Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Gameplay - Gran Sittin - Part 10 Lets Play

Steam deck storage upgradesteam pipe insulation DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay what is up guys and gals welcome back to the nerdy castle for the next episode of dragons dog but you know whats weird every time i play darkest dungeon i will open the gate hes rushing me right oh yeah look at that theres goblins everywhere lets open the gate shall we open the gate fun fact that goblins only job is to point things out hes the only one with decent eyesight all the rest of them are near sighted and  __  so they got to have him point stuff out for him otherwise theyll never get any job done you know today is im not going to stab him just because youre giving him a hug from behind im going to save the wizard first weve got a warp sense of urgency i just dont want my wizard to get stabbed anymore it makes me feel like im a bad friend if i allow friends to get stabbed on my watch its pretty amazing right now that im even functioning all things considered it is oh man i stabbed my own damn it cow i really wish the cow was not susceptible to friendly fire it makes me sad that i could stab my own cow those guys look like theyre trying to hold the did somebody explode me while i was looking at goblins damn it the worlds a hard place isnt it that being said was out all weekend with friends i think my blood might be like 90 liquor right now i i have no episodes for tomorrow if i dont get up and prepare something but it definitely happened nah were further than halfway i actually i think the marking spot they use in this yeah thats understandable theres lots of conversations going on right now and its overwhelming i got that feeling you get like on a monday when youre driving to work and you feel like youre gonna fall asleep like at any moment even though youre on the freeway i used to do that all the time not fall asleep on the freeway but feel like i was gonna fall asleep on the freeway ow can somebody heal that tiny little wound that little protuberance that he just opened up on my scalp thank you sir i need your glowing green foggy goodness ah with the extra healing power of extra strength frogs its all witchcraft everything i know about witchcraft means that he had used at least seven or eight frogs in the concoction of everything that hes using on me why do we have no light right now i seem to remember um hold on its too dark i cant see lets use oh the lantern is half full see were being positive right now im a negative person i always figured it would say half empty because thats just me thats just me when we get to the city theres going to be all kinds of stuff that we need to get done and thats really the point at which i dont really remember much about the game once we get to the city i vaguely remember them sending me all over the place to kill random creatures and then you do like a monster hunter gig for a while and occasionally theres like a main story line quest or something like that but largely i just remember swinging a sword a lot and just hoping that i dont die its grand soren looks like grand sitting to me theres not a lot of soaring going on can you please stop trying to attack my snakehead i have one thing in the entire world and thats the snakehead that im trying to take to a guy named the duke who supposedly will give me some kind of reward for this if not i will say nay sir we shall no longer bring you any further snakeheads last time i brought a snakehead by a crib you were like oh im not going to give you a reward for the giant snakehead so if youre not properly incentivizing me giving you giant snakeheads why would i continue to give you snakeheads you know i might just quit im gonna stab this guy because it seems like it would be fun yeah there it is and then well hack them all to death before they can get up and off the ground because thats exactly the sort of opportunistic warrior that we are you guys zap with lightning dude are you all covered with grease or something right now ah moonlight is a mechanic on weekends banditry in general hasnt been paying that well lately leave what to you the fact that youre talking to yourself right now like theres a task at hand really concerns me and you keep making everything glow with the power of lemony fresh but yeah my my bloodstream is like 80 alcohol and like 20 candy right now i posted on twitter about it how yesterday i essentially ingested nothing but hot wings liquor and candy and it didnt work out i am pleased to report that that was a terrible mistake and that i should not have done it however i got that feeling that you get when youre driving to work like hell early in the morning like 5 30 where you feel like youre gonna fall asleep because you only got two hours of sleep because youre up like half the night anyways because your girlfriend snores like a chainsaw so what i used to do in that situation i would lower all the windows down and be like the middle of winter be like 20 degrees outside and have all the windows down in my car i have the music up as loud as possible just trying to keep myself awake while i was driving probably a bad plan probably a bad plan but you know you got to work gotta work to pay them bills otherwise everybody on earth acts like youre a deadbeat so its like drive to work super sleepy or call in sick and have everybody treat me like a dirtbag oh well nobody ever teaches you that class when youre in high school the class that says what do i do when im super sleepy and dont want to go to work and also kind of hung over but everybody treats me mean if i dont are you guys still coming all right just wanted to make sure that there was still some manner of progress happening because these guys dont appear to really have a great sense of urgency this is why this quest takes so long is because they cant run they walk it all super slow even though theyve got an ox youve got an aux right there you know the phrase strong as an ox i bet he could get up to a running speed and wed be perfectly fine this lamp upsets me its gotta go you said that like at some point maybe not for now i might need a little nap like a little charge up power nap or something i just feel worse after i nap though naps never help i almost universally wish that i had just stayed up whenever i take a nap because it always makes me feel awful and it reminds me of every time i play quest for glory when youre a poison you try to sleep it off they be like after a rest you feel worse than before for some reason i always think about that when i wake up from a nap like somebodys narrating my life like splatter cat feels worse than before narrating my life would be the worst thing ever god to be so boring although i do have to todays not to be that boring because i got stream time today not the day that the video goes up i was going to say this but im recording ive arrived well done men a hydras head is a fine prize his grace will be pleased with the cores work walk proud through these streets men we are heroes to the people of grand soren you see how she just uh she has absorbed all of the favor from our work like when we were on the way here she was like its your snakehead and then once we arrive shes like all right the coral take care of this because the core been out killing snakes Music ill make for the castle directly to offer my report to his brace ill have words sent for you friend pray sojourn in the capital a while to the castle step lively that guy looks moist fortune smiles aboard me well match sir the reason i am called mason if it please you now youll come to the capitol a conquering hero youll be needing ought to do eh my word to you begin with the pawns inquire about them here in grand solid their kinds woven tight into the fate of their risen if you know your destiny youre them i feel more familiar with this question hooray stab domino steve has gotten another large sum of money first things first so if i talk to this guy what does he say have you chanced upon a strange old man who made shitty meaning they call him the legion okay so apparently were supposed to learn something about pawns oh shes done the quest already see these guys are like your own little quest hack like you remember world of warcraft when you get the mods that would tell you how to do all the quests this is back before so back when world of warcraft like came out there was modding and they didnt have all the little like quest things that they have now with the little bubbles to show you where everythings at or whatever and so there were little mods that were quest helpers that would basically put like emblems on your map for like every single quest that you add it blows my mind that somebody sat down and coded all that like i really hope that they got something out of it like world of warcraft hired him or something that would suck to do for free first time in the capital best find lodging first the inns a grand source of news as well what with folk coming in from all gransis theres a fine place just inside the city gates just look for the sign okay so the city is one of those things where you can wander around for a while there is stuff everywhere in grand soren like up on the roofs along the walls there is treasure all over the place in this city i dont know if well spend a ton of time running around getting it all just because it seems like a waste of time to do on camera from time to time im not familiar with that word then again my french is non-existent who art thou lady with the glowing staff oh man she wants me to hire her i dont have any cash right now im broke i gotta stick with the pawns that i have i cant be outsourcing and as i was saying theres stuff like hidden everywhere in this town you can walk up inside like all the houses you can search just about everything theres an absurd amount of stuff for you to obtain in this game and so you could probably spend oh you dropped a blank scrawl take that thats a big ass scroll though thats an enormous scroll that scroll was like the size of a bazooka anyways theres loads of stuff in the city that you can run around and grasp on the downside to this is itll probably take a good hour hour and a half for me to get stuff so if were interested in actually progressing along with the game and doing interesting things my suggestion would be that we probably just get like some of the more obvious stuff i would recommend that you look around for ladders and then you just get up on the roofs of the buildings and then you just kind of look around on top of the treasure thats going to be up on the roofs occasionally youll look down and there will be little like isolated areas that are cordoned off by buildings and have no real entrance there will be treasure chests in those two or like top floor rooms like this one right here theres all kinds of stuff like seriously you can get a ton of free loot up here so theres a wake stone shard i have no idea what that does i assume it makes wakes when you throw it in a lake but thats about all the guesses that i can take for right now im probably just gonna search the roof real fast and well grab everything we can off the rooftops but much past that point the only reason that im doing this is sort of to illustrate the point that you should have a look around when you first get to grand soren theres good things everywhere and not having them will negatively affect your play through if youre low on cash check the roofs if you need new curatives check the roofs if youre interested in new gear once again check the roofs also look for little areas like this one right here see what i mean its like an enclosed area that has no access point and then there will be treasure inside of it that ones actually just a journal entry and i think we missed the second one although im not completely sure where the second ones at from here on in my knowledge of the game like i said is going to be a bit more sketchy because this is where it branches out and it becomes much more free much more free roam much more open world and so players may take different paths from here and i vaguely remember my first playthrough i was playing as a guy with a two-handed sword but this was years ago now on the xbox so oop well at least well i fell off the roof thats fine okay so lets go back we need to do some item shopping thats going to be a big thing for us here now that were in the capitol the capitol has all kinds of sundries available that you never had access to before in fact all the stuff that you were trying to grab in previous episodes is kind of welfare gear they got better stuff in here and also you can run upgrades on your kit if you want to these days good weapons and need no different food or shelter the master works all you cant go wrong says the guy selling the weapons weve got a broadsword over here thatll increase our attack our attack power by about 40. so i definitely want one of those thats 14 000 gold down we also want to take a look my recommendation would be that we should probably get new equipment for our pawn because it increases the chances that shell get hired after we leave for weve got an iron shield over here weve got the wooden wall it looks like thats for maybe the templar or whatever there theres like a mage hybrid class that uses like bigger shields tower shields and things of that nature well probably multi-class into him later although i dont really have a build selected just yet i think maybe im gonna leave her stuff alone for right now and then well fiddle with it in a minute so we got a white cap right there we got a chain cloth we got a horned helmet which is the dankety dank so im gonna take one of those the skulkers mask we cant wear it but it sounded like it was awesome like it might result in some sort of bonus to our thieving skills weve got a quilted jerking all this stuff looks like its not very good we got a doublet right there a braided shirt down below that looks like it gives us a little bit of resistance to something i cant really tell what that is on the right leather chest guard i think weve already been after an assembled vest and thats clothing right there huh interesting a leather waist wrap i dont like waste waste not want not so i think ill leave it alone for right now uh bronze lorica do they actually not have any chain mail or anything over here huh i was really actually sort of hoping that they would have something useful to me over here but it looks like maybe not i guess ill leave that as is weve got some bronze bangles leather gloves we got i think big gloves on right now those bracers are sick as hell so like bracers the aragorn would rock or like some hero from gondor would wear as he does heroic stuff can anybody wear those oh anybody can wear those well  __  i might try to give them to my pawn then because they look badass from here we can have short shorts who wears short shorts splat wears short shorts that horrible moment when you sit down and you notice that its a defensive upgrade on something thats super ugly thats the real rpg problems right there we got steel cap boots some iron boots right there which are basically the same thing that we already have ill probably take the chain hose in just because they seem awesome and then do we have any real capes in here or are they all just janky like discount capes that arent really caves yeah see thats like a shoulder pad thats like a mantle thats barely a cape at all i have trouble getting excited about that did i buy a new shield i dont know if i did but were about to spend some money so i might as well go all in right now and then well worry about cash efficiency later you shouldnt have too many issues with money anyways it should be pretty forthcoming a lot of the time and there we go spent a little bit of money but we should be better equipped after this is all taken care of so im going to equip that guy right there it doesnt look quite as cool as our previous one which had the little bit out cookie cut in it but whatever horned helm swapping up our theme a little bit here we definitely got a little bit more vikingi it definitely has like the little viking now i wish you could put that down thatd be so sick if you could put the visor down id be hella stoked but i cant so im not stoked my stokage is at an all new low level im going to be honest with you i bought the chain mail mostly just because i wanted to look like a warrior and i felt like chainmail was required to complete the overall ambiance of the image that were trying to promote right now for her its a little bit of a disappointment because i just bought her equipment so i should have known better before i came back to the capitol yeah i guess you can rock that if its a little bit better and weve got a criteria so i didnt really buy anything for her thats okay though did i equip my weapons Music here i dont think i equipped my my sword yeah there it is right there that attack power will definitely serve us a little bit better okay then and there are other shops like theres all kinds of random little things in here you can buy just mirrors the game seem really dark i dont know whats been up with like the daytime in this game so far but it seems dim all the time id be more worried about the configuration of your eyeballs my friend you got like a melvin thing going on thats a tiny bit conservant a tiny bit concerning first time in the capital best find lodging first the inns a grand source of news uh we already did that one you you seem the type unlike to judge a man by his mean alone i would ask you a favor sir if it please you a wise choice i worry youll be eager to hear what i have to say i have long searched for a certain tone salomets grimoire he said its pages hold the power to grant the reader command of grand arcane magics the book itself is in sorcered you see even a novice is as a grand wizard with that grimoire in hand i would ask you to seek it out and bring it to me sir recompense let us speak of such things once you have found the book hell no we talk about pay up front out here aint nobody get nothing for free off of this player not for a second hes out here hustling people trying to take advantage of us theres the in right here i think yep are you there isnt the men of the corps speak of a plainer air than id expected ah forgive me i spoke poorly i simply imagined the sort of figure pulled right from legend pray allow me to begin anew i am asalam and this is my inn though we deal in a number of traits here i hope this is the first of many visits sir i am at your service this would be the point at which normally i would ad lib and assalamualaikum joke but ill just point it out and ill just be like listen theres an asalam alechum joke here i could make it but unfortunately i dont think that im operating at my top capacity right now so just fill in the joke as you desire oh you wish to learn of the pawn legion then the shortest path to the answers you seek leads west from here there youll find soar and spawn gills it is a gathering place for their kind just tell the centuries you have business with the guild theyll let you passed have your pick and you like all right so how are we doing on skills right now oh we got a bunch of deep okay so thats thats rocking it we got loads and loads and loads of that stuff unfortunately what does aggression do facilitates easier escapes from battle why would you want that aint nobody want to run from combat out here im gonna sleep till morning and see if we can get a different like weather roll or something because too dark outside its upsetting no the server cannot be accessed sorry about that i had that weird loading screen for a while it was just sitting there i find the configuration of beds in this end to be very very weird you guys only have two huh apparently i can sit in this chair right here come forth main pawn let us speak of you and your life fire to fight the strongest monsters around does this please you arisen understood leave strong foes to me i shall fell them without delay i try to speak or remain silent as the situation demands as you wish i will attempt to be more talkative from now on i trust we will see many victories together how shall i celebrate our triumphs as you wish i like aggressive celebration celebration which doesnt look bad celebration which says yellow and looks to the future huh is that cloud wine right there can i borrow that yeah you dont need it do you exactly youre not even a main character why would you worry but it seems theres not you can take on at the moment but its to try again later there we go we got a different weather roll this time weve had that weird smoggy nastiness forever so they said to go west and the ponds legion is over here maybe i have to go around this way im not seeing anything that looks like a pawn legion hmm well then let us take a look at our quests and figure out what we want to do now we got the troublesome tome the matter of mermaids is the one that i want to do and so in order to do that oh we gotta go back to the gate i thought he said there was a shipment of goods though or something we couldnt get by or like a car had blocked a road or some other convenient jrpg thing where they were like oh no a car just blocked the way to the zone youre not supposed to go to yet better go back and do that quest we gave you state your business paul gill does it all right through here and to the left just dont make a nuisance of yourself i a indeed i kind of remember this area i bet theres something up here this has the stink of treasure i saw this little roadway that goes up to the top and i bet we find something up here i bet we find something maybe or our pawn will find something oh man its just gonna loop back around the only difference now is that i have hiccups man how you gonna do me like that world how you gonna do me like that i greet you with pep in my step and a song in my heart and you run me around dont give me treasure and then i get hiccups this is why i sleep this is why i sleep this is better to dream tis better to dream dear sir tis better to dream and this pawn over here is looking fancy she got a crown on and everything wait i can loot this i thought it said theres an interaction yeah i was gonna say theres a twig bean right there i mean i dont need small nuts or anything like that i think ill stick with the ones that i have so who are we trying to talk to out here hmm im kind of empty over in this region theres a lot of farming going on people are doing a lot of work with random grasses and grains still the neighborhood doesnt seem that bad the craftsmans quarter wait didnt he say down that way into the left okay so heres the left oh theres a big building right here what is this so this is the plan guild welcome arizon we have awaited your coming this pawn is called barnaby i tend to the affairs of the pawn guild the guild serves as a place of rest for ponds and as the gate to the everfall the everfall lies beneath grand soren it is a place of great importance to our kind but for now let us rejoice in the coming of the arisen the light that guides the legion hooray for me we walked up and he gave us money how good is our life right now where we just walk up to random people and they hand off gold its the greatest it grieves me to burden you weary from the road as you must be but i fear trouble brews i would beg your assistance in this matter arisen if it please you you have my thanks beyond lies the everfar an ancient place that sleeps beneath gransorens stones we pawns have long served as keepers of the entrance to this place but since the dragons coming a strange aura has filled the everfall a presence if it be some omen of evil to come we cannot allow it to go unchecked i ask that you seek out the cause of the change or some proof of whats happened the ever fall is a place unique unto itself this is not a simple task nor a favor i ask lightly which is why i ask you arisen please lend us your aid doesnt seem like you were asking it seems more like you were telling oh i can just go right in well im gonna call this the end of the episode then this is a good spot to stop at its time for us to go into the everfall and apparently do all kinds of thrilling heroics i will see you all later this is dragons dog my name is splattercat and i look forward to seeing you in the next episode hi everybody absolver steam charts Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Gameplay with Splattercat! 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