Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Walkthrough Part 4 - Evil Eye Boss Battle

Best scp game on steamgame steam terbaik DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay hey guys welcome back to my dragons dogma dark risen walkthrough i am mitchell from gamefront and theres a couple of areas that we should still check out here i think i guess there we go so i want to open that ill do my usual thing here prepare a firewall as soon as you go ahead and open that chest shattered earth tone yeah i really need a shop or something hopefully ones coming up lets see uh lets check the map really quick did we uh pass over some important looking areas i mean theres this area over here i guess we can go back to check out battery misery yeah you know lets just go lets go the shrine of futile troops to myself whats what just watch your step guys there could be dangers around every corner whats this its harsh bud sauce havent you uh havent you seen it i mean i ive been using them all throughout whoa thats a big eye oh god i cant see uh we can fix this we got eyedroppers there we go okay anyone else uh lets see eyedropper to you lets give one of these to apple and now lets see what we can do here we got a whole bunch of tentacles on the the head didnt like that did you its true oh god its getting close i dont like that thing fire see if we can keep on taking off those tentacles on the eye fire keep it going that things close fire lets get another one theres one right there whoa thank you gandalf for taking that for me avoid the gays i got you  __  just wait right there oh get out of there come on fire nothing i really want to get this uh this big one that keeps coming out keep going back off  __  whoa they got larva coming out i dont want to get hit by that yikes all right got one of them theres still one over there please hit him when someone want to go and maybe attack the eye i cant really aim for it oh god get out of there dont want to charge the high geisel right there gandalf what happened yikes all right heres what were gonna do were gonna try high geisel see where it hits see where we can make it hit come on gotta lock onto something fine ill take it someone uh someone get petrified no oh god nice someones doing good damage to it get out of there oh  __  lets also see if we can help kearney here looks like it went down okay hes back up come on please lock on to something ill take it doesnt seem to be doing much i think the best thing i got is holy affinity apple you just ran right by me without putting a hand on my shoulder to get my stamina back thats rude what is it doing hit something i think we no it just grew tentacles back fire and fire again oh okay thats not good thats not good guys we gotta stop that high commission right there there we go finish it off another high commission right there please stop him got it there we go hi geisel time put out a tie here we go damn kearney is beating the  __  out of that thing hi geisel i want to hit the eye oh god it wouldnt let me hit the eye just give me something take whatever you give me watch out i want to hit that tentacle over there to the right get out of there gotta use uh fully affinity again lets get apple back im coming apple no heal up everyone curatives still got some important green wash gandalf lets give one to apple all right again shouldnt have looked next time i wont look fire and fire i dont like whats going on right now what is he doing dead whats going on oh crap im taking damage i am taking a lot of damage gotta get out of here get out of this bottom level come on okay hey there buddy fire and another one its not hitting that seems we do do pretty good see if i can kill more of those tentacles oh we gotta get down there everyone go attack kill them quickly high question go got it all right lets try this again high angle what can we hit i mean this seems like it has to be you guys holy affinity lets go i dont think im doing any damage to it get out of there all these  __  tentacles oh crap gandalf oh get out of there im coming buddy lets take this sort of quartz im gonna go up were gonna see if we can uh hit some of the tentacles that are on his top going keep going and fire lets also see if we can get a high bow light maybe thatll do some damage to uh those tentacles up top get away from me oh hes hurting get him oh  __  someone please do some damage to it apple what are you doing just sit in there hit it i cant do any melee damage oh no i dont think i dont know if i have any more lets use one of these that doesnt do anything maybe someone else has something curatives nothing im coming carney hopefully this blindness thing will end on oh were just going to run around lets charge blasts and hope for the best oh look something happened finish him off where is he i cant see him oh sure i dont think that hit him oh guys were so close oh crap what happened are you i think were good everythings cool holy affinity looks like we hit him while he was oh crap im petrified thats what happened its okay i think i have plenty of stuff for that whoa thats okay hes never gonna get it when were all down here lets do a big high commission right here okay those  __  okay these  __  and this guy oh thats what you do youre dead  __  all right well that was a pretty fun battle there where are the spoils there we go sources quartz theres gotta be more spoils than that lots of sorcerers uh quartz this object hes cursed which is quite the intricate maze of passages all right here ill soon be lost uh i think there was still a uh a treasure chest on the top floor so lets check that out there we go so im gonna go pick that up i mean i its very unlikely that they would put a mimic here but never be too careful treasure perhaps goddess camo will give us time to react whats this theres another one go ahead apple i wonder whats inside goddess camo or whatever that is balmy perfume that was the entrance all right i think we are good to go lets pick up this stuff our split sauce is always good oak leaf oil i think its really dumb that using levitation doesnt stop you from uh from taking fall damage all right someone pat me on the back thank you lets get out of here oh theres another chest all right seriously lets get out of here now corridor of emptiness theres someone over there is that goblin or is that a a friend oh its a friend its that guy sweet this place is full to the gills with scraps and materials unseen in the world are you outside and alchemists paradise this but its time i dont know could be now will you have a look okay so uh were gonna end this video right here we made it back uh to it seems to be the beginning uh theres probably gonna be a shortcut open somewhere so thanks for watching guys dont forget to like comment and subscribe come here sir ive got to get your bones out of here your bones gotta go the handle sack tis the handle my lord you dont know surgery if you if you dont uh if you ignore the massive blood blood loss its doing pretty well sweet prince go into the night excuse me my hands youre losing grab his head youre basically oh my god youre gonna snap that guys neck you know what im showing mercy steam deck verified games This is a video walkthrough for Dragons Dogma - Dark Arisen. This video covers part 4 of our walkthrough and will feature the boss battle against the Evil Eye.Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Walkthrough Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Lets Play Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Lets Play Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Gameplay Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen guide Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen walkthru Dark Arisen, was released for PS3 and Xbox 360 on April 23, 2013. Dark Arisen is not available as a DLC and includes an enhanced version of Dragons Dogma on the disc. It can be purchased through the PSN Store and Xbox Live, but still includes a full version of the original game with additional features. The enhanced version of Dragons Dogma includes a new fast travel system, as well as new items, weapons and armor. The Xbox 360 version of Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen includes a separate disc used to install game data for more stable playability. Both versions released at a reduced retail price of $39.99. 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