Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen - Review After 100%

Free cod games on steamfire emblem steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay Music whats going on everybody mortem here this time bringing you my review after 100 for dragons dogma this was actually highly requested by viewers as a game that they thought i would enjoy so here we are checking it out now to give my usual intro i review games after 100 all the time mostly to give me some credibility and set me apart from other youtubers my steam profile is public you can find a link to it down in the description below and if youre new to the channel if you go to my channel page first video youre gonna see is a video explaining everything i cover in these reviews beyond that i will be attempting to avoid as many spoilers as possible but depending on what you view as a spoiler you might find something in the footage here or there but that would be about it that said dragons dogma was initially released in 2012 on consoles specifically and it is a third-person action game that honestly takes elements from a lot of other games but i think of it mostly as dark souls meets dragon age in 2013 the game actually received an expansion of sorts called dark arisen which added the bitter black aisle area of the game and then in 2016 it received a port onto pc now before we jump into this completely my broad takeaway from dragons dogma is that its a game that is clunky in some areas while simultaneously having some really cool unique systems that i havent really seen used elsewhere which overall makes for an interesting game but first up lets talk about a story overview the plot setup if you will now in the game we play as an arisen this is basically someone who faces the dragon the dragon as you might imagine is a big evil dragon that is known to lay waste to the land somebody who fights the dragon becomes the arisen and its made clear to you at the beginning of the game that this happens in a sort of cycle but the main goal of the game is to of course track down this dragon as in the process of making you arisen basically it rips your heart out of your chest and youd like it back and then as the game unfolds we learn more about the cycle that is happening in the background as well as what it means to be arisen and broadly speaking i think the best way to describe the story of dragons dogma is a great story terribly told because the story itself gets very interesting especially towards the end i like a lot of the themes i like a lot of the lore but the game itself takes way too long to get there a lot of this game youre just running around doing errands for people that dont really make a lot of sense its all very disjointed and then all of it finally comes together at the end and once you have all the pieces its like oh this is a pretty cool story but getting to that point story wise honestly not that great of an experience in my opinion from there lets talk about character creation a little bit so this of course comes with all of our cosmetic options so youll be able to customize the character how you want but you dont really pick your starting class if you will in character creation you pick that once you get a little into the game actually which ill talk about a little later but the main things to note in character creation are that when you level up later in the game the stats that youre going to increase when you level up are done automatically based off of what vocation you wind up picking which is essentially your class which again is all done a little bit later however in character creation you might not necessarily realize it but some of the cosmetic choices youre making do affect the game a little bit for instance if you make a very tall character that character can jump up and grab ledges a little easier smaller characters can actually squeeze into certain little areas that you cant get into otherwise and i would say while this is a cool mechanic it isnt used enough to be like a big thing so its there but i wouldnt really worry about it too much i would just make the character you want to make now on to world building the game takes place in the duchy of grand sis and overall the game world has a very gritty fantasy vibe to it but the world itself is actually pretty small youre going to be traveling on foot through the vast majority of it a little into the game you do get access to a teleport system via fairy stones and port stones so fairy stones are a consumable that when used youll be able to teleport to either one of the two major town hubs or wherever you happen to have dropped a port stone that youve found theres like five port stones in the game you can use them in parts of the world and then use a fairy stone to travel back there in a sort of mark and recall system and this does speed up travel a little bit but honestly the world just isnt that big which a little later in the game results in quite a bit of backtracking as you will likely find yourself in the same place multiple times for different quests now as i mentioned there are basically two town hubs there are some areas out in the world you can rest as well but the two town hubs of casares and grand soren are sort of instanced little town areas theyre separated from the main open world via a loading screen and in these little town hubs youll usually find a notice board and it is where you will collect most of your side quests theres a lot of story stuff that happens here as you might imagine its where all your major vendors are the standard stuff really now outside in the open world it is of course filled with dangerous enemies and a great number of very large monsters now when it comes to this i think its easier to divide up the monsters into two categories basically small and large small enemies are basically the same way youd fight anything in any game it is a hack and slash fest you get some skills well talk about in the combat section but the large enemies are much more interesting frankly the game involves climbing up them hitting their weak points and is pretty neat but thats what you can expect to find as you traverse the game world now outside of the main quest we have side quests and notice boards side quests are more interesting quests theyre usually a bit more involved whereas the notice board quests are usually either escort someone to a place or they are kill this many enemies now they are all set like theres a definite amount of them so to speak but the notice board quests themselves are very mmo style kill this number of enemies type of stuff and arent very interesting however they do have a lot of great rewards so theyre usually still worth doing now two other things i want to talk about in this particular section are forgeries and romances so dragons dogma is a game that doesnt care to explain its systems very well forgeries i think are actually pretty cool there is a shop in grand soren where you can take items and have them forged which is essentially having an item duplicated now in some cases the resulting item wont actually retain magical effects that kind of thing however they still count as that item so you can turn them in for quests etc so this is a good way to if you find a really cool quest item just make a forgery of it keep it or as you retain all of your gear etc when you new game plus because that is an option in this game you can actually make forgeries of quest items and then just have them in your inventory a new game plus where you can just immediately turn quests in upon receiving the quest and overall the forgery system opens up a lot of cool gameplay options so i wanted to mention it now the other thing i wanted to mention here is actually romances and thats because i dont think theyre done very well so romances kind of happen inadvertently in my opinion which is weird as the game has this affinity system which is basically how much other characters like you now the reason i say the romances are bad is because again its possible to find yourself in a romance and not actually have been intending to be but towards the end of the game whatever character that youve done the most for or your character according to game systems has grown the closest to just kind of like becomes the romance even though you didnt involve yourself in that so theres a very real thing where youre just kind of going along playing the game having a good time and then you get to a point in the game where the game decides youve romanced this person and now your characters in this relationship and its like what is happening right now it just kind of came out of left field in some ways and i didnt like how that was handled now from here lets talk combat so combat for starters boils down to your level and your vocation so as i mentioned when you level up you will gain stats based off of what your vocation is which is your class of course at the beginning of the game youll choose one of three classes however there is nine total and a little later into the game youll run into the option to switch your vocation now you can do this freely but again when you level up as a certain vocation its going to increase your stats accordingly this leads to a certain amount of min maxing where you can level up a certain class to a certain point to get the stats associated with it and then switch to another vocation to max out the stats for that particular damage type etc and then maybe finally switch to a final vocation that you actually plan on using none of which the game really bothers to explain to you by the way now that said each vocation is limited and what they can equip so for instance if youre a fighter you cannot equip mage gear at all it just literally wont let you so thats something to keep in mind as your location does dictate your equipment and then from there in addition to that each vocation has a rank associated with it one through ten as you increase the rank of your vocation which youll do simply by playing as your vocation the rank-ups will give you access to a different number of skills and augments for your character the same npc that can change your vocation can also teach you new skills as well as a few other npcs throughout the world and these skills will give you access to abilities etc to use as your class which will just open up gameplay options for you and just make the combat even more interesting than it already is now beyond those building blocks of your character now we have to deal with enemies small enemies again not really much to them they you fight them like youd fight anything else the large enemies though the boss enemies the ones with multiple health bars thats where things get interesting because some of these enemies actually dont really take any damage from certain attacks unless you hit them in their weak point so for a cyclops this is like scaling up them and hitting them in their eye you can scale large enemies and pick up just about anything by grappling it which for pc is the f button and this will use your stamina to effectively scale an enemy or hold on to it and you can reach an enemys weak point this way and damage it and eventually this will usually stun an enemy in some way causing it to take an extreme amount of damage as it will leave its weak point open and theres a lot of interplay in between knowing what an enemys weak point is which you usually learn just by fighting the thing as well as all the combinations of different character classes now i do think you do eventually get to a point where ranged is kind of the clear winner just because melee characters are going to have a hard time reaching the weak points whereas an archer or something can just shoot the weak point and a lot of these enemies are gigantic so because of that again ranged kind of towards the end game at least becomes the clear winner after you do a little bit of setup with your classes and vocations to maximize their damage overall i think this makes combat incredibly rewarding even if it does skew a little towards ranged because fighting these enemies learning their weak points getting skills to help you deal with them more effectively really does make it feel like youre learning and progressing your character in a bit of a slow burn type situation my first playthrough took me about 40 hours and by the end of it i was feeling good especially about how my character had grown and how id learned to deal with all these giant monsters it was a good time now from here lets talk about the people that are going to be helping you in combat the pawn system the pawn system is in my opinion the single most interesting thing about dragons dogma so rather than companions you get pawns pawns are similar to humans but theyre not exactly human the game never specifies exactly what they are but through some side quests etc you can actually get some more information about them which is pretty cool but basically pawns serve the arisen as they dont have much of a will of their own they seem to come from a different dimension as i mentioned theyre not entirely human and they follow around and do the bidding of arisen now what makes these pawns so cool is that for starters you get your main pawn this is like the main companion that you yourself make and from there you can take on two more pawns but these are either randomly generated by the game or potentially another characters main pawn now the reason you would want to play an online mode and take another characters pawn with you is because depending on the quests that were completed with that pawn in tow that pawn can actually learn solutions to the quest which means as youre going about it the pawn might just be like hey we should go talk to this person in addition to that which is already pretty cool they even took it one step farther depending on how youre engaging in combat the pawns will actually kind of pick up and learn from you in that regard and eventually theyll start following your lead and be doing the things that youre doing and overall i cant say that ive ever seen a system quite like that and i think its really cool and im very surprised i havent seen it in other games since because the pawn system is again very very cool and much like your own character you can switch around your main pawns vocation skills equipment its basically just a second character you get to play as which is pretty cool now from here lets talk about the dlc area a little bit this was added with the dark arizona update back in 2013 and just comes bundled in with the base game for pc etc now the main thing here is bitter black isle this is an end game area with its own little story and exclusive loot to the dlc which is the best stuff you can get now overall its basically just a challenging dungeon crawl which by itself is pretty cool it gives you a reason to play the in-game a little bit make use of your powerhouse of a character likely at this point however in addition to being much more difficult than the rest of the game bitter black isle actually also expands the story a little bit of the main game and kind of touches on some themes that we dont see in the main game which as a decision i thought was a little unfortunate because youve essentially hidden part of the story behind this much harder dlc which judging by steam achievements a lot of people just arent seeing frankly i imagine they can just look it up but most people dont really mess around with bitter black isle too much at least on steam but beyond that the aisle serves as a way to engage in tougher combat encounters and really engage with the combat system which is very clearly a key component of this game now from there lets talk positives negatives and wrap this thing up so in terms of positives combat and the pawn system combat is very well done and its clunky in places there are times where it feels a little janky but the core concepts was really cool i love grappling onto enemies finding their weak points just learning about the enemies and the next time you encounter one the fight is easier because you know what youre doing a lot of the boss fights are truly epic in scale which makes you feel really awesome and then the pawn system again what a great system im very surprised we have not seen more of this in other games because what a fantastic concept that someone should absolutely do more with but as i mentioned we do have a few negatives for starters the menus of this game are god-awful now if the game ported straight to pc when it released immediately i might have forgiven this little bit but this got a pc port in 2016 and the controls are terrible for instance as an example you cannot equip things from the inventory menu you have to go to the equipment menu so while you can open your inventory by pressing i as would make sense in order to equip something you have to go to the equipment menu which you get to by pressing escape which is strangely enough where your map and journal also are but then you can go to the equipment menu and actually equip your items so to call the menus unintuitive would be putting it nicely for instance you might completely overlook the crafting system which does exist and isnt explained at all really or as i mentioned the affinity system theres just a lot of stuff that isnt told to you very well which in and of itself would be okay but then you have these janky menus behind it as well and it just becomes a bit of a mess the other big negative for me was the backtracking as i mentioned the actual world is quite small bitter black aisle and a late game area are actually not exactly procedurally generated but they have some changes to them that happen every time you enter which makes them a little more interesting overall i think thats cool but while the game world will repopulate and randomize items and stuff for you as you come back youre going to be backtracking to the same areas very often and it gets a little repetitive so all of that said what is my conclusion for this game well right now the game is on sale for nine dollars through may 11th but normally the game is 30 dollars for a 30 game you can easily get probably 100 hours out of this the combat system is very interesting and for most people i would say run through the main story and call it a day its hard to recommend bitter black aisles just because again much harder in difficulty and i dont think a lot of people are going to enjoy it but i think play through the main game is very rewarding and can be a lot of fun especially when the story all comes together now this is a game that screams for a sequel which according to rumors has been in development but was apparently supposed to release in april and obviously that hasnt happened so well kind of see what happens there but there are very much so heavy rumors that imply a sequel is in development which truthfully would be great dragons dogma needs a sequel they had so many great ideas and if they fleshed out some of the problem areas from this first game i think they would have a truly amazing title on their hands with dragons dogma too but there you go everyone hope you enjoyed the video thank you to the audience members who suggested this as a game i had a blast with it if you enjoyed the video by all means like comment subscribe all that youtube jazz but regardless of any of that truly just thank all of you for watching may you wander in wisdom and have an amazing day Music you check steam game stats Discussing my experiences with Dragons Dogma after a thorough run of the title!Time Stamps 00:00 Intro 00:50 Quick Overview 01:33 Plot Set-up 02:45 Character Creation 03:45 Worldbuilding 06:16 Forgeries 07:00 Romance 07:53 Combat/Character Progression 11:12 Pawns 12:51 Bitterblack Isle 14:04 Positives 14:40 Negatives 16:05 Conclusion 16:38 Dragons Dogma 2? 17:05 Wrap-Up Intro Music By Juan Andrés Matos, Merch Shop: GreenManGaming Affiliate Link: 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