Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Gameplay - Lemony Fresh - Part 9 Lets Play

Can you get epic games on steam decksteam workshop mods DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay whats up guys and gals welcome back to the nerd castle for the next episode of dragons dogma where im actually kind of in territory that i never knew existed thats whats so great about dragons dogma thats whats so fantastic about this game as an rpg really one of the great underrated rpgs of the xbox 360 generation where its a game where theres just stuff everywhere like so much care to detail was taken when they made this game you can see it in every single dungeon that you play you walk through and you find new stuff everything what does this do we drain the water thats how you do it i always wondered i always wondered how you drained the water out of this place because i thought you could do it and im not the kind of person that goes and looks at a wiki thats not me i dont like that im old school where like you just fiddle around with stuff and if you do it wrong you do it wrong i guess im not the kind of person that the second i get stuck i run off to a wiki and im like please help me noble wiki please fulfill my not ill usually fiddle around with it for a while and if i dont get it ill leave and after i beat the game maybe on my second playthrough on the way back through ill probably look at a wiki or a guide or something like oh thats kind of cool i never realized that was there oh thats kind of cool uh it still cant be open from over there i was hoping we would find the little thing that we could slot into the door before we went back where we came from since we drained the place out we should be able to re-access the top layer from probably this on this what is that over there what the hell is that oh christ what is going on right now is he summoning those or are they their own like entities i cant tell man he blocked all that  __  all right lets take him from behind here yeah you thought you could down my friend but aint gonna go like that for you chief you know messed up now i got you ground and pounded got you ground and pounded better get that shield out of my face too did you grab did you just capture a ghost dude im not even mad im just impressed oh  __  what is that what is going on right now oh my god bad things are happening i think we dug too deeply and too greedily i think we dug too deeply and too greedily holy  __  it disintegrated one of our party members yeah this is not the place for us lets go its time to book we gotta go like right now this is not the place oh  __  okay we went in too deeply and too greedily i can admit it im not im not too i dont think were gonna survive this one if we stay it might be time to go i dont know the quickest way for me to get back to town but we just had party members get outright disintegrated by a ghost oh goddamn snakes too and now im poisoned i think weve got mithra dottie though there we go okay so we got the mithridati i dont think the rotten grand grapes are going to be that useful so ill use those well hold on to the good ones though well discard that yeah ones fine i dont know why i have so much rotten stuff on me but its got to go too it disintegrated one of my party members holy balls thats crazy ive never seen that happen before the lethality of the situation really just sort of registered for me and now were all by our lonesome out in the middle of nowhere too this is kind of bad all things considered oh all right well how about this im gonna make my way back to town it shouldnt take me more than a couple minutes but i dont want to bore you with it when we go back to town hopefully ill be able to get at least some party members back i think the ones that we just lost i dont think were ever gonna see them again they seem like theyre gone for good if we ever go back into a place like that we need to have a i would i thought that we were just gonna be up against saurians and maybe in the worst case we might be up against like some undead maybe like some random goblins but we got rolled out on we we got made foolish so ima run back to town and ill see when we get there well reselect some new pawns then well head back out this way so the walk wasnt that bad it was about what i expected four or five minutes but i didnt want to waste time in the episode doing it were in recovery mode right now we took a big loss right there we took a beating took a flogging im hoping im pretty sure that when you lose characters it puts all the stuff in your storage that they were carrying at least that would be my hope if it isnt then thats a little upsetting but at least i mean weve got those tablet things i think i gave those to amaranth so we should be fine there lets bring her back we can summon our pawn but holy bajeebus i dont think ive ever seen a pawn get disintegrated before that was a bit more than i expected it went a bit farther than i thought the game was going to go i was like man i thought this was a family friendly game my grandma got me this game and yall in here disintegrating fools and  __  aint right aint right just kill them outright man what i gotta disintegrate them for its messed up its real cold its ice cold down in the dungeon lets go ahead and ditch all this random nonsense we picked up and yep we could probably throw the rocks in there not gonna need the perry apps or anything definitely not gonna need arrows dont need two pickaxes so we can drop that in there too and then it seems like were in okay shape let me go ahead and withdraw now and see if theres anything in here that i wanted lift stones those are not what im looking for yeah i was going to say im pretty sure it deposits theres the altar slates right there i was gonna say im pretty sure when your pawns die it deposits all the items they were carrying into your storage so i wasnt 100 on it but i was pretty sure we werent going to lose anything if that happened theres the gear that they start you off with its pretty powerful like seriously this stuff is pretty solid i oh we got a surcoat right there did somebody else pick up the surcoat or is that just all me i thought already picked up a circle i dont like using like dlc stuff like that like reward items and things of that nature i usually feel like it cheapens the gameplay speaking of which we got a surcoat that we found fair and square in the dungeon yeah it looks like somebody else pocketed it so that must be our surcoat that we picked up in there i think itd probably be smart to learn some new skills too because weve got quite a bit of dp going on or the dcp or discipline or whatever you want to call it we can probably take a few new abilities the tusk toss i really like that ability its nice to have compass slash i think breaks you out of like when theyre chain stunning you in a corner it allows you to strike everyone simultaneously and eliminate them so ill take that weve got shield skills id actually really like to take some passives if i can easier escapes from battle there we go i want to carry more weight too because my armor is going to be heavy for the rest of the game and so its a good idea to take the passives that allow you to do that a little bit more efficiently i guess theres also some other little guys in here it deflects your attacks back towards yeah that sounds good do that ive been blocking a little bit more lately so that might work out for us now that weve got that taken care of amaranth yeah i knew you were gonna have some  __  going on too i want you to mostly be a shooter so take triad shot and then pent head shot with the full bend you can do like a super shot right there i would take cloudburst volley and then downpour volley as far as core skills go lets do that one so itll take less time to knock an arrow on this side i would take decreases the recoil when firing bows i would say that endurance is probably an okay plan this is all just me kind of spitballing so dont think that im making all the best choices right now with her dagger skills we can do toss and trigger that sounds pretty badass and that leaves her with just a little bit left so we need to change her enabled skills shes got scarlet kisses skull kisses after midnight press shes got threefold arrow right there were gonna give her a pen tag shot and then downpour volley for her random little abilities in here were gonna give her both the ones that weve purchased i also need to set my abilities so with my sword did i get anything new compass so thats actually easy to remember ill press the e button whenever im under a bunch of attacks and then i think the other ones just passive im pretty sure when you reflect the damage back at your opponent thats a passive well take fitness well take sinu or sinew and that should allow us to do quite a bit better now were going to rest till morning because i dont want to adventure back out in the middle of night again because its too difficult to see and then theres too many monsters around that arent even a challenge anymore lets also select some new pawns for ourselves so that maybe we can get back out in the field i dont know if its gonna give us the same ones or not but id like to get some new ones we got apple over here weve got jorgen hes not wearing enough clothes hes playing a little loosey-goosey right now yeah ive been having trouble my game wont connect to the internet lately its been a little odd antha shes got like a glowing sword thats pretty badass theyre both named antha yeah these have got to be the computer-generated ones so these are the pawns that you would get if youre playing in single-player mode they kind of have random gear random skills random everything i kind of want peoples pawns let me investigate and see if i can fix this as it turns out apparently i lost a connection like mid-adventure or something and thats why its been starting me in offline mode it like defaulted it back to offline mode im assuming thats a remnant or like a hold out from the console version where connectivity could be a little weirder at times for right now though we should be able to get some real pawns back up in here by that i mean people made pawns because the people made pawns are always better than the defaults they give you although we may not be able to lets see weve got alexandria oh she kind of badass yeah youre with me hold on hold on hold on youre coming with me you madam are definitely in my party hell yeah apparently we got crystal in our party that sounds dope we got cosmos over here we need a wizard we need a wizard really badly i how do we have like a random level 50 in here huh weird ventus hyaci i kind of like him this this is a man that likes to live fancy and i can respect that i can respect that hes got grand angle hes got levin and hes got selenitium hes got anodyne halidum oh man this guys a pimp this dude is the  __  this guys in my group yep yeah this guy is hella badass hes got like the skill sets to make that i dont know bill wet why would a bill need to be wet either way its the only thing i could come up with hes got the skill set to get those kills wet with blood there that works a little better im gonna walk back out i just wanted to weve got we look like a real adventure party now did i get my circode out either way i will see you on the opposite end what im going to do is im going to sleep until morning and then on top of that oh i dont want to deposit i want to withdraw ill meet you when we go back were going to do the storyline for a little bit because we got our ass kicked real bad when we were down in that dungeon so im thinking maybe i should come back later and just hope that it goes better next time sometimes youre going to have to quit an adventure in this game and just come back when youre better prepared i dont like it i hate retreating but it is what it is so ill see on the other side quite a long walk right there but ill tell you what crystal makes one thing crystal clear oh my god whoevers pawn this lady is right here she is an animal she is a downright fiend for being level 15 she gets in there she gets in there and she causes problems for some people weve made it to our quest destination if you dont know where that is you just go all the way east just follow the road east and youll meet up with the lady whos got our snakes head on the back of an ox cart i guess lets check these tents real fast for anything that might be useful later on in our journeys in addition to that you may recognize this river right here that is indeed the river that we followed when we were getting into the cave that totally kicked our asses the joys of not being level properly and then the dungeon just shifts from like easy mode to hard mode in a second lets do this thing i trust you rested well given the hour the our reason arose late this day eh we make for the capital men like as not the cart will draw beasts along the way stay vigilant but fear not we walk with the arizona slayer of hydros ive gained quest knowledge let us go indeed i am the slayer of the hydra that i totally didnt chop the head off of it wasnt my plan its kind of overcast today isnt it i was gonna say it doesnt feel like its the middle of the day right now feels like its kind of dark what you got to say crystal Music what a badass thats the coolest character ever whoever that is well done your pawn is the  __  i also i bought amaranth new gear but she looks kind of goofy right now i dont know what shes got going on i tried i tried real hard thats all you can really say about her accessorization right now oh you guys will be fine its one goblin hes like a two and a half foot guy with a knife just stab him weve actually over leveled too so we should be able to just wander our way through this without too much trouble this is an entire zone this transition zone in between grand soren and the original zone that we started in every manner of foul beasts no man can save from where they were strikes and heres our first introduction to harpies oh there it is that ones down there we all get hurt seems all right to me these shouldnt be any real tangible threat the only way i could see this being hard is if you rush the storyline i guess if youre one of those people that just wants to do the main story line and dont level at all and dont really do any dungeons or whatever you might have some trouble with this maybe but even so theres so many like npcs and whatnot here that i find that hard to believe we should pick up all the harpy loot while were here i think the harpy loop by and large is useful for upgrading something i just cant remember what what is my oh my god im like glowing with holy light right now i am the warrior ive what do you have how come you get to dominate the camera time thats upsetting i want to dominate the camera time i dont know what my sword is imbued with right now im just going to assume that its lemon powers my sword is imbued with the power of lemony freshness you can go down like all these little side paths and theyll wait for you back here i dont know if its worth it to most people well do it because i hate doing what im supposed to and i dont listen to orders very well but oh i think that right there theres no climbing back up once you jump down there so you get the treasure chest and i think i gotta go around the long way i dont think thats gonna work for me i would rather follow this pass down and just kind of see what happens can i fail this quest by being too far from the cart i dont know were about to find out coin pouch you want a thousand dollars because we just found a thousand dollars inside of a chest so heads up we just got a little bit richer like we got harpies above us huh lets go what happened to you why is there blood everywhere weve been here for like weve been here for like eight seconds and youre like at minimum health oh its because they teleport oh its because the teleporter i think is doing weird  __  lets just stick with the cart for right now well come back over here and explore once weve done oh we got a harpy opinion thats good not a harpys opinion nobody cares about the opinions of a harpy you just tell me like shout out when they try to talk youd be like you know i really think that that plan thats going through kaishada but i really want to talk about congress and its constant shout out thats how we thats how we deal with harpies right there you just got to give them a good strong shut up and then you knife-hands them if you dont know what knife hands are oh  __  yeah i was gonna say i thought the cart waits for us so yeah you can exp you cant explore if you want i did it the last time i was here if you dont know what knife hands is its where you take like your full hand and you point it at somebody like sideways like yeah you cant see it right now because i dont do face cam because im not down with that ish but will you ah i want to kill this thing very badly will they though yeah trying real hard i should have brought i should have got that sky cutter ability or whatever i like the songs they make the harpies theyre kind of cool i think they put you to sleep or something like that but ive got that sleep ring that makes me immune so not even tripping yeah over enemies that werent even really a threat up treasure chest can you imagine somebodys job was to sit here and just put all the refuse and like all the random  __  all over the map you can hit your own ox by the way so be careful about it i accidentally reduced my ox to like half health one time when i wasnt paying attention i dont know what amaretto did but she did some oh man shes doing some magicianship up in here shes getting david copperfield up in this  __  shes like magic almost this is my magic right here look i stabbed something and then its not alive anymore magic jazz hands its hard to see what lies ahead man i i think we can reasonably guess that its gonna be harpies i bet its harpies kart are you still coming man we need to get some oxen they got a little bit more red bull in them or something am i the captain i dont think that im the captain i dont think i got any notification from the upper leadership that i am now the captain well it looks like weve got a hive of something over here what is this god crystals in here getting vertical who thinks she could jump an armor like that too i think i might be in love i dont know im feeling some weird feelings about an npc right now her performance is way too its way too professional shes way too on point i like a lady that can get  __  done i cant stand those types of girls that just like sit around the house all day i like a lady who works i like a lady who gets in there a lady who can drop blood oh yeah theres rocks falling okay lets get up here i like a lady thats got hands that are rough from work and suffering so it looks like theres rocks along the top of the cliff here i remember this the bandits drop rocks on you if you dont come up here and break all the rocks so you should probably do that otherwise you might pay the price a little bit later knock knock would you like to buy some cookies who are you the cloud of unease hangs over the land these days the cloud of unease hangs over the land these days huh those guys have never been there before bunch of adventurers come up in their house and start busting  __  up thats hella funny all right i hear stones im not feeling too 100 on this oh man they hit my cart with a rock what a dick who does that well i broke all the stones up on top of the mountain so we should be good i dont know why im having conversations with a computer construct right now yeah ive always found this quest to be a little tedious but i promise it gets better after this this is like the last quest where well theres some other obnoxious ones in the game but this is the only one that like im just like this takes too long and has no challenge i want her helmet really badly her helmet is why cant i just look like crystal oh yeah i put on my tabard by the way apparently it was an over armor and so its better than the plate mail we were wearing who had any idea we had like a chest plate on and everything but it looks like our little surcoat is way better i was hoping to be a little bit sexier though like i dont know maybe look a bit more patty yeah she tried to roll out like  __  was gonna happen but i was like nah harpy  __  aint gonna happen you dont know me like that i would really prefer to keep these dogies off the cart if we can make it happen did you just pin down a wolf with your bare hands no she pinned down a harpy okay long as you think this is gonna work absorbent rag good the next time we get wet ill be able to fix that  __  a school hold on im fine i like our new party configuration our new guys are holding it down i think losing our characters was probably one of the better things i could do all right so we made it to the gateway i think thats everybody we got wormwood sap over there ill let the pawns handle it theres a treasure chest up there ive never figured out quite how to get it i think you have to have double jump and be a rogue or something i think thats what it is because rogues get a double jump and theres no accessible point from anywhere around that you can get to there from so i assume anyways that you gotta have knowledge of the double jump are you guys back here what happened to our cart okay i think were just about out of time for the day anyways were about halfway through this mission my name is splattercat thank you for joining me at the nerd castle for the next episode of dragons dogma i will see you tomorrow bye everybody steam playerbase count Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Gameplay with Splattercat! 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