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Steamed shrimp nutritionsteam deck verlosung game awards DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN game hi everybody this is carrick with acg and welcome to another episode of walk in the walk where we look at a game from a game design standpoint and we sort of critique it and discuss it now today is gonna be dragons dogma this will be the first time ill be doing the review and the walking the walk on the same day so you can see the link for each one in each video now this isnt about console war nor is it about port begging i dont want to hear any crap about its on the pc so it needs to be on the ps4 xbox one or vice versa thats not what these videos are about this is about the look and feel of the game and if the technical and artistic elements of the game equal the advertised product that we saw in trailers and pr now sure if theres technical stuff that comes up i am going to talk about it for sure and discuss it especially interesting items but the natural separation of environmental ecosystems and the whole picture as its presented is more important within this discussion that of course means were going to be talking about sound music voice graphics gameplay and everything else so lets do this dragons dogma lets just listen to some of the sound effects first shall we search the area hello i fear we cannot yet join a covenant if you vote to ask as you guys know i love to talk about sound and music uh so much well talk a little bit about sound first dragons dogma without a doubt is one of my favorite when it comes to soundscapes and how varied it is and what i mean by varied well the easiest way to describe it would be just this location that we just listened to if you pay really close attention you can hear at least six layers of music or sound going on now when i call them layers i dont necessarily mean that they are different layers that theyre laid down in different tracks what i do mean though is that theyre very separate sounds for an area that is lets be honest isnt exactly experiencing very much going on you have the sound of those fires burning in the brazers you can actually hear that clearly you have the sound of the tense whipping you have the sound of the flags whipping you also have the sound of the crickets you also have the sound of the buzzard and you have the sound of the crow there are two distinct different cries of predatory birds there but the most interesting thing and i didnt mention it in that first list is the sound of the wind now why didnt i because the wind is an overlay sound thats a sound that is occurring everywhere within this area and it probably is changing uh its level depending on where you are but consider that sort of the sheet on a bed and then you have different blankets comfort or whatever you want to use a different parts of the bed that you put down it to to make it a complete place for you to sleep right thats sort of what i call sleeping in the sound thats a good way of identifying the different layers that occur here within just this small area you have multiple multiple layers occurring there and its very easy to hear when you when you just take that extra moment and you have to understand what atmosphere they were shooting for and they were shooting for this area it is slightly lawless but its also one of those drier areas not a lot of people are there and its a place where youre just starting to really understand whats going on no music right no music at all just all sound and theres a reason why because here in a moment were gonna meet our first major opponent and that is a great segue to go from silence except for sound into a musical presentation which is what were going to notice here lets listen just for a second Music now theres multiple reasons why i love that part of the soundtrack youve got that drums the violins and the horns but the one of the greatest parts is you can watch this over by the way when he stands up and looks straight at the camera when the ogre does this you hear a single bell go like ding off and you will notice that with multiple creatures in this game where when theyre first introduced in cut scenes theres this very poignant moment where there is some kind of instrument that has its own single voice and i love that so its at about 401 30 if you want to rewind a little bit and you can hear that so what we see now of course is uh you know the first in i guess you would call it elemental ability cast on us which is fire on the shield and on the sword and were just seeing an overall battle weve got a couple goblins and the ogre now im going to mention in the review im sure but one of the things that dragons dogma does a little different than other titles is its really instinctual use of mixing up enemies so that you never really feel like youre just tackling one guy now im not saying that you wont do that in a cut scene you wont do it for very particular characters but many times when youre out and about that actually happens and of course environmental animations i love those every creature for example the dogs when they get lit on fire will roll to try to put it out and when they get frozen they will shake like theyre shaking water off every single creature in the game does something like that now here you see the first use of climbing and he sort of lets you climb a little bit more than the other characters but you can get up here and you can climb and this is a very shadow of colossus kind of thing i really do enjoy the graphical presentation of distance and size in this game and i i think its just done really well when you create that original character you create a character thats either you know whatever size you wish to create and almost instantly you realize that one thing that dragons dogma does different than almost any other title is really its use of weight and uh even enemies will attack and there we go even enemies will attack using weight and that sounds so strange right you might see that in other games where an enemy might butt slam you but here in dragons dogma which is far more like a dark souls or a bloodborne style game you have this situation where when you make a character whos thin and tall he can jump to ledges that a fat pudgy one cant but a fat pudgy character might be able to get into areas that the tall one cant in shortcuts for locations additionally female and male make sense and matter differently in this game where the female can do some quests that the male cant uh that kind of stuff i think has been done but the weight the distance the length the the way the characters i guess created right at the starting i havent seen that done in other titles and hes dead oh i forgot this guy emperor palpatines son as i like to call him or one of those bad guys from phantasm movies so here we are on the east side of granzis east side of the mainland and soon well be heading to grand sorin and i love that play on words grand soaring but its called grand soren and i dont even know if thats a true on purpose play on words but its location and how youre introduced to it it boy if its not its super instinctual that they that they named it that but we are in one of the first areas and the reason why i wanted to do this is so that we could talk a little bit about dark souls bloodborne and dragons dogma and a lot of people might ask you know why are we talking about those three connected well i think its pretty simple when you look at the titles there is a lot in common with dark souls and bloodborne and dragons dogma they have a lot of the same requirements for uh minutia when it comes to controlling and they have different uh difficulty skewing difficult difficulty levels now dragons dogma is notoriously easier and a death in dragons dogma or getting beaten in dragons dogma usually incurs a negative on your resources and in many ways its almost like a role-playing games encounter where your healing potions are gone and so forth and theyre removed but the reason why i wanted to show you guys this is so that you could see how i feel that dragons dogma does a really good job differentiating itself right away from those two games and the first bit i think is once again looking at how even though in in dark souls you see large characters right at the starting here were gonna see something thats it more of an open world style type of thing we just went from one large creature to another and were gonna actually see the connection of our stats just like in dark souls right thats one of the reasons why i brought it up dark souls has a connection in stats to how you play your strength what you can hold what you can wield were gonna see that now here for example a bigger character can grab on to the snakes heads and if they do so they will drag the snakes head lower than a smaller thinner character uh okay let me remember how to attack this sucka okay that probably wasnt the best place to grab was it ill shimmy out here again were seeing that use of the grab on skill so were sort of being taught it i think this is a a great battle because its right here at the starting where we see that dragons dogma is going to do some things a little different theyre going to interact with the environment a lot and i think it crushes that if i do remember from my time with the 360 version uh yes indeed okay it did and of course that damage will always be there i i love the introduction to these characters into your overall abilities it is different than i would say you know bloodborne and dark souls where those games notoriously uh cramp you and cramp your style your movement style for the most part and thats on purpose of course it doesnt do it every time but you know you are in uh most of the time in what i like to call mansions and mazes and in dragons dogma at least the first couple fights you have are very open and i think that that was on purpose i think that it makes sense that the developers looked at this and were like you know if were going to do something like it but our own aspect of it how are we going to differentiate or differentiate ourselves and i think one of the ways they do it is distance and that open world they embrace that open world aspect creatures that are far larger that move around that destroy the the ground that destroy items within it um hopefully i dont get it well there we go i was going to say hopefully i dont get swallowed god thats gross looking let me get out of this and they do a really good job and you can get that constant interplay of your new skills just like you do with those games but here you get it in a far larger more open space also heres something to keep in mind theres a theme going on in dragons dogma thats very noticeable and many games will have some theme thatll be foreshadowed and many times its subconscious on the developers uh you know where they come up with an idea of those initial encounters but were being warned right here and right now the daytime isnt safe now if youve heard about dragons dogma youve probably heard that nighttime isnt safe thats absolutely correct but daytime isnt either and theres a particular reason why and well get to that as we move on but youre being alerted even at the starting that this can happen right in the bright light of daylight and thats that difference between those other titles where one sort of lives within the atmosphere of dark mystery and one the dark is a mystery and whats the difference there because a lot of people think thats just a play on words well really the difference is atmosphere versus frequency one is an atmosphere of darkness uh dragon or i mean bloodborne and dark souls i dont think anybody would question that those are atmospheres of inherent darkness the only times of respite in those games are moments by the fire right you cant even pause the game i dont believe but when you come to lets say dragons dogma its a frequency its an occurrence it doesnt continue at all times there are moments of comfort and respite to sort of reset that character back it doesnt mean its safe but it does make you think it slightly is and theres that cool feeling and its sort of like the difference you many times will hear it when people are in relationships where somebody says i want somebody whos solid and somebody else will say i want somebody whos passionate one has its ups and downs and one as a whole is somewhat stagnant stagnant of course not being a bad word here in a way you have game development that can be the same way and dragons dogma starts from the very starting showing you that though its gonna induce some frequency here and youre going to see some changes youll still need to understand the daytime can be a little dangerous and well again we will continue to see that so lets jump forward okay start recording again we got uh a looks like a bad guy fight coming up here one place to talk about pawns i think is is right now and the communication that occurs in many games you can look at the way the game holds player knowledge and sort of identify what type of game it will be for example will it you know does the game have logs where it writes out exactly what occurred within the game in the past and as youve been adventuring does it have journals where it just notes down what goes on does it just have mission notes and its just basically more about pointing you in the right direction very very interesting is the way dragons dogma handles this it handles it with the pawns so you do have a sort of a journal you do have sort of a mission briefing but many times it wont steer you the right way instead you have these characters which are ai and can be traded between people and me and you as players can trade our main pawns but these pawns collect data locations monsters quests five stars so basically they start out with zero and they can get as many as five and what that incorporates and what that basically represents is how much data they have about whatever it is so if you kill 500 wolves then you might have five stars for that pawn in wolves which means they would understand where they live they would be able to warn you prior to them possibly attacking they would be able to tell you their weaknesses and their strengths and they may have some location information as well same thing happens with quests what i really like about how dragons dogma handles a lot of this is there is a difference between lets say bloodborne uh and dark souls and even skyrim and and dragons dogma there is a co-op feel to it but they had to make sure right they want to make sure that its not easy they want to make sure that those guys dont just destroy everybody so youre not going to have true co-ops so they did this asynchronous co-op where your character exists with you they learn about the game world with you and then they go out and are rented by other players or are borrowed by other players and they can also learn when theyre out with them as well so i could take your character and i could go out there and i could kill a bunch of wolves and a bunch of ogres and when you got him back his he would have more he or she would have more knowledge about those creatures and there would be more information so you have this verbal log now a lot of people because they dont like as how much the pawns talk personally not only do i like it i just absolutely love some of the things they say yes everybodys gonna have their own limit before they cant handle somebody else talking in their ear but the pawns and the information that they have theres something vastly interesting about how they came up with that information especially when i was not with them and thats the feeling that dragons dogma gives you that no other game does that there is a chance that your guys were out there questing without you and then they come back and they have more knowledge theres something absolutely insane about that every time you go to an inn your character is uploaded and all of his stats are and everybody who then jumps in can search for me as a user or you know random people grab that character and and invite them into the game play now you have a main pawn as well and all of these pawns can be controlled they can be told to go to help you to attack as you can see now ive got fire on my sword and shield thats a pawn whos cast that natural elemental attack on those items so you have this really cool interaction of a normal aspect of any game right which is the log which is the journal but theyve spread it to these verbal characters in a way its sort of the opposite of finding tape players in bioshock infinity or or something that you know some kind of audio log you you have the audio log with you and the audio log with you learns as you travel forward absolutely stupendous idea i know a lot of people have an issue with how much they talk but i personally feel that that is a complete gameplay ad and an absolutely excellent game design now here were seeing again multiple creatures one of the things that the game does is it makes sure that most of the time it throws multiple creatures at you at once it doesnt mean theyll always be that way but many times you fight one guy the fight doesnt need to spread too far before theres another type of character facing you so i jumped forward here so i could discuss a little bit about the way i feel the dragons dogma handles questing and just how next level it was to me especially when this first came out in many games lets be honest if you killed the hydra youd either put the damn giant hydra in your pocket right uh witcher 3 handled this well by putting them on the horse but you have this bounty and most of the time basically a shortcut would be taken you would take this hydra already to the king and it would be done either in a cut scene or without a cut scene and you would just show up there and it would say eight hours later but also one of the things you start to notice in dragons dogma is the connection between battles and further missions you have a lot of times where its all interconnected and it sort of gives you that feeling of what i call downhill gaming but thats basically quest to quest quest quest everything flows naturally right in dragons dogma not only does it flow naturally but they do a good job of making sure that i guess in a way like witcher 3 bounties and different items sort of are what move you forward and you see them physically represented you see them realistically represented versus just being a cut scene or just being mentioned and i really think that that adds to that feeling that layered realism that you get in dragons dogma especially when it comes to mission structure now mmos try to do this as well right mission emission emission emission and mission but the problem with mmos and one thing that they get drastically wrong is that without player care without player motivation and without player buy-in it doesnt really matter it doesnt connect theres nothing there that connects however here we do get that so one of the things i like is we first start seeing the flying creatures and im a heavier character but not super heavy so you if they pick me up it wont be okay he probably wont be able to get me too high before well before dropping me and so again you see that representation of weight and creatures and the damage that they can do whether it be that ogre leaping up in the ground or a harpy picking you up now heres the thing so some people may say well great i want to be a super heavy character right because then i can just do all these things i can carry more i cannot be picked up by harpies however one of the things that sucks is you may be able to carry more but you wont move as fast you wont uh youll burn stamina much quicker and stamina is used for everything right its used for magic its used for normal attacks here of course were seeing finally the elemental attacks finally doing their work and as i always say flames and feathers you always know a feathered beast most of the time flame will be the thing you want you almost never want to enter a battle in dragons dogma without some kind of elemental power on your equipment its almost completely a waste there will be times however and the game stresses this that due to that interplay of different creatures due to the way thats set up there is a chance that youll find that your weapon wont hurt one creature but will hurt another this is such an interesting location here uh weve talked about verticality and distance lets talk a little bit more about distance in in dragons dogma when it comes to an adventure game in an open world game i feel that the distance in dragons dogma is probably handled better than any other game aside from witcher 3. the distance the verticality as ive talked in other walking the walks ive stated that you know sometimes youll get a game where if its not too far between two distances they will artificially put a lot of verticality in there to trick you and science proves that people who go uphill will inherently think that theyve traveled farther and so thats a really good fake out for a person now unfortunately the day night frequency didnt occur here i didnt go far enough its getting dusk but i do love the fact that as youre traveling here the first time i played on the 360 i came up over that hill behind me and basically close to the hill you guys just saw me crest and it was nighttime and the only thing i saw were the torchlights on this town or the city again grand soren awesome play on names so you see this city and you see those torchlights and theres that feeling as i said where of comfort you start to feel safe youre like okay i can see it now right that i love the interplay of the different things going on whether it be daytime being slightly dangerous but still less dangerous than night night time of course has zombies and different creatures that attack but at the same time that interplay of light and and nighttime and its just theres so many different little things going on here the animation you know this isnt dying light animation i i spoke about how much i liked some of the monsters in dying light for a game that i dont think a lot of people would consider to have the best animations one of the better animations for a character moving forward from a standstill is in dying light i talk about that in uh in the last walking the walk that i did with that game im a big fan of all of the animations in dragons dogma i think the character animations are spectacular however starting and stopping it just all kinds of issues i i dont get it why there was a small amount of lean forward when you do start to walk forward and run forward but stopping is almost instant theres almost no foot placement to stop the gravity of a person run sorry i had to jump forward a little bit there had an issue with the recorder and shadow play i was just discussing a little bit about that animation and the fact that you know geralt in witcher 3 you see that elbow roll when hes sliding down a snowy slope catches his foot he rolls his elbow and rolls his shoulder and body in sort of a momentum killing moment and you dont see a lot of that here now im walking through grand soren this is the major town and in many titles i like to talk about the reflection of life and ill be brutally honest ive you know this is an older title of course remade for the pc ported up adjusted graphically some nicer textures here and there but when it comes down to it the reflection of life is fairly poor in this game and especially in many places where you have people living in what should be a massive town theres enough people but the actual land doesnt look lived in and well see that in a couple places in fact it looks pretty much like somebody just threw down some buildings one thing ive always talked about is that difference between lets say inhabited land and risk land or wildland threatening places or the separation of church and state i always want those separated places because really the details are in the difference and the more details there are and the more difference there is the more you can get that emotional state from the gamer to go up and down now when i say that many people might have heard me talk about uh dark souls prior or or bloodborne and thought that im dissing on them im not those handle their states differently and they handle the same thing they still have differences differences between the place where youre safe the you know the couple places where youre on the bonfires and really threatening areas and stuff like that so you do still see it in all different types of games however since this is an open world game you notice those differences i think a little bit more easily just graphically even in the way theyre represented graphically now here of course in some of the slums you just see what i consider not not the best overall representation of people living you do see a lot of characters in fact whats really cool is you see a lot of the pawns walking around and i thought that that was once again a very cool idea its not just you that has pawns nearby and you know but they still exist they still do other things and they still run their guild and they still walk around an adventure and get in fights and eat and drink instead of just being intrinsically tied to the arisen they actually exist on their own within the game world now thats a level of realism right they dont go past that they just have that one level of realism but its just one more state of realism that in many ways is sort of like radiant quests in skyrim or the job system in skyrim in in a small way the pawns have their own job system its nowhere near as detailed as those but it still exists and it still adds a small amount of realism that a character may buy off on between quests right its those moments between quests when you see stuff like that so i jumped forward because i want you guys to hear this that is just spectacular its fabulous sound work you could hear that blanket sound once again they almost always have some kind of blanket sound in this game and this time its those waterfalls but you can also hear the distinctive different waterfalls you could hear three or four different tempos of water dripping and you could hear that sound occlusion that was occurring when you come up and down this tunnel and the sound waves no longer can get to you except from right behind you really really good job just simply excellent tonal work throughout this entire bit here really surprised me i just had to stop here and let you guys listen to this because man its its even better than what i remember on the 360 and i i thought on the 360 i had goods so i wanted to walk forward and show you guys something a little bit different and this is an area that i really love this abbey and this dead trees this look that in many ways does remind you of the other titles that ive talked about here skyrim dark souls and of course bloodborne and other rpgs action rpgs of their like this game i think does a really good job the mixture of the particle systems as well as just the overall differences in textures here and the way they put together the geometry does a really good job of separating this place from a place thats near it but still you know makes it look unique on its own it also brings forward that one thing ive mentioned a couple times the absence of an overriding thematic track plane at all times during dragons dogma dragons dogma many times is soundtrack light or soundtrack negative theres nothing playing and thats great thats the way i think the game feels more like an adventure theres something just really tonally correct about just sound effects in some areas and i know a lot of people who play these type of games will turn off music anyway i get that i think that number one the developer has to have planned that in the first place otherwise sometimes it wont fit right musically it wont fit if the musics just off that ogre battle wouldnt have been the same that i showed you guys at the starting without that small bell indicating that boss so lets move on Music advantage Music i just had to let you guys hear i love the the theme of that overarching horn that goes off that adventure horn as i like to call it very patriotic very uh exploratory very battle oriented so to talk a little bit about how the atmosphere is handled in dragons dog i wanted to show you guys a battle at night with pretty much typical light source god darn it with pretty much typical light sources and so decided to take on this ogre and uh unfortunately theyve outfitted me with the wrong elemental resistance this does happen where youll go out with the team and they just wont have what you need you you wont have thought forward to it so talking about this battle one of the things that you notice right away is that whats so lovely and colorful during the daytime can actually be a weakness at night and that is your spells youll notice i believe thats the myisma spell i think its called or something like that which is a poison spell many of the spells have these large particle effects right these large rainbow looking colored effects these huge clouds so during the day it looks all epic and youre like this is the greatest thing ever and im a badass during the night what that does is that actually restricts your vision completely makes it much more difficult to battle i like that i like that tit for tat i like that overall feeling of atmospheric change thats there and even issues like this where this is a healing area but its so bright that if youre on the other side you can easily lose where that bad guy is so i just wanted to show you guys that because i think that that is you know these are all gameplay elements everything you see within a game has to be decided upon i know you know theres some subconscious stuff that happens but for the most part they have to be decided upon and the fact that they chose this kind of setup and it worked so well is really i think something that you should take your hats off to these guys i think they did a really good job here once again hes going to use his weight isnt he going to jump up nope oh stunned im just going to try to take down his little suck it im taking your meat chopped his balls off i guess level 14. all right lets uh come back in a second perfect i hope i hit record early enough you can see those water uh vapors from the poison spell as i just discussed during night time uh how how difficult it becomes to see through those because of the reflection and because of them blocking out light but during the day right it looks all cool so here were in a place very tolkienesque uh where theres some mines theres no grinding in the game but this is one of the places that due to its very appearance where it is its location you can get a lot of battles and its another place where i find that dragons dogma doesnt do the best job at reflecting life now one thing i think people need to remember is just because it doesnt doesnt necessarily mean its a bad job at all or a bad game at all it just means that in my idea of reflecting life and fantasy life its not done as well you have this wild area right outside a gate in fact it reminds me a little bit about prison you know prison door is blocking you from the prisoner shanking you thats all thats there and in many ways grand sorin is like that you open up the door of grand soren and theres bad guys like three feet away jacking people up and that unfortunately really exists its very negative because when you see something like that then you have to ask yourself the question that sort of breaks the logic of the game and that logic is if at nighttime zombies come out why dont they come out inside of any of the areas where there are people even in the villages and that once you start thinking like that you can pick apart a game and i dont want to do that uh thats thats at least in the negative you know they may have i mean at some point you have to find a safe spot for somebody i do wish they would have explained it in the narrative uh here technically were starting to see some of the issues i love this cloak but look at that clipping uh mt framework as i mentioned before is a fairly good engine its running really well on the pc im getting im locked it at 60 frames a second uh nine uh gtx 980 but it goes much higher than that its just i locked it because i didnt want something variable and its much easier to record i find or i have less issues with shadow play when i do that works really well you know draw distances all the way out occasionally you get some landscape popping in but graphically i think the engine has handled that port really well unfortunately the hatches of grass that ive mentioned in the past you know you do notice those here i really wish that uh they had taken some time and some resources to outfit it with a new foliage system but i think that thats thats asking a lot for a game like this theres my levitate spell i got i love that all these light sources are great you know originally on the 360 was doing the same thing it was actually a surprisingly apt title on the 360 ps3 had some some more issues with frame rate while the 360 had issues with tearing here on the pc its locked down looks really good still getting high resolution textures on stuff and of course the coolness of the levitation spell oh i missed once again were seeing a good representation of distance here whenever you go from one place to the other in dragons dogma you may run into some stuff that doesnt make perfect sense but the transition from one place to another possibly from daytime to nighttime nighttime to daytime to nighttime whatever it may be really is emotionally resonant its something that you will notice when you do it it will feel you will feel that uniqueness again because were seeing here daytime its not safe and jumping back into night such a great just a great environment to be in really enjoyable and ive unlocked not a lot of this map just going to head off into the wild blue yonder and hope and smash some a lot of destructibility game engine handles it you dont see any frame drops or anything like that everything is handled really well ive got the lantern on my side another thing that just it really blows my mind is the number of status effects you can have in this title you know you can jump into the water get drenched the lantern goes out you can then use like a wet nap or a dry nap dry yourself off relight the lantern you can be frozen you can be on fire you can be drenched you can be covered in oil which i cant remember what they call that and all of them have some kind of opposite or some kind of thing that can work against it for example i think when youre covered with oil if you go into the water thatll come off you i know for a fact of course fire will that interplay of elemental resistances that you know incorporated right into the armor is just really great and of course here at night were seeing these skeletons as i stated before this is one of those ways that the game shakes it up this is a place that is ultimately safe during the day right it is completely safe or mostly safe during the day except for maybe roving warbands of wolves here that safe place is turned on its ear a little bit and now you have this super dangerous place because you have these undead coming out and if you traveled through this lets say and you knew that there was a certain type of creature here that had a lets say an ice resistance so you decide im gonna outfit all my characters with ice stuff but you get caught here during the night and you go against an undead well guess what ice isnt gonna harm those guys and thats whats great about the game and the design and you cant really control that because if you think oh im just going to go out during the day or im just going to go out during the night man that doesnt always happen at some point you do get fast travel i dont use it i dont believe in it from almost any game i hate it but even then you dont get it until a little bit later and its its not an easy use with the limited edition the new pc version you do get stuff a little bit quicker but that feeling of risk versus reward of im gonna push it just a little farther just really pervades the entire game its something that is completely you can feel within the entire game and it even includes the battle when when you go into battle its like am i going to block or am i going to attack blocking requires a i would say very good timing especially against some of the more dangerous opponents in fact perfect blocking which gives you all the skill bonuses and stuff like that if you have the abilities for it requires pretty good timing and or am i going to push it and just attack and soak up that damage you know and then it you look at all the other things a character running into you are you a bigger character well then they cant stun you doing that but if youre a smaller one they can so does that mean you want to block or does that mean you want to dodge theres theres so much going on here that reminds me of a lot of those other classics uh that are just now getting their their or not just now but are getting their just rewards right now which is you know things like dark souls and bloodborne now i dont know whats going on here this is looks like some type of graphics issue the skeletons are doing the matrix dance now lets see if i can get them to do it again but when they run i dont think thats normal right there that is creepy it looks like stop-motion animation from stan winston Laughter we went back in time to the sinbad movie and not the sinbad with the actor but the real one well not real actually the fake one chimera really enjoy the animation on this character so well done unfortunately you do see a lot of clipping in the different trees and stuff like that but the different attack animations look at that i mean you could take a screenshot of that you got two of the characters hanging on the snakes on the tail of the snake the snake attacking people harpies in the air this is just crazy poison now somebodys cast poison actually that might be the creature it just butt slammed me there yep and now wolves the story is complete i think when it comes down to you know a lot of people like to call this you know dark souls light or say that its a dark souls light kind of game and without negativity you could say that but in many ways to me this is like a heavier version of skyrim and i mean that and this is coming from a fan of skyrim i really enjoy my time with that game and understand its imperfections and its problems but at the same time inherently really enjoy what i get to play there but here like you just saw when three wolves are tearing into your pawn and got him on the ground and you have to go in and save him with your fireball spell and while youre fighting off a chimera some harpies and some wolves theres a lot to this that just really feels better than the battle systems in many other games i feel like im in control almost all the time when im playing this title and that really cant be said for anything other than a couple action games of course including uh dark souls and bloodborne so oh oh knocked me back use levitation levitation dodges are great they work really well here im gonna light him on fire and oh there we go did you guys see the uh the wolf roll in there i love that oh snake oh snake tail fell the hell off that doesnt always happen light him on fire or whoops lightning if you guys watch real closely yeah you just saw it there you can see that shake of the beasts head when it gets hit by lightning it looks like it hurts man so anyway i think thatll be it for me i hope you guys enjoyed this video its a little shorter than others but that doesnt necessarily mean anything other than i finally got to the point a little quicker than i did in past videos so i hope you guys like the video if you did hit thumbs up if you didnt hit thumbs down feel free to spread it if you want to talk about dragons dogma and the gameplay that goes in it and the story and the music feel free if not dont worry about it as always peace out and youre dead sucka and im gonna pick up the testicles i cut off you will warzone 2 be on steam Exclusive Plague Tale Requiem Hands on Preview out the Last of Us Part 1 REVIEW! 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