Dragons Dogma Review // Is It Worth It?!

Heroic launcher steam decksteam ounk DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN game this game was actually supposed to be skyrim killing but it fell far behind from it but was it actually bad and why did it fail well in this video were going to be discussing dragons dogma and whether it is worth it to buy right now a decade after its release or you should just move on to some newer or better things and as always im not gonna be wasting your time and well give you the answer right away whether dragons dogma is actually worth it or not and the answer is well yes if you like souls like games and especially if you like the monster hunter games then youre gonna have a lot of fun from this because this game has some very interesting mechanics that was not actually repeated weirdly since then but yeah youre gonna have a lot of fun from it but its not for everyone as all the monster hunter and souls games are not for it but now lets get into details and oh yeah dont forget to subscribe button a little more than one percent of you actually subscribe usually bigger youtubers are complaining that only 70 of you are subscribed but for me its a whopping less than two percent so i guess im winner here so yeah hit the subscribe button yeah well if you like these videos if not well thank you for coming by but now dragon dogma so what even is this game so this game is a third person fantasy rpg that came out in 2013 she actually played it back then on playstation 3. and it came out on pc on in 2016 or 17 i dont remember exactly what year it was and it was literally made as a skyrim killer but it actually failed from some reason but what is it so you play as risen and a reason is made when you are being killed by a dragon and your heart is consumed by a dragon for some reason you wont die and you will become a reason and oh and and being a reason has certain perks the game is open world and the gameplay the movement of the gameplay and the combat is very very closely reminiscent to monster hunter if you have played monster entry games youre gonna feel very youre gonna feel like home here because its very very close to that the character is purely created by you and weirdly enough some character traits that you make will actually affect your gameplay like for example youll create the character that is well taller the character will be able to jump higher and clump climb to the higher spot and if you make your character very small he can go into very like small crevices and access the places usually unaccessible for the larger characters and its actually pretty fun and pretty weird to have so that you have like small details like that the game in the world itself is pretty fun and pretty interesting its open world you can get work you can go whatever you want and youre going to encounter and youre going to have a bunch of encounters a bunch of quests and its pretty typical rpg youre going to go and youve got to go get the quest complete the quest catch for the rewards taken on the quest and go to another thing and etc etc game is fully voice acted and the story is pretty interesting and pretty fun even though its nothing that will blow your mind but where the game starts to shine is in its combat but before that lets talk about well how you can actually get into combat in the beginning of the game you have a choice of three main archetypes or vocations its called vocation basically its professions or classes and the three main archetypes of course are fighter your rogueish character which who uses bows or daggers and your mage and each and every class is actually very very fun to play with and theyre very distinct especially the mage characters and as you continue through the game and as you level up through the game you can actually get a more advanced vocation or advanced class you can upgrade your existing class like for example if you are playing a mage you can become an archmage and have like more powerful spells so or you can change into the combination of different classes for example you can become i think its called holy knight where you are the combination of mage and a warrior or you can become a combination of warrior and rogue or rogue and mage or row or or every other combination owners event classes by themselves and each and every class have very distinctive type of gameplay like for example the warrior is like a brutish tank that attacks everyone head on but also warrior is very good at taking down the larger enemies and you will need to take down the larger enemies road classes are good at shooting from a distance or climbing the enemies or stabbing them repeatedly and were gonna talk about climbing enemies very soon while mage basically a powerhouse dps a healer and a buffer all at the same time and its and mage is insanely powerful and very fun to play even though in the beginning is pretty weak and the combat actually starts to show up when you go against bosses and boy this is where this game becomes an elder ring but a bit different if alden ring was all about the powerful and flashy attacks here its all about more kind of like more realistic fights you see here usually you are not meeting some kind of ethereal monsters and godlike beings youre meeting uh well real world well not real what the real mythical monsters like for example one of the first bosses no actually the first boss that youll be fighting in a tutorial will be a chimera chimera is just just giant mix of different creatures which is which has the front side of the lion the backside of a goat with a goat head on the back and with the snake as a tail even if youre fighting regularly on the ground you will just start pal youll just start hitting it from the ground and youll not be able to hit the top places like for example it will be very difficult to hit the gold hat on the back because it will be very high from the ground but what you can do is actually you jump on a boat jump on a kite mirror and climb on its head or climb on its back and kill the gold hat from there or you can do the same thing with the snake tail and this especially becomes and this especially becomes very useful against the larger enemies like for example giants or cyclops where you need to actually hit the head or an eye and you you can actually climb these enemies and they will actually try to kick you out and your companions will try to actually gather their attention and were going to talk about companions in a second and its actually pretty fun and pretty amazing combat and its very its its a bit difficult its a bit difficult to master but but not as difficult as souls games but then we have pawns that come into play pawns are actually one of the perks of being a reason pawns are this type of humanoid beings that are usually humans they look like humans but they lack the will of the human and they only live to serve risen or basically in this case you when you lock the pawns you are given an ability to build your own pawn and youre basically building your uh youre another character and this pawn will actually follow you everywhere well whats very interesting you can actually build up different characteristics of the pawn like in within the gameplay you can sit down face to face with the pawn and start talking with him and pawn will ask you what do you want me to do what what do you want or how do you want me to respond when i will fall down like for example you want me to be arrogant you want to be thankful you want to be timid or things like that and youre choosing it youre basically building the character of the pawn itself and the pawn is constantly talking and discussing different things with you but you also can get two other pawns that are actually pawns made by other people and those pawns actually have all the character characteristics and levels that the other players actually given those pawns and its actually very fun and very interesting and the most amazing thing is that if youre playing the quest and if the pawn from another character have already completed this quest with its player they will give you an advice on this quest meaning im telling you that you need to go there you need to do this and whats actually insanely fun insanely amazing experience and you and whats most fun if your pawn will go and play with other characters they can actually bring a loot to you from those playthroughs which is very fun as well and this pawn system is insanely good and its weird that no other games are actually using you can set up different characteristics of the pawns and they will play base on on those characteristics for example if they you want your pawn for example be a tank for you he will tank for you if you you want this character to be a rage attacker he will be range attacker and you can actually give the different commands like like help me or go or stay which makes the game even more fun and interesting and all of these smaller things makes this game actually very fun but its it feels a bit clumsy in the beginning its actually a little bit clumsy and if if you didnt like the movement and the gameplay of monster hunter yeah you might not like that a bit here as well but what about is it is it actually all the perfect and all the fun well not the biggest downside of this game is is it backtracking ah boy this is the biggest this is the worst side of the game and i really hate this game for that and i really hate that this game has it you see there is no fast travel in the game well there is a fast roll you unlock the port keys and you can actually have a like mark and recall type of spells where you can actually mark one point put a port key on one place and then you can actually teleport from some up so from certain other places to this place but thats all that you have and other than that you will have to walk all around the world to get to different places and it is not fun thats its just not and also gabe looks a little dated its actually pretty old its almost a decade old but know that you can actually upgrade this game with different mods and different graphical mods making making this game look pretty okay but what about the price how much will it cost you to get into all of this goodness so game is available on steam for the base price of 29.99 for tier 1 countries and 21.992 countries and can go as low as 479 for tier 1 countries and 351 for tier 2 countries the endgame is very often on sale so which price is worth it well just my advice dont get this game for the full price not because it does not deserve it but because its way too old and most likely youre gonna find this game on sale or youre gonna find this game somewhere on a key websites because yeah this game is pretty old and for the discount price if youll find this game if youll find this game for less than ten dollars anywhere go and get it 100 dont even think about it if youll find this game for less than five dollars dont even think that whether you play this game or not just go and get it because this game is 100 worth it imagine a skyrim size game well actually a bit a bit smaller than that for five dollars well thats thats thats what it is you need to get this game and you need to try it for yourself especially if you like something like monster hunter and if you like the souls like games youre gonna enjoy this game a lot even though its a bit clunky just because its old just forgive its clumsiness because of its age because yeah its a its an old man you need to if this game is an old man you need to be a bit forgiving and youre gonna have a blast with this game its very very good and the monster fights that youre gonna have oh boy youre gonna remember them all for a really long time especially because they are not easy oh yeah if you if your thoughts tell them ring it should have an easy mode well play this game you can play this game on normal and you can actually switch this game with an easy mode but it feels but it but if it feels very easy to you you can actually go and play this game on hard mode as well and thats thats where the game becomes very challenging great game go and get it dont even think about it if you like rpgs if you like fantasy rpgs if you like the gameplay of monster hunter and and souls like games go and get it its absolutely worth it well this will be it for today thank you for being here with me like the video if you like to subscribe for more videos like this one and im gonna see you in the next one see ya can you use steam on oculus quest 2 Dragons Dogma Review 2023 // Is It Worth It in 2023?! 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