Dragons Dogma - First Impressions

How to send a gift on steamsteam kerbal space program DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN game Music whats going on everybody mortum here this time bringing you my first impressions of dragons dogma dark arisen now the dark arisen version is i believe a version that was released on steam that includes all the dlc etc that was included with the original release but dragons dogma was a title that was very much so requested a lot of people mentioned it said it would be right up my alley that type of thing so i was excited to dive into this thing and see what was what and for the most part i think people were absolutely correct about that and in a recent video i referred to it as looking like sort of dragon age meets dark souls and for the most part i would say thats a fairly accurate description theres a lot of elements from a few other games in there as well but overall its got that really dark and gritty atmosphere combined with weightier combat that so far is proving really fun and i would say the combat does seem to be a pretty big focus of the game and while its my understanding there are multiple endings which implies some choices later on currently i havent really gotten that far it has been a bit on rails but the combat is honestly something else theres a lot of weight to it theres a sort of grapple mechanic and for larger enemies this will actually let you climb up them and attack while youre on them which will let you do things like attack specific points on their body and this is especially interesting when youre fighting very large enemies which in and of itself is pretty cool but then the customizations that go into your character and building them also kind of lean into that a bit so what i mean is there are your character levels and then theres your vocation your vocation is like your class but its kind of separate from your character level as you play the game and level up all of your attributes increase your vocation kind of dictates what youre actually good at and you level up vocations and its my understanding theres more later but i havent gotten that far yet but as you level up your vocations youll earn discipline and then you can spend that discipline on skills for your class which then allow you to do things like dictate how youre attacking etc and overall just a very interesting system you can also purchase skills that augment your health etc on top of your vocation and then theres the equipment system which will see you actually having a few layers if you will theres a clothing slot versus an armor slot for your torso and your legs which while not exactly groundbreaking is a feature i always like to see as i think it adds that little extra depth to just the customization of your character in general and then another thing that stood out to me i wanted to talk about in this video was the pawn system so rather than companions in this game you have pawns so your character is an arisen which means that a sort of slightly different species but still basically humans just kind of answer to you unquestioningly they seem to be from a different universe altogether according to the game but basically they serve as companions and you get what is called a main pawn once you get so far into the story which is basically a pawn that you actually customize and create similar to character creation which on its face is pretty cool you can kind of customize their vocation to kind of accent whatever youre doing which will help you out in combat of course but what i thought was really cool is in the online portion of this game other characters can hire your pawn and in doing so they can take your pawn on quests etc which will then give that pawn knowledge of what youre doing so when you get to those quests your pawn might have relevant information to tell you about it which overall i thought was a really cool mechanic and then kind of the last thing i want to leave you guys with for the first impressions video is much like a lot of dark souls games the story is a bit convoluted here at the beginning i understand theres some sort of cycle that seems to be happening but the game gives you very little information about it theres a big evil dragon doing evil dragon stuff he rips your heart out at the beginning of the game which somehow you live through and your main goal seems to be to get it back and while admittedly pretty interesting main story wise im not really sure where this is going just yet but excited to see where it does go because as i mentioned the exploration and the combat are very good actually especially the combat i think a lot of games that use third person action could really take some cues from this game and how to handle combat because it feels really good to play theres a lot of cool stuff going on and so far its been the thing ive enjoyed the most about it and looking forward to the full review im hoping that some more choices open up because again so far its been pretty on rails but thats really my only complaint so far because beyond that it has been a blast really and im excited to play through this 100 and then bring you guys that review theres my first impressions hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please remember to like comment subscribe all that youtube jazz but regardless of any of that truly thank you so much for watching may you wander in wisdom and have an amazing day Music you how to steam vegetable Talking a bit about Dragons Dogma after playing for the first time!Intro Music By Juan Andrés Matos, Merch Shop: GreenManGaming Affiliate Link: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support The Channel By Becoming A Member! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Become A Member!: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow Me On Various Social Media ------------------------------------------------------------------ Steam Profile: My Facebook: My Twitter: 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