El Cíclope y la Hydra - Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen - Gameplay #2 en Español

Singleplayer games steamsteam update slow DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay hello everyone, welcome once again to a complex one, we are still playing dragons dogma, dark a risen, it is a game from almost 10 years ago, it came out in 2013 and we are going for the second gameplay but I was investigating a little more about the game and it turns out that it came out in 2013 In other words, it is almost 10 years old and perhaps that is why they are talking about it again and I mean that the version of rising, which was like a compilation or an expanded version of the game, the original edition of Dragons Dogma, is almost 10 years old, first of all. It came out in Play 3 I think it came out in 2012, so yes, the game has been around for more than 10 years. I remember that this game can be played online if I played it at the time Play 3, well, well, and it also depends on the version youre playing now. you can play it online or not I think playing offline is worth the whole campaign supposedly oh what to investigate here Music d I can learn wide cutting skills for example I want to put it in quick attacks to here what s wide cut now i have another ability oh what else can i do liquid energy sauce search the zone that we are doing good good game its good classic rpg you with the classic elements of tanios and dragons from typical dragon mythology job bowling bows of swords, harpies, chimeras, very, very classic of the game, perhaps too good, it depends on who, yes, it is not a game, well, it brutally innovates, it is not a game, it is, it is never seen, not of this type of mythology or literature, there are thousands of traditional games, they have always tried to emulate the theme of daniels and dragons a bit. itch I love it he said something that day as if it were something important by the way this shirt must be better than the one I have to see because I dont know what is happening I have to hunt and kill ar the monster that attacked the town and kidnapped my dear and Galicia I cant give him something I understand no no no potato sauce like they dont ask me to register everything but it tells me that a test registers the area but its not worth another bizarre monster so handsome the designs and what I say is not so handsome the handsome man also reminds me a little bit of monster hunter a cyclops whatever we do very classic of very monsters of a lifetime of classical culture the chimeras the centuries candles the primers the dragons we will have to go Seeing what else there is, I dont know how much life I have, I know how I removed the issue of seeing my life I can give it and even rock, I removed the issue of seeing the health bar because it seemed to me to see the game seems much more immersive like this with nothing but the truth is less practical, much less that you can see all the time that you can see all the time the life bar helps you it helps you to see your bar that of your partner because you dont have to be attentive enter the menu the good ones see if you see the enemys bar Music it seems to me that you are not going to get something from the contenders and now what about the second people and I am going to go see the game at the end of the champions league Im not a soccer fan, but well, because to see my friends and have a couple of beers, well, Im going, Im a social soccer fan, it would be a good term, ward d, because I dont watch soccer by myself at home, I absolutely dont watch soccer, but if my friends say lets go to a bar to watch football because Im going to be with them and such and for her at least four pots and pans Im racing has been fully demonstrated I have to select who will accompany me on my trips and I have to edit the pawn we are going to choose a woman since I can choose who is going to accompany me I prefer that I am the woman in this case and we are going to give it a classic name and this is all completely the same it doesnt matter completely okay base body well I agreed naked god jobs wow belly he is very handsome in these designs and he is total but with the son I have no idea starring is a name that I usually give to my female characters come on lets put this lets see the hairs this is handsome what do I know nor am I one for customizing characters very much when you face danger which traits do you value most in an ally an iron will discovered this in combat which strategy do you prefer your ally to use thats curious good I think its a bit support your follower rescue to your group and change the course of the entire battle that stops series that you said to look at the attitude as it goes up differently this is quite interesting and original has not seen it in other games like this if he ruled he is the king of wine What gift would you like the most? The perfect couple. Select a vocation: Fighter, Strider or Magician. I think Im already a fighter, so lets put a magician to make it a super. I fight and that they support me I didnt plan to play like another video of mine, long like this for an hour and such because Im loving the game and more and more but hey its for a little more and Im going to have to go for this game no I was expecting the game to be good, what a surprise, what a surprise. In any case, more videos of this game will come. Ill leave it long. I say that its long. hours is what is in style sometimes more good half that we are going to start and I am already the football bar and you before since each worse can even get to have knowledge about the missions that help you I saw when force tell me well the best no I dont feel like a tutorial right now I know I have to do it I know but hey I have a little time left to play and so I have if I can avoid the tutorial maybe Ill avoid it Ill be back it doesnt say which tutorial on how to fight in a community and taiwan probably will never come back im not a big fan of tutorials and i know i need them they are necessary they are also tedious sometimes no Music gamescom something the convention well rest for now he looks like cats a bit the character i think that it is voluntary and taro the creator of berserk died Im going to look for a cat image the first time again because I think I remember the eye I was sure I wasnt thinking if it had any scars if it has scars here too no its not the chimera its a snake what I was writing today is so handsome hes in a lot that I want to stay here playing Music and I understand lets see in this wii game help everyone is wrong hide the video the images are copied be careful handsome rural Im thinking I say I mean, I do nt know to what extent Im hurting the old snake, the health bar goes down very little or youre not going to do anything. It seems strange to me that for example or the rattlesnake is not his weak point, he is handsome, this is a game that is quite advanced for its time when he goes up, since he cut her neck to see if they had a bow, something like that could throw him up but if you want, life goes down but very slowly I am setting the bar Im not sure the fights are epp and we wanted this game was being controlled by some monster or some demon something has to be born no sir medium rare no Music very good play 2 day I would have liked to play if I had played this game in Its time I would have liked it yes or yes to the people for what I told them I am going to save I am going to save and exit and this video is a little shorter than other videos but we have played things we have advanced we killed two voices and we have advanced the game we learned to use pawns we created a pawn good it was not bad for how short it has been compared to others for future videos for 30 or 40 minutes whatever you can every day is not worth it either I know that no one forced me to upload a shorter, longer video. Also, whoever wants to see the series, well, they will see, they can see video 1 2 3 4, yes, and they will see the complete series, there is no difference. Basically, this has been all from me. I hope you liked today and see you next time how to put gog games on steam El Cíclope y la Hydra - Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen - Gameplay #2 en EspañolMi libro de terror y misterio: Añademe a tus redes sociales !! : Twitter : @KahunaGames Facebook : KahunaGames Instagram: kahunagames Puedes ver mis videos en directo entrando aqui : También puedes ver mi canal principal aquí: Mi tienda de merchandising : Mi canal de VLOGS : steam cleaner fleas changing steam password how do i find my games on steam steam game programming steam science technology