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How to make steamed shrimphow to play friends games on steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay hello to all and collins who we are going to start today a little discovery series on dragons dogma its an action rpg from capcom which is in fact a game that was already released on ps3 in 2012 it was ported here on pc with improved graphics, especially in terms of textures and then also the inclusion in the game of all the additional content that has been released since 2012 on dragons dogma so Im very happy to test this game why because I like it the action rpgs and then Im waiting for serious arc 3 like a lot of people with a lot of impatience and then heres this game that I didnt know I see that they will be in pc version and I really wanted to give it to you present and test it to play it myself this game it was offered to me by games planet france my partner you are starting to get used to it is a game that costs 22 euros 49 with the 25% reduction offered by games planet find you the purchase link if you like interest in the description below the video and without further ado we will start a new game I play in normal mode there I only have five minutes to test the sound and the gamepad I will really discover the game with you then difficulties with normal completely you can choose normal or easy when you start a new game the log has been updated the mountain is pure the easy lantern of the exploration in rain on back for the inventory then make new ones remedies we have a series of things here Im not going to look at that now its looking at you and that each you see that each object has a weight and on the left I saw you the list of characters that we control with the total weight that we transport we are very light for the moment there is no problem at this level it is normal we start at the level of the tools and well here is the lantern a small source of light which must be supplied with fuel ible liquid can be worn on the waist were going to do it Im going to use it we can add sticky seduced pan imagine the moment were just going to use it and thats it we put it on the belt perfect by pressing start I can display the pause menu and there we can display the map here is the map we can put markers apparently with a game not do it I want to do it for the moment so a quick hit with x or strong I can in guinea draw grab what I can enter it but later I already showed at a time when we changed little mode to have other actions by pressing the upper left or upper right button I dont exactly know what the names are on a ever an xbox 360 controller we call it regret this controller suddenly we can do a lot of things a lighthouse a lot of things that depend on the class obviously I imagine on the left I saw the life bar 1191 just below I think its letter la ba rre endurance a little bit like in dark souls we will continue I pick up some small plants that they had to be healing plants ac with x or y its a tutorial anyway the beginning so well do it as long as he wants but this to parry okay lb squarely so be careful eh I am discovering the game there I will have to leave me a little time where at lapierre to summon pawns from the allies who will come to strengthen your team so it is one of the characteristics of the game we will be able to summon pawns and also create our own pawns that we will be able to send to help other players and we will have as companion pawns that have been created by other players either friends on steam or players we dont know during your vopillon adventure will provide you with useful information so the pawns apparently have an artificial intelligence system we can configure their different reactions depending on nction of events and then she they can also learn things about the creatures or the places we visit to be more experienced in these situations and to be more effective I dont know much more to continue given the azores saying simple option with the pad in front of the led using he bets saint roch in paris has been successful there so I think that in the tutorial you must certainly have a character already at a higher level because we have a lot of moves to our disposal but I dont think we have as many when we really start the game in skills in a class of going and as a team and we go all the skills that I can use especially when I engage the alternative modes either in defense with the shield or in attack I dont waste too much time with his characters because we probably wont keep him because recreation in the chests here we can grab is rejected when grabbing the enemies s also i watched a few videos before i started playing it even he calls me m plus i love i his dark souls fans a month i played or alain larrieu quite completely i just have to realize the old series 2 well I do them with her dlc also six chambers of the temple ivery nurse record I ca nt take it theyll find that I think we hate each other on fire I imagine shes talking about the arppi not really the impression that we can doubt about the bodies I think so but for the moment I have no elves via different services and thats nice so what I want to do is a discovery video no longer want to discover 4 5 who well see either I really really like it a lot and Ill do a not complete toullec because I dont think so in any case because the game is going to be really very very long the shot is clear what does it do without anything its saku and the rockets have the graphics lag a little bit r age in my opinion its still quite pleasant and me personally it doesnt worry me lets move on were going to discover his video which follow the loss is for you to hang on to the climb and its certainly its in mode will seize castle in his head I was falling or ours also I had that fringe accompanied them he to yes and I would have liked to recover her his city so it is a higher stage it must be it will be a new stage of evolution of the wood this once he has lost his first hours the visit I think particularly between the dir is all on it very easy to valls hammers however it can be not bad I think that once the orange gauge is obvious we no longer know how to do big thing to recover energy yes thats okay that it does damage but if you leave a lot of stamina ointment ok the parry works against the boss although I imagine its not really a boss so just one normal monster maybe that six medical lawyers is surely like in dark souls where some monsters who are kids at the beginning become completely normal monsters once you are at a high level approached allies unconscious pressed b to revive them yeah ok here I took a lot of lives but I think I managed to lose the first fight I dont know if its planned like that but want to listen well continue like that well see always nice to take full sound mouth from the beginning its me it sets the tone ok so we only arrive in the creation of the character we are going to create a man which seems to me quite suitable in to be confirmed I know that confirm he has not too much seems to want quai what is that nickname is displayed by players having parental control settings ok whatever karen maybe not anyway in kayes so a basic character i see that there its just the bressan aspect look of to be able to configure it afterwards I dont really know when Ill take a man of average height it seems like a good heart to me so its that its good the name its good the voice I dont really have time to look at us look at us and the guy we dont care a little so the hair because I want to have short hair too short but short enough too much time with that anyway its very simple c the face isnt bad good game to try to find something that looks like me but its not necessarily obvious and well oh well thats totally me it s a little big that it was not too bad I know not too much anyway not to waste too much time with that you see that there is a way to configure quite a bit no thank you I would not have taken a predefined face sooner it might also give something better to look like me should that he is a little bit bearded really to that here we come here good lets go away damn Im going to keep it like that it doesnt seem bad to me on a bare ass the modification start the game so when we ski on my truck it takes a guy a bunch there are now 2 its not bad continue the modification to start the game lets go imagine a nice little mustache in fact I think I created a slightly overweight character without purposely profiting from books you are what the lady minds her the packages but is it for TV ok its is now that the beginning of the game is really going to happen im going to carry on a little bit and then well go to episode 2 ill probably ill take it in stride and put it to you in not too long this thanks so much the better so how center travels as insurgents but it will be a long way to get your dragon heart back they had to chief we can take water you have a bottle you could fill it hockey by the way not break everything so what in the corner not big thing arch hand life rge to it is always taken in a way me I steal everything so our class determines gives you basic equipment that you can use your skills then warrior specialist in melee combat and weapons swords shields the classic ranger expert in art who is master of the daguerre escape who is the maj we will start by taking a ranger I know that after we can this multi class and change vocation so it will not pose too many problems to start with a ranger I want to go by a main weapon a secondary weapon the main weapons are essential combat secondary weapons arc shields are support okay yes is magic corsica still corroborated laugh martin destragon August a boat monsters or complete missions to earn xp you attribute increases as you level up no joke press start to bring up the pause menu you will be able to check the mission info attribute cards and its learning the weight bottle will be useful for the lantern Im going to have one for the moment but hey water bottles are leaking you had a bottle you proved to fill it I think the water bottle I already picked up was full of people and green icons of the new missions to offer you good here are the graphics honestly me it suits me send textures of the wall and there are enough are a little disgusting anyway I imagine that the console version was even worse but me c its the gameplay that interests me and once you move away a little there are no more problems frankly it causes me no worries about combining certain objects with others and interesting crafting say so there I have weight bottles water bottles long term well gécamines lantern materials others I took a blank parchment a table in the carpenters this that to put their tool very useful for crafting I imagine with x I can have r combinable information raza can be useful protest if we see an object or not if the combinates blue rare we can possibly decide to keep it especially if the combinable weapons become to swarm an old man that rusty and the armor symbol indicates that he is equipped I imagine shirt of treble or fishermen its equipment screen ok me the change in the middle there its red its less good than what I have one for the moment I I have an ordinary family who apparently is better apart from the blunt attack its important frankly leave the leggings on this team and see that my level of prowler laurent its a loose red ball not exactly how it looks like well see that as and when dab attacks for rapid friendly good ok here I have not much when I learned about the alternative methods so left instead of the bass shield and the support and if its the arc I can make very small vent Really hockey and with my medals I can give a deadly kiss ok its a succession of quick tests with a kick at the end not bad so Ill finish by going to see the quests eventually it was already something she dismisses notebook to must be embodied I imagine no Im going to the diary maybe yes its in progress none complete none here then its good before continuing its been a good half hour when I comment that I started were going to stop there for this first discovery video there will be others obviously because there I really havent shown enough of the game I find that I play videos quite well anyway at least I think I will at least if the hell 4.5 well see how it goes also at the level of caprocks copyright from capcom will see if he accepts that I put the videos normally it should be fine if I dont I do nt put advertising well see I hope you liked the video if so do not hesitate to leave a little lay what to share the video on social networks it always helps me I do not ask in all the videos but for the first videos of the series or mini series I ask because its really the channel to make itself known without that its very very difficult for a small channel to increase the number of its subscribers from these views so heres if I can you can if you want in any case to give a little boost do it it makes me happy otherwise we dont do it theres no problem no obligation Ill call you back just in case if you re not subscribed to the channel and you want to follow the different videos dont do not hesitate to subscribe it will allow you to be kept informed of the different releases go hello everyone steam needs to be online to update reddit ► Acheter à -25% (22,49 EUR) : Let’s play de gameplay en français sur Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen, un action RPG produit par Capcom. Ceci nest pas un test mais une découverte. ► Informations de léditeur PRESENTATION DU JEU Pour la première fois Dragon’s Dogma™, franchise populaire et acclamée par la critique, arrive sur PC en français* avec Dragon’s Dogma™: Dark Arisen dès Janvier 2016. Le jeu contient l’intégralité du jeu original Dragon’s Dogma et sa suite, incluant la zone “Bitterblack Isle”, contenant de nouveaux ennemis et quêtes, ainsi que de nouvelles armes et armures. Grâce à une optimisation graphique rehaussée et le support de la plateforme Steam, les joueurs PC pourront pleinement profiter de cette version ultime. Dans cet immense monde ouvert, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen offre un jeu d’action des plus enrichissant. Les joueurs embarquent dans une aventure épique dans un monde riche et vivant accompagnés par 3 compagnons dirigés par l’IA, les Pions. Ces partenaires se battent de manière indépendante du joueur, démontrant alors leurs prouesses et habilités acquises grâce au joueur. Les Pions pourront être partagés en ligne par les joueurs et ainsi récolter des récompenses comme des trésors, conseils et de nouvelles stratégies pour battre des ennemis terrifiants. CARACTERISTIQUES • Combat dynamique – Coupez les 4 têtes de l’Hydra, grimpez sur le dos des griffons et combattez dans les airs, ou défiez des dragons et autres créatures en trouvant leurs points faibles. • Des tonnes de contenu – Inclus le contenu du jeu original et sa suite. Découvrez une expérience de combat enrichissante ainsi qu’une personnalisation riche tout en parcourant un monde vaste à explorer avec des monstres terrifiants. • Personnalisation complete – Neuf différentes classes de personnages aux compétences variées. Les armures peuvent être fabriquées et améliorées. Les Pions peuvent être entraînés pour s’adapter au style de combat souhaité par le joueur. • Amélioration graphique – Graphismes profitant d’une plus haute résolution. • Support Steam – Inclus les succès Steam et la possibilité de jouer avec une manette Xbox 36O ou une manette Xbox One, ou encore via le clavier/souris. ► Le gameplay de Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen sur PC comprend des composantes daction et de RPG. Le multijoueur est limité à lutilisation des pions créés par les autres joueurs. *Il est traduit en français au niveau de linterface et des sous-titres. ► Site du jeu : __________________________________________________________ ► Considérez de vous ABONNER : Vous serez ainsi mis au courant de la sortie des nouvelles vidéos. ► Si vous le souhaitez, PARTAGEZ ou LIKEZ la vidéo. 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