Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Gameplay - Here Be Chimeras - Part 6 Lets Play

Fishing games steamhow to get free steam game keys DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay what is up guys and gals welcome back to the nerd castle for the next episode of dragons dogma where we are hot on the trail trying to find kinah i dont know how successful well be though the world seems to be a threatening place and it is not pulling any punches on us weve been getting our ass kicked weve been getting our ass kicked no joke havent died yet but weve been going through a lot of our restoratives and a lot of those sorts of things so well see how the rest of it plays out were still inside some little animal dung where you stepped in it didnt you its on your boot well id like to finish this little foresty area while were here it seems like a ways not to do it got an alligator sunning on a rock over here so im gonna go after him there we go the tail is severed you can knock them up in the air i learned that i mean you can knock them up on the ground too theyre very fertile but take that whatever way you want amaranth is hit level 11. i have also gotten a vocation rank which is pretty cool that should mean that we have some new abilities waiting for us once we start getting after our trainer for right now though theres so much like there are so many enemies in this little forest over here every couple steps i end up fighting like 10 guys and i just wanted to see what was deep inside the forest i guess i learned bad things its kind of a generalization but hey be careful a thorn flower what does a thorn flower do for me oh you got a potent greenwearish if you jack this truck its a chimera no chimera i think were gonna have issues so we gotta go after the snaky tail first the snaky tail is by far the most risky part oh hes already jacked us hard okay well lets get people back up the only person that cannot be raised is us our character our npc oh theyre asleep  __  thats not good let me get louis back up give them something to focus on did he just like eat that guy while he was laying on the ground im gonna try and mess this tail up as best i can because i dont like that snake none its got to go we got another guy down its okay pay attention to your radar thats the best way to see what you got going on get him back up get him back up and since they get so much health back just stay away oh  __  were out of energy thats not good they should come and get me i think i hope i dont know ah okay well thats my ass right there so dont get knocked out is what i learned lets keep that health up a little higher we can always get more restoratives its not that big of a deal im gonna get her back up at the cost of my own hp apparently stay away from the front of him here put him down put him down oh and weve got one of them in there now okay weve got extra problems lets get her back up oh man he is wrecking people slowly and surely we might need to retreat i dont know lets hang in for a little bit killing a chimera right now would do a lot for our xp but if its not able to be accomplished we dont want to dive into it too deeply where did that come from oh my god we just got hit from so deep right there i thought we had more than enough range on him there goes the knockout gas it got flint i think you can run up next to him and be like hey wake up but not totally sure on that one man aint a single opening for days against this damn thing yeah we got to get rid of the tail and if we cant get rid of the tail thats gonna be it for us is gonna be curtains oh thats not good Music thats pretty bad does this count as a mental or a physical either way we should get some more health just in case because hes about to pounce on somebody and he chose me go figure you guys like stab him in the eye or something like stop letting him chew on me  __  all right we need to disengage dude let me get up come on all right were leaving were out of here we gotta go wiggle make it if we dont so well just abandon the ponds behind us and hope for the best he may outrun us its possible but if we stay around the trees we should be good we got a big ass walk in front of us i thought we could take a chimera at this point in the game thats really unfortunate we got like no damage done at all and were all by ourselves which means that were gonna be pray for all manner of tiny creature that thinks it wants to take a swipe at us looks like i forgot some loot over here oh is that an apple yeah take the apple i think you can knock apples out of the trees too but im not gonna play with it too much im gonna go back to town its unfortunate that we got dominated like that it doesnt make me happy i hate losing so unfortunately just gotta live with that im gonna walk back to town its a waste of your time so im gonna edit it on out all right so were back at the encampment now i got to get myself all nice and patched up that fight went very very unfortunately i wasnt planning on fighting a chimera i was hoping i could get further into the zone and just get some real solid leveling done but it didnt play out that way lets rez our main pawn if you end up losing your pawns you might not be able to get the ones that you already had back thats okay though because i wasnt super impressed with their performance so far so it might be nice to jump in and get some new ones basically lets see here you there madam oh she got a two-handed sword yeah she can come with me here you you look badass therefore im going to judge you based on appearances and not on performance and youre coming with me we also need shes not a warrior by the way shes called like a something else she got like a two-handed weapon its pretty badass i wouldnt multi-class into it too soon if i remember right i dont know i might be giving you bad advice i had fun so what does alfonso do you should always check what kind of meiji is first you never know what abilities youre going to get out hes got ingle hes got halidom oh really thats pretty good okay hes got frazzle intervention does this one heal hello no but hes got dispels which are actually pretty good too so hes able to get rid of like poison and other status defects on us lets see what this other wizard has first before we take him so weve got primrose over here no you were not who i was talking to thank you that guys got pointy shoes and it makes me jealous i wish i had pointy shoes my life would be way better engel frazzle anodyne and thats it im a little low on restorative so i might bring her with me for right now she doesnt have the lightning spell but england frazzle should be pretty useful that should be good enough for us im gonna dump off some equipment inside of here and then after getting these guys all nice and situated yeah so thatll be cool as long as you can stay inside the healing area you should get yourself nice and patched up save me some of those random things ive been using who are you arisen i am honored to make your acquaintance this pawn is known as jonathan i am a collector of items from other realms all that i have i am willing to offer you i only ask a small payment of rift crystals in return i attempt to seek out rarities so please take a look surely youll find something of use choose as you will sir there you go this is what the rift crystals are used for so theyre not super cheap it definitely looks like its going to take us a little bit of huh it looks like you can change your skin pigment around too you can transmute somebodys appearance for 5000 weve got anal stilettos its annealed i know its annealed god dont correct me its fine its all good i know we can have glasses so we can be all harry pottered out if we really want to i dont know if im into that though those rings are pretty denkity dank although they dont really hmm i dont see a difference between them they must do something right huh there we are lets be out and on our way i will see you when we get back to where we were because we were looking for kina actually im going to rest for a bit then well go we are back in town oh you guys did you guys pull or you were supposed to jump down all right they pulled bandits we might have a big fight in front of us im gonna pick up some chaff stem cause i have nothing better to do i think they pulled bandits all right if they pulled bandits we gotta go in here so this needs to get solved like right this second come on lets go you picked this fight pal i didnt want to fight you thats just the way that it went down you better back off my boy over here i realized my boy is female but its all good oh youre getting stabbed so hard right now all you wanted to do is have panel that hold you i know we heard your wishes and we made them happen oh i just got shanked thats not good let me go ahead and throw some health on real quick i got a bunch more green wares at the store so we should be all right amaranth is definitely down so we should probably help her out a bit if i can keep him out of the fight it would save me a whole bunch of trouble the archers are going to be a secondary issue so ill deal with them in just a minute like that by spamming the hell out of what the this dude over here doing some john woo matrix  __  all over the place good god front flips through the air and everything stop trying so hard youre making the rest of us feel inept all right healers back up and thats all you can ask for good we were able to handle these bandits even in subsuitable environments location rank is up for amaranth thats fantastic i actually havent spent a whole lot of her points on upgrades we got wolves over here too right its the never-ending fight did you just try to bite me doggy you need to figure out this food chain you need to figure out this food chain real quick otherwise im gonna beat you with it there we go another doggie down get him out of my way i like to follow him with the camera i dont know it makes it feel more awesome when i knock him up and follow him with the follow him with the camera it makes me happier they pick up all the loot over here i am inclined to think theres a lot more loot than what we currently have sour scragga beast yeah you guys pick that stuff up everybody stand inside the healey zone cool a couple more over here should have come at me with that tall tower so you got me with rolly pollies and you come at somebody with roly-poly hes gonna get kicked out of the youre getting kicked out of the stadium thats what we need we need professional kickball thats what life needs i could get down with some professional kickball itd make me happy got a wolf pal we got some scrags of beast right there not useful in and of itself itll give you a little bit of stamina back i think but we got to go to the witchwood were looking for kinah our dear childhood friend i dont remember if the witchwood is hard or not i remember the witch wood it has like lots of spiderwebs and stuff and is generally a disagreeable place but i dont recall oh i remember this vaguely yeah i remember the fog rolls in or something like that and then you get lost on the map and you got to find your way out and like a bunch of other random stuff got some sun bright over here i dont know what its useful for but ill take it can i climb up here got anything for me you guys still fighting wolves over here how many wolves can one forest im gonna stab that one there we go problem solved oh a rift fragment yes please ill take that it does seem like theres some useful items on there all right into the which would we go this may be poor planning on my part i dont recall exactly what happens in here well that was easy we found her theres still rabbits around so thats a good sign rabbits tend to run away and make themselves scarce real quick i need more rabbit pelts i dont feel like i have enough what are you doing it you came searching for me forgive me i would never wish to worry you but i had to come a witch walks these woods one who understands the language of the dragon if i may find her i will beg her aid and heal your wound will you accompany me this far bodes ill i would walk easier with you at my side yep and so that right there every time you do a quest your pawn learns how to do the quest so that they can advise people on the internet on how to do their quest keeping why is keena wounded is that a bore right there what you doing piggy oh man im bad at aiming sorry piggy dont do this in real life im not even messing with you right now you cannot handle a bore not without a very large caliber weapon boars are terrifying animals im more afraid of bores than i am just about oh a verdant hood were you out in the verde gonna wear it good you all understood kind of the i think the syntax was off right there but its fine oh man i cant use it its for wizards huh oh no its for it actually looks like kian or looks like amaranth might be able to use it nope she cant never mind well then she can hold it she can hold it whens the next bathroom i told you to hold it before we left the house or use it before we left the house i guess if i told you to these pigs go down pretty easy for boars they drop back fat oil and i think they drop some other stuff though thats pretty useful its just the search on what is that over there that doesnt look good since its the first time weve encountered them and not just after her receive the villagers are right to fear this place it is a little terrifying oh when we destroy the stave it you hear that thats not a good thing that is most assuredly a bad thing trying to get visual on whatevers stomping around there they are i may get a lantern out in just a minute just because the light is not quite so sufficient as i would hope here let me take out the lantern thatll brighten things a little bit wolf pelt over here some spoils of combat got a rusted great sword might sell for a decent amount but yeah well whats that sometimes you gotta slay a spider or two how you gonna be a hero if youre afraid of taking risks those two things seem to go together taking risks and being a hero ah  __  hes got me hey she saved me in general i dont bring greatsword guys like panela because they swing so slowly that a lot of the time i didnt know she was talking the games a little chaotic like that this guys farting webs at me not hitting him swinging with my eyes open either amaranth got level 12. if youre wondering what the level scale is in this game i know people who have like 180 level characters like its you can get pretty high level in this game so dont worry about the scale its not like were gonna hit level cap or anything like that anytime soon you essentially just keep leveling regardless what else would you expect a little bit cocky arent you sun bright right there i cant be certain yet even should we find her we must keep there must what happens if you get webbed whats that a bunch of spider venom in there im gonna get this ore real fast while were here i missed a couple on the trail on the way up here yeah i dont really need the rock the pretty stone will help though yeah that was a pretty terrible node all things considered all things considered a pretty mediocre node it looks like maybe theres two different paths right here one goes off this way and then one goes off that way possibly looks like we found another one of those totem things oh  __  that scared me so much did he just spawn right there i didnt see him i gotta get revenge for that that was way too brazen cant have wolves messing with me on that level hes probably gonna run for it got that one before it takes out my greatsword user a bunch of spiders up here being opportunists get a little bit of health back right there running a healer is kind of an interesting thing like healers can be really really useful or they can just stand around trying to cast the entire fight and being useless it really sort of depends to that extent which you should occupy yourself with is the defense of your healers if you have one a firefly stone i dont know what that does i dont think ive ever seen one before huh cool and then where was that thing that was hanging in the tree did we kill it oh i must have hit it on the way by or something okay so it looks like we cleared it out our quest goal looks to be off that way you can free roam quite a bit on some of these maps without getting yourself into too much trouble wouldnt know aint never been here before girly oh we got a trash uh treasure chest down there so ill probably try and snag whatevers in here a restless earring okay ill look at that in just a minute trying to stay on task for right now got a little bit more ore on this side whatever those firefly stone things are if we can get a lot more of those before we leave this place so that i have to come back the next time we need them i dont really know what they do though either ive never seen that object before i know what copper ore and pretty stones and all that kind of stuff do they are mostly just for upgrading items if youre looking for orenos you should do it just like you do when you play world of warcraft or any mmo normally just walking along the edges of the map tends to be enough to get at least a couple of nodes however if youre having trouble i overran myself my bad lets sit here and gas for air for a minute i can search this a cedar branch i think you use that for upgrading bows or something like that or maybe even crafting bows a blue long kilt so a skirt whos that for not for me looks like its armor okay so its an outskirt gotcha its kind of like an armored skirt for mages not gonna give it to these guys i dont know if you can actually give items to pawns that belong to somebody else i dont know if theyll give you your  __  back at the end go off the ledge right there and lets get back on the quest ill try to stay in areas that i havent looked at yet just so maybe we stumble across a treasure chest every now and again but some of these zones are so large and so expansive and just like all over the place and kind of topsy-turvy that it can be really really hard at times to find what youre looking for i dont even know if you can get up there might be worth it if you could jump from a from a higher yeah i think that might just be a clipping plane you might not be able to get up there oof that hurt explosive barrel on that side quick with the healing spells thats what i like about our healer thats what i like about her shes quick on it she knew as i was falling shes like oh were gonna need something to help out with that it seems weve arrived then this is the witchs cottage can i gather butterflies southrawn oregano but with the faiths arrival she fled here for fear of being branded heretic hmm well now we got something to sell the eighth graders so thats pretty cool yeah i pick up all this because some of these things are things we havent seen yet and it may come down to it that later on we need a large supply of south round oregano and we may not feel like walking all the way back out here to come get it is it circling in there cool that actually gives us a helmet i think yeah the circle it should be useful for everybody its a magical item but itll give us a little bit of resistance and itll make us look more regal so that we can command pawns more willingly theyll be like oh i wasnt going to do what you said but you have that super awesome hat on so i guess ill go with it like thats what i thought pawn kind of an interesting configuration of stairs is there anything around this way i bet there is theres always something back this way yep poison flask knew it you pick up buckets they sell for like 150 gold depends how broke you are theres a bronze idol over here im gonna take that i dont know what it does but its mine now begging your pardon but we seek the witch of these woods oh a great and aged woman perhaps you might have seen her the witch you seek grandmother Music your grandmother yes where might we find her i would ask her aid in a dire matter she is dead she died as all must oh what have you then know you out of the dragon can you read the worm speak Music gran told me the faith knows it cloaks the dragon cloaks the truth those who search for truth outside the faith are branded heretic so so your grandmother told you not of the dragon that the faith might leave you be yes then it seems we must turn to the faith if we are to learn more you have our thanks well leave you in peace to return to our village ive learned what to do in this quest dont you just love rpg quests wheres looting look at all my minions theyre just looting the  __  out of her house thats hilarious just run up in her house and take all of her stuff oh my god this is the best game ever i think were out of time for the day with the edits i made i didnt i didnt mark my progress properly so its possible that we may be going a little early but i dont think we are so i will see you all in the next episode oh those are poison apparently all right just in case you wanted a poison flask i guess i will see you all in the next episode of dragons dogma i hope youre enjoying the series so far dont know how long im gonna let it run i kind of just had open space so i figured id play it for a little while because ive been wanting to anyways so welcome thank you for joining me and i will see you all next time bye everybody best games steam 2020 Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Gameplay with Splattercat! 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