we are now going its a black oil so its nighttime head outside here head onto the pier there she is just mind her own business standing over there and dark you know just go over to her have a chat with her and shell take BBI but just before you go over wait for you pawn to catch up and grab them all and throw them in there in the river it with out in the water make sure you you dont throw me nearly Im sure because itll be too shallow and they werent going so its firm in like this way from to disappear from the mini-map then theyll now signify they had definitely dead then once a dead head to be bi all will become clear very soon I ask you is that the fifth chosen of your own room alright so now Im bit of black oil and over to here thered be a small scene head tinnitus boy behind her and take the act guiding light noticeboard quest so it will be one in which you will complete automatically along here alright so so youve got no points with you makes less no points with you right now and head through here and now we are going to do a small bit farming this may take you a minute it may take ten minutes sometimes Ive got this blaster worse than five in five cycles sometimes taken me 30 but the worldís point eventually so this chest and this door theres about six items it can contain and every time you open it youll youll be able to see what item it is before you collect it you want it to be blast arrows if its not blast iris leave it then actually that will come back in and then their contents will change and see blast arrows thats what it wont youll get a ton of them so just open the chests see what it is if its not blast iris leave the contents in there exit the room come back in and just repeat that until you get blasters youll get youll get turn do I have to the reason you dont want points with you because so well take the contents before you exit I hope theyll Oh take something you dont want alright so weve got the blast doors come over to this rift stone take out your point and to the roof stone you want to take out two other pawns support points you can only have a maximum three pawns your main point to other pawns so you want to come into here and ideally as mentioned earlier about how useful the many points are you want to take a melee melee porn because they will get closer to the enemies and they will attract the attention quicker so you want to go for a fighter its fighter because shes such low level you wont really get any anything different between fighter Strider and stridor so if no if no fighters appear you can make more more points appear by enlist in one and then talking to again is sending it away thatll make another pong coming ICC now in the another fighter has come in alright so weve got weve got two fighters with us and weve got the main point so in try four if stone once more and then exit the rift right and now we can begin heading deep into PB I head back through now where their chest was healing to just keep following my path keep pressing down on the d-pad because that gives the pawns commands and down on d-pad gives it the command come which will make him come to cook quicker it will stop them from stopping and try to engage enemies and these are very strong on heart at your level they can cure you in one or two hits so run down it and keep pressing down to tell your points to come come to you I say keep coming in one of them may get unlucky one or Ive had times where one has been attacked and tied like Nina of insulin that all of sudden your justice school icon on the map so yeah just head down there hopefully no one will get killed keep pressing down on the a particle that large enemy death were going to account him again later which is probably the main bulk of your leveling here be so yep come all the way down here through this door now youre in a sort of sort of safe Harry now at the moment becomes Thane this area just became dangerous later but for now its a sort of safe area right there will be a like type of merchants merchants here whats his name again Barack you have talked to him Ive slowed this down again so you see you psycho Im doing Im going to buy sell going to buy now lease items are very important that youll bite that you need to buy so come all the way down assume court ifs tab and you want to buy no not that you went by fiendish extract all three of them thats only three by all three of them they increase your maximum health they they about double your health they do so you went to buy three of them fiendish extract and three godly analeptic yeah buy three of them they come they completely restore all your health so three gaudy and analeptic and the three fiendish extract alright so once you bought them to come out that tap and go into tools then come down and you want to buy the martes talisman now thats thirty five thousand but should have enough if youve only bought what Ive asked you to you want to buy that Marta Stalin what a does is to increase your crease exp gained and buy one this stone you should have a lifts down on you but just in case would buy that one and thats all you need so anything else if you want to buy right now from him because he does have some unique items and sale you can buy them now if you want I mean I buy just a dagger for my my character axis its almost doubles my damage so its not really anything either but you have some money left overs is a completely up to or you may want save it for later so thats everything done with him and that noticeboard quest we took short that we took up earlier weve just completed that just by talking to him all right and now we are heading to the gauntlet and thats where the fun begins all right so down this desk and through this door over here now almost every enemy in here will hit very hard so you need to try to avoid all the enemies these tall guys swing their arms arent all floppy try to stay clear of them because if their arms catch you they will almost kill you alright so theres going to be some bats in this tunnel in a second should be ready to kill them you need to attack these otherwise theyll follow you and even these bats can kill you in one or two hits lets kill them some more will appear down down the bottom here kill them right its gonna be a lot of bONIES a lot of bony people here now going to equip your throw blast wait until Ive fully animated and throw one equip another one throw one now you should want to kill all these four throw blasts try not to let me hit you I should just kill them all now shell get some nice expiry you want to collect everything they dropped because they may have dropped the item useful for Reynolds Reynolds quests later on I think its a common name the item i some sort of them i think its cold or something kind of anyway so you here now - in a garnet now this is youre going to like this right so just got it first need to start a fiendish extract will which will bring your health up - I just saw that near 2000 and then fill your health completely now you need to run all the time do not use hotkeys now because it may using the hotkeys that may trip you up just from the button holding the button Stan so in this area when you need to when you need to refill your health or refill your stamina just use the touchpad and do it from the menu that itll pause the game just do it that itll just create it will just allow you to get some breathing space I see heal right this guy wait for him to fire that and then jump out away down if he just hit you it wont kill you so you can quickly heal if you need to and it will die with one throw blast now you not clean nothing else now you just need to bolt just to run straight where Im running you need to be quick so its going to be a gargoyle right behind you and be ready to jump beyond these gaps and a bridge where there one of the boards are missing theres a gap that makes me junk nut now if you running run around him if you quit you shell be able to get away from before if he hits you on the bridge you probably looking at her death so you need to get around in before he fires that fireball up this bridge jump across there now you want that item avoid key grab that void key grab it now since you grabbed it going to your inventory slightly lift stone and use it and that warp you back to a start of BB no thats the BBI gauntlet did hopefully you did that first time didnt have too much trouble almost everything that gone there will kill you in two hits if you didnt have that item its doubled your health they would youll die in one hit thats why we need that it just gives you a chance to get hit to pause and to heal just gives you that extra time which you need right now were back here throw your points away you dont need them no more you may be thinking why why is he throwing his point where theyre gonna help him well they do help you but they also its also harder to judge enemys attacks with them because the enemy will be going for four targets in effect you know in effect and so theyll have more itll be harder to predict their attacks but if theyre only going for you its a harder to sort of manipulate the enemy AI you know Im talking about you know learn the bosses movesets always so when you have pawns with you it affects how much XP you gain from a kill thats probably the most important thing about it it can it does vary it depends on their level difference compared to you but such early in the game its its better to just throw them away and like I said they will they will make the enemy fights more difficult because theyll be attracting their enemys attention making it harder for you to avoid their attacks alright so we need to come all the way back down here we were before I know its long track you have to come all the way back down snow there are shortcuts on this area in this in BBI but theyre a bit further in all right so weve got that void key can open this gate so the vault of defiled truth so you come down it just follow the route Im taking its no enemies in this in this room here so Im not sure what sort of Rinat or some sort of torture room yeah so were coming through here just run straight past these avoid the big fine birdie thingy get its name through here now this is a sort of safe area again so good to have mystery you want to go up the stairs here up the stairs and come through this door here these double doors youre gonna meet that merchant again in here berrak come through here just a boy game we dont need him right now come on there to notice boy dont climb up this ledge near the noticeboard you want to take that Moonbeam gem very poor youve got that Moonbeam gem you need that to grab the strong bear that we need there is to notice boy there so you can take the quests off there if you want to I come down the stairs afterwards and just grab these throw blasts from this table you probably do not need them but theres 20 or so here and only take second so just come and grab them just in case right so were all doing that all really all we really needed was that Moonbeam Moonbeam gem that green gem so now you want to head back until that central safe area wave make met barrack for the first time were heading back there so come back down them steps and then through this door here which you entered from a little earlier back through here I said back at mr. C and then back out the door now depending on what type of bow build you are now theres destroyed and the assassin can use his bold this bow that Im going to collect but the Ranger will need a slightly different bow now I cant remember exactly a door that that bow is in my memories a bit hazy but if youre if you will arrange anyone to do this you may just want to Google the bow thats best for him I think its in the door to the right of this one so weve just got a dragons ear basically what happens that Moonbeam gem well that you open one of these doors in Syria like that door we just entered there theres two actual rooms in there and that moonbeams and what open one of them wears a few other rooms in here in this safe area and each each of them will it lead to two of them secret rooms again so each one has a weapon or piece of armor thats good for a certain build or type of builds in in the room I went and I got the Dragons ear Biff Biff a weird thing to pronounce yeah Ive got a dragons ear thats thats really really good bow this early in the game is to be honest its good for its good for the rest of the game release it theres magic damage and stroke damage physical damage so if you are using an endgame bit of advice for that its the the Imperials that you can get which increase increase your room damage you can use magic once and fiscal once of them because hes got magic damage and physical damage you can use some both for that anyway so once youve got that you back in here now you with that good of MIS weve come all the way down now he coming up broken wall and you come into the sewer area lets head all the way through here its a bit dark so you can take out your torch even e2 or you can just use some map the mini-map to navigate because some mini maps just show the path for you down here through now this is where theres a bit this is the last difficult in a difficult enemy of this guide she got that gauntlet that we did and this boss here theyre the only thats the only to difficult parts you have to pass in this guide to get to level 0 to 75 in a 30 to 40 minutes so what is giant eye does is when he when he shines out you make sure you not facing him because it will he will cast all sorts of debuffs on you and one of them would be blindness and you just wont be able to see a thing basically game over so when you first come in hell hell first shyness eyes he just hide behind that pillar or look away you want to come down here no Im just waiting appear until he sort of facing me where I am now and once he has dropped down and now you just want to throw you throw blasts at him as I the Nita terminus I not only perfect because they do have a large area of their detonation just just makes referring them at his eye I asked it so when he every every one or two throw blasters peel youll see we do the animation that Sam indicating hell do that crow sasai when he does that just a look away I said then masoom throwing the throw blast the reason I didnt drop down to the steps straight away its because she probably saw them tentacles are spawning if they em if they hit you they they can kill you so I just stay up there and then drop down so if any have fired any projectiles in that time they should hopefully go from a head or go to where I was above so so yeah so Ive got beheaded myself slightly and I didnt say you do need to use that fiendish extract when you come in here because if only a tentacles hit you they will kill you in one hit but that fiendish extract because it doubles your health it just allow you to take an extra hit which will give you time to heal here without health back now I so just repeal this right once once I orange fewer pierce avoid it and then run underneath him anyway deal hell like tend to call himself like this and that staggered him now now you want to throw some throw blasts at least I as its hanging out of this socket it can be a bit awkward hitters I like this because sometimes your throw bus will bounce off or weight or swirls move out the way but just do your best right so resume well Normie youd regime the throwing throw bus at his eye on the steps and wait for the Owens go again or if he does that if he starts munching near the ground or I guess during the munching animation like hes like hes looking down and eating something what what thats what that me means is hes going to summon these four tentacles here which was would you do this you need to destroy it or four of them quickly so quickly once you decide quickly get ready to destroy all these four tentacles that appear with the throat they take one throw blast each once youve done that that will stagger him again and now you can throw the throw glass at his eye again so this theres three stages of fish you need to watch out for mainly first if hes just meat if hes just earn if hes neutral and earnest small tentacles attack he little which is just spawning around the map you just want to stand on the steps and throw throw blast just eye and just look away when hes them shine in the rate they raise at you when youll hit it when youre hitting him with a flow bus up there and he keeps trying the roads and reason the tentacles appear to stop hitting you its because surf time you make him open his eye and shine the Ray at you or the tentacles they get pulled back into him so I stopped they stopped firing so you just got keep the rhythm going and none of the tentacles should hit you in time right say theres that theres that aim stage the stage where the Owens group is when that appears just run underneath him wait for it to run underneath him let it turn let the orange goo appear beneath him move out the way and then that tentacle will knock him down and then there was the animation which is munching on the floor when he does that that indicates hes going to summon the four tentacles so just be ready when hes mention at the bottom be ready to go down in destroy them before tentacles so as you see if you have to come back up here he might be he might be facing a completely different direction and so rather than stand on the stairs like you want to come to the top like I did earlier and then it just gives you a bear area to dogger tentacles tentacles projectiles that it will shoot at you and just keep an eye on your health because that fiendish extract will wear off your health will go back to normal once your doses make sure you use your last one two two will be enough it shouldnt take you any longer just make sure you do keep an eye on that because if you have normal health one hit from one of them tentacles projectiles will kill you and just like in the gauntlet if you need to heal or anything just open your inventory and do it that way right when hes close to death thats when you need to use your martes talisman seize close to death now so Im gonna use my martyrs talisman make sure you use the axe that will double your XP gain from killing see see that how close that was almost killed me thats whats important you always keep you helpful and make sure that fiendish extract is active and thats it you actually get more XP than it looks it said them 200 and 2000 XP then times T well normally are not easy or normal that would say it would say 100,000 XP times 2 or just 200,000 XP I cant remember what one is for hard and what one is for the actual consumer of all that we used but hard hard gives you double xp and that martyrs Taliban we used gives you double XP again so in in essence sort of times for XP youre getting by playing on hard and using that talisman thats why its very important you and hard and very important you start as Minh right so thats the hard bits turn now here we just need to be very precise here now of the strategy so you come through here you want to equip the that bow we got the Dragons ear now its going to tell you that you dont have enough youre not high enough level to weld it properly but dont worry about that do you not worry about that so youre gonna equip that you see it says aim your stamina will deplete more more quicker dont worry about it the way we are going to fight that is by using the liquid vim which gives you infinite stamina for a short period and you also want to equip your blast eris so make sure low equipped now when you see Bo you want to make sure you sir the threefold skill so once you come here use a liquid vim use that Ill take out your bow press square to a three fold arrow and come to back he and he was born dont go any closer stay about where I am or vice or notice you now you need him too you need him to sort of fly in a loop and turn around face up and direct opposite direction he hasnt done that so Im just going to kill myself to reload the area sorry I I jumped off the wrong side there you dont actually die they nice to jump off at the other side you need to jump off this side here to kill yourself yeah you need to reload the area because he will not appear again this is a one-time-only spawn if you simply leave there and come back in to try again hell be gone forever thats why you need to die so it reloads the area she saw the game saves not always but most of time it saves when you enter a door I mean he did it save a night into this one it probably wont now but did on the other one see his saving now I didnt save earlier so backing it obviously we reloaded so weve got to do everything again equip that dragons ear bow equip the blast arrows and we want the liquid vim we want to be ready to use that if you think youre quick enough use it now it lasts about 60 seconds I think it might even come down a draw out a bowl press a 3-fold our skill to either activate it and then come to back here where Im slightly which was born in stay still see thats what he wanted to because shell when he decides hell stop for a few seconds Ill just stop that for you implant slow-motion so you can see exactly what Im doing yeah you want to make sure youre standing about where I am when you come when come to that point of this stair set go down thats one of your peers you dont wanna be too close to stairs because hell notice you what you do he should fly around and face in the opposite direction like that and then when he does hell pause for a second or two and then thats your chance to quickly hit him with three three folds and then that will knock him down you got make sure you have a blast I was equipped and be using a three-fold skill and a liquid vim and thats it hell fall into the abyss and you have your mightest alamin active and you have to double xp from hard which will like youll get I think I think its 3.2 million XP get all together from that so yeah thats it you can see Im level 74 now so that all there give you a very good start on hard and thatll make almost the rest of hard easy for you if you want normally hired is very very difficult to begin with especially for your beginner but if you can manage to do this within 30 40 minutes so that Ive shown you were here hitting level 75 before you begin just make the rest of the game so much easier so then you can just carry on on heart hard also makes it much easier to farm money because and a lot of enemies will drop big big amounts of cash which werent doing other difficulties so thats it you can you can repeat this if you want to by just restarting the game you can just repeat this how many times as you want yeah it would be 30 minutes each time but thats entirely up to you all you need to do because youre on hard convert back to normal and the options to put it back on normal then go to main menu and then hard will be youll be able to select it again select hide it or we start the game but youll have all your statistics from before so you can just keep redoing it if you want to but yes I hope that helps you and hope you enjoyed it I feel out help help you and never it really quick and make the game really easy for you if you want to or if you just want to break the game because breaking games is fun give it a like if you liked it and subscribe if you want to see more Im always updating regularly on my channel and quite an assortment sort of guides and walkthroughs and whatnot so yeah please subscribe if you wanna see more and thanks for watching and I will see you next time thanks and goodbye steam games status Based on a earlier video of mine, now with full commentary and further tips. Go from level 0-74 in 40 minutes and break the game ;DLike if you enjoyed, subscribe if you want more and thank you for watching ;) steam add family member dirty bomb steam game best free fps games on steam for low end pc steam deck ui windows steam deck playing switch games