Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen • Part 32 • First-Time Playing • Gameplay Walkthrough

Free low spec pc games on steamsteam clean oven whirlpool DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay hello everyone and welcome back to Dragons Dogma today were just jumping right back into some Ever Fall stuffs to kind of keep it simple uh went through all of your comments thank you so much for all of the Insight on BBI get me come back up to speed like I said I retained like quite a lot of knowledge uh over the many months you know playing this uh here and there but uh there were a few things I just totally forgot um so to warm us up lets see if I can go into my status and show you this um skills were trying out Stone Grove somebody wanted me to check out some Grove like Im gonna say episode or video what 20 like 28 or something like this is recommended for like a while so I finally equipped it um it looks like it this I think based on its price it was like 4 500. um Im assume this is like a Mystic knight seven or eight unlock or something and Im looking forward to what else uh Abyssal anguish Im really stoked on that one I know that I just need the one more Mystic Night level uh that I just dont seem to have yet um which I should get pretty soon a rank I should say but um am I holding my staff once I am again we are equipped with um at the moment trying to think Dunes rather Cambridge will enchanter uh for my weapons I swapped or my staff I swapped to um combustion uh commestion not combustion Im so looking forward to trying that one out too but I do think um Im gonna stick with my sword board a bit because I finally also went and upgraded my shield to rank two of three and my sword I I can only make up to one actually I um there wasnt a uh I was lacking a few resources for it but I did finally take this to one and this to two everything else is you know like I said uh totally boosted from finishing the game then these are things I took to three beforehand but um I know thats about it other than just like upgrading abilities I did grab I think its called Panacea uh its the the uh the potion that restores all ailments that was recommended too it is pretty darn expensive but I went ahead and grabbed some of those and then yeah last episode I forgot to start with the lantern like Im doing now and I forgot to use my uh my periapse its been recommended to me a million one times I made sure I had these in my inventory last video and then I never used them I think its because finding the Hydra I actually didnt get clarity on this I forgot to ask but it seems like the hybrid this is mean guessing the Hydra doesnt take damage until head comes off kinda or maybe when youre attacking the zero of it it felt like when I would just attack a Hydra like a full head um it didnt do anything until the head came off and then a chunk of the HP came with it too I meant to look into that I sure didnt but um other than that I know I think were pretty set to just listen to the pawns use the lantern upgrade abilities trying them out use the periapse where need be and then somebody on the latest video recommended hey go check out chamber of lament uh which you know theres like I think maybe a few more I still need to check out lets go give them a look one more time if Im using recommendations but I want to assume if we if it shows up at all weve done it so anxiety absence it looks like hesitation looks good apprehension it looks like Im not its a little a little foggy remorse I want to assume we havent either but let me zoom out further or no uh tragedy maybe maybe maybe maybe um I think if Im mistaken I accidentally just landed on this one trying to find lament because it took my four or five tries falling through the everfall of like finally finding this one to start the video and then fate looks like Ive never landed on fate just stress once again kind of cant tell its gonna be one of those where I maybe Ill have to do some Snippets here and there to explore the actual insights and tell how it went and estrangement we havent landed on whoa we havent landed theres actually a lot like theres probably a few more videos of every fall but I want to make sure we do it all because again Id rather uh if I do any new game plus content for me for YouTube streams or something like that I think Id rather it not be something I subject all that Im gonna watch me do over and over Id rather be able to uh new stuffs for the first time but anyway were checking out lament I dont know Squad about it um any of them usually until we get in there if I decide to Google it but um I also top of that I meant to check my inventory to see if I have more wake zone shards but this really may be all I have I really mainly have the four on me I forgot three shards converted into a full wake Stone but a piece of me thinks I banked some because I didnt actually go look at my own like older videos weve done but I feel like Ive maybe I turned in previous ones requests too I know that that existed but I think Im more than four I think I maybe I just banked them to to be safe or something uh once or twice but uh here we go lets lets set it yeah lets other than that what periapse wakestones Panacea chamber of a man oh uh full moon slash is recommended to me as well but uh I wanted to try stonegrove for a bit um because the cool full moon slash combo came up with uh this looks like a really messed up room um it came with the full moon slash combo came up alongside uh Bissell anguish which I dont have yet so um and again I would just love to know how close I am to that final rank um all right cool this looks bad this one looks like an actual map I do my Lantern now sorry Im a little heads I dont know why I feel like Im playing a horror game all set this is actually a wicked looking room yeah theres a hole in the middle of it okay theres no time like the present oh there isnt actually a Hole uh perspective anyway um oh this actually looks like uh the final dragon fight from the end of the game uh I hate that I dont remember his name please just berate me in the comments about it whats his name the big the big dragon we fought at the end the literal and you know not the end end but the the end of the game Villa dragon dragon who has our heart Dragon the Dragon and nothings happening too I think one of you had suggested theres like a one of these floors is for like an online boss I wonder if thats what this is and there just isnt one right now maybe this actually like decent looters just skulls and stuff is this its a little freaky its like definitely a kind like I dont want to say scary Im not like a total baby but Im a little bit of a baby this is a scary looking room climbing up here oh can I climb that one Im sad because Im you know very very Loosely like or lightly sad like I feel like they should this Im starting to think this is the online room the fact that nothing else has happened yet um I cant remember if its supposed to be somebody referenced this this is a long long time ago someone referenced this I think that like you could take it on as a group or its like everyones online Hits come together and count oh yall actually a powerful evil enemy lurks nearby but where whoa oh are those oh my God these are not I thought these are my pawns beware engaging any Pawns in battle I didnt get to read it wait were actually fine oh see youre not Ma I just realized since the name wasnt above their head these are not cool that is such a sick thing thats awesome okay sorry I made such a big deal its like why are my pawns I didnt know they were up there they werent those thats not what that was whoa okay Im gonna let them get healed real quick that was kind of a rad I dont know if that was I cant imagine that was it but it does say a powerful enemy alerts nearby oh then you have come and its the one okay oh but its like another Dragon though is it supposed to be uh somebody telling me Spill the Beans is this supposed to be like uh oh like a skeletal version of uh the guy we fought is this like the same lad oh by the way lets go staff on this for sure for sure for sure uh lets get everybody bumped up a little holy enchantment Music and then lets do the lets do the sick uh or wait wait oh I I just commanded them to do something that sucks actually not my intention but lets go um great Cannon the slide hard lets do multiple I think you do three of them or something and your connection online other players progress will contribute oh the UR Dragon somebody did give me the name once the ER dragon how cool dude or where do you earn depends on how much damage you dish out if youre lucky maybe deliver the final blow okay so this is like one of those things youd low-key like want to do like online all day and hope that yours counted last for sure I wasnt ready I wasnt ready bones are immune to attacks what am I attacking then strikes where the Beast glows when Beast glows kind of everywhere TBH trust Stone Grove oh its a long cast it is a long cast friend Music yo thats kind of sick it didnt appear to do anything though unfortunately that was a bad call that was a bad call Im trying to get Sofia up can I oh I can use how many children with my sword out I was kind of being a dummy this thing is Wicked Strong comparatively to the stuff Ive been up to thus far I think so lets go only enchanter lets get some HP back on some of these hits and then I gotta line it up better I cant tell if its doing anything though right so lets just wrap my heart to be risen with Holy Light we get spark Express that says to be something they said whenever I uh simply like gave them the enchantment oh my God that hurts so bad it hates light so Im actually doing the right thing Ive been used too sorry this is sick because Ive spent this whole playthrough for the most part Im so sorry for it doing holy enchantment I just I like the holy element I think its cool um but I know how many people have recommended that I have a fire enchant around at least somebody in the party to do it because most of Grants it seems to be weak to fire we talked about literally in the comments for the last video but I got one right like this is my one this is the one thats cool just the one now no more than that for sure for sure I cant tell if this is doing much admittedly but again this ones a little different I think I might try something out with yall I believe Ill do a Google but I believe yall sure that this one actually is worth doing offline because you can beat the offline when I think you said I did the right thing I did the right thing actually used my shield but I believe it was it was shared that like whats Im doing right now is like straight up just for like the group the server Im Im adding server damage Im not gonna actually do anything I truly have substance here um especially at my level my gear I bet Im not doing much but this is cool Im sorry and then I could be doing a periapse I suppose I I kind of did I wanted to save it for another floor once we started this fight like 60 seconds ago I was like I might might hold off but well do two well try it out something something has hit me bad I dont know what just happened is doing more damage I feel like Im watching to do something but again I think this is gonna be like just such a massive HP bar okay where it glows so the feet glow the feet glow for sure but I gotta get there now we know holding a chance its worth something lets do it is it doing like its own version of a ruinous sigil on me I think it is oh wait am I stuck inside of it actually we cant reach her from here for sure I wonder if I really should um oh I dont have angle anymore dude I dont think commestion can hit that high up that is a vaccine place for the woman to roost can I get up there we go this way I send it I think Music no does this not go anywhere oh that could have been kind of sick I dont know how that could get up there it really is to light it on the tower yeah we cant do squat with that this is this has to just be like a defense round like a setting back up again Ill maybe try something but I dont think I have anything for this range anymore they cast that like way out there I dont think so where is it even I think it happens like in front of me lets see lets see how far I can do this one or attempt it you get to see where you draw this one I thought you did sorry I thought that was gonna hit me yeah kinda find it no not far enough its just a defense around for me then the one time I get rid of uh Ingle the literal one time I ditched Grand angle I mean I guess I could do something to this effect Music but like is that gonna no thats not gonna do squat is it its going holy and chance you then at least so were getting some like holy arrows off Music Im trying to get my shield up oh yall are down too Shield up almost had it yeah theyre like right in it use your greenware come on come on with it I hmm how do we the means to shoot it down oh my God somebody somebody shot me up somebody fight me somebody actually come through the YouTube uh the Youtube video youre watching right now and fight me is there like a weapon you know those like cool uh the ballistas is out there that I never used in my entire playthrough theres got to be one here now right theres just gotta its just got out of me is there not oh theres gold I wasnt paying attention does Mexico Ill support you theres got to be something that Im missing on the battlefield oh no did that make him come down actually by just simply going a different direction okay well well take it Im Im really bummed that went down the way it did but whatever like meaning that I probably had some kind of means before I happened to finally swap what I was doing so lets try oh no no hi combustion thats so sick oh its that long of a cast even does it stay oh so its like kind of a short thing that I Im focusing I know I shouldnt have ran I need to put my shield up more Im trying Im trying to be a better gamer better Dragons Dogma gamer children oh my dear God Ive never button mashed greenware shorter in my life I am inside the mouth inside the paws thats like okay hold on uh Im gonna enchantment I think hes about to hit his like thing again lets try and schedule ourselves forget blows the darkened areas are useless I I think Im hitting where Im where I should but again its its a Tuffy I can see where hes glowing I understand where I should be hitting but its a matter of like am I hitting it as intended and like if I was doing offline mode like I said I think Id have a better idea but um doing this online first is probably a bit confusing for I think I would hope anybody doing it for the first time and then my next question is I want to assume maybe this is a timed event because I cant imagine if its you know everybodys doing their own amounts of it or like theyre all like contributing as much as they can timed or do we just dip when its getting really bad could be both like it could be your real either or because this is its going sour now they all had 3500 Green rash though oh wait accessing server is he dipping he did leave he did leave thats kind of sick a piece of me wants to Ill maybe do this next video how about this give me yalls take but um in the next video should I come back and turn online off I actually dont know how to do it but I believe if this is the correct boss I just based on this is the only thing Ive done like this I think this has to be what you talked about a long time ago um I believe that if I go offline I can fight a version of it that can actually like like that stays around until I beat it is that true or or at least its a version that Im intended to be able to fight solo like a much weaker version um somebody please let me know uh in the comments and stuff um but lets go in here and go look in audio gameplay connectivity yeah this is where you would swap it I dont want to go immediately into it because if its not also like a timed version I think Id rather do it next video Id rather actually like it could end up being a long fight I dont know um so for now yeah lets just go exploring and then go check out like at least one more new floor and I honestly probably need to like stock up on stuff again wait leave where does that go this is not the way I came in no thats not the way I came in does this have any cool lore for us Hunters of the UR Dragon whats today the 13 okay so this is today is this like todays contribution switch to the Hunters list or Dragon Hunt ranking their levels infinite what does that mean thats cool though I want to see who this is people who have attempted it today because of the date or somebody whos maybe slain one it might be somebody whos slain one thats cool I dont know I dont fully understand that though let me know but I want to assume thats the the idea for it I need to bring a pickaxe more often I like I said uh crafting seems like kind of like a moot point sometimes but like where Im at in the game and like things probably being better in the um in BBI but I dont know it could be cool Id still like to see it lets see where this door goes could be like maybe its another Cavern or something oh no it just takes you right back out okay well thats cool um lets go check out my inventory lets see how bad it is yeah yeah baby guts oh no Gods only guts only is four yall are so much better than me selfie thats the only one who even used shrooms yeah I gobbled down 30 of those thats ridiculous okay so lets go um to my Fairy Stone just get back up top um I know I could just fall but this just this seems quicker maybe Im totally wrong on that um and then uh well attempt I think its the floor right above lament like whatever that was is what we will well go Frick with and if Im not missing it too I dont really think I like found much sorry I always get inventory and uh equipment buns confused I think I just sat there and picked up skulls like oh yeah was that one even worth any type of wakestones I have so many questions about how that works I really do or I guess it looks like they picked stuff up no cause these are equipped these are equipped things Im looking at earlier I went through and cleared out their inventories though but yeah these are all equipped items gold dragon was the Gold Dragon icon mean if its a little spoilery maybe give it a spoiler tag but I know you got its a red dragon icon like my gear from I forget the verbiage and Im so sorry for this but this is what happens when you beat a dragon and its like dragon dragon upgraded theres a verbage I know it I know it so much um but the gold looking one thats new to me that could be like a BBI thing maybe I could say that being the case or its just a higher level thing that I would not have been exposed to yet in my playthrough yeah it looks like we didnt get much of anything worth putting up um I wouldnt though and say first of all is that like a unicorn helmet hi youre sick yeah thats a cool looking character um lets go rest and then well go and check and see if I have wake stones in there too TBH I might whos to say um thats also such a sick character is that a two-hander that straight up is like a dragon scale that sword is so sick who are you Heist no not you sorry youre cool as well let me think what Lulu yeah this characters rad that sword is so cool anyway I really like thats my other thing too with like New Game Plus sounds rad right but also so it is just like starting from scratch because Ive again Ive only been Mage sorcerer Mystic Knight I have no idea what actually playing a fighter or a warrior is like I have no idea what and thats also why again if youre like coming in hot I know theres some of you really kind really cool coming and checking out the videos thank you so much for that but some of you are coming in late and I dont mean like obviously its taking me forever to do this play through because I was doing so many other things on Twitch and here on YouTube but um some of youve been really cool just starting here instead of going back to the old stuff was the point Im trying to make and so you may not know that yeah its my first time playing and I did like a much like a Mystic Night on the magic side I never did fighter and sineud I think its pronounced sunu is uh seems like a really cool one for adding weight or whatever but otherwise I really do want to see my HP go up so piss me is also thinking like maybe new game plus Id go Frick with fighter and stuff for a little bit um but again I think were to the point where level 50 to 100 is like like most of my stat gains were coming pre 50 and now I have a decent trunk from 5100 right if I could get some decent maybe HP spurts if I swapped but Post 100 I think isnt like stat gains really decline so if Im wanting more HP thats the part Im I even wanted to reference is like yeah I know Im a really low HP Mystic Knights because I was a Caster forever but um I think maybe I dont want to freak around with a fighter in New Game Plus for a little bit before I go to BBI but I would be happy to do that offline or something I havent made up my mind thats the only thing holding me back because you all have Express you think Im ready for BBI like generally speaking alongside these really cool notes oh you cant see these really cool notes I took uh for Mels YouTube comments lately um for BBI specifically um but I think the only thing that for me this person want me back is maybe getting my HP out by going I think its fighter isnt it I think its fighter that gives more HP than Warrior maybe maybe it is Warrior that does more but I wouldnt dare go far enough for warrior I would just do fighter because I just like or maybe I wouldnt I dont know I like being a sword and board like that would give me a like more practice for what Im intending with Mystic Knight and junk um oh no anyway Lets uh I want to go have one more floor really really bad um after we go get some uh some green wearish I cannot believe I named down 30. to be fair I really did absolutely get shredded for a sec its there in the video clippable provable um I wasnt looking good so Im just gonna get 30 more of those thank you T smile my money really took a hit too after upgrading gear and flying Panacea I guess I dont think penicia put me out that much I think just upgrading gear one of them was like 150k I think lets go look again I dont think hes gonna show me oh actually no I know for certain level two of this one was like 200k I believe I really really do and the sword I think it was only like 50 but then Im just like that that was like four-fifths of the money I had on hand and in hindsight I didnt look at the cost I just looked at the materials required and this one actually for the shield Im just short five dragon scale uh and I kind of wish I got some off that lad I could have upgraded right then but um were chilling uh let me go ahead though and uh form a good habit and say um because that was recommended for BDI but anytime I feel like I I completed a fight of value go ahead and just check a save uh because I guess you can really just Auto die in there or whatever sorry Im freaking with my beanie a lot I uh its a new one and uh your your buddy here uh on the video youre watching has a gigantic basketball melon-sized head so they hipping knew its like trying to like suction off the top of my brain so Im constantly having to be like hey stretch out fit please please um anywho enough about a a beanie a toque um where were we just at we were at lament hey Im looking for tragedy I think specifically because I believe the rest of them Ive been pretty good about getting to so Im gonna take a swing and say this one oh I missed it oh I hope this one is all right I would actually bet that Im Im this is the one or Im closer to the one that I was about to be before I missed that last ledge uh map perfect absolutely perfect isnt it right yes perfect I was like wait is tragedy correct I do not believe Ive done this one well find out shortly but Im fairly certain this the only reason this ones even lit up on my map is because Ive landed here hoping for Lament and then from here I knew to turn around and hop off the correct direction um chamber of tragedy Im Gonna Save one more time and get a quick sip of water great lets go I cant be all it took was one fight to miss uh Grand angle oh no this yeah Ive super been here then thats so sad ER actually can you go up into here we have done this one oh then I have so many questions I really believe that there was one I just landed on before starting this is there any is there a way to know or do you really have to go floor to floor somebody let me know so I dont make this mistake again but again I guess I just look for General blur spots okay apprehension would have been one I see that now remorse kind of looks like one tragedy lament the one after lament so just two two levels down if I can figure out which one that is uh we even hit that one lets go ahead and hop up here to give me like a different site I know that lament was right there is that it I want to assume its this thank you I was like Im a little far Im a little far from that one um but I want to believe this will get it done Music I like the music in the Ever Fall quite a lot I dont know if thats maybe a hot take but uh I actually like it quite a lot um darn I missed maybe this is one distress well check it out Ill just keep going in and out until I know but I made I may have to Chuck them on my whiteboard and go tick them off to no no it looks like Ive been here yeah it fully Ive been on this one dang it now granted I know that uh actually correct me if Im wrong I think I can redo some of those for more wakestones right okay next one the next one for sure the next one for sure we just got to figure out exactly how to get down to the literal next one um its like hypothetically I could have just ran that for Wake zones if I wanted but thats kind of not how I want to do it if I can help it I think its like exactly right there oh thats cool is it like literally right there is that it or is it that one I cant tell how close together they actually are you know what I mean I want to assume its that one but that seems like such a far drop no theyre straight up one like right beneath me I think yeah totally this one is a smaller entrance kind of like uh lament did Music we got map this is the Chamber of estrangement the bridge has like a little fog in the middle I dont think Ive done one thats had a path like this again though I dont think this is the one I just intended to land on oh it is no excuse me maybe I thought I was looking for a well but I was looking for uh estrangement this range no no n estrangement hoping for like maybe uh no its me a boss I was gonna say Im kind of like hoping for like a next Board of one but then again the last one we did uh which by the way thank you for letting me in the comments some of them dont go anywhere they just theyre just for chests and chilling um this place feels like no other Ive seen okay so youve never been here oh wait okay we fought one of these its been a long time I unfortunately dont remember what the week two or anything Ill learn Ill actually listen the pawns does it look like theres a Golem beneath it too Im sorry destroy those so there is a Golem as well but these were around the map like we could probably do something with that yeah Music I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go so my question though is are these uh I forget whether or not these are actually I believe these are Rel oh does that mean this is a gold one right this means this is a gold one so these have to be blunt weapons I oh my God I remember now I I know Im not listening to the I think this is uh this is that that really funny Quest I dealt with as a sorcerer where these are meant to be blunt strikes um and uh I only had like the staff last time so I got straight up nowhere it was like the longest session of my life like yall didnt even see the whole thing I like had to uh like I dont know snip it out like 30 minutes of it um of waiting and hoping that I may be self yet or a different Archer I had would be able to uh take the last one out it was like in a tree I dont think weve done anything about the flying sorcerer thing I forget what theyre called I know I fought one of those at the Lagoon looking spot too but my idealios I dont think I actually need to fight this right now I think I just need to Pace the room get these destroyed it should be seven all uh seven eight minutes to grab hold of it sorry as Im doing like talking for the video yeah I really am terrible at it paying attention to this uh this meeting um the things the pawns are sharing lets go over here it says it pays less attention to Mages which is curious I think they said that about the last one I faced probably because were not in a position to get to do anything but its open is that worth anything I dont think it is I think we are really meant to just break these exactly I feel its like a learning like uh a learning process again because I didnt get to really participate in the last time we fought with these dang hello whats up buddy can rudis sigil do anything I dont know that I have this ability on this one it can that is fantastic yeah I did not have that ability last time for sure okay so then theres oh there are some floating ones Reach This you think oh did I think I was grabbing it am I can you wait Can you mount that I dont think its it its a big dark English can I dark English it you think you cant get away with that thatd be kind of sick come on were trying to put my Dragons Dogma brain on you know what I mean Im trying did I get away with it is it longer I think it is I think I could maybe get lucky and hit one but again yes Im not gonna do it to all of them but thats cool there we go thats something I still got hit by the laser beam is what it is but that for the bit that was cool um we tried a great Cannon it I think it could be worse I really dont know itll do anything Music I think Im doing something back there to the wizard though which is rad like quite a lot if Im thinking theyre definitely weak to light yeah 5K XP that rules but is it hitting the you know what Im saying oh wake Stones make Stones I know Im in the middle of a fight chill chill chill I see this one I somehow missed uh I know Im doing the Sprint thing just chill were cool were cool beans oh did not expect that admittedly no that was for real actually I really hope I dont give myself drift I really hit I hit the controller so hard when I do stuff like that as I feel like most folks do but its still still scary please just let me please Joel okay there is one left and Im not going to lie to you I have no idea unless one of them will do it I dont know how to go about it not again buddy thats so much damage thats so impressive hello I was like is anybody gonna help me get it off me okay so I do think the best thing I can do right now maybe oh yeah I cant because Im in the middle of being knocked in the freaking sky no um is try to cast at it yeah because theyre trying but I think its too high I thought you didnt pay much mind to Mages I thought you didnt do that I thought that like wasnt your thing Im hitting him purposely with the staff in hopes that hes like okay youre a Caster now this is bubkiss you you so pay attention I know that I did I didnt mean to cast it at him but there we go hes doing the thing so pay mine to Mages youre full of crap maybe because Im Mystic night now it actually doesnt differentiate it guys were not hitting that at all I actually dont know what to do in this situation though Music foreign Cannon counts oh it does oh my dear God it does maybe they just werent connecting before because yeah theyre getting split between the Golem and theyre getting split uh with the previous Spirit lad that we were fighting I see I see I I know I can make multiple but Im gonna stick to one in case I have to run for the Golem you know I mean I think Im a little a little bit of position I gotta stay moving a little bit of a lot of a bit of a little bit of a lot of it Im gonna open that for fun okay youre youre caught up now so Im trying to like look up at it a little bit too in hopes that a few of those will actually go up there theres still yeah I seem to say theyre all going to the Golem maybe if I do this now or somewhere the Golem isnt standing now and the problem is he keeps getting right exactly in front of me too because I keep trying really really really hard to aim it away from the Golem I know theyre like kind of like heat seeking or like Target seeking but again yeah like what else am I going to do with this kit I feel like somebody a good idea like throw blasts lets look into it actually lets talk to it I dont think I have one like lets lets pretend I did though I can maybe demons period here I dont really uh think this is worth it were almost done you know does anybody have something like a throw blast I actually thought somebody did and now I think I may have banked all of them uh not this session but like I dont know some at some point in the past Music I I wish I could figure out how to get it to like to aim Music metal Golems derive energy from an external Force Ive had done it I really dont know what to do I guess uh peace people wants to Google it a piece of me is like I really think this is the best it would be unfortunately I mean holy cow Music I it feels like a halfway like that one looks like it should have connected thats whats sad buddy oh its like ever so lightly frustrating that like he is exclusively running for me there we go there we go there we go because I just got to get him separated I just gotta get him separated a little bit to like give me the room to do it because because the Archer is never going to do it going around a greenware soon well find this amulet said Oh I thought it said in a box it said out about or something there we go dude Im gonna stop right now and like how was I doing I had six of these left like I uh give me some recommendations I really believe weve talked about it before and I feel like Im honing in it now that I have a blunt weapon this went exponentially better than the last time I found one of these but I really feel like Im in a position that if you the playable character arent like a bow user of some sort like Archer demonstrator I think Strider shall use this one you kind of cant do much about that I dont think unless your pawns look out and do it or I guess this which is awesome Im glad I thought of this on my feet toes what have you but it still wasnt perfect because I could not get this ladder Lead Me Alone um so I dont know I want to say on my toes I think for me and comparatively how Ive handled this in the past this was an improvement its still a little tough uh I think just inherently with the classes I I chose and I played through um locations if you will I dont know cool fight nonetheless I thought it was kind of neat I had a fight um I wish I could remember those are called I almost want to call the Lich but I know its not quite what those are Im still not vocation nine thats so wicked especially as like then again Gus didnt have a third one I was gonna say especially since hes like maxed out but no hes hes been that way actually um because he only did fighter and Warrior this is my third one but I will get there soon I can feel it I really thought I was gonna hit it like last sesh because I feel like Ive been saying for like eight sessions straight like Ill give get denied this time um yeah I was right this isnt the way I came in where does this go its like a chest oh its another door this has to just go right back out yeah oh this connects to the chamber but wait this is the same thing this is still the Chamber of estrangement or wait no no no no no no no wait I forget actually this is clearly like a safe room of some type Im blanking now was I actually not just doing Instagram this doesnt go anywhere we need some potions though maybe some horse Bud yeah thats what I was thinking um Merchant of some sort hi is this considered a merchant yeah its Stella its a dying breath my mind and so this Pond Lingus lets choose as you will you have some stuff Ive never seen before a great deal of uh stamina well go looking I really havent like ran into anyone like this in a while flask of oil uh Ive Ive plenty at present who need Fairy Stones dragon scales you have five oh wait no you have one Im gonna buy it Im gonna risk it for my shield maybe that was a bad call because again ooh black freaker scales too you have some cool stuff but I am not the lad I once was financially before this session the Golden Lion Helm thats cool philosophers robe dark Buckler I bet these are things Ive seen before in other places but its just been a while ooh dragons kind of cool to look at ah that might actually be better than when Im rocking I dont have anywhere near the money for it but these are cool these are cool and I know theres like a ring a Mystic Knights ring of some type I believe that upgrades one of those spells in a really cool way but I dont remember uh I dont know that its came up organically how to attain it it might I Im actually Im gonna go out on a limit if Im right tell me I think I read this I think the Mystic Night ring Im thinking of kind of like how it takes high angle to Grand angle I think its a BBI ring that you have to find so in that way yeah I I just havent organically ran into it yet which is cool Plateau chests liquid Vim come on Ill take the 10K Ill say it then wheres this one lets just go right back out front I havent done the chamber as an estrangement I could have swore I just thought I did maybe I ran into it once and I didnt stick it Im so confused or this has all been the same one thing and Ive just already forgotten because I went ledge to ledge well find out at the end but um for now Im pretty darn confused okay so now some questions the Stone Grove take the elements of uh what I use wow that was sick whatever just happened keep that up thats beautiful yes dude thats awesome fantastic and that was a cool ability Stone Grove is pretty cool I think Im not gonna lie to you though I like great Canon I love ruinous sigil I think Stone Groves whats gonna go like now that Im going to have access to Abyssal anguish I think Im gonna go try full moon slash in the Stone Grove slot but Im glad to have tried it I think thats sick and its not the snow Grove I think snow Grove can be upgraded now too right I think it was a vocation nine um ability swap uh regardless I think full moon sounded like it was a really big deal for uh just my whole kit is just gonna be so much better for the great candy combo and things like that I think I needed an enchantment oh yeah the great Cannon stays same sorry now its a light type youre getting any wheres that live there we go lets say I believe itll go down a lot quicker with the Light Element I I did not just pay attention to anything the pawn said for sure because my boobs are weak yeah its his week the whole magic thank you I thought so ultrasite Shard thats cool theres so many questions though I really am like is this like a much bigger room then or did yeah I skip it and these floors actually combined Ill take it thats cool Crimson gauntlets okay but the cool ones I could have just bought make some charred Im bummed I forgot to check my storage though I slapped to see if there were any not like I cant just go ahead and do that again youre an essential its been set that up lets go great Canon no no Frick I guess I stick it but lets go holy enchanter first lets go do another great Cannon forget well do both it hates fire but you know this is what Im rocking I do believe this is still a weakness for it just not as great as fire res root of sigil set off the cannon no maybe one of them swung I thought the sigil did it I was like thats so cool I think I thought the same thing with the dragon actually when fighting out of the Uber dragon great giant undone that cant be you has to be something else is weak to fire somebody actually I think there was an article that just went up uh in in um in support of and promoting like hey yo underrated game dragons dog which obviously Ive learned very heavily this past year but um I remember being pretty stoked about like I dont care in the comments like quoting freaking Pawns like nobody it was like not to say nobody did but a lot of people did not even bother going like yeah I love this game this is a great game it was just everybody going its his week to five I invested into risen like just just quoting any aggressively overstated pun uh font dialogue I loved it okay I think thats it oh so this is probably gonna end up being a dead Endy one have to go back out that way so this is yeah this is probably one of the longer ones Ive done to like I dont think Ive done one before maybe I have that started with a boss fight and then became the dungeon you know what I mean I think weve had one that was like this like this almost exactly out of doing the dungeon and then finding the boss but to have started with the boss having to walk through it to uh to the dungeon I think thats new or Im wicked wrong whos to say Im down for a boat this week to fire but I have holy so it is what I use my support sir shroud any chest this way nothing cant go that way are you joking Maya honestly thats hilarious yeah theyre like mostly one hit um two hits evidently I mean Im saying um until you get to those big ones and then I do not believe that this way LED yeah this shirt just like a puzzle Oh no just kidding heres the door it will not open I believe it was expressed too that like I wonder if these Maps were meant to be bigger okay so Im gonna try something risky for fun because this is the way out Im dumb I was trying to do this oh my God its because I joined my staff out Ive had a staff out like my entire playthrough before you roast me so I forget I cant levitate one of my sword and shield thats not why I said I thought it was gonna be a stupid what I was about to do being stupid I thought it might be stupid because I was going to poorly time it not the fact that it wasnt going to happen at all oh thats cool thats great Im gonna hear about that one and I I accept it I accept my face or if you just want to be cool even just be like hey I saw the thing capital T capital T the thing saw the thing no comment alrighty cool lets just try lets try to reach the door and I was hoping Id get stamina back when I got through the door but no I did not missing the hit some of those quick uh Tic Tacs if you will but anyway I guess I could have rain right back outside but I wanted to see I want to see like from here from the horses games mouth which one was this intended to be experience wow yeah I was thinking maybe it connected with distress is what I thought when I was like getting excited I thought that you fought the boss and it took you back to estrangement not a deeper portion of estrangement so I guess up next would be whoa yeah um huh I dont know I actually have a handful of questions I think this is where we wrap up this video if you have any input on I dont know uh or Dragon if I should do the Earth Dragon offline if you have any input on if theres a way to tell which Chambers Ive done or have not done like without having to run into them please give me the reminder on that I cannot seem to remember but um its your first time watching these videos thank you so much for watching if you want to learn more about me all the links are down in the description comments in this cool places thanks so much for watching catch you next time Music v steam luxury bar Part 32 of Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, an open-world fantasy RPG. 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