Lets Play | Dragons Dogma / Episode 01 ~ Insurgé

Why is my steam game stuck on validatingsteam card phone number DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay hello to all its bhl arcana and we meet today for the launch of a new the ex play my friends oh yeah the launch of dragons dogma who we r b b you did not expect it you did not know you couldnt but yes dragons dogma is present and its going to hurt yes yesterday and its this surce but this epic music that i say hello to you dragons dogma dragons dogma an old style action rpg game from japanese made by capcom new license that came out in 2012 which was a real slap in the face for me because it was the kind of adventure that I love I spent two tons and tons and nip thunder and I decided to get into lattes him the two sites where babies and our way you will discover it with me if you do not know and if you know it and well by validating rediscovered together I hope that makes you happy my little rascals I pay the loans the used things checking saved data recording in progress listen to the music have fun so well leave it like that I was told thats fine well look at the options a bit to make sure everything is good normally yes I had done everything or just a little close would like them the presets not this music it doesnt make you want to dance undress come on lets go drissi __ and well be able to start a new game a new game dance dance do like me bush and john paul j so heres the feat again of course cruijff great new data will tell you about it after the vigil see something so on me its not carnacois having the start in another place in another life another child of men borrow to have there are no cutscenes its what the __ case s body of work 2 1 whats going on bye bye bye low youll see youll understand were in doubt at the top in the tutorial ok so the game is in english subtitled one GOOD sure I think I put everything in subtitles so it should go pretty well for you anyway Ill still be happy to check because thats it I have doubts and when doubt alas its horrible then guild and to the subtitles of the pawns subtitles of the cutscenes its beautiful on the nose goes so dragons dogma rpg old-fashioned rpg a valenciennes rather action rpg you can see and understand there will be a lot of equipment there will be such epic fights thats going to make you shiver the behind and small purses lets not forget the little bumps time put the important what is it or to steal domains heres war nice nice wait for godot its lagoons jarry oki and pubs wanted it doesnt already give you little shivers to come crazy i want to beat the dragon i want to beat the dragon lets not only choose and go soon my friends for ouch had the little goblins but they are they are dead ir or so you go figure so touch this stone to invoke the pïens of the allies who will come to strengthen our team this game had one of the parks and the particularity of having a good ai is to be able to have a customizable pawn like his character the one he is not poor staff he was already automatically yes he was already two sons you can see it but its tutorial so its not our character its not the one were going to play alone and who will show us a little the bass ive been training a bit to recover a bit know how to finally play this kind of two hour data on my old part to my main part i think im ok i think im broken in so here we can have up to with three pawns in our team which does a lot you will tell me then give orders to the nine-year-olds the new boat look over there it is deemed folded so there will be different classes thats it I will have them there different classes v We will see we will be able to play different different categories of characters either it will be mages or it will be thieves it will be hunters assassins or it will be other things not you have the possibility of doing a lot of things and and wurz you will see yourself check it out theres something for everyone you can visit i want to visit everywhere and i really invite you to if you play the game or if like im going to dream you know my love for totally epic exploration and especially those garnet and spend hours exploring one and well, here you go, you can go just about anywhere your character is going to be able to cluster is really in all possible and unimaginable things and the goal is going to be decided to climb a maximum of things to discover as many things as possible to break as many things as possible so if its possible its possible and there we were in but if we want to drape we can climb by and tech when you already know the game by heart his books there wont be any discovery I dont know the game by heart I do nt know the game by heart I dont really remember it except a little at the beginning of May so afterwards Im completely dropped I dont remember the story anymore to tell you I do nt know how to play as much as possible I dont know if we can jump that way but Im not going to try but here it is so its true that its a big day to play but Im going to rediscover it a bit like other games like fables like women women I played a lot there was a big stupid one and its scary or there but something there quickly and which our friend could I rediscover myself like the fables and I find that this forum in the hall and this kind of game anyway in line with the games I play on my channel I think you will not be disappointed disappointed to free yourself from this game it has some small flaws Ill show you but in itself its an excel slow game an excellent rpg an excellent adventure to do by explaining it what these things are she fell she tasted but why this game oh yes why this game after fable after fable the journey bape I thought to myself that I have fable anniversary which could which wouldnt be bad and which Im doing of course but I wanted to give up a little for the moment the world of fable heres to take a little break we still had quite a bit between fable iii is fabulous day we les halles quite chained so I thought maybe it was time to move on and wait a little bit and therefore continue of course amalur to continue raizen to continue obvious wheeling soon to end so anyway continue it yes huge Im still feeling myself brought these souls to leave Wednesday suddenly with them and with both legs to start the feat again all the same its hotter and yes a mean pillar its probably the ldc t u want the key neck and it has crab and cream and butter or their elders 1h10 well yes I dont know where to turn my head in all this its very nice hockey jacket who say to each other I am more than I I said shouted I was talking about women yes I dont know if Im freeing myself from weaving cities or not Im launching them again we like them on a lot of videos it takes me a lot of time and with my work its pretty hot I do nt know if you see something new is that I will have decided to do something new if you see something nothing at all I have decided to free myself this time to return all these famous episodes of the bubble to you is will be released in terms of episodes sar really takes the same principle as famous day that is to say 1 2 episodes per week than japan whose average 30 minutes which is already not bad and therefore Monday and Thursday since raizen always has his lot I check over there over there theres nothing there raizen a always its slot so it does not change the in mallorca always have their slot of an episode for six days and not much we can see there is not much here is good and beijing what wednesday and if I will release an episode apart a new horror lets play it would be a horror game that s for sure it would be so well let ourselves be treated at the same time would be in particular I would like it to be on Wednesday and Saturday to reach a figure of 12 6 and youssou it could be not bad I think it could be little mail do you think about it what you like them the past nothing changes shoot the episode you will see it only in two weeks to give you an idea where is it what we are not the tool certainly does not say he was eaten by what is this creature but the various questions I cling to what friends so its a chimera matignon half serves form and half dear i cut the tail or at the level of the nights s juniors program the own daughter of fear lets go love is she going nana na na na na on a daily basis go on look at that I have more atmosphere a pop at a pop at the checkouts that could make me no that thats not bad it got it no no thats not bad also to return them on the spot quickly turon the chain the flesh in the sea and thats it so we killed the chain theres only more to kill the union allard all about the future of yohan cabaye almost all the friends fight a black ah he made me fly come on we climb on it and we are fully on the scene we do not stop where the epic music you then where i saw two big beasts i didnt see it coming via the camera kieffer hello okay okay bob pit boss __ but were going to go lets stay were almost there her after rubbing to love them what baby and its that the baby is low and me its me news yes if you dont have 3 christmass where you pay youre so much and beck then you what do you think of the game it gives you pleasure eh it gives you pleasure and countless lives this unfolds the delicious and always new pleasure of a useless occupation henrie to reign and here is now rather effect the cutscenes and does not give you the little shivers lost would have given if there we are going to go the deficit but it will be in super very long in a lot of episodes so personalization or baby hockey like that like that how we played a lot of men in the different lets plays that we have already experienced its been a long time since we had a female character is ready I decided for a hurricane dogma to make a character and female yes ok so well my name is wheat arcade yes it will be a female character that will to be called blair who who cares she does not speak or very little and therefore a ca may or may not alter the heads been injured and the second scene to this little pirouette so thats all rotten or choose a name at random people then him but that she will be happy yes to bb in terms of appearance we can have different data you see hop hop hop fcc for the liffe you like little girls bundles we can do big ones too ok ok you we can do weird things too where it got cold ok ok we dont care were going to take the basic throne to transform it into a totally epic and awful character no no no no no wait to modify the information tomorrow please 1 thats a good test its for the little girls us and for the gentlemen there too were going to take type 4 no he only at jean berthou rebels around the rotours confirmed at during come back well do modify the physical aspect then face ready finished not hot so there are several types of hair you can see this game really has quite a large enough quite epic customization here you can see we can do a little bit everything and anyone what can I find and therefore therefore I chose to take this flat cut here I find this rather pretty with this color where yes I have already almost had it implanted predefined so that we gain a little time on the character and on this customization see there I was far-sighted I am doing my homework so therefore the face I chose 46 we would go from all kinds 1 but this one I chose this one the eyes yes the eyes i chose i under the said that yes you are going to see it is going to make him totally epic believe me so i was kinda looking at my notepad actually to know what i had chosen so allah pierced to year round you can have many of the big of the little hairy prudes and all you want but I chose number two nose to mouth we chose the i8 but we can have big of the big some very very short ones but I chose 8 because thats whats good about them ears the ears of different kinds themselves elves you see but we will choose simple ears because we are human but the perfect air morphology morpho then needs a little there I think that 1 meter 69 sebier for a woman for power we are not going to make her very very big 53 kg so being there little on the who we and shoulder pads peeled little this color a color a little tanned because she likes tanned which I find it rather pretty it looks good with my hair in fact quite simply very very well that a calculation so calculation we are not going to spin it shape we are going to put it a little muscular but not too much anyway because here is ryad and thuram and robust it does not want a small one at all for the pottery yes there are only the Japanese 1 who for games where you can increase the chest I think it suits him well yeah a little fan service of which in this the epsp milk emb takes advantage of it the torso the torso and the torso I I chose to say this is the story e to have a little shoulders all the same one that she is a little bit thats it there with her character the the bra beats the arm number one and the legs and I took the ten so that it goes with the torso simply to which to help a small pelvis perfect for making babies for the attitude of aptitude I dont know what I took black jersey the posture of the perfect circles and the totally feminine gait yesterday that she was now going to the hips ouellet perfect in the particular signs so you can have scars hamburg have plenty of them you can see lots of stuff on the arms everywhere you want you see but me in my case I decided to do the fifth to a scar at the help because it looks good because its epic for wrinkles young beautiful gorgeous the old faded young I came for the bleach makeup and thats ok common sense and for the colors so the hair is good the break its is good here it is crunches the lips I had put it like this just to have a work a little more luscious and for the eyes and the eyes yes I only had turquoise eyes story although the blue eyes fit quite a bit do you think what turquoise or bluff I think its not bad and green lets see the air maybe its too much air blue eyes I like it looks good I know that in my main part gc eyes there but it might be a little too much lets see Im looking to see if theres anything else that I could like this ever blue eyes my friends she will have blue eyes or theres a perfect baby and well here we are our character is over what do you think 1 you what do you think my friends do nt you want to follow the epic adventure on dragons dogma with our heroine our gorgeous epic heroine who is a little muscular isnt she the perfect woman and well me i find me I find she pleases me she pleases me she pleases me ît dont hesitate to tell me in the comments and time flies its been 27 minutes and yes its been 27 minutes so were going to stop there and why Im not continuing because its going to start a cinematic of the good game to do this in the next episode so Ill meet you in the next episode for the rest of my adventures on Thursday dont hesitate to put a thumbs up in a comment or share the video to tell me a little bit what you think of this beginning of what you think of my character of what you think of this new adventure it will make me very happy and in any case I wish you all the best of luck I tell you shopping where everyone and thank you for me have watched bye bye steam horizon zero dawn Épisode 01 ~ Et voilà le nouveau Lets Play dAventure Épique et monstrueuse qui commence aujourdhui.Bravo à ceux ou celles qui avaient trouvé et pour les autres, jespère que cette nouvelle aventure en ma compagnie vous fera plaisir. 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