I LOVE THIS GAME - Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen - PS4 Lets Play Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1

How to add a game to steam library without downloadingsteam cloud error DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN game Music Music hello everyone gadget girl kylie here and welcome to some brand new gameplay here on the channel so today im going to be streaming dragons dogma dark arizona this is the new ps4 release version now for full transparency i did receive this as a review copy but as always my thoughts and impressions expressed in commentary and uh throughout my playthrough are my own guys so there is information down below about this game in the video description as always i did actually play through this game and complete it off my channel um i didnt do the dark arizona part of the game though i just did the normal playthrough of the original game before it got that expansion and i absolutely love this game its actually the game that made me put down skyrim um i never completed skyrim to be fair i did get a corrupted save file but still this game oh my god i love this game so much so im so so hyped to play this again its been forever since i have played it so no doubt ive probably forgotten so much about this game but anyways lets dive in and see what it looks like on the playstation 4 pro Music so i have no idea if this is going to be a full series on the channel guys obviously it depends on the support from you lot and at the moment just for a quick reminder i did tweet about it youtube have actually flagged this as non-advertiser friendly which means im earning like little or no revenue from this video until it gets reviewed so please bear that in mind right set the brightness level of the screen adjust the brightness to suit your display the a image should be visible b should be barely visible so i normally hire this a little bit because i do have the light from the face cam on my eyes and sometimes it makes diff it difficult to see and particularly dark portions of the game so thats why im going to uh lighten it a little bit and were going to keep that online main porn online access anyone thats fine uh no thats all fine porn subtitles displayed uh off i think cutscene subtitles ill put them on because it does help some people select your desired game difficulty im gonna play on easy because ive already played through this game like i said and i played through it on normal so im just going to do it on easy so that we can get through the game and enjoy the story command9 says ready for 30 minutes of character creation i hope im not gonna be that bad Music okay so lets just check out the options a second and see whats available audio and visual i think the volume is fine gameplay mini map on minimap rotation off connectivity online main porn online access yes Music um think ill just leave everything as is for now and lets just dive into the game guys i think were good to go anderson says hey kylie when did you get a ps4 pro um i got it when it first came out because game actually had a good deal on for once if you trade in a ps4 with five games you could get a ps4 pro for like i dont know 120 quid or something like that so i just did that deal oh my god it looks so good how dark its gone have you a light source pursue the dragon ive totally forgotten like all of the controls there we go so l2 sheave l2 draw r2 is grab triangle is heavy attack square is light attack and x is jump okay the dragons roost is just beyond we should hurry we should hurry sire how can i not break that box there might be loot in there final station of our long struggle oh my god there it is the badass dragon sexy beast he can take my heart any day just saying oh my god the music it shows itself the music and everything making me moist i love it goblins how do i run ive forgotten yes teamwork you holding my stabbing get rekt yeah were ready to own face guys Music delon says okay i want to get this game now why because of the big giant dragon Music l free to run thank you its been forever since ive played this game so bear that in mind forgotten all the controls here we go give me porn Laughter twisted dx boy says yay just about made it in time for the stream hello everyone lets examine the strange stone hi hello my porn minions welcome to the team our kind is ever ready to fight by the grace of your guidance so his name is sald i think thats how you say it weve got quincy or quince i dont know quincy sounds more cool i think uh and morgana awesome right weve got a team now guys were ready to take on the world heres another path oh yes i forgot about the commands so up on the d-pad is go right on the d-pad is help down is calm and left is health as well parasite says maybe thats why the stream is non-advertiser-friendly too much porn it could be the case to be honest lets get wrecked yeah ran and stabbed the way i like it okay i think morgana has imbued my weapons with fire which is cool its worked wow is there any loot round here nope welcome to the stream good to see you again i didnt even need to get involved i dont see any loose survivors kylie is disappointed of the lack of loot of the lack of booty here we go chimera oh i love the chimeras are you ready to watch me get owned absolutely vile the snow oh nice one quince i cant even get it from there yes jumper sack for the win Music fire landslide kiss hello john welcome to the stream i am still a little bit sick but im feeling better than before to be honest Music creeper boy says i dont really know this game can someone explain it to me this information down below in the uh video description if youre interested oh my god how do i walk with my shield im getting im getting owned right now theres got to be a way to block right yes teamwork again Music thats definitely a face only a mother can love Music oh it was further away than i thought nice you strike it when in the lights strike it when it lights Music how big the wings are on these harpies its kind of beautiful yeah thats me just admiring the monster instead of fighting it typical kylie like look how beautiful this creature is jackson says you can block with the alt key on the keyboard but no idea how to do it on ps4 damn it thank you for trying to help anyway jackson thats goal is appreciated arisen this way sir okay chill out the worm awaits beyonce i should be proud to guide you try l1 and r1 hang on a second hindsight oh thats the special moves isnt it so all one kind of unlocks the special moves if you look in the bottom right hand side weve got hindsight slash skyward slash and blink strike so lets try blink strike thats blink strike then weve got skyward slash thats pretty nice thats useful against the harpies actually and then weve got the hindsight slash as well so using l1 weve got symbol attack shield strike and shield summons okay oh my god it is definitely a long time since i played this game for getting all these controls back on the ps3 is when i last played it guys so just bear with me this way sir this looks interesting loot guys hashtag booty in the chat we got some booty sal stole it salz that was my booty im the lord and master not you beyond that grand door the dragon makes its roost right this is gonna be the chimera now oh my god im not ready for this i still havent gotten used to the controls yet im surprised that guy actually had a name not mpcc or something then you know theyre gonna die if they dont have a name oh no the ram thing put me to sleep youre getting a nice ass shot though hashtag chimera book all right im gonna go for the goat goats always go for goat anna get me ass kicked everyones dead thats not good i cannot pay right now Music though Music can i do anything with these uh draw near fallen allies and prep circles to revive them its been a while right im not going in because its too risky hes protecting hes protecting the corpses hes like these are all my meat really i need to revive morgana because shes the mage of the group get back off Music  __  thank you so much for the sub welcome to team ggk al i cant even look at the chat right now its that dangerous heal morgana for the love of god thats right weve got the heels on the go stay in here this is kind of like the healing spell that she just cast so you shall not crash channeling gandalf there holy  __  that was close oh my god run out of stamina Music yes off with your ghost youre owned go in for the kill everyone strikes while its down off with its tail nice work team Music let me ada for a second oh my god that was close and it turned right back around oh my god its going on the rampage Music Music yes weve got fire now good work Music damn it not raw though kind of reminds me of tiger x from monster hunter the ability to send you flying back with the roar deadly all right so l1 is actually blocked guys Music i hold l1 thats how i block with my shield Music run out stamina again oh that block timing though is that what made it stagger damn it feel the wrap of my shield to your face sir mission completed Music Music the fights in this game are so epic guys now choose flee or step forth take hold of what lies beyond claim mastery over the eternal ring reaper boy says this first boss fight is really long i dont want to know what the others are like oh trust me on my play-through when i fought the red dragon trophy it begins it took ages it took like an hour and a half to kill it or something and come i-9 says thats a perfect god mechanic there was so good time in there so satisfying to see the chimera just bounce off my shield and get knocked the  __  out thank you so much for all the likes guys dont forget every single like mat is and it really supports my streams we have a first light goal of 100 as always so lets try and smash that goal live together guys heres the red dragon oh its bringing back all the feels ah im so happy to be playing this game guys alien says that block was awesome thank you im sure that the rust will fall away during this stream at some point guys william says monster hunter world looks great well it is capcom so you know because its a big red dragon it always reminds me of the welsh dragon biaria says oh my god this is amazing oh here we go right its going to be 40 minutes of character creation right now right im a lady obviously in case you guys didnt know shes a leader please enter a name invalid characters will be changed to stars okay g g k your monkey will display four players with parental controls enabled uh lets see if kylie is even there i dont think so kabuki is quite cool kai karon kaiser kale kayla i suppose thats quite close to kylie ken im a woman i cant go with ken kimberly king kippy kiri kiri actually kiri kylie kyrie kylie thats pretty good i think ill go with kyrie right red hair obviously because ive got red hair so ea bergman says kylie is a lady im shocked i know right Music okay so lets go with this i dont even see the difference oh this is voices i feel like i dont have a womanly voice in real life so quite like the third one Music Music yeah i think ill go with the third option make more detailed edits right preset faces lets have a look selecting a new preset face will overwrite the current face selection murphy says red hair you must be a weasley channeling harry potter right there matthew no um thats quite a cute face my nose doesnt stick out that much i have quite a long like i always say that ive got a big nose but chris disagrees with me and said its not big in terms of sticking out its just like ive got a long bridge to my nose so yeah um quite like that face though thats a cute face i dont want to spend ages on character creation is the thing hairstyle is there any hair thats close to mine is it me or is the kind of like the model that these hairstyles on they look like guys so this hairstyle looks like its on a man thats quite cute i like that thank you so much for the sub welcome to team ggk Music there is a bit of a stream delay there we go Music ahmed welcome to team ggk thank you so much um i dont know i cant even remember what hairstyle i went with might have been that one that ones quite nice but i do oh i like this its nothing like how i have my hair though too short Music ah thats cool okay im gonna have to choose one it sucks being indecisive i dont know i like this one its not how i would have my hair but i do like it so im gonna go with that um face shape i dont want to mess around with that brows im definitely changing those brows though the brows need to be changed theyre quite nice ill go with them angry brows can i not change my hair color details there we go thats more like it so have they not got like a red shade thats the closest to red its like a pinky red more i dont know not accurate to what my hair color actually is um kind of annoying really i would have liked to have changed it i think ill just have to go with that color to be honest guys um this is more of a a lightish reddy color Music i was trying to see if like i could bring up a color you know a color chart and then select it from there but no Music hello welcome to the stream hero and welcome everyone to the stream thank you so much for tuning in this is dragons dogma dark arizona on the ps4 eyes lets change my eyes ah i could have one eye totally  __  up quite like them go with that um mouth see i have a big bottom lip but i have a thin top lip so i dont even know if they have that option really oh my god give me a kiss yes loose beautiful  __  in town what the hell i suppose thats quite like my mouth but my mouth doesnt go down it goes up at the edges dylan says lip 34 is the best lips is it pucker up boys i dont know i think ill just quite like 29 ill just go with 29. ears im not messing around with my ears i think were good to go with that to be honest um edit body preset bodies selecting your new preset body will overwrite the current body selection okay so im pretty skinny to be honest and im not that tall so i probably say thats more accurate to me i dont want to mess around with it too much because last time i did this on a game i ended up with a character that was totally  __  up so im not gonna do that um stance i dont know why this matters adjust posture with the slider then press x to confirm i think ill just keep it as it is im not gonna mess around with that scars and wrinkles lets have a look Music oh quite like the scar down my eye i think thats pretty cool lets lets go with that um makeup do they have really dark makeup no thats just thats bad girl girl you aint doing your eyeliner right no no no kylie does not approve thats more like it yeah a bit of cat eyes going on lets carry on holy  __  what is that skull face no right thats the one for me i think Laughter color adjustment skin color i am proper pasty makeup color yes yes the dark oh i dont know what happened there character started freaking out when i started freaking out dark lips the black lipstick yes 100 yes and then eye color my eyes are blue yes so much yes right now we are ready this is it name ggk monika monica mon monkey i dont know is kiri we are good to go lets do this yes im ready to play para says kylie have you played a mmo game like wow or guild wars 2. played a little bit of wow wasnt really my thing but um i played guild wars i absolutely loved guild wars back in the day and i played a little bit of guild wars 2 as well but ive not played mmos on the channel really i look sexy yes okay that was a bit of a dearth facial expression not gonna lie the profits have spoken friends the dragons return is nine oh by the way guys we did it 100 like hype team ggk is awesome thank you so much for all those likes guys it really does support me as a streamer that is greatly appreciated everyone hashtag 100 like hype in the chat im going to go ahead and change it to the next light goal which is 120. shits getting real so lets try and get those 120 likes guys we can do it here we go ass dragon flying in im ready to slay oh thank you so much for that like hype in the chat guys thats awesome see this is a dragon done right okay it looks so nice Music those dragon muscles are making me swoon Music oh it looks so good im playing this on the ps4 pro on a 43 inch screen which is hdr as well and its a premium tv and i am just blown away with how good this looks right now right look at me in my rags but im still ready to take on dragon thats right dragon does it tickle look at the detail as well like theyve done a really good job on this there he is hes gonna take my horse william says throw a flashbomb this is not monster hunter im sorry matthew says well you tried trying is the main thing if i die now i will die knowing that i tried Music yes Music hello audrey welcome to the stream lightning bro well you died game over i kind of need that buddy can i have it back please floaty heart Music he literally stole my heart guys dragon is bae Music data roxas says ew well its meaty a dragons probably going to enjoy chomping on a heart although it just looks like a tiny little crumb versus the size of that actual dragon my boobs are almost on show cover up me modesty Music parasite says cue the pelicans wheeling you way on away on a cart two more deaths to go and then its haunt over molly says if it ate your heart how are you still moving i am linked to the dragon now i am now an arisen Music me and the dragon are linked Music Music i dont think ive messed with the boob size in this game im not sure if you can but um ive got tiny boobs now guys for the rest of the game boobs only get in the way during combat okay we dont need tits here it is time for you to begin your journey as a risen but before you can win your heart back from the dragon youll need to prepare but what if i like him having my heart i have a dragon boyfriend whats more badass than that Music take a weapon okay your vocation determines your basic attributes uh wieldable equipment and skills so weve got the fighter weapons sword shields basic vocation a melee specialist with attacks and counter attacks able to cut through any resistance we have the strider which is what i played as during my ps3 play-through so weapons are daggers and bows basic vocation this nimble warrior can both mount and attack those and use a bow to strike from afar so im probably going to go with strider because um if i remember correctly eventually you can kind of like branch off into um magic as well and you can be like a magic archer or something like that and its really freaking cool um mage weve got staves basic vocation a conjurer of magics to heal wounds and target elemental weaknesses so what would you guys choose let me know in the comments guys but im gonna go ahead and go with strider and lightning bro says i personally like the magic archer yes or mage blade i just like the cross between mage classes and williams says magic archer is op yeah thats thats the class that i went as on my ps3 play through so its really really cool and we did it guys 120 like hype team ggk is awesome sending you some love guys every single like matters every single like show support that is greatly appreciated everyone hashtag 120 like hype in the chat hopefully this series does get support guys because i would absolutely love to continue it on the channel i love this game so much so the next light goal is 150 guys lets try and reach that live together you can equip yourself with a primary and secondary weapon primary weapons such as swords and daggers are combat essentials secondary weapons like bows and shields offer supports so yeah like go in the strider obviously i dont have a shield i think were ready to go guys i dont know why i decided to pick this up but i did look at this im a guest in this house and im just kind of like yeah this is what i think of your kindness im gonna break everything why not its all good i got a rock apparently come on its an rpg we know that we have to smash things to get luke you say it left a glowing scar yes the wound has closed and it seems the worst has passed but wait till you see the room ive totally trashed it if you would face me you are sure of this yes ill magic the work of some curse the whole worlds already gone mad for fear of this dragon wont no food come with this i must go see to the other skeena tell me if all change is here all right vamara says breaking stuff in someone elses house are you link maybe maybe i am sniper elite says this is how kylie wakes up and here you broke one of her monster hunter games jackson says make your partner cline oh my god dont put ideas into my head defeating foes and completing quests earns your experience and each level gained raises all of your attributes press options to bring up the polls menu where you can check your attributes a full map quest information and more you should be a bed i wish you would not strain yourself so im worried for you guys you wont be worried when you see the mess ive made im just gonna loot absolutely everything in your house i dont even care festival pie pie for the road oh ye this place is a shell im so ungrateful im like the most disrespectful guest ever see you later thank you for having me even though your house is a dump bye Music you progress through the game by completing quests always talk with the people you meet uh people who bear an icon above their head possesses quests those bearing green icons have new quests to offer i didnt even get to read all of that that went really really quick then oh it looks so nice theyve done an amazing job on this ps4 version guys Music and jackson says try killing npcs i cant kill her thats if there was someone in here id kill them its like they look suspicious in here what are you doing hiding in here some items can be combined with others to produce surprisingly surprising results experiment and see what you can come up with i think you can get into trouble for killing npcs in this game cant you reflux says hey kylie glad to see you playing this game its an absolute joy and one of my favorites i played it on the ps3 i completed it but um i didnt really do much coverage on my channel i just did some gameplay videos and thats it all the loot all the loot guys im just gonna pillage everyones house for  __  for  __  that i dont need carrots prime items to use as gifts for lending someones pawn online that seemed to be always what i got as a reward for someone using my pawn was a carrot and uh masculine says yes you go to prison exactly so its not a good idea to actually attack npcs in this game i dont want to go to jail guys pamplos in what exactly am i paying for this place looks like a  __  you can raise your affinity with people by giving them items or completing the quests they ask of you hang on a second i think weve just had a stream legend i think and we did rad192 sending you some love buddy thank you so much for that donation theres no message but its greatly appreciated thank you for the tip we have a stream legend everyone hashtag rad192 is awesome in the chat parasite says you think a carrot is bad someone gave me a rotten egg thats amazing ive just used your pawn but heres a rotten egg thank you performing actions that people dislike will decrease your affinity i can stand here and abuse him a little bit though he doesnt know does he know that ive just stolen that does he even care he cant see me doing it so it should be fine oh a foreign knife ill take that youre not going to be able to feed your guests anymore because ive stolen all your inventory redfox says is this the start of the game it is indeed ive been streaming for about 45 minutes now something like that so youve just missed the opening of the game really purchase equipment and useful items from shops or wandering merchants you encounter on your travels baymo says performing actions people dislike like killing them you never know someone might want you to kill them they might be into that kind of thing i dont know you can restore health and stamina and advance the passage of time at any inn or resting spot because theres certain monsters that can only be slain at certain times of the day and obviously at the start of the game its really dangerous to be traveling at night time as well so you want to try and avoid that as much as possible as jackson says they cant dislike you if theyre dead hello though fancy meeting you here thank you for dropping in he looks really puzzled Music that man you are speaking with hes off the pawn yes we got our first porn guys they come from some unknown place just appear without a warning they are a strange one you can say that again he literally just fell from the sky need a man falls from the sky if only it was like that in real life not human quite they looked apart sure enough but they lack the will the spark what drives us they have no capacity to feel nor act alone so they live as cell sorts mermaids theyre called can we just take a moment to admire how hench this old guy is i mean damn damn old dude youve worked out son hes hench theres an encampment west of the village where men gather to face the dragon id wager a fair number of his kind will be there as well which means i can get my other two pawns why dont you take him might be you learn out of why he came to you in the first place before leaving visit the store to make sure all right available quests change as you progress through the game additionally you can always consult the quest section of the polls menu for your current objective databoxes says hench some sort of slang hench means buff you know like worked out physically uh muscular and stuff like that thats what hench means people with red icons appearing over their heads have information relevant to your priority quest okie cokey doing so will make all people places and things relevant to the priority quest appear prominently on your mini-map pawns in your party will also offer advice for the priority quest more often than for other quests in your log speak to me thank you so much for the sub welcome to team ggk why dont you see him there aware five five five five five i might have accidentally added a five on but welcome thank you for the sub hes kinda right where they stand unless a human orders them to move can i not oh yes i can get rid of rock cant i eventually i just get rock for now and then i can uh remove him later on i suppose the villagers take turns standing watch thank you for that useful information thank you so much for the sub welcome to team ggk empty flask these are really useful uh later on i think z slayer welcome welcome shane says i remember the days when i would grab random kids and throw them in the ocean sounds like my childhood im not joking that did actually happen my dad did that to me oh sugar ive just broken my legs hey gatta talk welcome to the stream dont worry about being late you can always catch up on youtube later on kind of want to explore town a little bit and see what else i can loot beautiful absolutely beautiful this is what playing an rpg game is all about looking at buffalo ass lets leave Music so someone said i should go back to the inn wheres it gone the inn is this one isnt it yes try looking in the storage someone said are your travel preparations complete that leads to outside so is it upstairs did i go upstairs or did i miss that seems a fair place to rest i dont see a chest or anything talk to the innkeeper okay sorry for insulting you earlier mr innkeeper michaels greetings upon you what can i do you for manage stored items as you will withdraw right so weve got lifestone a stone that may spirit the user back to the entrance of bitter black isle but usable only within the foul labyrinth of that cursed aisle and then weve got quite a few of those um weve got fiend luring incense a distinctive incense that draws out the rarest and most vicious foes on bitter black aisle bring into the rotunda of dread or the black abby if you dare okay ive got magic defense item um just take them all to be honest oh my god ive got outfits as well robe of enlightenment wavering cloth and vagabond armor the highest defense actually is the vagabond armor and then weve got the lions spine defense 39 so ill put that on me thank you so much to the person that told me to uh check the storage in the end because thats so so useful welcome to teen gk thank you for the sub um swordsmans ring daggerists ring and staff bearers ring as well thank you so much michael welcome to team ggk i dont get what the difference is here like as you will oops didnt mean to do that ah bulky hell change equipment all right so ive got a really shitty ass dagger on a really  __  bow and then oh my god really oh what is that why is that seriously im like a court jester right now im dressing up like a clown right lets lets equip this oh thats sexy i like that its probably gonna be decent for a while i imagine got really bad crappy pants though Laughter thank you for the sword welcome to teen gig uk was there any pants did i miss the pants yeah okay i mean look how messed up that is from the dragon taking my heart as well its all tattered and bloody and horrible miss liz says absolutely fabulous i do like this chess piece though its really nice looking right lets go to rook then so can put on something oh we cant equip them actually yeah i cant change his equipment i dont think no so he just has to stay as he is never mind what can i do for never mind oh my god i look cool now i like it bjorio says wow party hat oh yeah i needed to equip a hat didnt i i didnt do that what can i do for as you will so im not sure which one to go for to be honest its kind of funny but it doesnt look good with my outfit so equip the arms and heart please i dont know because it kind of looks silly thank you so much for the sub james welcome to tmgk theres a um i quite like that one so im gonna go with that one and there isnt any arms i didnt get any oh hang on i did okay i got confused there for a second right im good to go then i yeah as you will what can i do you for take care now oh my god i look cool the only thing that looks  __  is the trousers bamaro says id say the tiara great minds think alike are your travel preparations complete so lets have a look at quests upon a pawn lead the pawn to the encampment west of the village lets go dont forget to accept the quest from the inn theres a quest in the inn from the quest board do you mean no oh sorry notice balls are where you get quests basically sorry for skipping that um reclaim the roads goblin reed rat catcher he should be so lucky okay so reclaim the roads all manner of requests and concerns are posted here successful completion of each earns a base reward of 500 gold and 500 experience defeat 10 bandits the bandits are horrible but im just going to go ahead and accept it anyway um then weve got goblin reed all manner of requests blah blah blah thats the same thing defeat 10 goblins well accept that slay seven mice and then slay five rabbits alexander says gotta go now ill watch this later thank you so much bud Music Music how can i do you for take care now Music famous says is it time to slay im looking forward to some slaying me too to be honest me too lets go i think were ready were kitted out weve changed our gear weve still got shite weapons but rook look at that face rook is ready for combat look at that face show me your face there we go hes ready for combat so uh lets go ahead and leave hey smith welcome to the stream to the encampment this path trophy onward rock chill out man this game has an autosave function periodically saving your progress throughout your adventure you can also save manually at any time by clicking the touchpad in the middle of the dual shock on the pause menu Music how do i draw my bow Music oh my god i shot it in the Music head right you need to be what are you doing rook you just threw a bag at me ill take that fair enough it was actually a decent item might need to change the sensitivity i do not have the best aim just so you know for any more rabbits run rabbit run rabbit run run run away from the arisen nice work rook fire im sorry guys ive slain all the bunnies i hope theres no rabbit lovers here because i just killed them all parasite says quote i dont have the best name as she bulls eyes a rabbit 20 paces away i dont though like im sure theres people that play fps games that could have just like whacked their bow out and killed that right way i dont have the best aim right i can cash these quests in at any board cant i so i dont need to return thats a gatat says i always play as a magic archer because screw having good aim press squirrel triangle to attack to wield a bow hold down l1 to aim and then press r2 to lose an arrow im way ahead of you game you can dash by clicking in the l3 button uh both during and outside of combat parasite says the only downside of magic archers is that they are terrible at fighting golems oh dont remind me how long some of those golem fights talk hes like boring Music is oh sugar oh hes not dead okay oh the explosion though right give me a prize for saving your life ugami says i absolutely adore this game i was so thrilled when it was announced always happy when i find someone that likes this game i love this game i played it on the ps3 its so good okay when foes seem too much to handle try gaining levels or obtaining better equipment purchasing equipment here in cassidius will make for a safer trip to the encampment oh that was  __  it was how grateful are you are you gonna pay me for saving your life im called reynard a travelling salesman though those damnable beasts ruined my wares god damn it ill just take whatever youve got left thanks to you it was only whereas i lost ill consider it a bargain you have my thanks lava cape bear ive got better armor you may see peddlers hawking their wares as you make your way through gransis they often come across rare items not found at more stationary shops if you see a peddler make sure to check what they have to offer thats right you run away i was so close to shooting him in the head whats that all right lets go lets be off im not running because i am ready to take on some bandits if needs be maybe im being a bit cocky because the bandits are quite tough on this game if memory serves so the enemy proved too powerful right so people are saying the cape is separate so hang on a second oh yes you are right oh my god i look amazing i look amazing i love it there is no shame this liz says bound it suck they do theyre really annoying in this game this road will happen in cabinet air much longer kind of want to go on the beach and see whats here first it gets dark though if it gets dark were leaving guys can i kill the seagulls oh yes so worth it so worth it rock what are you doing you startled me man i feel like my aims better than i give myself credit for parasite says ive got oh tough the bandits actually are yeah they are they really are oh hello ill take that ill check that you take it ceramic jug some ladies and obstacles can only be scaled first physics man physics treasure perhaps oh hello this looks oh minerable seems you need a pickaxe oh no darn it smurf says wheres kylie from i am from the north west england nice nice one take care by the waters edge let the brine take you damn it i wanted to try and kill the seagull with the rock anyway enough shenanigans on the beach its time to get serious lets go to our target guys hey cherub welcome to the stream i just tied myself out are you all right master there wasnt any chats on the beach was there it was just um oh cant break oh theres a chest i didnt see that yeah thank you so much justin i totally didnt see that chest you have good eyes sir keen eyes oh theres a chest by the boat and one by the rocks one by the rocks okay ive missed two chests then done the one by the boat theres quite a lot of rocks though just saying is that it over there no i opened it didnt i so ive already opened that one yeah so ive opened both of them then were good to go now guys thats not way too deep lest you become bait i need a better cape i feel like this cape lets me down with this uh torso armor and the pants the pants are hideous we need better pants starting to get dark guys so this is actually good timing right now gets dangerous at night in this game parasite says rook got the second chest okay good old rock hes useful sometimes if memory serves thank you so much for all the likes guys we are so close to 150 can we get a like surge every single like matters every single like really supports my streams guys and dont forget this is actually flagged as non-advertiser friendly at the moment so it has limited or no ads so if you do feel like supporting the stream check out the stream tip link down below in the video description any donations are read out on the stream with attached comments and you become a stream legend smurf says liked and subbed thank you so much smith there should be a notification for uh subscribing Music and there we go literally right after i say it ill just make sure it is actually you but uh welcome to teen ggk thanks for the sub and yes it is smurf joined smurf joined the team have all you need have all youll need now we are an end first and foremost but we offer more than simple lodging miss liz says its weak to fire proceeds to give you ice enchantment all the good old pawns safeguard your belongings or aid in learning new skills have your pick in your life what will it be today lets have a look can i actually biting wind dashes past the target with blaze extended delivering slashes that can be followed with further attacks on contact that is pretty good i have got enough for it or weve got the triad shot fires free arrows in a wedge pattern cloud burst sends a wall of arrows skyward to rain down on a broad area probably going to go with the biting wind ability at the moment and then um Music change your enabled skills yes i think triangle is what i usually set for that yeah what will it be today i cant teach rock any skills discipline points can be spent to learn useful augments and skills skills and augments must be enabled in order to make use of them puku says dragons dogma what system are you playing it on ggk this is the ps4 version and im playing on the ps4 pro we speak to you from across great distance the poor legion forgive this stranger pookie says ps4 yeah it came out on ps4 like yesterday i think its like 20 pounds or 25 pounds something like that richardson says its a cross play between ps4 and pc thats an interesting question i dont know actually pookie says i didnt realize they ported it oh my god wow get on that get on it now get red on it for they possess a will powerful enough to guide the legion if you would claim to be among the origins prove the strength of your resolve very well then we shall guide you in your trial if you are an arisen in truth his humble task will prove no obstacle damn straight look at me im geared up the arizona must possess the valor to stand against all threats and the power to welder a tireless spirit of self-improvement grants the strength to lead the legion parasite says the porn legion formerly known as playboy Laughter ashley says god this is nostalgic it really is all the fields are coming back search the area select status from the polls menu i didnt even get to read that a redstone when you have accepted multiple quests at once you may set one as your priority quest doing so will make all people places and things relevant to the priority quest appear prominently on your mini-map pawns in your party will also offer advice for the priority quest more often than for other quests in your log okay slay seven mice so rat catcher is actually set as priority right now on a second to beat 10 goblins thats easy weve already done four we only need six more reclaim the roads defeat 10 bandits we can do that on the way so really the only ones we should try and get dawn here are the rat catcher and call of the arisen so is the rat catcher marked on my map now i dont know i dont think so just says slay seven mice which im assuming are inside these really run down houses oh we did it guys 150 like hype thank you so much for the love and support guys every single like matters every single like really shows me youre having a good time and you support the stream everyone hashtag 150 like in my chat im going to up the like goal now to 200 which is amazing thank you so much for the support guys i would love this to be a series on the channel but uh obviously i have to wait and see how well it does sam bro hello ggk i just joined the stream to say hello it is me yolo bro i changed my name because i wanted to sound more professional im in school so i may have to go in a bit no worries bud thank you so much for dropping by and parasite says i dont think there are any mice until you get to grand soren okay right i wont bother with it then ill just do the call of the arisen quest okay so check the area around the encampment until you find a threat that must be quelled ive just got to run around basically and uh find the frets theres a chest here first journal entry can i read that um i dont know rook scared me then just turn around and theres his face i mean personal space rock seriously press the touchpad to look at items ah okay yeah i forgot about that so there is special an excerpt from tom from a travelers day book it outlines the authors decision to set out on a journey cant read it i can only give since with a heavy heart i have hearth and home behind but vengeance must be dealt the beast what struck the village and stole away my dear alicia will die by my hand so basically to access that whats written on it i had to press square when im on the item it seems the soldiers make their beds there oh god snack snack hype there may be prowling monsters about Music do something do something youre supposed to be a badass night flint how about you do something Music do something all ready for battle i am ready brooke its not the hydra no its not its a cyclops is it or is it a troll i cant remember which it is its a big beat there we go see cyclops right hi Music hello big boy are you happy to see me im happy to see you youre so sexy Music yoga aim for the eye oh falls Music grab the belly go for the crotch Music to receive the effects of curative magic step within the area of the healing light nice work rookster Music ill its dead a victory Music female says i see why they might be having some issues Laughter i see i get it its a sith lord sith lord confirmed that reports of the rift we got a misshapen eye forsaken attacker says oh my god this brings back memories it sure does set out from here and well be on the path to grand soren all right so lets head on up eggball ah crowl located in the command headquarters of the encampment provides many different support functions to adventurers speak with him to rest and heal your wounds learn and enable useful weapon skills or store excess items Music parasite says kylie battled the one-eyed monster and made him cry Music family says palpatine is that you youre supposed to be at the senate Music i should probably like i dont know i picked up a load of shite ive picked up um ceramic jugs ive got a pie okay a gaily decorative a decorated pie favored by actors and jesters meant for throwing not eating why is it horrible does it taste vile got a foreign knife a deadly throwing knife introduced by the bandits of a foreign land empty flask kindling a piece of wood used to start fires lighter and it should serve as a torch ill keep that blast arrow weve got as well so ill keep that weve got some herbs weve got some rabbit pelt weve got hunk of ore whats this a table carpenters used to rest the tools of their trade work table put that away i think thats fine have your pick come again soon right lets go and uh interact with this and hopefully get some porn horn on the go get some more porn you are the original parasite says make sure to store any fresh ingredients like meat fish vegetables otherwise they do go rotten oh okay i should probably do that then remind me after this bit and ill go and do that they shall serve pawn customization set the look of your constant companion throughout your journey as a risen your main pawn thank you so much for the sub red fox welcome to team ggk im gonna go with a male look at him hes like im man i must flex muscles right okay mail please enter a name invalid characters will be changed with the star icon i call it a star but i dont know whats official name is um lets call him klein the idea has been put in my head so i am spelling it right arent i klein ein i think so uh okay thats fine and im also going to have chris in there because that is the name of my boyfriend as well asterix thats it thats it got a talk i remember now oh my gosh youre on fire today kind of looks like gladio look at that beast hes hench Music oh we can have a dwarf oh my god i think thats the closest thats the closest to chris but it depends if im gonna go for klein looks wise um i think ill go for that body and then lets go through the voices Music Music i cant tell whats closest to coin maybe the third one okay so our style if were gonna go for klein i dont even know if theres a hairstyle thats close to kleins really i suppose a ponytail would be i dont know maybe the closest i dont know really i dont think theres even a hairstyle in here thats close to cline at all what do you guys think the hairstyle for klein then just pour myself another drink long hair please deep voice with a small character is best were trying to make klein though from sio long hair he has long spiky hair there isnt any spiky hair though i say thats the closest no actually that i suppose that is the closest so maybe that and then its like a a darkish brown isnt it id say more of like a reddy brown though so i guess that and then face shape so oh hes looking hes looking quite hot now oh swoon shes got quite a narrow-ish face so maybe 42 no 42s quite hard really quite liking 42. what the hell whats going on with 47 and 48. long face and then like a really massive jaw yeah a pointed chin Music i think 46 eyes oh shoot whats his eye color guys is it dark i think its dark brown isnt it is it dark brown guys am i remembering that correctly recline from sao Music paulo says ive got clients pick on another tab so i can check stuff thats dedication man dedication yep dark brown and reddish brown hair i think i think thats good and you know what i actually really like the scar as well so im tempted to keep that i think Music i dont want to mess around with the mouth and ears i think that looks pretty good um Music facial hair hes got the little um goatee type thing going on doesnt it there we go that is it that is so it yes i kind of wish it was darker though its not very dense is it he doesnt have that does he just has the bottom yeah he just has that right oh my god lets just go look at this thats amazing its not happening though guys its just the fuzz on the chin yeah so that that i would say is the most accurate oh my god yes sorry i just wanted to see im not gonna give him makeup but i just oh my god i just had to see it okay no were not were not gonna do that i think i think im pretty happy with that i think thats uh thats pretty close to klein so Music lets go Music well be asking a few questions your answers will shape your pawns inclination when faced with danger which trait would you most value in a follower an iron will quick thinking careful preparation the charisma to lead others well he is a leader hes a leader of his own group so i think the charisma to lead others is quite fitting really what do you think guys i think the charisma to lead others or and i am will i think those are the strongest options for klein Music greenfield says he looks hot thank you thats what im going for a sexy pawn a nice sexy porn man and jesterface says one of the best character creations in the game i dont know like its pretty good but ive seen better to be honest i am will michaels saying i will um knights saying i am will as well for klein klein is the leader of the foreigner kansa and is one of the better guilds so this is it the charisma to lead others like that is he is actually a leader so i know im gonna go with that okay while in battle which strategy would you prefer your follower to employ kill all enemies rescue comrades in danger strike at the strongest foes call for reinforcements oh oh guys oh no i dont know i want him to be concerned about his teammates but i also want him to be fierce as well but megaplayer says kylie have you ever thought about trying ark survival evolved i have bought now is not the time rescued the damsel is not an option parasite sadly although that would make sense for klein Music yeah rescue comrades and danger kline is definitely a rescuer that was his first inclination when faced with gleamers in episode one says feymere okay your followers rescues your your follower rescues your party and turns the tide of the entire battle what would you have them say this way master leave them to me now master strike the final blow quickly after them i dont know probably just quickly after them team effort isnt it its not like i dont want him to take all the glory and stuff so quickly after them as a ruler which gift would please you most a magic potion that preserves your youth a brave unjust hero suit to succeed you the perfect spouse a majestic white steed um probably a probably a white steam actually come on like rising into battle on a white steed thats pretty awesome so i think yeah a white steed select vocation fighter mage strider obviously hes a fighter here we go guys Music our field tea is sworn to you arizona oh im getting rid of you rock as soon as i can youre gone Music ramos says if there are any katanas in this game klein definitely needs one yes pineapple fox says ark survival evolve would not be a good game for ggk to play on her channel it takes forever to make a small amount of progress and other players can reduce you to starting from scratch again exactly a new ally trophy having been recognized as an arisen you have been granted a loyal pawn to be your constant companion in your journey in addition to this main pawn you may hire up to two other pawns to support you in your adventures different pawns have different strengths so use support pawns to tailor your party to fit your current needs in addition to minding level and available skills a pawns knowledge is another important part of creating an effective party pawns with appropriate knowledge of quests or foes can provide helpful advice and battle strategies jackson says oh i got caught up watching game of thrones hey game of thrones is amazing missed most of this stream ill catch up later no worries you can catch up at your own pace when its a board okay touching the stone allows you to seek and summon pawns or return to your realm you may hire only two pawns onto your party at any one time they can then be discharged by speaking with them again so i want um i want to replace rook actually is everything in order master if you should ever need anything so rook is level six um actually rook is higher level than the other ones that are here so i think you can do a search though right okay search pawns by level maybe like thats oh my god i dont have enough anyway so yeah um i can maybe hire because ive got ive got klein ive got rook i might be able to hire someone else maybe yes a reason so thats zero rc to enlist her lets review her details so shes a fighter okay fair enough yes there isnt nana looks pretty cool so someones like kitted out their pawn in that gear that i got at the start of the game quite like like her her like her oh my god look at this guy optimus prime oh no oh no i think were gonna have to hire optimus prime i think its gonna have to be him just because hes hench and he looks amazing right were enlisting optimus prime you will answer a confident with this poem proceed i am honored to travel with you trophy foreign recruit oh my god weve got optimus prime on the team guys arizona roll out says ashley consult the history in the pause menu to view a record of all the pawns youve employed lets leave so weve got a full team now guys which is awesome all good and its night time now oh hang on ah a master in his porn is it thank you so much for coming along famerf i shall see you later youll be quite the force from the day you learn to fight as one oh dont be cheeky mind you that is a skill better honed in practice than in the heat of mortals jackson says youre making me want to do another playthrough of this game i adored this game back in college havent played the darker risen dlc yet though so thatll be fun the man of the enlistment corps never turn away the eager we are ready to begin are you im gone i think i remember this training as you will i think its  __  if i if i remember correctly it just made me mad the training large coin pouch what  __  hides their money in a crate outside well that was stupid whoever did that is an idiot what purpose do you suppose this place holds it is closed seems we need dispensation to pass after accepting a quest first note the quest mark on your map then continue by searching for the required items or information quest markers will vary based on time location and your targets actions if youve come to an impasse in one quest why not try progressing another you find may find a solution to your initial problem is a fine time to take stock and revise our party enemies storm killer says as long as you have a mage in your party the training shouldnt be too difficult Music there he is palpatine jackson says i think they were thinking its not really normal for people to slash a giant wooden crate so ill hide my money here but alas its a video game so thats what we do damn straight break everything loot everything and you can guide him in his career we can safeguard have your back can i learn anything new i can actually so send a wall of arrows skyward to rain down on a broad area i think thats pretty good lets go ahead and do that nice new skill acquired then weve got klein oh yeah what will it be today right so he doesnt have enough points which makes sense since hes not done any battling at the moment what will it be today um manage stored items change equipment line my man what happened to the items that um oh hang on a second what will it be today what will it be today what will it be today right okay im not sure like i think you can tell them to give each other stuff but i didnt know how to do it so i just did it the long way instead oh thats cool yeah now were rocking it guys now were rocking it what will it be today i dont know we could we could make klein wear one of these i dont know it could be interesting though what will it be today what will it be today oh my god oh no i dont know which one should we make him wear the stupid cap the justice cup i think we should i think its funny there we go yes life is now complete guys thats amazing its gonna be today um we might rest until the morning actually uh when youre connected online your main pawns attributes will be uploaded every time you rest in an inn the main poem you created can travel to other worlds online to assist other players in their travels these adventures can result in new knowledge items and equipment they bring back when they return your main pawn will gain boons and in other worlds at the inn as well visit often to keep current on any developments core skills are enabled as soon as they are learned dont forget to enable skills and augments for your main pawn as well a rift stone parasite says and now klein is floating around the internet with that stupid hat yep oh my god its amazing okay so lets speak i am mercedes i lead the men of the enlistment corps either talk of their reason they say you hold dominion over the pawns ive ordered pawns to take up swords and fight myself but they are a clumsy lot hey dont disrespect my pawns look at klein just ignore the silly hat but he is responsible he is ready to fight you cannot call them into this world as you do though dont make traveling companions of them what manner of magic lets you command them so william says mercedes is bae she is hot i agree look at that breastplate though the dragon is coming ill welcome any help be it porn arizona farmer or fish wife make use of the encampment as you please surely a porn is better than a fish wife or just any old villager thats picked up a weapon well come again you mean i could have just rested for free the corps will remain here a while once more men have gathered will leave for the capital until then youre free to use our lodgings will you rest maybe if i rest it triggers it suppose is the better part of readiness Music here we go ashley says i remember messing up her questline i think every single time ive messed up her questline hidra Music snap says ashley snack indeed a giant snack look at that tongue action though Music its time time to put put my pawns to the test oh Music lookout draw near fallen allies impress circle to revive them someones dead if a pawn remains unconscious for too long they will be forfeit whos dead fly god damn it klein i knew i shouldnt have equipped that silly hurt Music i need to rest ive used all my stamina Music Music yes that goes ahead controlled again i am impressed youre gonna call my pawns idiots again is your handiwork for truth oh what did they do doing here anyway ancient tales of the origin are well and good friends but make a gift of these hates to the duke and you might earn yourself a real title yes snake heard what every lady wants from whence the legends arose good judgment swift footwork impressive truly in any case the duke will want to know of this attack id hoped to gather a larger force before leaving for the capital but the hydras head and the origin who claimed it make up the different sampling hello valerie welcome to the stream um thank you for tuning in peoria take it easy i cannot say what the purse may hold you will need your strength it will be slow going with your card i dare say you will have no trouble catching up what you have some business here yet i do time is scarce a rotten head makes for a poor trophy trophy getting ahead oh getting ahead funny so funny climb leveled up does that mean you can learn a new skill oh we leveled up again level four we can safeguard you have your pick and you like what will it be today oh he doesnt have enough damn it hes just shy just shy of learning the skill and i cant learn any new skills either so thats fine what will it be today i think uh just had another stream legend i have indeed stream legend everyone send green fire some love in the chat hashtag green fire is awesome that is greatly appreciated ggk might i inquire upon you for something quest board out drink the town full to gain stolen sensitive information in the tavern 325 gold coins 155 experience quest completed reward accepted i can out drink anyone even though i dont drink alcohol as long as its water i can out drink anyone thank you so much for that tip green fire that is awesome that is greatly appreciated getting us towards that goal um obviously ive only got so many days left now for that goal so yeah um five days left guys and were so close actually thank you so much for the sub welcome to team ggk that is greatly appreciated jataro jo jo taro jotaro i think i apologize right okay so wheres the map command headquarters rift stone noticeboard i feel like we should go to the notice board actually back to cassidy is a fair notion okay so ruffled feathers slay two seabirds ah if only i had this before i killed those seagulls already defeat seven phantasms im just going to accept everything because most of these you can just do along the way anyway to be honest jotaro says i remember playing this game a lot when i was a kid its so good like i completed this on the ps3 slay eight spiders defeat free cyclops and slay 10 wolves easy peasy and we still need to do the uh training as well im tempted to actually do it because i can basically um so thats through here isnt it to shut tight undergo training these starry-eyed boys of late arrow Music trickster says i remember never doing an optional escort quest in my first playthrough i missed quite a lot of the side quests in my first playthrough to be honest and trickster says escort quests are the worst in every single game not for klein look how ready he is with that house this this is the face of a man you can trust right now ready ready for fights ready for escort missions ready for anything oh look thats it thats an npc isnt it thats not a port thats not one of my pawns so it did suck im confused how did this npc end up with this hat i didnt give it away because klines wearing it so theres an npc with the same hat on klein klein thats your waifu now hang on let me see how hot she is yeah shes quite hot actually klein this is your waifu youre wearing matching hats and knight says klein started a third theyre just random pawns wandering around oh are they okay i was gonna say because i was like why is just the normal npc wearing that hat right now basic trainings lets go ahead and do this so why do i need to go for this training then exit exit i thought we went through a door training rounds i was there how come i how come i couldnt do it why wont you let me train when training demands the first step i know their lot all too well eager to spill some blood bent their spleens war is but a lark to them thats like yep says youve skipped the training oh so i cant i cant do it now oh i thought i could just come back to it that sucks i would have done it had ive known it just would have cancelled it all together right i guess its time to move on i cannot say what the purse may hold you will need your strength it will be slow going with your card i dare say you will have no trouble catching up well meet at the way castle till then i bid you rest well it is a long road ahead william says may you didnt miss much though no but still ashley says so guys whats your favorite monster to fight the drakes the drakes are pretty cool i saw it from my spot at the post what was it its been dispatched then thank the maker and i love the griffin as well uh hold a moment is keno not with you she was said to lead the village in search of art for your wounds i thought you accompanied her Music these are dark times for a girl alone in the wilds any idea what she might be after Music a new area has been unlocked visit the casa deep here at night if you would see it for yourself no because thats the thats the dark arisen part of the game which were totally not going to do right now that would be suicide am i going the right i need to uh meet mercedes dont i im going the wrong way then trickster says oh yeah this game and it has uh its very easy to skip quests i couldnt even complete a fetch quest at one point because i got to a point where the item didnt show up anymore thats annoying hello jim welcome to the stream and valerie says i havent played this game it looks very interesting you can buy it right now on the ps4 and uh its pretty cheap actually so i would recommend checking it out foreign well need chinas help for this wheres mercedes for  __  sake seriously am i going through the wrong yeah ive gone the wrong way and parasite says i was surprised that its actually only 20 quid okay its telling me that i need to im confused okay mate for the white castle on the rendezvous with mercedes so do i just need to leave through this door again now this gate leads to cassettes jackson says that music though youve made my mind up im reinstalling it on steam to play it again have fun so i just need to go this way and then i should bump into mercedes well need ginas help for this lets ask at the village well sturdy this place right so ill just go this way oh no shes my name trial casadis im confused about where im supposed to be going right now its west its north its south so many people shout in different directions Laughter right okay so i have gone the wrong way then i need to go out the other direction back to cancer this reason heres a fair notion its not that way its this way isnt it there are pawns there among the armies  __  me i am lost mr im confused its probably i probably  __  up again because i had this problem on the ps3 version where like the quest marker would tell me to exit through the wrong exit all the time so then id have to have to backtrack quite a lot this is the right way though now jackson jacksons just quoted me  __  me im lost story of my life in any rpg we got there in the end jim says um ive heard of this game is it really an offline single player game i want to send dvd single-player games that feel like mmos to my nephew stationed far away um yeah it is it is a offline massive uh well its kind of like an mmo experience i guess you could say that is that a bandit right there  __  this is where my aim becomes crap Music i cant take climb seriously anymore with that hat thats right optimus you hold him still Music these are the bandits right Music well theyre just regular enemies well that went well that went better than expected and i need to kill some seagulls remember oh wolves these are side quests thank you so much for subbing and joining team ggk Music i tried to say your name but welcome to the team oh that is so satisfying Music thats slow motion action though vocation rank increased for klein very nice fire works parasite says im just waiting for kylie to run off the cliff i am skilled sometimes ill have you now that wont happen ever think you can run from me think again  __  theres loads of them now i am tired ive used i have to remember about the stamina in this game and i need to be more careful i say that and then straight after i use up all my stamina again now whats that thats a purple ball rift nice good work team all right well just follow the path im not wandering off the path thats how you die stick to the path kylie patience lets proceed with cushion ashley says the magic in this game is top notch its gorgeous i particularly love the ice magic in this game the one where it does oh one white does that spear type you know like it what is he doing both of them waiting to die Music a heavy load will cause your stamina to deplete more quickly sell or discard any and all items you no longer need get the  __  off get gone is he dead did he actually die oh no he survived unbelievable now hes dead im attacking im attacking my pawn though ashley says that bandit seemed a little lost i think he was just he was just a bit disorientated after i threw him off the cliff Music i think he is i got confused for a second quest successful 40 was optimus prime for a second though more bandits have appeared Music theyre attacking quick succession ive learned a new way to fight their illness ive learned new techniques i keep going to press um r2 to fire my bow instead of l1 oh my god okay i was like he just vanished in front of me seriously so yeah that guys a random pawn just wandering around that guy in the cloak that we saw um could have helped a bit of a dick really maybe it was kleins fancy hat it put him off he was just like i dont want any part of this group i pray the day monsters no longer haunt the roads is not far off the sea is closer than id imagined the road splits here lets be doubly sure which will see us to our destination here we go guys follow this road north and will hit grand soil its pretty darn detailed actually looks cool kiss this neck what are you doing klein having a little dance obviously i trust you rested well given the hour the our reason arose late this day ashley says i wish you could toggle the original theme song i know its amazing why did they have to remove that song i love that song the wind is pushing me its actually on youtube so you can watch it and listen to it on youtube we make for the capital men like us not the cart will draw beasts along the way stay vigilant but fear not we walk with the arisen slayer of hydras thats right slayer of hydras is now my title thank you so much for all the likes guys dont forget every single like mark is click the thumbs up button if you like what you see and you want to show support guys does really help me out as a youtuber and streamers and miss liz says prepare for the longest walk of your life yep pretty much its all right weve got optimus prime here looking hench Music goblins ive already dealt with the mercedes dont you worry dont you worry your little head i shall restore your health shane says grab that oxford can i actually jump on im so scared oh sugar enemies look at those look at those harpy boobs though this is totally a professional outfit grabbing hold of that ox Music oh i cant climb on that i was kind of hoping to like oh hello was that another one i grant you fires please we must keep it across the ground  __  they hold the advantage  __  me told you me aiming can be bad guys hey jake thank you so much for coming to the stream Music oh my god optimus right in my oh no no oh yeah i fell to my death optimus you flashed me with your pecs and you distracted me and made me die god damn it as you take damage the amount of health you can recover free magic in the field also decreases indicated by a white bar rest in an in or use curative items to fully recover your health giving pawns curatives to hold will allow them to use them at their own discretion septic says optimus you  __  i said i wasnt gonna run off a cliff when i did restart from the point you last saved the game oh  __  retry from the last checkpoint uh well i havent done a manual save in ages so i should probably do retry from the last checkpoint to be honest youll return to the last auto save an in or a rift any progress made past that checkpoint will be lost what what that was ages ago right optimus prime you absolute bleep absolute bleep does that mean i havent spoke to mercedes yet oh i havent even gathered all of the quests either thank you so much for the sub welcome to team ggk septic Music all right wheres she gone she was walking around here wasnt she Music Music okay Music god damn it Laughter you can save anywhere i need to remember i need to be saving as often as i can well anyways guys im going to go ahead and stop this stream here because ive been streaming for like two hours and a half now and uh my throat is starting to get wrecked plus im like going out for a family meal tonight as well so i want to rest for a little bit before i go out for this meal but ive had a fantastic time streaming this guys thank you so much to every single person thats come along joined in subscribed and also thank you to the stream legends as well uh obviously this video has limited or no ads on it because its flagged as non-advertiser friendly and i need to get a thousand views on the video before i can request a review on youtube so hopefully that gets cleared up after this goes up as a board pretty swiftly but i dont know anyways guys ill be looking at the support on this series um and deciding if i will do more of this game but nonetheless hopefully ive shown you enough gameplay for you to decide if you want to pick this game up or not remember its out now on the ps4 this is a remastered version and i think its like 20 pounds something like that in uk money if you are interested in supporting my channel at the same time if youre going to go ahead and get it digitally please do use my play asia link down below in the video description you can buy psn points in your currency straight away free play asia and get the codes 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Based in an epic fantasy setting, Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen combines exhilarating and deep combat with the freedom to explore and interact in a rich, living and breathing world. Choose between nine different classes and embark on your own adventure along with three AI companions, known as Pawns. These allies fight independently, develop alongside your character, and can be shared or borrowed online in exchange for treasure, tips and more. Dynamic combat fantasy setting content complete version updated version for new consoles deep RPG mechanics steam deck gets hot calories brussel sprouts steamed exchange steam games steam deck not compatible games cruelty squad steam