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Steam village building gamescan you play steam games on the ipad DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay welcome dear friends of my channel to dragons dogma because cunning the second part of dragons dogma was announced today and i thought thats a great moment to do my part on shame there is the first part of dragons dogma back then for the playstation 3 and the xbox 360 came out i played the game for the first time for i think five hours or so then a few years later the pc version came out, which i have here and i always wanted to play on the channel always came anything else in between now the stars are in the right place so sit back and make yourself comfortable well take a good look at dragons dogma dhaka the game is especially praised for its story if thats really the case lets find out a very short one take a look at the option that you too far everything quite so well from what all the comments Ill make from me remember me remember that there were a lot of them it becomes very confusing on the screen you have to confirm with the state haste that totally unusual because many menus now work differently so we have set the gameplay exactly video also looks quite good for the shadow quality like to increase texture increase details that should still be my configuration from back then yes as i said dragons dogma was released many years ago the game is a bit older this is the pc version it is the most current version there is and also From the technical side and of course starting a new savegame I think that I will play blind most of the time in the game because I can hardly remember what I experienced many years ago on the ps3 exactly I already have the savegame because I once made an alluded video six years ago n when the pc version came out choose the level of difficulty exactly there is the easy and the normal mode at that time it seemed to me as if the game was quite demanding but I think normal could be a very good start is the difficult mode is optional well take it now normal i think after all the ring and all the other sounds games i should somehow manage it created a huge army to slay a dragon in another place in another life another human child walks your path a lantern drives away the darkness pressed beckum to open your inventory the end at the beginning follows the dragon okay right here is the lantern the menu is console-heavy i think we will have to get used to it but well get it done so thats me at least right here with state you can open the pause menu and yes we hunt a dragon and we see quite a lot of corpses here and a greenish a medicinal herb exactly we can jump very important we can grab so we can for example hold on to something or grab an opponent we can get ready to fight so the game is actually pretty cool from that point of view so I can grab it now I cant climb up here of course that would have been funny if that would work there is a ladder leading there but unfortunately i cant use it the end of the journey to the last station of a long fight he shows himself this is the the dragon com awakened the journey to the hoard dragon an access to rift here awakens there touch this stone if you touch this stone you can win what all allies mentioned to benefit from their strengths exactly what is important to everyone that content came companions morgana and quincy as you progress in your quests your vassals will provide you with information and provide tips yes i have i have one e out i made it clear that well just hear what you say we can only read it thats on the screen as i said actually a bit a bit yes a lot but ill take a look maybe ill turn it off again in the end so get it going now thats fixed that means i can run there now could have finnishly so the evergreen i read very nicely yes smash boxes sometimes it comes out it was out here let it green again i let this is this here this is a secret way does nt look safe to me we should back up that doesnt look safe to me yes small falls are no problem big ones for that all the more first try to break everything the best way to play a roleplaying game ok we are now as she says from here so you yourself from here that of course smart quincy even more goblins the scratch that really raged me one of the poor ones down there has unfortunately done and it wasnt green is d but of course that was a mistake without grassland i went into battle the antechamber of the temple there are corpses lying here too this chain pulls separate well woah nice counterattack i have morgana can heal us too or i distract her everything is fine she hangs on Ill finish you off this creature hates fire yes then off with your taxes the healing is very nice oh look there is a chest whats in it kind of nodules of juice another one I have my sword is now covered with fireworks yes Im just frozen here me I have the feeling that the camera sometimes doesnt really know what it wants. There are also secret guides. Hey guys, ok, hows it going? taken because on the back oh you fright directly to become a happy meal and again a rectangle only very briefly a bite chen green aloud i use we have to turn away the tail so i think we have to separate the swiss yes switzerland off you go on the collar you are here and one of us actually floats he put it to sleep so it all comes down to it everyone had music so they it doesnt look like it but i think ill win right away music well roared lion and countless people go the delicious and always original pleasure of a useless occupation that rené i think the video just sees that it is for the old very old generation of playstation consoles 3 xbox 360 was made so the character creation change gender movement so i can not only use it to look at how it looks ok male female character i am usually male characters can also just play in the female character this time i think to myself so why not why not like that confirm kojima nickname yes i have a I have no idea whats going on here my nickname idol exactly like that stature basic body choose I think its quite appropriate voice music now I can make detailed changes oh yes hairstyle we have really many hairstyles to choose from where quite a few of them also look pretty stupid they are pretty cool the pasta with a different hair color then of course yes here details 48 face shape thats alright so with the eyebrows we also look again nose mouth so far and adjust details up yes thats better although at and the shape maybe that s a real roof face the body is actually so far really cool make-up make- up i dont need it well take it today like every day waves burn gently thats all gone pretty quickly i would I really liked reading that I didnt even know how to read read aloud ok but I cant read it anymore Mu sik herrje music conference picture series herbers formed missing there were already golden real ones 2 music music ok just fight the dragon kempen why not how many life points how much life does this dragon have so that the diyok dollar is next to the goalie there not a dragon stole my heart dragons dogma music music music music music the house of the elder it is time to begin your journey as an awakened but before you can have your heart restrained by the dragon you must prepare you yes woman wide and number 14 need weapons take a weapon so your career determines your standard attributes your wearable equipment and your skills fighter streicher maria would of course be in the mood for streicher only with fighter is just so standard but i think streicher is already pretty cool likes less but by arcs and nimble affectionate and a master of the arc scarlet batteries and d reifach arrow that sounds completely like what i want now choose this career leave the room you can equip yourself with a primary and a secondary weapon the more weapons such as swords or germans are indispensable secondary weapons such as citizens such as floors or shields can prove to be helpful prove to take a bit of time music the Germans are pretty cool from yahoo yahoo very cool a teaching scroll namely also with whatever they will need that for i dont know yet present the criticism and no good communism kostudis china how do you see opponents or filter orders receive the experience points for this with each level if the attributes improve with the state you could open the pause menu there you can see your attributes you can see your attributes a map and order information okay there look me again map house of the oldest addario environment maps very beautifully drawn wreaths s probably then the whole area here but im relatively local and now have to go back here probably to leave the village honey eggs thats exactly member status she worries about us no problem ill steal a bit from everything nice first take it here like in skyrim nice the grassland i take it oha here a bottle with water first of all take everything here you dont know what else you can use it for so weve stolen enough here the nobility technically you can of course see that the game is quickly a little older so graphically more on the level of demons souls all persons with a green symbol have new orders and generally simple special persons are marked clouds of wine and I can combine objects to achieve an amazing result oh thats my house here a fountain nice lets go green necessary some items i have to bully harder before they break ok a small nut and carrots you can really break anything god and you always get something out of it oh folks thats great of course well well alright then i should look around here in the village next ill do that too dear ones folks thats why were using this moment to take a little break for today yes dragons dogma the game was on my pile of shame for a long time now im playing the whole thing as a tag torn expansion game so theres something in there probably called a dlc torn stop the version the steam pc ps4 xbox one was released here on the pc im very excited to see how it goes on i hope you too, of course im looking forward to your comments and your feedback and then well see and hear each other again in the next episode of dragons dogma thank you very much for watching see you next time have a good time baby yoga calories in steamed veggies Wir spielen Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen im Lets Play auf Deutsch. 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