Dragons Dogma Class Guide: WARRIOR

Steam game valheimcuenta de steam hackeada DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN game lets not deny it big sword good big sword very good everybody loves a proper hefty blade and if you dont give it a whirl you are not immune to the busta sword fantasy me gungaga i want to see the dragons dogma most certainly allows you to live out as a warrior warrior can potentially seem underwhelming to some for a number of reasons however this class is not to be underestimated warrior chads know they can  __  it up and im gonna show you how Music while it struggles in some scenarios warrior is built with a specific focus in mind and it does it exceedingly well a skilled warrior will be able to break through whatever comes their way warriors exist for a single purpose to utterly flatten a  __  if an enemy is within range its only a matter of time before the walking nuke that is the warrior will make it stop existing and for those who are out of range dont worry while warriors cant make use of projectiles thats okay because they will find a way to instead become the projectile quick note to this end id personally recommend making use of a pawn with the launch board skill that i covered in my fighter guide being able to skip climbing to reach weak points with your aerial heavy attack is a big deal as is the ability to reach flying enemies on top of this warriors are extremely good at standing up yes im serious warriors wobble but they dont fall down they have a high resistance to stagger and knock down effects and are practically unstoppable once they start attacking the moment their attack animation begins they gain a certain immunity akin to the stability augment blasts of wind stomping and shock waves can all be ignored so keep swinging for the fences okay now for real to address a bit of a weakness here lets take a look at what happens when a warrior grapples an enemy and tries to attack ill stop you evildoer bro what so yeah this isnt the most devastating grapple attack because its slow takes a big hit to damage you to being incapable of utilizing elements it doesnt even look cool which is as were all aware the most important part in most cases youre actually better off going for aerial attacks if you can or far reaching swings to catch weak points the other big weakness they have is a lack of versatility warriors can only make use of three skills at a time as opposed to the typical six other classes have access to and while their inability to engage at long ranges can be compensated for easily enough with a party without them the warrior is  __  out of luck if they cant reach an enemy and their only means of dealing magical damage is via an enchanted weapon that said the solutions are there and readily available just keep in mind that by playing a warrior you are very much doubling down on chunky physical damage delivered via slow devastating swings quick note about aerial heavy attack before we continue this move hits hard and has strong knock down and while the reach is decent its limited by the fact that instead of functioning like fight as aerial heavy the attack itself only becomes active once you hit the ground if you want to actually deal damage in the air itself youll have to rely on your aerial light attack instead since their only skills apply purely to their greatsword lets take a look at what they can do indomitable lash has you start charging up a powerful strike that can smash through an enemys guard and even ignores cyclops armor while charging this move grants you armor now you might be thinking well yeah dumbass im already wearing armor and to that i say youre going to need it when i find you what this means is you can withstand enemy attacks as most of them wont be able to stagger you but you will still take damage from them also during a charge youll notice a bright flash happen just as the charge completes if you release the charge as soon as possible after this flash the attack will come out faster stronger and have a shorter recovery afterward this is how you make proper use of the skill and doing so results in a shock wave that staggers and knocks down enemies around you this is something you can use at the end of a string of light attacks as a swift but decently powerful combo ender pommel bash has almost no range very little actual damage and cant deal elemental damage but its a very fast attack that is almost guaranteed to stagger a small to medium enemy or break through their god this grants it a good deal of utility dont write this one off those of you who play fighting games might recognize this skill as a hit confirm which means its a safe way to start a combo with your enemy staggered you have the freedom to commit to even slower attacks and skills without needing to worry about the natural vulnerability that comes with a long wind-up it can also be used defensively to interrupt an enemys attack and because its so fast it can feasibly be used on multiple enemies technically speaking corona slash is better for groups but well get to that soon enough pommel bash can even be used to cancel the vulnerable recovery flames flames pommel bash can even be used to cancel the vulnerable recovery frames on slower attacks so keep that in mind will win slash is a misleading name because this skill does not generate a whirlwind missed opportunity but its all good it has the warrior stab forward then swing upward and slam their blade down behind them technically making it deal three hits though you might be hard-pressed to land all three on an enemy that isnt a chunky chungus the second hit is especially good for launching smaller enemies into the air and the skill has great knockdown overall this ones pretty straightforward but its perfectly effective at what it does using it on larger enemies can be pretty effective especially to reach weak points exodus slash is a fast backstepping slash to be used as an evasive tool that can be followed up with a pommel strike and an overhead slash to get you right back into the fight this is one of warriors few defensive moves an incredibly valuable one at that because the first evasive swing makes you invulnerable for the duration though it may take experience to use well clever use of this skill can let you utterly negate various attacks and stay close to enemies while keeping up the pressure a large window of iframes such as this is almost too good to pass on keep this one in mind catapult blade is the warriors equivalent of fighters launch board skill letting the user fling an ally into the air to reach airporn did i just say airporn letting the user fling an ally into the air to reach airborne enemies or weak points however id recommend slapping this or launch board on a pawn to synergize with a warrior arisen since it allows you to close gaps that are vital to have an answer to given warriors complete lack of range also happens that this skill can launch up to three allies at once so like thats a thing indomitable lunge is a running charge that deals several small hits before delivering a strong uppercut similar in power to fighters burst strike i will get into all of the details here but alternatively to give you a general idea of how this works i could also just say you ever play soul calibur because the full stretch of this move is armored you can sort of treat this move like a parry assuming the incoming damage isnt too severe as it doesnt grant invincibility frames you can cancel this move by hitting the jump button but rather than instantly jumping you instead round off the move by skipping straight to the final uppercut this is useful because if you immediately cancel the skill after starting it up it costs no stamina so you can actually use it as a quick and easy knockdown attack just keep in mind the actual attack power is pretty low this is one you pick up for utility corona slash does a big wombo sweep thats it thats all it is go home this thing sucks does very little damage and its got a good few recovery frames so youve got plenty of time to think about your mistakes if youre  __  up oh sure it sweeps up goblins and other small enemies every time but it does jack did like  __  the big fellas and besides why would you ever have trouble with goblins unless you were doing a fists only run on hard mode with no pawns on a fresh play-through only a  __  idiot would do that get the skill out of here im done looking at it this is awful in every way if i could kill it i would act of vengeance its insanely metal the warrior starts charging an attack remaining static while they do so charging makes you resistant to stagger and knock down effects and even others such as sleep the charge of this attack is raised by damage taken in this state and the power level of that charge is indicated by a glow the strongest being a bright red releasing the attack at this point results in one word pin baby that was two words you deliver a massive sweeping slash that obliterates smaller enemies and deals heavy damage to larger ones this can be used to turn an enemys attack against them but its not as generally effective as something like a standard parry given you need to take damage to deal it back however you can actually use curatives while charging so if you got some green warriors and like to live dangerously im just saying this is actually worth keeping in mind because of how the attack itself works not only does it entirely ignore all defenses it delivers a whopping four times the damage taken while charging because you can just keep healing while you charge you can feasibly tank as much damage as you like so long as you packed enough curatives to unleash an absolutely massive attack feasibly capable of one shotting powerful enemies outright its not super viable given the large strain this puts on your resources but it is a lot of fun keep in mind youre still vulnerable to specific strong attacks and grabs during the charge so stay on your toes warcry is warriors equivalent of fighters shield summons and is just as straightforward acts as a given taunt drawing enemies towards you specifically to allow you to play the role of tank not much else to say about this one finally arc of deliverance is effectively a slower version of indomitable lash that requires more stamina but deals an absolutely enormous amount of damage charging greatly increases stagger and knockdown resistance allowing you to shuffle above the battlefield freely unless you get grabbed like an absolute numpty grabs aside you can take a lot of punishment here and you can even jump cancel if need be so bear that in mind the strike sends out a shock wave that can stagger enemies and those in the immediate vicinity of the attack still take damage even if they arent hit directly the attack and shockwave can both launch small to medium enemies so high into the air that they actually take fall damage this is another ability capable of one shotting large enemies but it typically requires the use of periops and such to do so even when it doesnt one shot chances are this will still do a massive chunk of damage regardless when used right despite the very long wind up to charge the skill its definitely worth keeping around to really capitalize on staggered or knocked down enemies as far as augments go look out for audacity which is good for increasing knockdown and stagger resistance while charging attacks and similarly temerity halves damage taken while charging impact increases your knockdown stat clout boosts your strength by a solid 20 percent and proficiency reduces the stamina cost of melee abilities by 25 warrior is something of an understated vocation it gets a lot of flack and can be seen as much less capable than other vocations due to its particular weaknesses but i do think people focus too much on the drawbacks of these slower abilities rather than looking at what complements their core skills well similarly to fighter you can get a lot out of warriors light heavy and jumping attacks once you throw stuff like pommel bash and exodus slash into the mix you have a surprising amount of control over the battlefield and your natural tankiness combined with exodus slash makes you extremely difficult to kill while other melee vocations have the ability to outpace it in regards to damage thats less to do with warrior being specifically bad and more that every vocation in this game is good in my opinion this one is most definitely viable especially when complimented by a party but most of all warrior is flat out fun as hell it might be tricky to get to grips with and use correctly but its also incredibly rewarding especially for sheer enjoyment factor if youre considering taking up the greatsword go for it and dont let anything hold you back that about wraps it up for this video but next up is ranger Music Music thank you so much for watching if you liked the video be sure to subscribe drop a like and let me know your thoughts in the 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