Assassin time - GAME KNIGHT: Dragons Dogma, Dark Arisen LIVESTREAM #3

Top games played steamsteam free full games DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN game Music Music Music do good evening everyone although if you are in america its probably good morning i hope you all can hear me its a pleasure to be back and i should be joined with sorry i should i should be joined join joining here with me is the legendary meme night meme lord meanwhile can you hear me wow well thank you so much for that introduction yes im im right here by your side yeah i i butchered that i got a bit tongue tied ive had a busy day guys man ive been busy but it is a pleasure to be here with you to kick back and enjoy some gaming so lets uh lets kind of get right into it um but uh oz do you remember do you remember what happened last time what we got up to you know shad we you know we were talking about it before and no i actually have a complete memory lapse for the past week im seeing a doctor about it can you fill me in on what happened well well we we entered into the game going hardcore right hardcore hardcore yes okay yep that okay the fires back i remember never give up never surrender thats right never and then we we made a porn whom we remade eventually yeah but we were you know we got stacey and then we also went for an epic quest an epic quest an epic quest an epic quest to get to cover two rings two rings two mighty rings um and now were gonna rest and just to see if anyones hired stacy see what so you want action to be down staceys seen some action i can see color change hair color yeah remember we changed her from something into a stacy now shes a stacey because weve got a chat she was she was a goth thats right staceys much more lively yes she is um but but meanwhile im gonna require oh look shes back from a back from adventuring with another arizona in another realm um oh look at that wow 300 some people really use odin they salute you sir wow thank you yeah very much thats very very serious considering and why they gave us a whole someone gave us a gold idolize its a gold idol thats really good you dont know what that is but i know what it is you can take you know yes its good well its gonna enable us to get the best items in the game i know how to get a gold idol but you usually only get one in each playthrough and someone just gave us one you legend how how did they how do they give this to us you can give items to the pawns you hire right um and someone was just so genuine and they gave us a dragon forge dalmatica its a special type of clothing oh okay that sounds important forge that sounds good that was like we could return it to original but no no um were gonna were gonna keep her with these clothes even though i reckon we could make it look better but these are nice clothes in the meantime and we appreciate it thank you for your generosity and gold idol though they gave us a gold idol thats so nice thank you so much guys yeah yeah um ill youll find out well yeah were gonna do a quest right to get the gold idol and shell know what you have to do but now well have two gold idols and well be able to give one to each of the uh merchants to get the best gear in the game in the game double the idle double double what double the what were getting double the xp double well double the reward i guess yeah well no like yeah theres two quests to get gold idols and usually you have to choose one of the merchants to give the gold idol to all right right um but now because well have two well be able to give them to both and complete both quests yes ah new legends sir i i appreciate you and see you know because i know dragonstone i can appreciate that gift that is that is a wonderful gift in years watching back i will i will to appreciate it when i understand the game yeah well you did buy the game didnt you i did im getting look i am i am i am seeing it does actually look like a lot of fun i have it downloaded i think hey hey hey what if i made a pawn and then yeah yes yes do it okay well do that oh yep next stream next stream there will be a character made for you ready to go and you have to protect them to the end well i better be a good level because i dont want to carry around a noob absolutely porn absolutely wait wait wait wait dont we dont call them that thats a like ah a noob um prisoner with a job no noob uh what what what were some of the great ones i was using a voluntary volunteer involuntary volunteer beautiful that was a good one yeah an involuntary volunteer so meanwhile im going to need to rely on you to keep track of chat for me fill me in on some of the questions they might throw out some of the comments some of the reactions um i need i need your help but i i will i will keep an eye on these these fans of yours wonderful theyre very what are they saying oh my goodness theyre talking about things that i shouldnt be reading what what someone used the word adultery shad oh my goodness um all right so now we do need some porn companions ones that will actually stay with us and we will be ready to continue our quest because now because now because now because now weve weve got the rings weve got the wings wings theres our preciouses the rings of perseverance look out you see look he doesnt look happy but on the inside his so shadrick is just jumping for joy you can see it you know if you look deeply into his eyes look how happy hes just holding it back he has to keep his night reserve you know his night reserve now super chats have been enabled now but its going to be tricky because i i dont have super chats up in front of me not with my current setup so im going to need you uh so meme lord to try and tell me whenever theres a super chat its all on you its all on you you reckon you can um bill yes yes yes theres one here as you say it uh bilbonias bago donuts sent a dollar fifty thank you very much bilbonious and happy 111th birthday its my 111th on birthday he was really wasted but i watched that recently have you been into the gaffers meet again no Music sorry theres all these really high level pawns from my other accounts like no no we need fair ones we need fair ones and you know if we if if uh so i gotta send you away gotta send you away okay um ooh omni chromium with the 10 thank you very much im looking forward to seeing this channel goes we all are absolutely cross our fingers guys i think itll be good of course itll be good so of course yes of course of course um so we need we need um pawns by level and weve got so many rift crystals gee what level could we hire with all these rift crystals we could oh do you spend the rift crystals to hire other pawns yes but you also theres other things you can buy some special items with crystals which well do as well and roof crystals become really important in bitter black island because they enable you to repair rift stones which are quite important when youre struggling through there um so related to lift stones at all no no look i reckon i reckon level 20 is fair its not too overpowered because well reach level 20 quickly um and we dont want to carry weaklings with us and so were going to change the search conditions we want ranges now we dont need them yet but at the moment ranges okay okay okay absolutely ranges ranges wait a minute what about what about our healer what about our stacy were going to keep her yeah yeah weve got you cant go thank goodness of course weve got something right its tasty yeah im youre right youre absolutely right so survived all those runs to get the ring no the key well well she yeah she survived the first ones and then she struggled on the segment she did die in the second one but we remember her sacrifice good thing shes made out of rift energy yeah yeah all right she cant actually die exactly what a bad way to exist infinitely well i mean you know can they really feel pain well look actually there is a quest line in which a porn does become a real person they become a real boy technically is a real girl because its a girl but um level 52 youre a bit too look and i hate your hat im sorry why do people give them these legs i dont like the hat okay whats wrong with that hat i dont like it its blue and its it looks nice i think its like a crayon all right is it kenius or genius i i dont like your look but you know were scraping the bottle in the barrel well hire you anyway okay um sir meme lord i think theres another super chat if you would read that yes weve got a few uh from two x too spooky for me gold ive tried playing this game so many times now ive played the first hour of this game like 10 times but i dont know why i just cant get into it you know i have played it once years ago and it got to the part where the dragon showed up and it was it was too stressful for me Laughter but yeah no and then and then i put dark souls in and uh a similar thing happened but you know its just commitment and you know you can learn through us how to play the game effectively yeah because thats the larger thing oh yeah thats the way thats the way all right so weve got our team we got a we got a big fighter guy me and we got our two rangers which are dextrous builds and then weve got our healer and so were ready to continue the quest but look thank you for the donation we app appreciate it and so um was there another super chat yeah that was from uh omni chromium omni chromium yes her name is stacy what does it matter if she die okay now wait a minute wait a minute thats all youre doing not talking about okay any anyone else who was that other guy that we hated uh oh oh rook rook look yeah absolutely yes brooke spies brooke okay all right were gonna theres ready that its gonna be a slight cutscene so i you know i think im willing to let capcom claim the live streams but then i dont know because of the cut scenes but sometimes the cut scenes are fun to watch your character do stuff so its its your i mean like wait why dont we ask the chat chat do you guys think that we should skip the cutscenes or should we give all of this revenue to capcom i mean well be able to cut it out in our highlight super cuts you know um first run this out yeah the first the first super cut is out i reckon turned out really good um so people are saying skip okay okay skip okay no worries guys oh we have another super chat from corey yes i completely agree words of wisdom right there all right so shes saying bubba yes um yeah yep and hes like go take us a rest and i will i will but but me lord our rest is going to be interrupted why will it be interrupted its going to be interrupted look i need to skip it dang it but you youll get to see what what interrupts it ready ready ready oh yeah youre ready is it palpatine no dragon its a giant snake well its a hydra technically oh stuart is a dragon kind of yeah water dragon violin i guess all right so look we were gonna end it quickly oh wait oh hes eating me i need to get out of his mouth oh no its a hydra right just cut it off thatll kill it yeah well i mean this ones just going to run away but we will we will ready ready oh it dropped me because its running oh get out of here quickly remember i hit i am on i am on hardcore mode sorry thats gonna its gonna break it look look what did that what did that tower ever do to it its just wanton destruction this is a youre setting a bad example for your children here i hate it when gigantic serpentis beings destroy towers oh oh i i pressed the wrong button oh look see look that head off oh it says cutscene quickly skip skip oh yes oh no oh no in chat omi chromium says gobble gobble gobble in direct defiance to what corey said so oh oh there theres some fight theres fighting words two sides are forming so mercedes shes impressed with it shes like um were gonna take the head to the capitol and uh and she wants my help to if i was like all right sure sure well do this do these guys know the deal with hydras though that if you take their heads off theyre just gonna grow back yeah they can only grow too much but look we need to go and give this head to the duke okay okay okay what does duke want do you know what he wants with it is he gonna do well i i dont know what the duke does with head but you know he can do whatever he wants with it yeah yeah good luck finding an apple big enough to fit in that mouth oh the heads gone damn it yeah all right so we need to at least yeah we need to go meet the mercedes oh and look yes i saw it from my spot cory has a question are you going to play kingdom oh no what is that crusader kings 3 sometime in the future i have it downloaded on my computer ready to go and so you know yes yes im sure i will im sure i will okay so technically youre supposed to go back with that guy to get a quest but maybe well get it a bit later um but save i mean saving is important because were going to come across some bandits on the way the bandits might might you know cause some difficulty actually look im gonna run past the bandits i know travesty right but im already a high enough level to multi-class um actually no lets fight him lets look well just fight him okay were gonna fight were gonna fight okay uh things are intensifying in the uh in the chat cory has called out uh amy chromium uh calling him or her a blasphemer oh all right yep we expect a duel soon hes done mandates i need to be more careful like because sometimes youre just way too overconfident because like oh ill be honest but im like oh yeah im a really low level like like this ready ready i cant block now im dead im dead oh no block suck it got him say but stacys gonna heal me thank you stacy youre youre a jim appreciate you appreciate yall um one seven uh has asked hey how how much do you know about polynesian warriors and weapons would become exposure to samoan culture there is actually a decently high samoan membership in my church my like not in my specific congregation but expanded and also when i was a missionary i had some on companion stuff and so you know i know about the hakka and i forget the name of the weapon but ive seen demonstrations of their weapon they have and stuff um interesting its interesting is it like um so i know a little bit im not sure its something id dive into but maybe you know its always its always a possibility um good question island islander cultures very beaut like the the uh the weaponry and the way they painted things and their sculptures beautiful sorry and look sorry the hackers um maori not someone i dont know sometimes i get a lot of different island cultures do it because it is a lot kiwi as well im here fairly certain to do it though as well yeah i sure actually look we might be insulting a whole culture here we need to be careful about that no no hey im kiwi ive got some maori in me on on a few sides so yeah no its kiwis do it i know yeah the other islanders do it and theyve got their own versions yeah its a very interesting culture and its its so you know spread far apart but still so similar quite anyway oh we had one and then it disappeared the uh yeah sometimes they go quick uh they disappear quickly there should be a way for me to get access to mom back end i just i cant get to it right now because im in the game and so look i apologize i really do apologize if we miss a super chat ill do my best well try and do a super chit chat catch up at the end where i might just have to alt tab and the screen will look frozen but well still be chatting in things and i can look up the chat um so we might just have to do that but look look ben its killed problem solved all gone all done all done now lets see if we can track them back to the town they came from an exact vengeance thats true thats always the question in these games where its just enemies appearing out of nowhere like where do they come from do they come from yeah whos responsible for their press finishing like we need to find their mothers and give them a good lecturing because theyve theyve failed in raising their their children yeah and take whatever baked goods they might have like really you would be proud of having a son like this i mean exactly and you make boots for these for these these wanton criminals yeah its horrible horrible oh uh thomas laurent have you heard of x anime and if yes are you considering streaming it in the future ive heard of xenoma um maybe ill give it a try on a stream um if not its certainly something that i want to try it is still in like early access and development though i believe and so its awesome the trick looks nice yeah i think the graphics on it was pretty pretty darn good like okay yeah sorry physics its like a fully physics based combat and that it can look pretty wonky at times like with how they got those um weapon you know movements and things but it certainly looks cool sorry that mage that you sliced and diced earlier i should have said he uh he was like fired bolts at you yeah magic they look like projectiles magical bolts i need to all right all right we can get this guy lets double team good job good job good job porn i mean uh uh um what was the name what was the name roll thrall throw say thrall he just lays into a mango hes kind of hes kind of showing us up im not sure i like that ill take that yeah you want to be the center of attention yes ive got my eye on you cenius just hes trying to hes trying to show you up in front of stacy thats he got eyes for stacey look at that look right see this cliff this cliff its got your name on it you watch yourself all right thats your warning thats your warning and and yeah now you know okay yeah thats thats maybe maybe well hire her maybe well just hire by making izzy a girl you literally just pick him up and walk to the edge of a cliff and threaten him thats right like you watch yourself mate yeah back in this day thats how we Laughter start yeah all right were almost at the uh quest marker um but were were getting there were getting there so oh theres another super chat yes the reason the jedi and sith didnt turn their lightsabers off and then back on is because its a very dishonorable way to fight tell that to kylo ren and um pretty sure raided in the last one too see i dont buy it im sorry im like look i appreciate the super chat but i just i just dont buy that at all there are many times the jedi are willing to do a dirty trick to win a fight many times i mean everyone picks up a light say i dont know i say but blaster and just blasts grievous because you know he needed to win why not why not and and also he used the high ground uh which is just a cowards move never used the high ground its just uncalled for shameful shameful display and so so now we are with mercedes and were going to be escorting the uh the severed head with us and i like i really dont think the sith have a problem with fighting dishonorably i just dont fix yeah thats their whole gig like they they kill their master when they you know can theres not much honor there um there oh theres another super chat thank you corey gibson appreciate the donation and yes hes saying shud are you into genealogy at all you might be the descendant of someone famous from medieval times of course he is hes the descendant of shadrick the adventuring king knight lord sorcerer so um family history is actually a very big thing in my church um we take it very seriously and uh let me just let me just kill these goblins let me just kill these we got you know just goblins are done good good job um and so a lot of the family history has been done by a family but theres a bit of a problem is that my the brooks is on my side hail from ireland um about three or four generations ago but you get far enough back uh when you get there island had like this massive fire in their records house and most of the like family history records on that side are gone its gone and brooks is technically a name that comes from england and so they like the original brookss must have come from england sometime migrated to ireland and then from ireland to australia uh so theres a bit of history and so theres a bit of a br a brick wall a metaphorical brick wall in um in my family history there but yeah certainly looked into it a lot of my family have actually you guys are tearing these birds up yeah but now theyre trying to put us to sleep see see those ghostly songs are there get kill it kill it just dont let your birds dont like the birds damn they go are they vultures theyre harpies oh harpies yes the thought bird Laughter never trust a harbour thats true i think nothing against pottery its uh you know we have our games they have this and this is our no no the the big problem are the sims sorry oh no no no look were not going there were not going there yeah yeah okay lets stay away from touchy political subjects yes are you really just shad yes of course of course birds kill the harpies so this is when its ah im trying im trying i gotcha hang on oh that was vanilla she threw a a barrel at me all right we were watching all that she tried to try to blow you up i think they these thralls theyve got it out for me ones trying to steal my thrall and the others trying to kill me yeah all right next time you got to take if okay ill keep it on venelli right but if she does it again show her the cliff all right yes youre ready now thats why youre right you know just we just need to show it look ready you see this you see this all right thats where youre going vanelli vanille thats your warning all right youve been walking that doesnt look like a good place to be down there yeah thats right im gonna save it so i think corey gibson actually had another question for us aarons yeah yeah he did he said uh have the same problem with gibson in ireland so yeah like his family yeah its a common problem with family history if you have family hailing hailing from ireland is uh yeah so its a known issue unfortunately because of those lost records oh uh michael has said howdy from sydney what are your uh what build are you planning to use i always default to magic knights balls i dont know what that is well we are doing a min max assassin build i say oh yeah of course yeah totally so were gonna min max assassin but we have um two rings of perseverance to rank up quickly so we can get all the good augments from the class we need because we need we need the augments from the fighter class we need the organs from the warrior class that we need the augments from the strider class we need the augers from the ranger class so we need to rank up in all those other classes as well as getting levels in assassin do you see why we needed the rings of perseverance i see why we needed those rings thats a lot of orphans yeah we need them yeah because um assassin is a its like a is a damage so its technically a strength its a strength dex class and there are yeah with heart really high damage right but the two strength classes are fighter which i mean now and warrior which is two-handed weapon and then the two dex classes are strider and ranger and they each get special augments which grant you passive abilities which will be important for us to maxing our character to the max to the max to them like a one-shot machine or just uh you know high damage high damage so yeah so the strength augments we need to up our damage because theyre all going to up your damage and the um dex augments we need uh help us shoot our bows faster yeah so assassins have bows assassins actually have the widest weapon selection really out of any character class in this game and so we could use daggers we could use bows we could actually thats probably incorrect theres other classes that get a lot of other weapons but um oh theres a big rock see this indiana jones rock i mean let me let me indiana jones Laughter stacy that was a noble sacrifice i appreciate your love thank you stacey she she no no no see look stacy right she took the boulder for us all right weve got vanilla trying to kill us cenia is trying to steal our thrall and stacy taking the hits for us she she is a gold class thrawn shes the best just smashes the other ones already we love you stacy my favorite pawn in out of your league of characters by far oh wow theres a boulder that always hit us its okay were good were safe we say we survived the boulders thanks to stacey boulder yeah it fell right behind me okay thank you stacey where is all the wheres all the the we need stacy fan maybe not hey hey i i if you do fanart well try and show it on stream or at least on a nightly news because thats where we can just do our reactions keep it pg guys yes yes do you keep it otherwise it wont appear um only i may hold the axe of double edginess that is very true and even then we dont like you so much even then i can only pick it up when chad says Laughter get the walls i go donuts he has said shad thank you uh i binged through stormlight archives on audible in the last month uh thrashers a song of ice and fire theft is greatest of all time i dont know what theft i love tiffs hes a character teft is awesome hes one of those hes one of those grouchy guys with a heart of gold kind of characters really good oh kind of like uh like like you a bit well im not grouchy youre not grouchy no thats true but ive seen you when you get mad you almost said a bad word one time almost almost you stopped yourself last out of his super chat is what order would you want to join hmm windrunners are probably at the top of the moment because im you know im all about honor or keeping ones word and stuff so i tell you what i tell you what like it seems like that um bondsmiths have some huge abilities but were not really there yet windrunners are right on the front line and they got some cool you know flashy stuff so i know its a bit generic but i think were nice you know the only fantasy series that ive really read through has been um the black company by i think its glenn something then cook i think thats a great great uh dark fantasy series is um what sort of fantasy is stormlight archives epic fantasy a very inventive and come back in goblin come out here come here come here single one escape yeah oh no we just failed what happened oh no oh no oh wait wait hes alive hes alive whats that this oh this isnt good the um the uh the the cow is almost dead all right all right all right all right theres a way we can heal the cow fix the cow its gonna be messy but we can do it ready okay im doing this i do i do this for the cow ready oh are you gonna miss ouch no no no now im injured so stacy shes gonna try and heal me the good girl shes going to try and heal me and so if i stand in front of the cow and shell heal the cow shell heal me and by healing me shell heal the cow so stacy good girl kill me quickly all right all right now the cow is is the cow isnt moving forward into the healing thing okay okay maybe maybe its not now ah come on oh make sure to kick the cow for extra speed i dont think well do that no well actually well kill the cow if we do that now its got no health left oh it just died i think maybe can they look ive ive never actually had the cowbee on this low health before so can it die i cant account for really ever die can a couch really look look im gonna open this to get it to start moving um but hopefully stacy will do another healing thing and uh ill try and stay in front of the cow and get the cow healed um but thank you for the super chat about kicking the cow but no we dont want to kick the cow yet dont want to kill i dont want to risk killing it when the mission is finished we will eat the cow we will all eat the cow together ill go and kill a cow to eat it but first weve got goblins to deal with i taste i like goblin flesh good no oh oh oh the cow the cow cant move i cant save the cow save it oh hes not dead is he i dont know oh it is okay i dont think a cow can die were safe please all right but so now stacys going to heal me and the cow will walk into the healing thing and get some healing look theres there we go the cow getting healed its a little healed okay yeah okay were somewhat safe but seriously ive never had the cow get that damaged i dont know what happened i think it was a pawn i think the pawn killer i blame cenius yes he did it that hes the one you want you where you coming coming coming all right see see these goblins seniors to his goblins go say hi to him all right you can have him oh oh he recovered from that well hmm all right cindy hes just trying to swap he really is see he just knocks him into the air and sets him on fire just to show you up in front of stacy he really theres this this guy this guy all right next cliff we need a cliff next how do you even compete though because all you have is a sword and a shield that makes fire but this guy hes throwing him into the sky and then blasting them dont dont dont dont make me feel inadequate youre making me feel really inadequate here anymore hey i mean im just saying he could pick up the rest of the fight if he wanted to oh i like the chummy oh thats a hey oh look at this look at this cenius what a lovely cliff its nice view dont you think its a nice view i think its a nice view what do you think you go have a look go have a look see if its a nice view there yeah there but he survived dang it but one day well find a big enough cliff one day well find a big enough cliff but thats his first warning wait did you see that stacey just healed him without your permission stacy look look no no thats thats seniors fault is corrupting her with his with his beautiful dark hair and his magic skills did you just he just said what else would you expect with my help you mate are a arrogant so-and-so is he watching the stream all right all right seniors theres another night nut theres a nice cliff here for you guys say hi to the cliff oh now we got bandits we got wait i need to deal with the bandits before you hang on no theres theyre moving forward into the its right im gonna save it and well have to deal with the bandits first yeah we have we have plenty of time to murder serious and cold blood you youre absolutely right people want me to kick the ox look ill kick the ox after i deal with these bandits okay hello yeah skewer attack take him out see did cenius do that i dont think so cenius couldnt do that no not two guys at once yeah thats right see look hes just hes just swinging his weapons around hes like look at me im doing a dance oh hes really going for it yeah thanks thanks for keeping the team up oi dont you start time to kind of like send it no no betrayal first stacey and now meme lord im just saying man hes got some moves thats all you know like maybe you should like bury the hatchet a bit not in his temple but like you know im looking for them im getting ready ready were gonna kick the cow kick and its moving faster look at that there we go yeah thats things up i i kicked him yeah happy now chad wow okay yeah we should listen to them more often maybe only if they give us good advice okay so yeah yeah yeah uh yuri savelle says kick the cow equals fast if health zero stop to rest wise words aha okay so the cow cant die but when it hits zero health it pauses he like hes falls down hes going so slow do you reckon we need to kick him again yeah you know maybe whats the point yeah yeah yep and ready again yeah checkery didnt fit one more in yeah got it yeah run run a little counter yes and look at the capital look at this look at this marvelous castle did you review this castle i did i have a whole video reviewing this grand story i think its not a castle its a city but with castle like architecture and stuff and yes whole video on shadowversity go check it out oh uh shudski youre aware of sabaton yes yes because ive seen a few questions people asking if you know of sabaton if you listen to sabotage yeah last stand is like my favorite song theyve got some other good stuff yep is it army the army dead army theyre dead or something um attack of the dead man or margin yeah true story that one i know man i actually really like how sabaton kind of you know gives some attention to a lot of you know brave young soul like often young men and went off to war and died and didnt have any voice in the matter yeah theyre heroes and they should be back in the old days they immortalized warriors didnt they with stuff like that yeah all right we made it oh yes give a porn a comically high-pitched voice and further earn my eternal loyalty love your shot never change thank you im not sure i can go that far i mean i look i i i just i i have my dignity you know skip come on what about my my fella ill give him a high-pitched voice but then i might not want to hire him why not because i got my dignity wow well you know it could just be another just treat him as a punching bag you know just keep him alive thats all you gotta do we are we made it we made it we are now in the city wow this looks like i mean this has been a crowd isnt that sad its its not its not great its not great yes yes hello and so now i can learn skills and change my vocation so if i wanted to i got two more ranks to get in fighter um but i could jump right over to assassin right now and get some levels um which one gives you most damage assassin does but honestly warrior gives you one less point in damage per level um its the second most damage you get for each level a warrior so what i think i might do i think i might finish off ranking up in fighter and then do warrior and then jump over to assassin i think i think thats the plan so lets well finish well finish warrior for now okay um but just just remember youre the one that stressed very eloquently and at great length that you did not want to waste levels thats your point in other things im just reminding you of that thank you for that thank you but thats why we have the rings the rings will enable us to rank up twice as fast as normal and so thats that was the whole point that was the whole point you know perseverance thats right um sorry ill stay till morning i think rest rest up so people are saying assassin will be better at the moment you know yeah but i think we just need to finish ranking up in our current class so we will do that in fact i dont want to do the um first uh um everfall uh mission um so i might jump back and do the mission to find kinah and that should help us level up faster so theres a mission never fall yeah theres a thing called the everfall here but hey hey hey hey look no no no i had the thought before okay um but lightning can strike twice okay its a very intuitive thing if youre going to fall forever what would you call it ever faller infinite fall endless endless form all right so lets just speak to this girl yes hes a poor one blah blah blah okay whether ancient towns like the medieval towns like you know this sort of exposed stone a bit rustic looking or were they a bit more polished oh uh it depends if theyre run down but if they were kept in good condition real they would be like white washed on the inside plastered thatd be nice and things um so it depends but of course thered be instances where they had the stone on the surface people oh yeah i saw that chat shad ripped off dragons dog was pretty obvious no okay dont insult me sir wait a minute while were pointing fingers chad you told me that you couldnt see the chat uh it passes quickly but i cant like pause it and look back and things okay so the concept for everfall in my book i actually got the idea from a couple things uh one was a documentary talking about the shape of the universe um and they were saying that one of the theories of the universe is when you reach the side instead of leaving the universe you just re-enter it from the other side i was like and they compared it with playing i think it was on old game asteroids where you exit the side of the screen and you enter the other side um and so i am going to withdraw something but thats actually where i got the idea for everfall and then as a matter of coming up with a name and like i said uh falling forever gee yeah and so i am against the idea of just because someone else had a name that you also came to naturally means you cant use it i say no of course you can its not copyrighted yeah yeah all right eternal fairy stone we are taking it this is going to be useful weve got it oh actually we need to withdraw something else bandanna games it says also shad the vr world is thirsty for accurate mocap swordsmen i recommend you to sin studios uh for the game swordsman vr needs you shad yes vr needs you well theres blade and sorcery that im definitely not gonna need to try you know um one of these one of these days okay um its on my list and i do have an oculus rift ready to go is it no it might not be i forget i get it mixed up but i got one there i do need to try it ive just never gotten around to doing it yet but it is one of the magic vr headsets so we have an eternal fairy stone ready see this and i can use it forever and so watch this sauce this is going to be its going to be magic im going to use it im going to use it and were going to suddenly teleport all the way back to casadis instantly boom nice look at that magic fairy stone what a masculine name what would you call it then meme lord destructor gem but its not distracting that seems a little extreme whats up whats a better name for a teleport a rift gen a a jump stone no no that sounds like its uh robbing us yo you give us all your rocks all right all right is that thanks we got the mission we got the mission and were going to go find kina now and we need to travel to the woods the dark woods were going there called stones i think thats a good name yeah good point blink blink croc maybe blink gym uh if we look so meme lord wants a masculine name for the gym a rift rock wow rift rock i think there we go the rift rock rocks its like heavy metal man i need yeah lets get us i just saw a flying rabbit i like i just saw a flying rabbit im im a bit stunned it just literally flew down the mountain and ran okay right sure okay and he survived yeah im im okay im killing rabbits im hunting rabbits good ol down with fud you shall be remembered these rabbits have had it too good for too long yep absolutely okay so im gonna rest here what wait until morning actually actually were gonna learn some skills i reckon both me myself my my character here and stacy have leveled out off to learn some new skills so what are you gonna learn um i dont know i i wonder if i can do full moon slash full moon slash is great lets lets do it so speak to this guy so did you do that at the beginning of the the game on the griffin not the griffin that uh a big old goat lion snake thing snake thing um no i dont think we had full moon slash but first im checking i got firemen so okay um stacy doesnt have anything particularly nice yet we already have levin thunderboon dark moon okay so she cant really levitate shes shes done well you know well yeah we need some augments increased duration curative magic effects yes thats going to be very useful reduces damage sustained from magic attacks um a couple of damage reading you had to blow off my magics airflow magic with your standard death store thatll be useful um okay there we go well weve got some good stuff for you there all right so we can all about uh for all of us you know plebeians could you explain to us what some of these do um i was i didnt i was just speaking fast all right so this one reduces damage where sorry look she takes less damage from magic attacks that one well need or quickly these are augments these are passive benefits okay um and so this one increases the duration of cure so when she does a healing thing it lasts longer so we can heal for longer in it um and her magic gets a boost when shes uh low health so those are those um and so ive just improved my blink strike into burst or burst strike so thats good oh compass slash definitely want compass slash its gonna be good um and uh lets say skyward hush like someone saw slash as well suited for okay so these are new skills um i wont go too much in the detail um shield strike springboard shoulder drum symbol attack um sheltered spike thats good no no defensive levels because you know youre playing on hardcore hard mode arent you kind of kind of um sorry i will need some of these dire on the slaughter do i have enough for all of them um ill join the sound tanks tight roll following me to get damaged thats useful there grab that and that and then okay so uh carrying additional weight facilities get from battle hows the stamina consumed when you lift objects so we actually dont really need any of those were fine were good so now we are going to change our equipped skills like a first strike and im going to do compass slash heaven would lash dont want shield summons i dont use many shield skills but sheltered assaults all right and what is it is that like an attack while youre shielding or something yeah exactly you hold the shield up and youre stabbed you just keep stabbing and so now im equipping those augments to stacy so shes a bit better now you gotta make stacey look pretty though we do stacy youre absolutely right um do you think do you think its worth teleporting back to grand soren to just go shopping for her get her something absolutely okay nothings good for nessie and i think we have a bit of gold because were on hard mode um that run to grand sora and dropped a bit of gold so we got 200 000 gold i reckon thats enough to buy some good stuff for her so yeah if if stacys gonna be adventuring with other people you know weve got to set it good yeah you know this is true this is true more quests just these are like you know you get quests for killing things and so seven phantasms 45 undead three cyclopses five phantoms ten saurians okay so lots of little quests that you get for killing monsters thats good so gold for us just so we dont have to teleport all the way back to cassatas right and then run back here and we can return to where we were ill show you what we can do im gonna go over here and im going to put down this see theres a port crystal all right so that means we can teleport back to this port crystal with the ferry stone see how useful that is yeah and now we can teleport back to grand soren thats awesome you cant do that in dark souls i dont have everything i guess so when the game first came out fairy stones were limited once you used them they were consumed and you needed to so they were much more you know i guess uh real like you use them more hesitantly because you could run out of them right but then in the expansion they gave you the eternal fairy stone that you can just use infinitely because people are complaining about having to run everywhere so  __  all right shopping all right caxton get together shopping shopping so youve seen white chicks no i havent and im glad i havent from just that that one comment has like convinced me to never watch that ever chat chat crimson glare look look at this nice wizard staff thats where were gonna give stacey that can you give us this yeah first actually just so we need to as much as we appreciate this outfit it doesnt suit stacy unfortunately so like someone from the 50s thats like a yeah so we we really do appreciate thank you for the gift okay but we um we need a we need to dress her up in actual fact lets see if um the lady is here yep here she is she sells female stuff shes the with caxton shes the next shes also one of the best merchants in the game and so now were going to stacy and we have a super chat oh yes from mr x guten tag from prussia ever tried the demo of hellish court if yes your thoughts hellish why why do i ive heard of it i know of it i just cant think of it ill have a look ill have a look hellish court that sounds thats a really weird name relish court it gets weirder than where i say it oh it looks like a dueling game oh now i know yeah its like a very its a far more realistic almost physics-based um fighter game with weapons and uh scarlagram has even already done a kind of review on it and uh it looks good but i think it needs more polish before i dive into it so you know maybe well give it a go janice 3003 send us 20 dollars random but have you ever won wait a minute random have you ever wanted your input random but have wanted your input oh okay here we go okay im a lds artist who puts rated r content in his work and i sometimes feel guilty for doing that have you ever struggled with that dont know if its my lds or american prudishness thanks um i cant really comment because i dont know to what level and it actually opens up a very interesting and complex kind of discussion on certain things um which we probably dont have time to go into now i i i appreciate super chat but i can tell you about one example that i do for instance my novel like if you were to give it a rating would be hard r and it deals with some really mature stuff okay and part of the thing is is that its trying to reflect characters in a realistic way and the thing is the world is r okay and so im going to be realistic to some of the terrible things that people have done in the past and are capable of doing um thats the kind of thing and so also im writing characters out of different standards to my own and so thats the other thing so im going to be true to those characters and its not me compromising on my own stance because i dont act that way i dont speak that way but im reflecting these characters in a realistic way and so thats the an important thing um and so as to art per se thats a different kind of can of fish because its a visual medium and i personally this is like in terms of for instance i have a moral objection to pornography but i also do not think all nudity is pornographic okay um something becomes pornography in the uh sexualization of the uh what the artist is trying to do if theyre trying to pick something sexually but also in how someone views it if theyre viewing it in a sexual way and and so therefore its a two type of thing and so it can become a bit complex but thats what i can say just briefly on that matter right there um yeah id say id say you know as as someone who tries to be an artist at least um i think its kind of self-evident for when the when the if you do nudity in your work you know whether its rated r or not id say something rated r is gratuitous and you know uh like nudity i wouldnt consider rated all right i consider it anatomy it just depends on the context you know it does depend on the context yeah yeah um and so its kind of something that youll need to set your own standards and positions on honestly um yeah but tasteful nudity and artwork as long as its not uh well it depends again because yeah it depends on that because like yeah i wont go into it because yeah id i mean be a tricky old you know uh renault yeah like for instance i wouldnt consider the statue of david pornographic okay what about the creation of venus i dont know i have to have a look um thats the one on the clam shell um that ones a bit trickier because that one is trying to present something as beautiful as possible and one of the ways people do try and present something more beautiful is by sexualizing it so i would generally say no but shes a bit shes modest you know kind of work i like it yeah and uh thank you josh dublin for changing the subject uh okay the in storage has fashion set now also sell the monocle from storage for 300k does that make sense to you yes it does and i think i very might do well do that i might im not strapped for cash yet so i might not need to im just picking some good good items at the moment and ill um equip as well for the adventuring going forward um where weve got some good equipment ive got im not and so im just collecting the items at the moment and uh and once i got you know some some good kind of stuff um then well go into the wardrobe and pick what would look best okay you really ought to change those pants though they look awkward i know look look this is me just grabbing grabbing stuff okay no i know i know but chat but  __  the parents look awful they they really do look were just were just collecting some um outfits to begin with all right and then then we will uh you know find something that suits her character okay but we dont have we yeah we dont have access to all the um all the clothing and uh armor options and things just yet so but well do what we can with what we have yeah i mean its good to just take her out and enjoy some nice clothes yeah yeah exactly so now weve got the stuff im going to deposit all into our storage and then we can fix up everything and choose what were going to wear in the next part so you know oh man yes thank you thank you george gracia or is that yours i dont know how thats pronounced but george grasser i hope the amazing lord of the rings show sorry the amazon lord of the rings show doesnt go the way of game of thrones yes please no there are worrying signs um ive seen a video of um it was um nerd roddick gary from android he showed some things that was looking like its looking like there might be some game of thrones stuff happening in it and thats not good because christopher tolkien died and he im pretty sure thats uh tolkiens son and uh he was very much about keeping it in good taste and stuff like that but after he died they brought on new writers apparently worrying signs unfortunately all right so now we are decking out you know um my guy and look there are outfits that we could resort to if we need something like that look thats just a full outfit and you know it looks pretty cool as a temporary thing temporary thing and cool yeah i know i know but i like i like picking like look at this this is cool this is a cool kind of uh well they say riveted coat so some type of i would say cloth because its like theres weaving there um but its a cool kind of coat that could work with something work with something looks kind of cool yeah its not bad um and so yeah i reckon fashion dog made exactly like you know yeah you gotta you gotta put effort you just gotta its its a video game if you can change what your character looks like you have to make him pretty oh its just how it works absolutely absolutely so our guy is going to be pretty straightforward until we get some better stuff um but look that works well that works well for you know you know for him at the moment actually yeah yep and so now stacy all right stacy we weve got to do something weve got to do something okay um we dont know what yet were just gonna see what the options are but first look at something more look at this no no look look we got a circlet weve got a circle at that suit stacy okay so and weve got a nice big robe okay weve got look if we really need to we could just resort to this okay just a straight outfit until we get something better that we can put together and so thats an option thats an option that we can we can do but we will see what we could put together um ive got the cassanas shift um theres a queen outfit i dont think a uh a nun outfit suits her yeah its a bit contradictory we dont have too many options to work with unfortunately were still early game dont worry well be out and prove it but i think just for now the look the basic set of ladies trekware will do for her okay i think that will suit her fine enough just as a placeholder until we can give her whoa did someone give us that what happened oh legions might actually it might not be okay okay its not bad its not bad i thought it was i thought it was like one of the end game weapons but its actually one of the dlc weapons thats been leveled up and thats good we appreciate it we will use it oh another super chat from bandana games shad in these trying times the free world needs to know what the best sword for money is on amazon be it sword-shaped machete from cold steel or something much much more expensive chad what is the best sword to have in the modern world for these uh you know all right troublesome vines meme lord make a note for us to address that on uh the next nightly news okay nightly news ill yeah actually yeah do go to the nightly news um topics on our personal discord theres a private discord and make a note that um we need to look for the best sword on amazon best sword from you know specifically for modern times whatever that might entail or just the best sword currently available we can do both we can do both i reckon best boards for current times on the internet on amazon whatever the internet amazon this guy wants to see i get a uh a special book all right all right weve got a quest weve got another quest and we can do these quests together kind of so nice i think i think i think we can do it all right so now we are ready to uh fairy stone back to the port crystal we put down we got were were looking were looking a little better weve got some small equipment upgrades but um you know small improvements small improvements banter games again says thank you no worries man thats actually a very good question so well definitely i i totally agree in trying times like this that is an important question thats a very important question a pertinent question always use swords in defense never attack i dont know why i said that yeah like i dont know i dont know i dont know about that i was alright you need to protect whats you know things are getting a bit a bit difficult you gotta protect with yours okay specifically defend so we are gonna save it because uh theres a uh a quest trigger point just up this hill but we do need to kill some bandits to get past them so these bandits can be a little troublesome as we found out so well just deal with them quickly but i got a new sword do you see my new sword this is called a broadsword which has we all know what i think about broadswords right no yeah its a broad topic isnt it ill ill ouch ouch thats it just leave it to seniors hell take him all out for you hes a no look hes hes on the ground seniors you suck seniors cant save us all right need to be careful see this guy he was wanting to oh yeah take that block see ha ha sidious take that you cant do anything mate yeah you think youre oh ouch now im about to die all right ill let ill let myself heal all right yes good on you stacy we love you good work doing the doing the good job i got him that was mine suck it seniors oh man hes not even fully human i dont know but seniors on the floor i wonder if the owner of this pawn ever would end up watching his stream and just seeing us abuse him yes off he goes be hilarious good old seniors all right so just those bandits again where to next okay so that we need to reach the um next quest point someone who is going to tell us where solomons grimoire is solomons grimoire yes so look see look see this see my my guy his sword is not in a sheath thats dangerous thats dangerous sir shadrick maybe hes just such a chad hes like im so chad i dont need a sheath yeah sheaths of uh actually i wont finish that right you put down the axe you know it needs a back scabbard that the the sheets for champions thats right but look look theres a guy hes getting attacked hes like help me dont worry i got your back i got your back look see this full moon slash i did do you see do you see this ready ready bang bang its an area attack where i just swing and hit everyone around me the old circle fight nice now extort that guy for his money you saved him youre right actually totally oh im about to run out of stamina thats not good i mean yeah oh seniors youre on youre on thin ground mate youre on thin ground oh uh janice pardon my earlier question shad but thanks for answering i would gladly try asking out your stacy and check it out at the last moment dont worry uh stacey doesnt exactly have a choice just get a copy of dragons dogma i know right yeah there you go these poor thralls getting abused and just got no choices theyre not human its fine theyre theyre thralls theyre theyre oh look at this are you touching my things oh yes yes yes man after magic book oh yes im looking for a magic book yes this its that way thank you thank you i appreciate i i appreciate your help mate all right and for thanks you need to go that way its just that way but the towns that way okay did you not hear the town down that way off you go good stuff okay glad glad to help there you go there you go all right so now i do want to make sure that quest triggered um so should be so no no no no where is it wheres the wheres the power troublesome tomb investigate the thieves thats right so if we go to our map yep yep yep thieves i know all right so now were on to find you know i named this uh stream assassin time but i dont think were going to be leveling up into assassin at all in the stream thats entirely up to you shadski i know but were not really not ready yet were not ready yet so ill have to name the um the super cut something more appropriate a quest to assess or the questing this is like were just were adventuring were now traveling forth into the wilderness to adventure forth wait theres a wilderness yeah right if you see this right here this screws into the wilderness oh bandits wolves oh more bandits saurians if you go far enough you run into a dragon actually is it the dragon that that got you at the beginning no its not that big but its still its a its a nasty dragon thats that can be tough to fight especially low level but um well just deal with well just deal with these walls ah come here come here come here come here say oh yeah thats right heaven would lash i just need to make sure oh sheldon spike i want to do a sheltered spike against one of these walls come here wolfie yeah yeah suck it suck it taste my sheltered spike that sounds that sounds oh my goodness wow taste my sheltered spike jeez theres nothing wrong with it i see that hand movement and i realized why stacy follows this guy see look at it take it eat it sheltered spike man thats the way you can just spam it damn oh man its like eat it eat it all right question me but its not a super chat uh shut up oh uh shads editor and then to shad just so everyone knows uh the account shads editor is actually my account because thats oh look indiana jones indiana jones ready ready ready ready Music its gonna hit us stacey stacy she did she literally did we love you stacy youre such a good girl the best oh my goodness she really is sonny has took the first one then stacy took the right cenius you took staceys glory shame on you thats what i think of you senious weak sedious useless sedious useless first she tries to hit on stacy and then he tries to take her glory gosh the guys just horrible horrible michael we interrupt seniors betrayal again uh do you put any stock in the dragon dogma 2 leak i feel that the s-h-i-t-e anime was used uh to gauge interest oh sorry also as a cash grab the the anime yeah the anime was awful like really garbage um oh  __  yeah oh that was a big hit coming but i blocked it were safe were good um i hope there is uh you know not a dragons dog with two coming you just dont know you just dont know you know gives me a little bit of hope and now were just oh this guy yeah why i saw you yeah uh jaylord shad i would be honored if youd review my fantasy ebook short story on the island of the grotesque its available on amazon i look thank you very very much for the super chat i just i dont have the time unfortunately and especially with game night now oh my spare time has had a premium and so yeah i have to pay just to get on this stream im paying you what are you talking about chad its called observational humor you have no time Laughter and so one of the only ways i can actually enjoy literature these days is through audiobooks and even then its still hard to find time um and so im still im still getting through rhythm of war loving it really enjoying it but im not done with rhythm of war yet and and so sorry look i yeah i appreciate it and honestly i wish i could like you know read all the books that you know so many of my fans actually send me they sent me a lot of writing samples and stuff and unfortunately i just dont have the time really like really i actually do get to just take a glance at one or two when someone sends me something but again i dont have time to respond and stuff its unfortunate um i dont want to inspire a thousand fan letters that youll never read but you know what is your next like uh writing video because it feels like youre overdue for one it is i actually have two that i want to make um and so it should be coming sooner than later i want to make one on the show verse tell thats the fallacies because people have repeated it ouch that sent me flying people repeat it so much that now the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction and they dont understand it and so im going to be coming in hard against people who misunderstand that thing because you know sometimes you need to tell instead of show thats the reality but people think that you must always show in every instance its like no thats not right okay and i have awesome stock card one of the most talented writers of our you know past generation uh backing me up 100 on this so awesome is is the author in this game by the way um oh hes a great writer and hes with me a hundred percent like i got this great quote from him saying yeah people dont understand show verse tell at all they got it really wrong i recently watched enders game that movie actually wasnt that bad it wasnt bad but when yeah the book is so much better but yeah so to answer your question yeah i got i got writing videos coming if i can just get around to filming them but ill get there dont worry ill get there yeah plenty time plenty time first youve got to kill these bands thats right we killed some now theres like a theres a good number it might be i dont know eight maybe maybe ten 10 up here down here so we got them we got them but theres a theres a good number of them though so all right so thats one down and this guy this guy where you go where you going shelton spike shelter spikes awesome man all right all right see this guy i see ya oh stacy was in the way but dying that was a guy so the sword and shield guys can actually do some damage um you need a kite shield shad you need a kite shield asap thing is you can get kite shields with the mystic night class um but theres theres a pet peeve with the mystic class mystic night class in this that really annoys me and its that you always have the shield on your back unless youre doing a specific skill with it or blocking with it you just cant hold it in your hand so see how i yeah see how im holding my shoe in my hand and im doing nothing like you have the shield ready well of course thats how you hold his shield but with a mystic knife it would be on my back at the moment unless i actively block with it or use a skill and it bugs the heck out of me i cant stand it and the missing light is an awesome class shes one of those pet peeves that i just i just cant i cant get over it or sheltered spike in the face in the face in the face this guy he he wants he wants to fight now where you going where you going mate where you going yeah thats what you get not getting away hes getting shot yeah ready ready can we do a shuttle spike shut this  __  shoot his flight shoulders flank yeah yeah yeah thats what were daving this one sheltered spike its like oh i love it its like its like its like you know when people do like air punches ive never seen one since shelters  __  shot its fine shoulder spike sorry air punch is like yeah man Laughter youre still holding your sword and you stabbing someone oh i love it i love it that was a good fight good flight fillers good fight and you know even you seniors yeah yeah yeah good fight um so yeah well done but we got another flight coming up oh we got walls now theres walls where are those oh i like me we can save it lets save it shad do you agree that we need more fantasy authors also can you do uh can you do videos on the mansion of the squatocracy ive never heard of the mansion of straw across the sea so its unlikely in all honesty but maybe if it comes across my radar and uh is relevant in some way possibly um do we need more fantasy all the time we do have a lot of famous skills specifically oh fantasy aussie authors its funny there is a fantasy aussie author thats more hes come onto the scene a bit hes the author of the uh the shadow of what was lost series ive started it i havent finished it because again time and when i say i start ive like only done the prequel basically but its on my radar and its narrated by michael kramer so you know um but hes an aussie author so there we go and so me you know i am i dont know if im weird i dont know if its just me but i i tend to not care if an author is australian or anything else as long as theyre a good author like we what we need is more authors like brandon sanderson we just need more we need to ouch and that and then it killed me im dead i disagree with any more aussie authors definitely you reckon why what what what would aussie authors bring australians just bring something to the world you reckon that the world cant bring to itself you know all these are just like this i think individuals might be able to bring something to that but im not sure just their nationality would have an inherent interest i think our culture our australian culture we just produce the best things do you reckon you reckon youre an aussie supremacist you are an aussie suppressor no no no i just recognize quality when i see it so and its really quiet all right what is distinctly aussie about my book my favorite book hmm distinctly id have to say that im pausing this that like devathon has a very important point to add he says australian australia has such a rich medieval law to pull from exactly exactly well hey you know no but where we we have cool stuff that we should shut this  __  shut it spike shut his  __  shut up spike yeah sorry thats fine i agree i agree you agree every every movement that you make should be hey look cenius is dead and im not going to revive him stay there so you said he has been good throwing your stuff yep oh hes getting back up lets get him back up nope he needs my help see then that the person ill help you well look actually cenius at least might draw some of their fire so ill revive him for that all right fair enough i should ask you a question its your uh its the the corny puns and humor thats thats not uniquely australian yes it is you reckon absolutely australian humor is always corny and its always funny because its not funny but it is if that makes sense i died it killed me well try this again sorry theres theres some like amongst these banners theres these tougher bandits that can almost one-shot me and that hurts um but dont we got this well do it again sorry yeah what you were saying um i was just saying yeah uh just the humor id say australians have a really unique sense of humor that no one else can take from us all right so i think i do agree there is a cultural undertone in australian human that can be a little that like i do see a difference sometimes im not sure if i put that in my book but i dont know i dont like people who watch me im not sure how familiar they are with like australian comedians and stuff um if they want one look up isaac battle butterfield hes an australian comedian at the moment whos doing pretty well and he has a very very australian irreverent humor style um so thatll give you an idea of one of the look its not a u like its not universally but it is stereo theres a lot of stereotypical australianism is comedy and hey thats what were here for you know what stereotypical australianisms stacy stacy dont worry ive got shes back up here stacy how did she get i didnt get her back up she got back up her own is she selfie i dont know thats thats a mystery seniors youre dead again a lot keep absorbing just keep absorbing their fire right shoulder spike shoulder sport so youre good yeah seniors just take just take the hits thats all youre good for all right theres a lot of bandits around here dont worry stacey i got you i got you yep look theres theres cenius again shout out spark shut up  __  show the spike yeah take it take it oh man i love ive not used shoulder spike this much ever and im loving it like it where is it where has it been all my life its its been here its been waiting its been here just waiting for me waiting for yeah settings on the ground just oh yeah get enough okay all right all right getting fights in this look appropriate usage of shields punching bag for both teams its great yeah it really is its just just absorb ow out ouch man shelter straight youre getting into me lord someone needs to get a compilation of every shelter strike ever its sheltered spike oz you need a strike not shelter strike sheltered spike no but its a sword not a spike and youre striking with it so sheltered stripe maybe maybe mine makes more sense even though its not technically correct hey they called a what was it they called a uh was that they thought theyre running away they have withdrawn it was the jerk and you got before the brigandine jerkin but it looked like it was it wasnt brigand can i save it if theyve withdrawn no i cant say were still in this were still in this dont worry we got all right these are the heavy damage hitters so we need to be careful i think two and then oh look what guy was almost after me i saw ya look at them theyre messing him up seniors is down and then i think stacys down stacey just got back up how is she doing that her love for you heels that shouldnt be possible id love ive never seen a pawn just get up from being dead on their own this is im very confused chat do you know whats going on with this its all that its all the simp energy from chat keeping our lives thank you chad man yes useless yep there he goes down again shelters get out were getting sheltered almost dont worry were gonna do it were gonna do it were so close to killing them though im being very cautious because this could turn around in a second yeah this guy wont die this guy wants to die this guy wants to die yeah yeah yeah Laughter oh tragic well that gives us time to answer this question okay squatocracy was a term in the 19th century australia for rich farmers who built mansions a lot of them in the colony of victoria where you live thats the squatocracy from jaylord interesting that actually makes me want to look it up a bit more i might have to check it out there is some intro like you know australia has some interesting history when you get into it um yeah yeah like the gold rush i know a bit more around vague goldrush stuff because i live around one of the major gold rush areas of victoria gold rush it was all fake i know ive i just put gold into the shotgun and blasted the creep thats all i just need to pause it my eyes are itchy just letting just scratch my eyes a bit and well be back into it um okay i think were back yeah not many people know but the gold rush complete psyop not true i need to do a video on ned kelly yes why his armor is awesome well his armor sucks but i mean it did the job what it was aiming for for a bit there dude he literally invented iron man suit before iron man was a thing by like a hundred and something years thats pretty cool wonder if the chats like whos whos ned kelly oh sorry no yeah dont even say that everyone knows ned kelly everyone so question though um ned kelly good guy or bad guy id say all the best men have good and bad in them and id say he probably had an equal measure there is a lot about the ned kelly history that is up for interpretation and because we dont well we dont know the historical record isnt perfect and so it can be a bit tricky trying to figure stacey dont worry we got she she just got back up shes right her love is immortal she hang on hang on hang on equipment is she does she have something equipped that is just is it the staff maybe its the stuff look details the stuff imbued a small piece of an arizons heart pawns who equip it quickly revive after falling unconscious it is the staff nice you keep learning you keep learning look at that i thats a really interesting stuff thank you for the person who gave it to us i can see why you gave us that staff its its a magic magic staff that makes her really useful well shes already really useful all right i need a deal with this guy this guy is a turd burger he does lots of damage and hes trying to run away ow ow yeah ive never heard you speak like that before what turd burger yeah really thats a creative one its a great one it is yeah im gonna use it oh yeah yeah its mine now yep ill let you use it no no no no no you dont i i i dont require your permission shadow youre taking it you cant all right all right im just going in hard going hard taking out this guy with the sword the high damage guy stabby ow he hit me from behind but all right all right instead of leaving to last im gonna hit them first all right because theyre the ones that have the highest chance of killing me which means you know instead of like spending all this time killing everyone else that we can do you know one by one and easy and then kill getting killed by these big guys at last gonna do it first so that should save us some time all right thats thats the new strut merry christmas shad someone said in chat youre a bit late there classic shad going in hard always shad always goes in hard hard and fast hardcore mate hardcore sheltered strike sheltered just get a shooter all right i see you i see you yeah blocked up flocked it again blocked it again you cant hit me ah a bulky boy ow what the heck he just broke my guard and one shot me Laughter we got this we got it yeah boogie boy whats fsa stand for and then we can answer that theres a stronghold of some sort hey pyros in chat hello pyro pyromate good to have you join us pyro for anyone who doesnt know hes the guy whos done a lot of uh discord admining for us and hes great hes excellent thank you very much john very much all right all right im going after you first i missed but now we got him got him again got him again got him yeah thats that one ah down uh yeah boogie boy just had a question about fight scene autopsy uh is it is it sword fight exclusive or would you do other fight scenes swords are the ones that i have the most uh information reference points on for my own training um but yeah i might i i probably wouldnt do unarmed now he just totally broke my guard its because i got no stamina maybe see staceys down but shes just gonna get right back up look at this stacy bang and shes back whats that old song i get knocked up but i go down again no no im sorry staceys classy she is shes a classy girl she might be a stacey but shes shes stacy with class outstays shes our friendly stacy are you gonna get this guy theyre jumping around flipping around like oh i got one of the um sword and shield guys one of the tough guys so there we go theres one down oh you cast jumper one but whats that mean thats a funny word though thank you ill write that down you know i cant believe i didnt know that staff just auto heals pawns thats crazy yeah why didnt you check the stats before you bought it its a like a dlc staff that usually does crap damage so im like no you dont want to use them theyre all garbage and turns out one of them its really good hey when is the next fight scene autopsy thats the question i have as well as the chat soon soon in fact the big one should be coming soon im actually just going to use a healing thing just to bring me back in the game a bit so now i can okay all right ive got this yup this guy youre going down now hes done good were good all right gonna hit him from behind oh oh oh im gonna need hmm look its worth it because hes gonna stun block me wow you blocked that pretty well all right all right got him that was a bit of teamwork all right i admit you know seniors you did all right then you did all right get my stamina back now oh done were done we did it and all i had to do was poison myself there we go only little hey uh super chat there me more if you could yeah yeah hey lord ned kelly fought the squad opera see he thought they yeah he thought they were corrupt greedy and elitist it was a class war not good or bad gray yeah look you know were separated by time and a lot of facts have been obscured and also you know values have changed its hard to know it is it is because that is the kind of more general look i i think that was a fair you know uh summary say that it was more gray i do feel ned kelly is celebrated as a hero a lot and he look he very well might have been its just its very hard to know you know um like theres this shootout that really put him down the path of being an outlaw and uh and yeah yeah in the forest and so who shot first thats the real big question you know um and in the movies and retellings they always try and show it that it was the policeman that shot first but we dont know that like its a thats a thats a big question as to if this guy like because i reckon if ned kelly actually shot those policemen in cold blood thats thats inexcusable like yeah but we we just dont know like weve got cops might have been shooting in self-defense like you know drawn on them and then kelly draws his gun well thats exactly how they depict it oh sheltered spike suck it suck it suck it vengeance um yeah exactly and so uh its often depicted that the police draw on ned kelly to shoot him and he shoots defensively like that was he fledged his ned kelly movie how they did it and there but we dont know and look because if ned kelly actually say he actually did shoot first and he was morally bankrupt hes not gonna say he did it first because you know if youre willing to shoot someone in cold blood youd be willing to lie about it to make yourself look you know not nearly as bad so its hard to know tell you what his last words though that was some pretty thats some hardcore stuff what were they again i cant remember its just life what was it when he was about to get hung they asked him you know last word and he said such is life yeah thats s-h-i-t happens i guess yes i admit that is a ballsy way to go out shoulders be fair you know in matters of law especially ones that are separated so much by time its just its hard to know you know it is everybody and its hard to get the message you know what truly happened so who knows yep maybe try judging by his principles and you know see what he said what he had to say if it matches up with well there is that letter he sends to you know queen or whatever um and he seemed very uh you know i guess uh indignant and like he was its written from a position that hes justified and stuff and so hey everyones justified their own mind somehow that is true that is true sorry if the chat has no idea who ned kelly is its just its a good movie with uh orlando bloom and the guy who played joker at night yeah um uh now i forgot i mentioned his name already um he fled he fledged up im not i need to watch it again to see if its any good im not sure all right thats great hey shudder i just started a new playthrough using a strider based on a very not safer work webcomic called no im not im not going to read the rest of that im not going to appetite wait uh the first time where i first time where i read it the plot its actually true okay well thank you for the super chat we appreciate it weve made it to the bandit camp and uh we could pick a fight with them but theres a lot of them and as you have seen they can they could be a bit a bit tricky to get through in your low level on hard mode so because you know were not attacking look i will talk to the bandit king and then well just grab the grimoire so well be fine yes and hey guys lets limit the uh the not safe work stuff we dont want to send anybody to any places this is about this is about shelter strike jump no shelters fight cars shelter okay chat lets see whos for sheltered strike whos for sheltered spike lets see well find out well find out see chats always right eventually good time so where are we now what is this place it looks like i deserted it we are at abandoned camp and its like a ruin of an old castle and the grimoire is hidden hidden here sorry um were just getting quite a bit of spikes and strikes its hard to tell oh yeah is it divided were not getting any definitive definitive winning answer sheltered strength makes more sense chad im sorry it just does i dont make the rules sheltered spike is more fun to say because see its got more um like sound that you can like push sheltered spike you i liked pyros one spike strike that settles it she added her to spike strike spike yeah sheltered spite yeah know your place being lord thanks for reminding me trevor shad thrust yes that works shut us not the sheltered spike but the one where you just do the really long pause that kind of locks into the animation thats a shad thrust oh this one the um oh wait that then you reckon thats the shad thrust like i dont know thats theres a lot in here that arent making sense anymore the shad thrust yeah crouching shield hidden stab oh lets go love it that sounds thats the name no thats the super cut name im writing that down sheltered yeah yeah crouching shield hidden stab thats good though it wasnt winter solos read by nature thats going in there all right so we did that now well go find kina so were doing two quests in one here arent we arent we efficient you know yeah yeah its good we can punch them up like this because that way when youre like youll be dying a net i mean less than you would if you were doing them separate i guess thats good so im gonna just go up here and were gonna put down our portal stone because you have to return to this you know division point in the land often enough and so its useful having a portal stone here so you need to return to it whenever you need so about up here is good i reckon good view when you arrive yeah all right all right all right where are we where are we oh yeah thats right stacy has it i gave it to her for safekeep keeping so she can give it back to me and then i will put it down there we go teleport point right there and uh were going good were going good oh give us a hug stacy thank you youre doing well and carius good work okay moving on ah the chats still going special technique shut technique machiculation strength yes all right lets save this and continue yeah so we dont lose our progress the yeat strike sneaky spike wow wolfs ellie im getting mauled im getting moles they just literally just dog piled on me makes sense they are canines poor choice of words Laughter that was hilarious never seen that happen before hunting packs very ominous well no the porn say it all the time oh thunton perks and i i should have learned that they repeat it often enough i should know this game the doggos dont kill them can you tape doggos in this no unfortunately okay wow that was aggressive stacey was like die i i agree stacy machiculation strike it doesnt guys okay fight strike strike strike and all those make sense but matriculations tried but im willing im willing to rename the blink strike to like that one we need you know that one could we could name something you know well if we have machiculations on our shield you know then that could work possibly yeah that even workers that couldnt work could it if you had like a tower shield and you had like a spear could you put matriculations in that no i mean youve got a hole in this in the tower in the shield and sometimes they theres odd examples of stuff like that in history um very rare but i saw one on your subreddit about is essentially like she is a bow and a it was the shield that was like on his upper arm and it went perfectly in a circle and he couldnt really move it that well oh yeah i know the one what a weird why would they do that why just thinking outside the box arent they and just were trying to work it out thinking outside whats you know a good idea all right so ive found keener but keena wants us to find the witch so lets go find the witch nice but i shall save it as we continue safety save always yeah yeah as you know this this game could turn around flip on you pretty quickly um its a lot like its funny this game is pretty easy in normal mode um but thats why i like playing on hard mode because its still a good challenge you know hes just still gonna try and that makes it fun chat says the pork crystal uh and place it where you are right now because its a better location i dont know because some maybe actually they might be right um just trying to think i thought there was times where i need to go in the other direction but maybe theyre right maybe i dont uh ill see because you do need to return to uh this uh forgotten forest a couple of times and for different quests i mean theres one other main larger quest that you need to return here on theres when you fight the uh chromatic golem or the metal golem theres a quest there as well thats pretty cool so this is the forgotten forest ah look if we want to be technical it is um the witchwood which would you know why would they call it a witchwood get which one it is like oh which which wood is it yes because theres a witch you were there to kill the witch to slay her but which witch are we here to kill in the witch wood and which wood is it exactly thats thats the question chat can you which would which would would a witch which would which i dont know man yeah someone finished that off for us chat just invent things for us the region of north east victoria into republic with himself as president now thats a theory well i cant say it wouldnt be a worse government no im not me im stopping you im stopping now putting gags down putting the axe down west can i just say that our guys are great our guys in west australia love them im glad you love them thats thats wonderful all right can i kill ah good got rid of that pendant thanks stacey doing the healing yeah killing the whole no dont heal senseless screw that guy he can bugger off saving just just to make sure just make sure yeah hey you can save if you want to ill always save all right were healed up were good to keep going were almost there now theres water someone in chat australia doesnt exist yes it does well have you ever been given proof i mean ive got my ground harness connected im pretty sure were in australia yeah but how do you know thats the australia on the map what if you like flew all the way up and its like oh this is just an island somewhere near europe ive been lied to you my whole life europe you know australia is a sovereign state fraud we know this could be a hidden compound in the depths of the amazon damn wouldnt that be freaky thank god thats not true well proof proof yeah hey where is the proof wheres the british hats asking what if shadows are paid actors yeah no you dont know we dont know do we ah we found the witch but its a cut scene so quick yep this is the witch are you sure this is the right one yep because you do have a witch at your party i you know i kind of do yeah but yeah this is the this is the witch which is the right witch this is the witch it doesnt seem that bad but kooky bit bit cookie yeah shes not man um ring of walk into her house yeah i know and then you can start smashing things and taking things just perfectly okay with it like yeah thanks thanks for this and uh hey yeah your pickaxe has a nice pickaxe ill take that its like uh green wash thats thanks for the green wash can i hug you yeah can you get no i cant she she wont let me hug her oh thats thats fine all right you dont want to hug well leave were gone youre gonna have your village well make our own novel yeah and well have our own witch yeah with blackjack yeah exactly with blackjack and uh and stacys Laughter the pg version Laughter oh wow okay in chat were just englishmen in prison apparently wow no theres i i think theres a vein of truth there somewhere were not were australians and in prison you think were isolated because we want you guys away no its to keep us away from you to keep you safe oh yeah like oh its to keep all these deadly animals contained this if this land wasnt land locked you know i know sorry thats the opposite its the opposite of being water locked surrounded yeah we are surrounded in the just literally the bottom of the world but still we we get by love in australia australia hey australia i found a change of sword we saved it hey theres goblins down here and i can hear a wolf oh theres wolves yeah theres wolves and theres goblins they do careful i jumped down for a minute hello goblins im gonna run into the midst of him and circle you missed the perfect opportunity for a hello there hello there there you go shout out to spike shut up spark yes now im exhausted and they get to hit me come on someone out there thank you jay lord what if none of us exist and reality is not real well yeah theres always that watch a movie called the matrix if you havent seen him blow your mind has it is like is there anyone who hasnt seen the matrix whats this people to be born yet this is true its great im waiting blocked the fire thats right oh look 10 000 gold you ink you make you get so much gold on this in this difficulty i love it its great youre making that coin yep making bank how many giant bags of coin are you getting thats what i mean thats the great thing about hard mode lots of gold cash cash money yeah i actually probably have to get this i just you know its a good endgame loot if i can if i can you know look cool at endgame then ill definitely give it a go there is great in-game stuff thats bit of black island stuff when you get really high level and everything and fighting through the ever fall is a lot of fun as well um oh a new super chat from you are 777 our tall is your character chad mine is literally crotch level to everyone and has a carrier weight of 50 maximum so hes the tallest you can make um and lets see status whats his carry weight sure general offense defense skills condition where do i look at the carry weight right his gender height he weighs 107 his height is 211 um but uh hang on carry weight will be in inventory um so wheres the carry weight oh i dont know what the max is i dont know but anyway were back in town well finish our quest nice and so well be successful because i forgot what we were getting we found keena in in the midst of the witchwood and now were gonna go tell her father that shes safe and will return to her home i thought youre supposed to slay keena no we saved her and ready see this guy is like thank you for saving her yeah shes safe you did it good we did a good yeah there there we go there we go and so now all this stuff we also have the grimoire we need to return to this guy so were gonna um portal stone back the port the the the rift rock is that what were calling it the rift rock yeah that works the rift rock sound like a in universe band its the devils music there we go so well need to arrest riff rock rift rock um wow that was a glorious adventure in sheltered spikiness yes sheltered strikiness wins again that that was a lot of fun i really really enjoyed it so im going to rest im going to give um give the guy the the book he wants and i think that will be a great point to call it a night all right um Music been heaps of fun we got the book we did lots of sheltered spiking we went to the witchwood we upgraded uh stacy a little bit you know a lot of faces looking nice yeah i mean so its okay like i i think i generally feel its a cop-out using one of the pre-made outfits um and you dont get any any really good stats with it because its like its considered a single item whereas when you actually equip her with all the different items you get all the different stats and stuff so um but heres the guy yes its uh what time for you over there chadski ah 12 30 at night yeah damn okay yeah because people in chat arent sure about the uh your time zone ah yes but yeah no i i i i rather like how stacy looks in that outfit i think it looks fine its a good outfit for now its a good place holder its a good place hold on there is one last thing that we need to do was to call it a night just follow me quickly just go outside for a second all right yeah just where yeah this is good okay were going outside were going outside just one last thing one last thing okay okay lets do it lets do it why dont we just cant complain just mumble off and uh yeah yep okay okay so here we are here we are and um one one last thing one last thing ah thats satisfying oh nice yeah i feel completed dont you i feel completed yeah problem solved quest done yep yeah it was it just happened yeah exactly had to be done had to be done he was going after stacy stacy youre protected now give us a hug you know yep yep we love you weve got the killings but were in that case yeah that was just you know its the right thing the right thing to do right thing to do from his his watchful days sorry that was like so good timing we just heard him cry from the ground i cannot take much more like yeah thats what you get when you place your place well never see him again we dont want to see him again and it is water under the bridge and water gone out to sea gone forever and im glad for it but will stacy see she wont i mean she she wanders the rift now and then but she knows she knows whats up she knows whats up but there we go guys that was a lot of fun thank you for joining us um good fun stream as usual and uh of course i hope to see you in the next one absolutely so there we go do you wanna you wanna say goodbye yes thank you chat for keeping me company while i tried to understand what exactly shads doing good question to answer and read for you guys awesome well until next time farewell fun free steam games multiplayer Welcome to the GAME KNIGHT Dragons Dogma LIVESTREAM!If you like the content and want to support the channel, youre welcome to do so through patron or subscribe star: Awesome Shirts and chainmail print clothing: My novel, Shadow of the Conqueror Audio Book affiliate links: US: UK: CA: AU: Shadow of the Conqueror Graphic Novel Pre-Launch page: Ebook, Paperback and Hardcover available from most major book retailers, here are a few of the main ones: Amazon affiliate link (be sure to navigate to your countrys amazon site): Barnes and Noble: Kobo: Community run discord server: My official website: steam friends list black box 2023 free steam shooter games steam community market tf2 keys target steamer steam 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