Dragons Dogma is one of the open world games of all time

Sons of the forest steamsteam game puzzle DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN game Dragons Dogma is on the list of open World Games Ive just never played but heard really good things about and honestly it sounds right up my alley so lets check it out in 2022 okay using a lantern will hold the Darkness at Bay ah fantastic also this is a perfect time to check out this game since the second game is it was like announced or something we should hurry yes lets hurry wow this runs really well thank you whoa look at that guy um I just I just started the game you cant do this oh hes talking to me wow invoking this Stone will give you pawns is that what this guy is is this guy a pawn thats just a horrible thing to be examine shes a rift Stone edge with strings oh hello uh Hey guys our kind is ever ready okay come with me oh I can issue them commands very well hey guys okay stupid humans are they gonna fight back or they just fought her okay thats block um hindsight Flash oh oh thats sick wow Shield strike oh sick these guys are just constantly talking I dont know what theyre saying uh oh what the hell is this oh yeah uh I dont know what happened there but it looked cool honestly I was I was expecting this to feel a lot more clunky this feels really good it looks it looks dated but uh thats a snow Harpy okay so blink strike oh get it oh yeah go Morgana oh my God its kind of like Dragon Age but the combat feels better and Im saying that as someone who loves Dragon Age okay so Skyward laughs okay thats not what I needed oh what I dont know whats going on at any given time but its its great let me try to grab can I grab this guy oh yeah yeah you guys beat him up oh no wait I grabbed my own guy who the hell are you hey guys you want to join our party theres already four of us oh dear okay that is a ghost and a lion oh no sir polody is so good holy crap look at that thing um oh okay oh my god um how do I get up get up get up stop sleeping um yeah you guys fight him for me here get on top oh my God yeah Im on the goat Im on the go grab on yes Shield back okay so the goats the goats done now its just the lion oh hell yeah somebody buffed my sword its got lightning coming out of it oh hes almost dead guys come on lets finish him finish the fight oh my God my people are almost dead yes we did it oh hell yeah oh yeah the Eternal ring thats familiar oh yes LaPlace okay the delightful and ever novel pleasure of a useless occupation hungry all my games need to start with fancy quotes here we are oh this looks like a great a Great Character Creator yeah look at that pose sick oh look at our guy okay uh name butts okay we gotta pick like a nickname Gary our name is butts but we go by Gary okay oh man okay a base model how about a child Im gonna go with this small child look how tough he is hes gonna sound like this its fantastic okay his name is his name is butts he goes by Gary he weighs 33 pounds oh my God look at this little guy Im gonna go with this though I like the way this guy looks yes okay there is a uh Im gonna go with this bowl its a huge Bowl uh can we get this guy any shorter no but we can make him even Slimmer and then lets make them all wrinkly okay no I think this is great I think I think this is our hero hey fellow children Im also a child yes there he is oh man the suns in my eyes what have I done oh theres a fair loss hey we know each other oh well stop what could it be oh no oh  __  yeah its a dragon look if I were me and I look like that Id run um guys yeah oh geez okay this dragon looks really good oh now its raining too no here everyone save the children including me oh man he just fried all those people alive oh my God oh dont worry Im here okay here we go here we go yes away look at this guys health bar this is insane actually though we need to run we need to run away were not doing any damage yeah oh no no um Music okay oh oh my God put that back put our heart back in our chest oh hes gonna eat it yeah just like a little snack no give me that back you bastard and thats how the game starts kind of sick no this old small child is dead Music how he doesnt have a heart okay Music yeah oh thats kind of weird so I gotta win my heart back from the dragon I need to prepare yeah you could say that again we did no damage to that dargan am I a fighter a Strider or a mage Im gonna go straighter beautiful look at us uh RT to grab can I just grab anything its amazing yeah oh theyre talking about me yeah I I have no heart Im leaving ah casardis where the dragon just attacked its beautiful this game it looks like it was plucked from the 20 early 2010s perhaps the 2005s to the 2009s okay little guy go find a quest we look like a character from fable oh whats this Dark Cloud um hello sir uh were you also violated by this Dragon to truly know what a risen are meant to do tis likely best to follow the Pawns lead hi Rook whats up dude Laughter why cant I just pick people up oh sick look at the dagger combat what the oh oh sick all right lets just leave this path should see us there okay lets do it man oh damn lets save this man hey guys okay please dont hit me too hard Im a very small diminutive Horizon oh did he give me a little fire enchantment thats sick okay Scarlet kisses oh  __  if theres anything I take away from this game already it sets the combat and the animations feel really nice Im called Reynard Reynard Goblin he gave me a cape lets put on our cloak so we look a little less ridiculous there we go now we look kind of sick actually Music what if memory serves I know the way Master follow me okay oh well so were gonna spawn a pawn spawn upon yes I can hear you we speak to you from across great distance the pawn Legion okay so I have to go through a trial to prove that I am an Arisen hey guys Im here to defeat the dragon um I also do goofy  __  like means the soldiers grab barrels and throw them Laughter okay Im just wandering the camp until I find a threat if you guys have any threats oh oh sir Publius says the Beast comes oh  __  what is that thing um oh its like a cyclops okay here we go oh sick you shoot him in the eye yeah yeah and then threefold Arrow boom here let me climb oh and I could just keep crawling all over this guy huh all right what do you think about that yes Scarlet kisses what do you think about that feel a kiss Im climbing into his butt into the butt yeah Ill try to strike the eye Im gonna try to get up here and start stabbing the eye oh my God look at me yes oh that was sick Music oh who is this man wait are we not going to talk about the the strange man wheres whered he go hey did you guys see the hooded he looked like Palpatine where the hell did he go this game is so its simultaneously like impressive and hilarious to me my trial is complete I am Arisen select a companion I get to make another ridiculous character oh Im gonna make him huge okay mail um last one okay so that was butts now this is um Im gonna name this guy cheeks beautiful and uh hes gonna go by Im gonna name him Tammy Laughter okay so were obviously gonna pick this guy okay hes gonna have the lowest voice possible and so he kind of already looks like an ogre I was kind of you know going for that yeah I like this guy man he looks very intimidating thats exactly what I want uh stature massive and huge yeah hes a big boy and hes ripped look at him okay hes already big thick boy and then his okay timid or imposing and Macho stance or Lady Lake hes already got scars no hes good hes good this is hes great look at him behold Tammy its like a questionnaire okay when faced with danger he has an iron will hell Kill All Enemies leave them to me as a ruler which gift would please you most the perfect spouse a magic potion that preserves you a majestic white Steed obviously okay and this guy is a fighter yes whats up dude Laughter our fealty is sworn to you were risen yeah can you imagine bowing to butts AKA Gary yes level four butts hey dude okay so this guys gonna give us some some training oh my God look at butts next to cheeks yes look at us were the Ultimate Team you know what they say when you combine butts and cheeks magic happens okay uh oh theres the hooded guy theres Palpatine hey uh he actually looks like him okay Ive got enough discipline for a new dagger ability beautiful beautiful okay and then uh biting wind there we go sick oh Ive also got stuff for cheeks uh broad cut lets do broad cut for cheeks um hello were supposed to talk to you I am Mercedes as you yes Repose is the better part of Readiness yeah fantastic oh god oh did the dragon attack at night oh no what a massive snake oh my God its huge yeah um lets go guys its a Hydra theres literally so many heads um oh its got me here we go there we go there we go attack shoot yes let go of cheeks you bastard huh uh Japan oh my God okay I cant stay on and I have no health oh no cheeks okay uh cheeks stay alive no let me go let me go let me go okay here we go cheeks you will not die on this day hes so hard to get to okay there we go cheeks yes youre good Im climbing it yes yes yes go go lets go okay here we go yeah okay oh oh I cut off a head oh my God yeah Im impressed this your Andy work for Truth For Truth dude make a gift of these hates Music uh do you mind on yourself okay yeah lets go lets take the Hydra head to the Duke oh I just got an achievement called getting ahead all right we are off to oh okay were not quite off yet get it get it get it get it yeah Ah hell yeah cheeks just leveled up Im just like so surprised how smooth this game is like just all of the systems they dont feel like a 10 year old game uh where are you going wait whos that guy what is happening is that like a bandit okay hes running away so come on Rook attack what are you doing yeah who are you who are you whats whats happening oh theres another one hi oh you have a nice is that a hat can I help you enlist why not I am honored to travel with you oh sick weve got another guy Ross oh gotta take a breather oh man running is tough work oh thats the guy we saw earlier wait what oh hey Ambush ah get him get him get again yeah you saw it you saw it yeah what do you think about this huh okay weve got the same move set but yes hold him hold him and Ill stab him oh thats brutal no get back here where do you think youre going here Im gonna give you a three-fold arrow dude oh this guys so dead look at this look at this look at this look at this he has so much help though what the hells happening oh my God you just heal guys every everyone keep attacking oh my God oh theres theres the Mage we gotta kill the mage that rookie mistake yeah okay now everyone go for this guy kill him cheeks what are you doing buddy stop jumping yeah hold him down hold him down Ill beat him up oh yeah okay oh theres another guy yes hold him cheeks hold him oh brutal brutal these are some long fights uh hi maam or sir ah yes we finally made it I trust you rested well given the hour oh okay sorry I took my time hey guys okay Im gonna do a threefold arrow oh sick hmm these goblins these poor goblins man I feel bad for them theyre literally just fodder oh my god oh damn look at that huge serpent head Hydra head oh God zahidras are harpies well done guys Im just Im proud of us you know oh all right there we go nice oh what is this an explosive Barrel perhaps I will take it with me or theres a lot of explosive barrels okay a fiend with a womans form oh gosh okay that wasnt smart of me hi fiend with the womans form get down here come here you harlots beautiful beautiful oh is that where were going oh that place looks really nice keep watch for the Falling Rocks on the path ahead Falling Rocks oh theres a harpy oh yeah do a cheek do it oh my God Im just destroying the animal thats carrying us or escorting us its a harpy woman headshot do you think this thing could go any faster rocks rock slide oh theres that its okay guys that was literally the smallest rock were fine uh what is that up there thats a heartbeat behind us stand clear uh-oh um move the animal you guys are gonna get crushed move guys guys come on you let the animal get hit okay yeah lets lets just clear out these hearts thatll never not be funny to me yes oh shes like singing is that hey stop singing yeah stand strong keep going guys we can do it oh a skull oh God goblins okay so lets try this boom boom nice weve opened the gate oh God ambush okay Im gonna blow them up theres no end of them yeah you can say that again sir Georg get away no get away from our Beast I love the little kick my guy does its pretty sick uh sorry sorry Rook I didnt mean to pick you up okay who blew that up cheeks cheeks we need to talk about your tactics sir you know this is a big Capital why dont oh God that was a really sneaky attack there I was gonna say why dont they defend these roads better oh that was just probably the coolest thing Ive done yes theres another Goblin or thats just a bandit yep Bandits hi everyone attack oh wait I could just keep shooting three arrows oh that is ridiculous oh yeah okay Im coming Im coming oh beautiful wow were getting insane XP from this long escort Mission oh wait thats a bad guy ah yes I have a pot with which to throw for now Im gonna pick up cheeks for shenanigan reasons you know butts doesnt look like it but butts is so strong that butts can pick up cheeks what if I throw cheeks Music man thats just rude yeah yeah dust yourself off okay look at our crew this could be like an album cover right here okay this lady has papers we can pass weve arrived well done man yes a hydras head is a fine prize his grace will be pleased walk proud through these streets men yes Ill make for the castle directly to offer my report to his price oh wonderful I love words simple you friends right so Jean in the Capital One I will socialize the capital thank you Mercedes um okay who is this man so now were in the store I mean the uh in the main city Harry oh wow yo this is a big city wow can I just climb on the rooftops and stuff yeah why not oh my god oh I did not expect that Splash um hold on whoever followed me up there be careful well guys um man this is both a hilarious game and actually a very enjoyable game Ive Ive really been enjoying my time with this I wish I could play more um but I only have a little bit of time to record before I go on my honeymoon so I hope you guys enjoyed this video um I just had a blast with this game so if you did dont forget to hit that like button Id really appreciate it and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this hit the Bell so you receive notifications next time I upload thank you guys once again for watching and Ill talk to you on the next one how to steam buns without steamer you cant have butts without cheeksSubscribe to jayvee for more videos! ► ​ Watch more videos on jayvee! ► - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow jayvee! ► Twitter: ► Discord: ► Instagram: Latest Uploads: Far Cry 4 is absolute chaos So I played the 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