Dragons Dogma: DA Remaster - Beginner Guide for Character Levels & Stat Gains

How to delete games from steam accountimmortal game steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN game so Capcom recently released a remaster of an excellent ps3 RPG perhaps the best one from that era that does not have souls in the title but if youre a fan of souls if youre a fan of Monster Hunter if youre a fan of the hack and slash in Diablo this game has a nice blend of all of those things great combat great monsters to fight and a very interesting story and today were mainly gonna be focusing on character building because its a very strange system so champions of milk do you want to know how to control your stats as you level up its not like souls do not get a menu but you do get direct control over the way your character develops by your choice of a class now if you are going to be building for maximum power either as a magic mill or a physical build you will be choosing completely different classes and maybe a completely different class that the one that you intend to use and now its not necessary to min/max very heavily in this game once you get to level 200 no matter what youve done you can pretty much wreck it is very gear dependent as much as stat dependent or Id say more gear dependent thats dependent however if you do build your character purely and min/max you do get results so how do you do that well from one to ten you can only pick from three character classes depending on the class you pick you will get different stat level ups if you are going for a physical damage type build so either using a bow or a physical weapon that is mailing you will need to pick a fighter from level 1 to 10 to get that 4 attack power bonus you might want to be using a bow right away but just wait youll get the opportunity soon from 11 to 100 if youre doing a physical build you want to go with an assassin its important that you go right to grand soren as soon as you get the opportunity therell be some tempting side quests but just go to the encampment where you learn to build your pawn etc and then once you get the quest to deliver something to Grand Sauron that is when you want to go right there and pick assassin or sorcerer as your special class now if youre doing magic obviously sorcerer is what you want to pick so anything like the magic archer sorcerer of mage the best way to mid max for that class in the very end game will be doing levels 11 to 100 as a sorcerer and 1 to 10 as a mage now its the exact same youd want to go assassin or sorcerer respectively for physical or magic from 101 to 200 however the stat bonuses you get from levels 101 to 200 are significantly cut in half usually about 50 percent or more so if you are mid maxing and you only want to kind of half-ass it doing it from levels 1 to 100 is gonna get you a ton more bang for your buck than doing it 101 to 200 so definitely something to consider now as I mentioned its not necessary at all to min/max your character in this game most of the power youre gonna get is going to be gear get based however like I also said you will notice a difference between a perfectly min/max character for strength and one that was not and vice-versa if youre building for a magic class and since all of the systems that govern how you raise your stats in this game are hidden I thought this video might help some of yall particularly the beginners and if youre looking for more details on exactly what these numbers are Im gonna be putting in the description a link to the wiki where you can find the little spreadsheets for what you get from each character class that was and from what level range you get it it is important if you are doing this that you go to grants or in the major first city and escort that wagon quest as soon as possible so theres gonna be a few required quests before that but just make sure that you dont wander off the beaten path and start doing side quests but youre gonna be those little blue circles so you always want to be following the orange circles at the very beginning of the game because its important that youre getting here right when you hit level 10 so then you can start to take advantage of either the assassin or the sorcerer class to get the most power out of your character after that youre pretty much free to do whatever you want you can buy the equipment you want but you might not have the money yet for instance I was not able to afford a large staff for my pawn but I would still say its definitely worth it doing this as soon as possible especially if you are looking to build the most powerful character that you can so if youre going for that physical build again you want to go assassin and if youre going for magic you want to be a sorcerer as soon as possible especially from levels 11 to 100 when you get the biggest gains also the mystic Knight is kind of a strange case since the weapon damage is gonna scale off strength and a lot of your abilities and spells obviously will scale off of the magic so in that case a mix of both might actually be the true min/max for that bill depending on what youre looking to do and if youre looking to get the highest defense gains at every level actually the magic Archer is the way to go so I hope you enjoy I hope you have fun playing some Dragons Dogma and I hope you stay milkie fabric steamer conair Quick video on how to level your statistics to make most powerful physical or magic type damage character in the new release, DD: Dark Arisen Remaster.Minmax is not required to destroy monsters in this game, but the character development system is hidden & not intuitive, so I hope this helps some new (or veteran) players of this awesome action RPG. 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