When can you return a game on steamsquare enix games on steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN Hello Welcome to a new video today we bring you Dragons dogma Dark aracing Dragon dogma online we bring the game the essence what will proceed to Dragons dogma 2 Where does it come from How was the mmorpg Why cant I try it what it was about and the game that we have that is what is happening and all this together is worth it today with a very bad voice we are going to trouble talking about dragons dogma is not easy and we are going to try to talk in a more or less orderly way so that we all understand each other yes Do you think that we are going to see the Dragon stockman the offline version or if you think that we are going to talk about the mrpg you are both right we are going to talk about both why Because obviously one of the things that interests us the most in this channel is to try all the mmorpgs and dragons dogma online we could not do it closed in 2019 and it is not because it caught us out of the way of the enemies but it caught us in the most inappropriate place because it did not leave Japan and everyone who did not I would like to play it through a VPN and with the texts translated by the fans of the game because we couldnt play it and its a shame Its a shame because you already know that I feel Passion to try all the experiences and all the games that have this massive online multiplayer Basically to see what fresh ideas can bring us to the genre, having said this, we can try to guess, we can try to live a bit of the experience of the stock dragon more online thanks to its offline version. The version that is now available to play is being said to be the remastered version of the original game and with the dlc daryen that gives a few more hours of play with an area that is good, lets say with enemies with tension and with interesting challenges, first of all to understand this video game you have to think that it is an active RPG an RPG asset where we will take a hero is worth along with up to three pawns three pawns that are three friendly helpers is worth This is worth both for the off line as for online because most of the things that we are going to say works for both games because residence is the same game it happens that one shares the world with other players and we can go on adventures to kill enemies do dungeons or any challenge of the game with other players And in the other we always do it with npcs is basically the big difference obviously that one game ends and the other has extra content to go making bigger and bigger challenges and Well, it has a little more depth when it comes to the team the kinds of versatility but in essence its the same game and so we can understand both games by playing the one we have available that also being on sale I think you can get it for 4 euros or so, so its a very tempting price for this type of product So what is Dragons dogma How was the online we are going to see it through the game that we have available right now as always we are going to e Starting with the character creator, in between, we have a lot of little things and its curious that these little things were no longer just for an RPG that would later be applied in some way online, but its still surprising. Well, we have quite a few Ok little things We have here a handful of face to remember that this version is remastered so it will look pretty good for a game that we already say is from 2012 okay Although the latest version I think remastered I dont know if its from 2017 but from 2017 the latest version that came out so good we are talking about the version with time we cant choose a load to test And from here it will start to build we cant build here on this face well the hairstyle and thats it not the hairstyle and the color that to the color Here it is perfect ok after face shape we also have some interesting face shapes as you can see we have quite a few options it is a creator of characters of these complete but it is complete but from this that they are simple things fit you more or less well ok let me explain there are some that are super complete but are super complex and this one is quite complete but it is very easy to understand we have there with an eye like this half closed to choose an option Like this a little neutral in quotes Hey the eyes also the same the color separation size choose a color so it suits our character our hero eyebrows also that also obviously modify the expression of the nose face also to bore the mouth, that is to say, we are talking about one of those creators of beautiful characters that it is a pleasure to grow up, no, and do a lot of things later, obviously, we have when it comes to making our body, okay, we have here the body of The default that our hero would be is a person. We have default bodies. You can see theres a bit of everything, uh, you can do it. er since gigantic the cuchinizados and also has some kind of relevance the fact that you become a more corpulent or lighter person So you have to take it into account and if not then height muscle tone torso arms legs that is to say we can touch many things is to say we would lack In any case the features that is that beautiful thing that I like so much we that is the subject of Scars for example scars for example this one not here they look better like this Scars this scar wrinkles to make it older or younger we do a lot better I like that this also modifies some of the initial choices thats good when we take a basic body from there we modify it eh facial hair always better a beard not a powerful beard that always gives no feeling of respect but a good beard the beard worked but well makeup so that because I cut it does not take away from the brave thing to say And they can be war paints it is worth it By the way, makeup we could also choose the color and then we would have the last color adjustments, which would be the theme of the skin, the color of the makeup, the color of the eyes, the last details that we can do as we add it to the character or simply leave it and we can make our hero or heroine as we really want, that is, we have absolute freedom, its very beautiful, its very complete, but the game is worth it. visual that does nt look bad that says that pretty it looks it looks good it looks good its a 2012 game that beyond the Meme This time it is a 2012 game it looks like a game it looks like a 2012 graphic they are but obviously remastered fixed everything very nice even the music is retouched and Well I think that it looks pretty good not only it looks pretty good but when it comes to moving the character when i Interact when hitting how you move in any of the actions you can perform I think it works very well and is very stable it is also normal this game is heavily patched and it shows lets say all those fixes and improvements having said this remind you that I am devastated from the voice and thats why youll see that my voice is paying off and doing things okay So excuse me but its the only way to record was with this voice or not to record So not recording is not an option I preferred to bring you the video because as We said in the introduction my dream really was to bring you the dogma dragon online but since it was not possible and seeing that it was basically the same as this game but with online multiplayer Well, I decided to bring this game to us since Taking advantage of the fact that I had a great time during the live and that this is really a game like this Plus once you finish it, it lets you start the game again with your level, your team and so on, so having said that, what type of players we are going to find due to the jury of an active RPG if it has been compared enough with Dark souls and I want at least in my opinion to mark myself from that opinion I think that there is nothing dark souls in it In my humble opinion many people believe that the difficulty of the game is compared to the saga of from software and I think it is an error, there are no, there are no bonfires as such, nor at most, nor these, nor anything that resembles or relates it. So I think the comparison is absurd. My opinion is much more similar to Monster Hunter in many ways than Dark Souls, so speaking of the difficulty specifically that we can find within the game, say that the difficulty is not so much because the game is difficult but because the game does not indicate very clearly why Where do you have to go? Let me explain. It could be that they give you a main mission and two secondary ones in the same town. You want to do the secondary ones. Well, because the game is a bit messy in that sense, they want you to explore, to look for you to stamp yourself. But if you are going to do the main mission when you go back to high school, you can do it is to know how to organize yourself and choosing all the paths later, we said no, that it was similar a little more good is an RPG asset that has the style of play like a valdurkate lets say or a divinity with your helpers you can take up to three like the friend Ruth that we have here behind and each of them can have a different Setup not for example Me I can be a thief, another can be a magician, another can be Hitler, another can be a tank, and as we deem appropriate to do within it, in the mmo it is exactly the same, in fact, the M or what we have is basically our hero, we can fill that group with other players or with npcs that we can also choose to do those skills in the mmo if there is any difference Maybe it is the housing that we have a little house where and put things and that but the rest of the missions and other stories is quite similar, I tell you, eh, a game where you can interact with We can break practically everything we can explore we can Search It has that feel It has that immersive feel It is compared many times with Skyrim or the Elder scroll saga and I think it makes sense because it is in these games that you find a piece that logic unites you against an object that logic would tell you that if you give it to someone who is related, they will do something or that if you mix two objects that have coherence mix it up something is going to happen and that RPG immersion happens in the game, that is to say that it is a game that has surprised me for good because it is a very old game that has many very current things and also some that we have lost along the way I think that we have lost along the way now they teach a little combat against beast but I am going to teach a little combat against against against c Against goblins and others against screen enemies why? Because it is an action combat without targeting quite agile and here we have some goblins we can do combos we have light blows or heavy blows then we have the secondary weapon in this case it is a bow that it has, well, it can shoot or you dont have skills, for example, you have a skill here, which is the arrow, or you have the shot in the window, okay, its like that in the bow, a rabbit accidentally killed me, okay, and then with him, lets say, with the daggers, we have the dodge, which will come in handy well, the dodge ability is one thing, you can also achieve there are movement abilities and abilities that are fine and then, for example, with the daggers, well, we can have the gassing, the run with the cut or the combo, for example, the scarlet kiss, which is this which is a combo then there are improvements to the basic blows that are like passives that will allow us to combine, say we can finish this pod We are going to finish this, for example, with flying kicks or mix combos or make interesting combinations but the combat system is very agile, very fun and above all very, I was going to say it can be themed, very configurable. And of course, for each type of weapon that we are going to get bored of unlocking and meat, lets unlock one, the next one of that level is unlocked, lets say a star, it improves and we unlock skills and movements that are increasingly expensive to unlock. Unlock with experience that we are getting And the truth is that it is a quite surprising game it may seem very simple in essence because in fact it is to extract actions RPG quite Old and then you begin to discover that shine that little thing not so much in Crafting so much in the searches the missions secondary everything leads you to think that it is a very old game p But little by little you leave like the things it offers and take out by sharing in a game that every time before I wanted to try the Dragon stockman mmorpg now it almost makes me a little angry not having played it because it seems to me a very interesting proposal and that already I mean, perhaps the most similar would be to play a Monster Hunter World or perhaps it would be to play the raise in a game like that, a game like that would be a bit of the experience that we could find bridging the distance that a Monster Hunter goes from what it goes from Hunting monsters and here there are more things apart from hunting those monsters that there are also eh And well, and it has similar mechanics like when you rage, not when the enemies rage and it does more damage, it is more difficult to do damage to them and you have to calm them down well strategies that you can follow you learn strategies to defeat the enemies and you can teach them to your pawns to your helpers In short I think it is a very Interesting, continuing with that small similarity with Monster Hunter, we have the huge bugs with their weakness, for example, obviously here we know that hitting the cyclops in the eye is going to do a lot of damage, but we have the ability to get hooked on the enemies and with our stamina to try to hold on while they try to get rid of us and we try to reach their weak points sometimes wear the armor and they let you take it off with sword blows we must open we have abilities objects to improve our improve our our energy or restore it here we have the cyclops suffering the truth Music you see how the low life terribly much faster than we hit for example in the legs see from time to time it could be that it hurts us a lot and we have to let it go Damn it is blue also that you are not seeing now it is me squeezing and doing constant damage and it can throw me to the ground lo and that and crush me and he gave me Pizza well he hits me with his cane Music sir you cant I mean the old strategy griffins manticores pijijis dragons a lot of giant enemies that we have to climb and battle and find the right strategy with each one of them to defeat them The Wizard has enchanted my weapons you cant see anything now thats why theyre game because hes already enchanted imagine these challenges no but but not with the difficulty of a highly dope character from Game ok Ive already passed the game of start of the second game if you do not imagine these challenges but in a group and with enemies that present a hard battle not because this at the beginning of the game there is no walk eh you have to fight it another interesting thing about this game at least in this case we will only talk Offline is worth is that it has a very large map and we are also going to explore it on foot we do not have mounts as such but we can go putting stones that were not useful for you Carrying us from one place to another is a large map, quite large but not too large. This means that it is not an RPG that we can go for, we can dedicate 80 hours to 90 hours to complete each and every corner of the game, but it is a game that In 35 hours 40 hours we can enjoy almost all of its adventures, most or at least the most important, especially the main story and enjoy almost all the areas. In broad strokes, it is a complex game but it allows you to have a fairly complete experience. Superficial, a large map is appreciated, but content, sometimes an open map, you know the maps, these are endless, sometimes they tire the map, well, quite well. In short, Dragon Dogma and we are going to talk about the complete experience because thanks, we could not try it, but I think it is very enjoyable very understandable if we play this this offline version of what we could have come to enjoy in the mmorpg and I really hope that in the face of the launch of Dragon Ball 2 well we can get to see a worldwide launch of a dragon dogma 2 online I really look forward to it So if the sales are very good for the second part maybe we can get to see that game in the west but That being said, it is a game that has its years and that has gone quite unnoticed or that sold very well but still sold around a million copies, which are many, many copies, but they really are not that many, especially when we compare ourselves with large titles a world level then in these games that for many people has gone unnoticed and I think that if you are a lover of rpgs it is a pity It is a pity because although it is true that the story, especially the narrative, is a bit uneven and the points still do not end to be well engaged with each other There are terribly epic moments, very cool and quite huge battles I think it is a great RPG of these that if you are a fan of the genre You have to play yes or yes, take advantage of a good offer and enjoy it little by little, step by step, dont look at anything, enjoy it without being aware of guides, discover things yourself and I think that you are going to discover a great game. So lets wait for the second part with many you win because I really hope that this is what we have discovered in the 1 but but graded to many levels we need games of this type games that bet on the immersive RPG game that bet on living adventures and enjoying them Beyond the team More beyond the rooms Beyond I dont know I think that this magic in some way little by little the RPGs It is getting lost on all those who are my mainstream those who are very famous and the triples very media and I think that this being an mmo or an RPG went a bit under the radar, managed to maintain this magic and I hope that to this day it continues to come up with this idea for its second part, people, I highly recommend it try it And if you had the pleasure of playing mmo, please tell us in the comments how it was for you how you lived it And if it had a handicap or something very good that you can send to us who did not have the pleasure of trying it people I hope you liked this video, its a slightly different video that mixes offline, an offline game with mmoos, but I think it was worth telling you to play this video game if you like rpgs, please play it, its in Spanish, its on sale. You are going to buy it for four euros literally four euros and it makes me really worth a hug people install steam games on sd card DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN es un RPG de acción con tuvo una versión Online, un MMORPG que no llegó a salir de Japón, pero que aún así merece un rincón en el canal, con esperanzas de que cuando aparezco DRAGONs DOGMA 2 propicie un nuevo MMORPG. EL VIDEO DE DRAGONS DOGMA, POR PARTES 00:00 INTRO 00:25 Que es DRAGONS DOGMA 03:00 Creación de personajes 06:57 Gameplay 14:17 Combate 17:23 Conclusión y Opinión Enlace a DRAGONS DOGMA: #archeage #mmorpg #mmorpg2022 #mmo #mmogames RANDOM TOPIC 🚧 MÁS INFO 📌 Streaming en directo: 📌 Patreon: ---------------------------- 👉 Otros enlaces de Random Topic 👈 ➡ El podcast: ➡ Twitter: ➡ Instagram: ➡ Libro Legado de Piedra: can you play games on steam without downloading buy steam games using vpn gta san andreas steam key how to game share steam 2021 spider-man remastered steam