Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen review - same game with extras

Launch steam game without steamsteam cream DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN game hi Im Rob cram and today were taking a look at the long awaited expansion to one of last years surprise hits from Capcom Dragons Dogma initially darker ISM was going to be an add-on to the game but Capcom decided to offer game as the same game with the added bonus of the new content much like theyve done with their Street Fighter games to be clear what gamers get here is the complete original Dragons Dogma game complete with all the extra trimmings and then the new dungeon to round things off were not going to go too deep into the gameplay specifics here but you can get the gist of the game in our original review the idea here is to look at the darker within campaign and primarily determine whether its worth buying this new repackaged version all over again or better yet trading in the original Dragons Dogma to get this one we have to state that the core game of Dragons Dogma is worthy of your time as it is and if youre new into the fold then this new game is a hundred-percent purchase stop listening and just go out and buy it right now if like us youve pumped over 200 hours into the original game and theres perhaps reason to be less excited or inclined to dip into the darker reason campaign from the offset we could say the campaign isnt very long if you play through with a levelled up character from the original game in fact many of the mobs can be taken out with relative ease you could probably beat the campaign in an afternoon if youre high level however starting over and building up levels in the original game before heading off to the bitter battle aisle will offer much more investment and challenge as were putting the game on Hard difficulty the island can be accessed at any time during nightfall from grantees and if youre using an old save file youll be awarded an infinite use fairy stone which makes navigation to and from much easier high level players will find some challenge of default settings Oh with some enemies being quite tough perhaps more time-consuming more than anything else with their massive health bars however it has to be said once the game is bested the whole island is open and players can head to the end boss over and over its post game that the island shows its true colors with new randomly filled areas often containing multiple enemy types and more than one boss the game really is for expert players and its here where the lack of human instinct with the AI lets the game down somewhat darker reasons locations are a bit flat though and if you can stomach the in close interiors then all is fine and dandy its a shame none of the open organic style environments were used to add a bit of variety dark arisen does feel like one continuous dungeon crawl which is a shame that said the enemy design and variation makes up for it with some new foes like miner tours and variants from the best three that are familiar but change to spice things up theres also new crafting available as unique to the dark arisen campaign and really whats neat is how the two games coexist with each other offering some overlaps at times so the question gamers have to ask themselves is are the extras worthwhile no doubt diehard fans will already be enjoying the added challenge and public hours into the new content however if you only dipped a small toe into the original game and theres really no reason to embark on this new journey when theres so much to explore in the original we can honestly say you wont be missing out on much bother new enemy placements Dragons Dogma dark arisen clearly shows that the game could have been a decent downloadable expansion to the original but also makes some sense as a repackaged product to entice newcomers by giving them everything in one neat package it might be seen as a bit drying to get fans to buy the same game all over again but this naturally is a contentious issue that you leave a boycott the game or ignore darker isnt offers more of the same that the original handled so well and therefore comes well recommended and whats probably the best approach its a trade in the original game against the purchase of these one which in its defense is not being sold full price and could be found for under 20 quid Dragons Dogma dark arisen scores 8 out of 10 Im Rob cram thanks for watching steam chemical integrator Robert Cram takes a look at the game Capcom wants to sell you twice and determines whether the extras are a worthwhile investment for under 20 quid in this Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen review. fall guys crossplay steam epic games can you play unsupported games on steam deck can you steam leather steam makes best selling game free steam ribs in oven