Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Is The BEST Game

Games steam 2021steamed cabbage jamaican style DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN game i can hit that note no more ec theres not even a heart mode yo whats up everyone welcome to dragons dogma you guys have been telling me to play this for like 200 plus days or this guy every single video ive posted in the past 200 and something days hes just been commenting play this game you know initially i was like i should just wait until its like a year since you started but now were gonna play this today im excited ive actually never ever played a dragon stock my game but ive had my eye on dragon stockman for eight years almost and i was getting hyped for a dragon stock my online game to come out because i wanted to play with my friends but that never came to the eu so yeah i think this game is going to be sick and i hope you enjoy Music also before i forget there are only four days left on my merch so if you want to get it go to the description and buy it anyways lets go wait you go from my menu to the main menu thats wait thats just hot mode wait what is that i mean were gonna do hard mode then sure this mode increases the damage that player takes in stamina consumption rate it also greatly increases gold receives by oh yes lets go im actually excited to be playing this in another place in another life another child of a man that gets what how dark its gone yes everythings maxed out its at a very very smooth 144 grip oh grab his ass Music we must cleave a path onward wait no i would also love to have a friend with me one that didnt get thrown off a cliff well one fastest hill theres a dragon thats dragon stockman that yo whats up this was like a more free monster hunter its actually great its a rift stone well hes back so oh i got so many friends can i can i throw the old lady get her out you can grab all ladies and throw them thats perfect oh come here come here come here i got this you take it i killed it why cant i play co-op in this i wanna play code in this this would be the best experience of all time wait whats going on here is this healing it is im coming uh okay leave her alone oh my god simple attack shield strike shield summons oh cool this is so nice like the controls are so smooth skyward ledge heal me okay wait okay theres strike thing and hindsight nice dude come up just get up here god damn it wait can i just grab them and fr right this way got him ive got some business to take care of and get him out of here perfect all im coming more buddies oh oh a happy so were gonna try our okay we dont need to what what did i just do whats that epic we buffed up oh its him thats doing it okay thats his spit i thought i died im just sleeping can we like speak into archery mage and  __   __  it up take its corpse throw it at the other one whats happening everythings so fast and good whos this man who are these guys its fatty take this hey come here what is this range i love it uh are there more items that probably items everywhere theres a chest here okay juice lets go i know youre tired i got you buddy wait can i carry fatty oh sorry fatty yes i got it grand hall okay sure im sure nothing bad will happen in here yep here we go oh  __  thats a chimera wait Music yo this is it from physical attacks wait thats sick stab his  __  lets go this is why i wanted to play this game come here im going on the coach kick its ash oh snake is done oh it is actually like my sons like that thats good again it says here again it says we do one of these go to silenced shut up go wait wait wait guys relax here take this and then bomb i need to attack the front oh oh oh look how was that not a block did we just die and countless lifetimes wait that was meant to happen we could have beaten that easy numb hard and sad whoa thats a big one man i so wish this was co-op dude its the perfect game for it now do we make a  __  is that what were doing i dont know man i kind of want to make a female but its also funny to be male dragonite what is this oh uh got anything good fan fanny do i call my s fatigue family oh this is disgusting and i love it as always were going to be mid lee because we want to get in there its more fun to watch people like jump around on giant things than just standing and shooting them even though bo is fun as hell because i kind of wanted to be female you know what lets just be this fella he looks enemy its like the voice okay yep lets go make more detailed edits oh we can change oh here we go when my mom comes to check if im asleep and after she leaves this man is half forehead fish guy it looks so sweet he looks like a nice guy why did i spend this long doing this lets go im ready confirm fatty fanny im ready to play kids its fatty fanny oh god look at me what a beaut oh not your best actually your best side is every side oh youre even awkward what the  __  and you didnt even make yourself dead oh god dont speak dont just as long as you dont talk you should be fine oh of course yo whats up so were about to fight this award run challenge the dragon im coming i think im just gonna like stab it probably and its gonna run off all right dont worry fetch you you have some time to just chill for a little bit but i have an idea oh oh we just have to survive for that long oh my god skipping us on water oh we stabbed his arm or hand and he didnt like that maybe he respects us oh no hes mad oh jesus oh he took a heart of course dont eat it hes giving us the ember im just living oh he actually ate it i was kidding the end this ost is great damn i like it so big ariston okay this is very dark soulish and i love it its time to begin your journey yes so we need to win a heart back from the dragon when hes prepared okay so he was like youre worthy ill  __  it up ah here we go class time so there are three right now fighter strider mage um to add some variety were gonna go strider so we have daggers and bow and i like assassin general and that fits fat hes so good do we have dodging now that we dont have a shield whats going on or do we have to just like go back and forth heavy attack is stabby step normal is just like smacking flurry uh we have scarlet kisses thats a normal flurry okay nice and then oh see ultra instincting me right now look at him dodging what the hell had you an empty fledge you might fill it here oh i want an empty flask i got into flask fill it oh sorry sorry sorry im just taking all the food you progress through the game by completing quests always talk with the people you meet theyll surely okay this grab throw mechanic is the best mechanic of any game as this music is very nice even though its pretty quiet its the best im doing this so i can overlap music later for boss fights and stuff herbs so what the limits are there for my climbing abilities this is just like dark souls 1 though like the egg thing is interesting oh no what have i done okay we got another chest theres secrets everywhere oh well items everywhere you saw nothing go to bed its actually me when my brother doesnt go to bed i just take him throw him in there imagine this guy goes into your room grabs everything and throws it at the wall just like crafting and stuff if i play a game alone this is what i do 90 of the time let me go here we can were free we secret item where are you there you are you see anything good at all coins seekers token and coins a cave here what the hell whose graystone is this gather what do you mean gather oh sick lets just do that everything this is not good to do okay i wonder who that is let me swim no no no watch this snipe though oh 21 xp worth but im never gonna be done with this game when im just gonna be going around in the city smacking  __  up getting large nuts all over my face knife meat pumpkin fish how did i find you uh pretty good see ya we can just get better stuff already so one of these look at me ready for adventure benitezs house take her stuff okay so i know that you can like spawn pawns of your friends hey youre gonna come with me or what whoa why would you do that oh god leave all right okay auto save you can also save manually anytime you like oh sweet yo look at this man such a little rabbit you rabbit pills can we craft our own armor with that or do we just sell it and then buy stuff this is sick give me all your pelts and meat we got demons  __  hey you alright so how much fall damage is then this you okay youre okay of course youre okay unusual beach but why is it unusual whats unusual about this what are these for throw in hey another chest congress period dont know what that is i dont know english theres way too much stuff everywhere stop okay there are 20 000 items to get here so lets just go to the main place or whatever oh just stop distracting me coins though oh coins level two yeah sure keep taking things for me are those ones we need to give look a little bit sweaty though go for a swim buddy i cannot move because youre dead oh  __  eight are we good oh our first stone rest for 300 no thanks and you can learn skills oh prove the strength of your resolve sure i heard oh we got the thing oh thats what were here oh okay we need to go up there and stuff oh time for that im looking for this what now can we just everywhere i go theres  __  happening okay what kind of monsters i want to be the monster but not before i end this first video on dragons dogma dude this game is fun this game is so fun so i guess if you want to see more of this please leave a like on the video also leave a comment please helps me a lot of course subscribe if youre new around here and as always my name is smith and thanks for watching Music Music you steam what does verify integrity of game files do DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN IS THE BEST GAMEMerch: Game: Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Intro song by ▼ Outro theme ▼ ▼ Social Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen Gameplay what is steam replay heat capacity of steam best gacha games steam web browser steam best laptop to play steam games