Juego de CULTO INCREIBLE - Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Gameplay #1 en Español

Lookup steam idsteam fall guys epic games DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay Hello everyone, welcome once again to each one of the playoffs. Today I bring you a little gem. Today I bring you a game that is quite undervalued, unknown to most, but which is increasingly creating a cult following. It is creating a group of fans who regard it as a cult game its not a game that looks a lot like dark souls you know I really like the from software saga everyone has played the blood bones too the one in the ring jumped and this game catches my attention Ive been watching videos watching all week information about the game and it is that they are talking about it again in a game that came out for playstation3 but that came out remastered improved expanded we are going to say in a version called kill rice in a game that I have not played it is moving a lot about it I play and I really want to play it Ive been waiting for the weekend to be able to hit it hard in an action rpg role-playing game okay and there are dragons typical medieval setting I think this can be Well, were going to play it for the first time in normal game mode. I think its going to be somewhat difficult at first. first I turn up the volume to have the intro lights ok log of updated missions thinking about using the internal one to keep the darkness press back to open the inventory we dont know at first it is that the graphic aspect is a bit old if I already told you that it was from play 3 but dont get carried away, thats why I invite you not to get carried away directly by the graphics, say oops this game looks a bit bad because the same could be said of most of the games that I bring here on the channel and then it turns out that they are incredible games so well we have to one side the graphic theme that I already said yes it is old but the artistic section is interesting dragons monsters and others are very successful so well v Lets see special materials I dont know what curative material daddys milk robust green remedy mitri data and this is salt of shaban and up behind the dragon ok wield and grab attack pressing here I am dogma now dragons what a voice has the dragon what a voice has the The dragon does not pay attention to the world around you, yes, it will seriously damage you from a very high height. It seems that this game has online companions, yes, I think its a lot, I know its a meme to compare it, its all with dark souls, but in this case, because its pawns are justified, they will give very useful information and clues during the adventure, I dont know, I have certain illusion a certain sensation of discovering something new similar, you know, it reminds me when I discovered the sun that seemed like __ to me, it had turned ugly Host, the food alone didnt look bad and even the 2nd or 3rd already tasted better, no, but the old menus have only always been horrible, ugly, it s always been ugly, yes, when I started jaguares, the saga of villas isnt here anymore I thought the same thing I thought what else do you want this game Im playing is weird but it has something and then you ended up being one of the most important sagas for me and one of my favorites so I feel like this game has things like ugly weird but also At the same time, it has interesting things we can grab corpses we can grab corpses to cover ourselves the host morgana is not love you want her out of fear typical typical role name you know morgan as the typical medieval role of epic fantasy there is always some area called morgana talk I can talk about this I dont know I dont have a cross and this game could be long I have no idea there are several games I want to play you a lion its not a chimera its a chimera it has a part in front of a lion and in the back of a goat, a snake tail and usually has a typical and delicious harpy and this the game of the game has all the elements of the epic fantasy of classical culture Greek rolls and other good it is obviously a pity that you attack I am going to tell you a couple of games that I have in mind in case you are seeing this and there is one that particularly catches your attention, you can put fewer comments I want to play I wanted to play this of course but in my head I have several pending one is garbage yes Youre going the way of Ashura, which also looks brutal, I dont know, and another game that I want to play is ok, to me, its a game in which its like a kind of dog, its also a cult game, just like garbage. that at the end of the game it seems you fight against god or something like that the brutal thing those are some of the games that I like and of course the list is much longer serious fraikin Music ah about the single door well it has all the elements of i mean dan jones and dragons and other hobgoblin dragons a day called love wins the same as dragon age and played a lot of fantasy and role playing and so much in the single player game I eat in mpg Im a geek and the truth is Ive read a lot of epic fantasy literature but normally the first ones have goat legs but I had never seen the goat head on the back I told them that the designs were bizarre, they are beautiful, they look well Music they call me risen on the piano, by the way, how do I heal? I do nt know for a bit of health Im giving it my name Saban and I recover very little apparently they call me risen which means like the raised or something like that Im sure Im saying wrong I ordered jumpsuits from the serp Listen first, well, look, thats an interesting thing, there are several, there are several parts, each enemy has several parts, man, Im liking the game, no, I cant say that Im not really liking it, we can cut off the goats head now, if any of your allies would be unaware from there more or he must have removed me from there well this thing that you can heal outside in a menu is a lot of push is those of us who are used to playing lost souls know that this is for cowards the true major of hair in We dont heal our chest in combat, that is, in real time, that will not heal you, its like very strategic, but well, in the classic games it was like that because of him because you separate yourself to be able to heal yourself, its quite advantageous compared to the enemies, you know, the goat died / uploaded to see it looks like with many characters I dont ask what it would be like to play this online in the play 3 era I think this game is for play 4 I dont know I am not playing on PC there are very good games in Haiti the game is really very good and they are old but they are good I dont even consider this old because I am very used to playing authentic relics of the past drive and so on for me this game is modern but hey we are already talking about a game from two generations ago 34 so it shows but hey I see it very well not this right yes totally remastered I started playing this singles game without investigating much beyond what I saw that I saw things about it I play to be interested in him but I did not know enough when the affection that people had for him what I speak well that people spoke of him that something similar to Barça and such and how good it is to visit him I said hey that playing it is already not going I did a lot of research, I know that the good version was this one, damn zinc and those visits you want and its even the videos, thats all I needed to know, by the way, this game is classified with m of matus matus for more than 17 violent games it is rare that a game is classified for people over 17, you know, for example, to give you an idea, a horror game with a lot of gore is for sm of maturity and the following r that it is classified only for of legal age and you can no longer pretend to understand it or put the shelves or anything, that is, it is one of the most considered violent games, I dont know why blood is surely not that big of a deal, but well, love, when it came out and this in English now says countless goodbyes what peace that the liquid special is passing but its already in the new French of a useless occupation animal entity in my French lady lee 7 its me and this cinematic to the shows looks like an egg I dont want to compare the game all the time with dark souls or try not to be thats it the village the opening cinematic is water bread an incredible piece of dragon appears a dragon and a lot of harpy the title of the game is dragons dogma e l dogma of the dragons dragons dogma dogma for those who do not know it is a theory in which you have to believe that it is something of faith and period they do not explain it to you in a mathematical or scientific way but it is a dogma of for example of a dogma or good is something that you have to believe, period, no, I am going to explain this to you about this theory and you believe it because it is a zhang dogma, a dogma of faith is to believe that this happens like this because God says so, period Well, something like that Im explaining myself in the best way but Dragons Dogma would be like Dragons Dogma which is like asthma I dont understand what it is with a review or something like that I can be a man or a woman lets become a male introduce the name of each one to not be very very original so I know I take the gesture I think hes going crazy between the keyboard and him ok above all what the hell is a nickname for everyone how weird under a jackson for the __ face for those who have parental control activated select a c Base body that reminds me a little of gates from the being I am going to choose this one but lets see what there is a child that a giant a kind of druids but they do not change does not change the states a dwarf a piece of beast I am going to choose the This one reminds me of cats, he measures 1 92, lets see, and why not the appearance, ok, I can choose different types, they look a lot like the shows, no, Im saying, I dont want to fall into the meme, I dont want to fall into the meme of the typical Music videogame journalists june typical videogame journalists on top of that, a hospital is needed, it doesnt matter how much you spend, Ill leave it like that to see if there is any hair that is more than gas, they know how gas, my hair was like all on end, nothing if its fine I dont know, thats fine, how every morning the waves beat on the shore of a small fishing village, because I didnt have time to read it, but at the time of the play, I assure you that I would have had time to do it because the types of cargo and were very long. He really didnt lack it, not only is he small, hes small, and I went to see if they had written to me, but not supposedly I was going to meet my friends to watch football, but football gives me a sweat. Id rather be here playing like this, its good, they havent given any signs of life either Its the dragon that fell from the sky, a slightly demonic dragon, no, yes, yes, yes, it reminds me a lot of the days of play 3, although I hadnt thought about it until now because graphically I think that during the game, during the game, they put things in it so that I started it looks good and despite it is always far ahead of the consoles then I had not noticed the play 3 issue so much but now having these cinematics the cinematics cannot be improved so that they understand me the cinematics are usually closed packages like in videos this is not an ingame video or something like that I dont know exactly but hey the cinematics are from play 3 now playing theyll see that its going to look better see the change see how the kinematics had gotten worse and now it looks much more defined on the lighting why because Im in the game Im doing the game on pc which is much better than that but the kinematics looks like play 3 that wont go beyond play3 it was a wonderful console and it continues to be and with only nani it made me very happy all the places have made me very happy and the truth is that it seems to me that you cant kill this video I m not even hurting him man I dont have I have nothing in armor the typical combat at the beginning of the games that you cant win or the key is a sword in hand like someone who creates a very angry splinter no gats or its going to give me power or something garcía __ cut out my heart and I can keep living this game reminded me of a movie say later the winners dragonheart remember sek de shabelle and corazón de dragon that the guy gave him a piece of a dragons heart and it was a move from a movie it made me feel a lot This game reminded me of that and right now the theme of the dragon and the heart, although not in a perverse way, not this music, this song will be copyrighted, for sure, for sure, another de-monetized video, maybe not at all, but surely, a 5-second monetized video 10 seconds of music for now all the team we have are dressed in burlap clothes of this one and a rusty and broken sword we have the team of typical bums where when it starts it is that it is a world they realize how the cinematics look bad and the The game looks good, from what Im telling you, you started, you can adjust the graphics and upload them, download them, but the cinematics are usually already closed packages, especially in games that make adaptations of play 3, then over the years you want to make an adaptation to pc normally, well, well You cant change the cinematics and youre not going to redo them, so lets see that Im a fighter, a strider or a magician, well, the truth is, Im a little bit or original so Im going to be a fighter and shields Im little you can part with a main weapon and a secondary one you can also use bows so you can use arc shield you realize that this goes to 60fps it goes very fast it looks very good it goes well I want to say at least sorry I didnt want to skip that yes Im sorry what I wanted was subtitles subtitles in the scenes activated I __ the __ the subtitle of the active pawns this maybe not but the subtitle of the scenes if I want it clear it showed it was me They are going to allow me to remove it there, dont keep it and fool it will show it status there are things that Music only allies none none show status is to see the green bar that life makes combat a lot ugly to me at least the example in general If a little, what I think is what I just removed, then defeat enemies by completing missions to gain experience and level up, then to open the pause menu with people to your skill state ities more to encourage their skills what the hell a classic game of classic role-playing readers total but typical there is nothing wrong with that and less at the time it came out you have to take the context into account they know how to drink water hydrated I think here something that I should take with me, for example, the green remedies are in all the games of all the games they have green plants d I dont know they reside in all the games and you all have green grass that covers you as a plain cliché I would like I do nt know what Im going to think of another game so I dont always compare it with the same game for now I dont know about mushrooms Marios hit you with mushrooms it heals you its better in cells they were fairies with the ocarina of time at least I have the feeling that if I fall into the water with this character Im going to die and they know it wouldnt have to be like that in the real world its not like that no but I do nt know its good they see it bad water and lets look at the clothes Music I see little things in this e game and piélagos to increase affinity with people give away items or do missions but it is not giving me a vision we are going to investigate the town I am liking the game it is doing I have the feeling that I am discovering something cool that they may not know Im quite a hater when I dont like a game sometimes I have to stop, you know, for example, without going any further, two days ago I uploaded a game that was appearing so bad to me that after 20 minutes I had to stop playing because I was suffering without However when I like a game I also say it and I say it too much I enjoy the game too much and and I accept it along the way the novitiate in yucca goes the same jones if you can do you want us to give you back the night that the papers say I can say that the scriptures that should not be too far away surely surely that thing that marks there Music on that sign has relevant information and if instead of ba jar over there the clothes havent dried yet in fact its dripping I dont see how it drips like this its still dripping and water this is closed I hoped it was fine huiquí killed me thats where perhaps the issue of the game being classified with m comes from of maturity for maybe this will also give me a secondary admission news corner in the brother is dead politely i am i am bin laden scope measurement moret i have to give you the news mehring why and yes well there will also be a map i dont see something there surely It is not necessary to jump and kill yourself on crisis days I really like this type of games before having the channel I always played I played a lot of games of this type there was a game called to world that was a role-playing game a classic medieval fantasy rpg and I liked it a lot apart from of course, what a staircase this staircase does not comply with the safety measures it is the health and safety technical document it does not comply of course lezkairu oblivion in short in short no I am not going to tell everything from the role that the and we wanted the ones played I know about it I want to go see I mean I have to go there no I do nt think I can be here I have a __ it seems to me much more dynamic than the front game moves much faster you know look at the game super super agile like for example and another game of this type that I dont remember the name was much better faith lost mission accomplished by the way I want to know something here are the skills and this this save exit I wanted to know how it was saved now what missions Im doing now and it puts it to give you the news marimba seems like a pretty interesting role-playing game I think were going to keep playing it I hope you like it depends largely on you too if you want to join me In this adventure, if you are curious, I like when you play games you can draw your sword because in reality nobody goes with their sword out all the time, especially if you are going to A city, for example, in Skyrim, if I carried my weapon outside all the time, the police werent a good police officer, the city guards told you what to do with your weapons, who you want to kill, they know those are dangerous and you take the weapon outside, it seems that its that he is up to something gloomy news and now they do not ask me for anything but they mark me one thing buy equipment and useful objects in shops and street vendors is the next target another from dragons dogma or something like that to new spirit the legion of pawns I did not look at it millions yesterday silverio trending quite random but its still random for that guy to appear and the next month he spoke to me to tell me such nonsense no yes I know I should buy equipment but I didnt see any store along the way and thanks to a bit the methane says they are not humans and its funny because theyre not humans theyre nps they know its like a meta within the game its not like breaking the fourth wall a bit but no or loading that and its also saved the game automatically if the typical thing you go down the street and you put an option rabbit thousands of role-playing games people facebook Im remembering facebook now great the first facebook is one of the best role-playing games there is because it is to have a super good karma system my name is wolf you could become your name but you could become bad if you made bad decisions you would grow horns and return like some kind of super handsome devil for the better and try to level 1 for the game is pretty interesting one a surprise I had my doubts but I m liking it the food is worth it restores the stamina there was never a sequel to this game because kirchner and 6 years old called from the rising dawn and it sounds to me like an equal in general of the new legion of pawns I mean, what does the area register here? Well, people, Im going to leave the video here. I want you to leave me the comments if you want to continue watching these series, if you like it. This is called to your attention if you already knew it if you have advice, suggestions or requests and this this has been all from me I hope you liked the video and until next time about writing sign up darktide steam game pass Juego de CULTO INCREIBLE - Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Gameplay #1 en EspañolMi libro de terror y misterio: Añademe a tus redes sociales !! : Twitter : @KahunaGames Facebook : KahunaGames Instagram: kahunagames Puedes ver mis videos en directo entrando aqui : También puedes ver mi canal principal aquí: Mi tienda de merchandising : Mi canal de VLOGS : what can steam cards be used for steam games by year easy anti cheat download steam steamer pot walmart last of us steam deck