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Steam deck how to unhide gamesbest gun games on steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN gameplay Demon’s Souls is an action rpg developed by FROMSOFTWARE for the Playstation 3 and released in Japan in 2009. It was lauded for its excellent level design, atmosphere and tense exploration, rewarding a methodical playstyle which was uncommon for its genre at the time. It was also harshly criticized for its difficulty, lack of player conveyance and poor storytelling. When Sony president Shuhei Yoshida played it, he uttered the words ‘’this is the worst game i’ve ever played’’ and refused to publish it in America. It bombed. No More Heroes is a 3rd person beat em up/boss rush game, with elements of Streets of Rage, Star Wars, Wrestling and job simulation that’s throbbing at the seams with charm. It was also exclusive to the Wii and no one played it. Godhand is a bizarre character action game and one of the first of its kind. It has some of the most intricate combat I’ve ever seen, rivaling Devil may cry in the sheer size of moves available to you. It was critically panned across the board and bankrupted the developer. Disaster day of crisis is a goofy ass japanese game parodying Rolland Emerich level western disaster movies that combines elements from rail shooters, adventure games, racing sims and trauma center, somehow. When Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils Aime played it, he uttered the words ‘’this is the worst game i’ve ever played’’ and refused to publish it in America. It was also exclusive to the Wii and no one played it. It bombed. Deadly Premonition is one of the worst games I’ve ever played. What do these games have in common? I love them; but they are Dog Sh*t! Instead of playing that garbage, you could be playing this weeks sponsor: RAID Shadow Legends; a triple A RPG available on mobile & PC with over 700 champions. The game boasts elements of both dungeon AND crawling, a new brand faction called the Sylvan watchers A plethora of new events to celebrate the new year, including a new Season of the Forge pass And the Champion Elect Event for new US based players, where you can earn prizes, from in-game items, to legendary champions, to amazon gift cards of up to 1000 dollars, by heading to this link between January 16th and February 10th and voting for your chosen champion. The game was also harshly criticized for being too freaking awesome. When president of Old People Gaming, My Dad, played it, he uttered the words: “I can’t remember my daughter’s face”. I assume he was too stunlocked by all the in-game loot you can get for free by clicking my link or scanning the QR code but his doctors have assured me that its just a case of Ronda Rousey fever eating away at his brain, which funny enough, you can unlock her as a champion for free by logging onto Raid 7 days before Feb 20th. And much like my dad’s soft, vulnerable brain… I have a huge soft spot for flawed games with fun ideas cuz to me, theyre 1000 times more interesting than a game that is good but plays it completely safe. Making something that appeals to a certain niche is already inherently riskier than making something with broad appeal in mind So even if that niche doesnt exactly fit my curvaceous a$s, Ill still respect it for what it attempted to do! Give me Wonderful 101 over Horizon Zero Risks any day of the week. We need games that attempt to push the envelope, even if they’re bad sometimes. and the envelope kinda smells like sh*t. If Shinji Mikami hadnt woken up one day and decided to set the standards for Third Person Shooters, for third person shooters, we’d still be aping GTA3’s shooting mechanics. Remember The Getaway? And the funny thing is that if you go back and play RE4, it’s got tons of jank that would be completely ironed out of a current AAA title that tends to be focus tested and overly designed to make sure to please the broadest and whitest of general audiences. Just look at the new God of Wars, any recent looter shooter, or Horizon The new one Bringing us to Dragons Dogma. Developed by CAPCOM under the wings of Hideaki Itsuno, the savior of videogames, the elevator pitch was to create an action RPG without any grinding aspects that relied solely on mastering it’s combat mechanics in order to succeed, mixing elements from Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry & Shadow of the Colossus. The game would sport a high fantasy setting combined with a detailed open world, multiple classes with varying playstyles, an online system that allowed you to hire characters to your party created by other players and an intricate character creation system that not only let you tweak aspects like your height and weight but they would also affect your in-game attributes. Originally pitched 22 years ago and finally released in 2012, it became one of my favorite RPG’s of all time. And also! Ill be the first one to tell you that I had no idea I was gonna make a video on this sh*t. I bought the switch version of Dragons Dogma on a whim cuz I needed at least SOMETHING to do while I hogged the priority seat. I spent most of my playthrough claiming this was the most mid video game of all time but when I beat it, I got down on my hands and knees and I begged Itsuno for a sequel. You’re welcome. That change of heart prolly doesnt make sense unless you’ve played it, but trust me; this game is one of a kind. My name is Punk Duck and welcome to Dragons Dogma, a 10/10 game disguised as a 6/10 game. Once you’re past the f*cking baller menu screen and hit new game, you are playing it. There is no cutscene, there is no warning. Tutorial. Gaming. Kill. Now. You play as The White Man and with the help of your allies, you dont really do much. Cut to black None of that mattered. Grow up. Move on. French Make your fella. Move on. Now the game can properly start! Grow up. If this sounds confusing, trust me, it gets better! Dragon pulls up, nukes your characters hometown and your character’s homebones, fingerblast your chest, quite literally stealing and eating your heart. You play as The Arisen and with the help of your pawns, you set off on your journey of adventure and vengeance where you don’t really do much. Most of the game is actually running a bunch of errands for Europeans while the plot takes the furthest backseat known to man. If this sounds boring, trust me It is. The gameplay ends up doing most of the heavy lifting which is surprising considering the genre. Even the best RPG’s on the market usually have combat that I would charitably describe as Skyrim-esque. As in, its not very good. Like Deus Ex, Fallout NV, Dragon Age and even these other games I haven’t played mainly just ask you to look at enemy and click them. Then you pick up Dragon’s Dogma and this game has grappling, parries, f*cking pause combos? It’s like playing Monster Hunter with one hand & DmC with the other while you read the cliff notes to Oblivion through google translate. I think. I havent played it. Bosses are where the game truly stimulates my clitoris since you’re able to grab onto their bodies and climb around to attack specific weak points, like cutting the tail off a Chimera so it can’t spit poison anymore or cutting the phone line to my building so DENNY’S STOPS F*CKING CALLING ME. STOP SENDING ME SH*T. I’M KILLING YOU NOW Jokester that I am, I always refer to this game as Shadow of the Dragons Dogma due to its similarities to the boss fights in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Theres 9 classes in total or 5 if youre a grown a$s man. You can switch between them whenever you want and each one is uniquely terribly balanced. And when I say terribly balanced, I don’t mean boohoo my number isnt inflated enough Im the kind of guy that hears the word endgame and slips into a coma. What I mean is a couple of them just aren’t fun! See, in any rpg, i make it a point to cosplay Nuts from Berkserk and in this case, the game is practically screaming at you to do it: theres a warrior class that specializes in 2 handed great swords, one of the presets is literally his f*cking face and you USED to be able to get his armor in game because licensing laws are COOL AND GOOD. Youd figure with so much fanservice, it would be the intended way to play but I regret to inform you that the John Nuts Build is: skyrim-esque. As in, its really sh*t. DPS-wise, its the weakest vocation by FAR, it somehow manages to feel both sluggish AND clunky at the same time and it can only use 3 abilities at once while every other class gets to use 6! I paid 3 silver coins for this shit? Donovan got ripped off! The main reason I thought the game was mid for so long was because I endured 30 hours Donovan got ripped off! The main reason I thought the game was mid for so long was because I endured 30 hours of missing goblins at point blank range and figured the whole thing was like this. Then I switched to assassin and the combat turned into Ninja Gaiden Thats when the game FINALLY clicked for me cuz it is f*cking EXHILARATING to snipe a Dragon out of the air and then jump onto its chest to stab the sh*t out of it while the game’s theme moonbeams its way directly into your cochlea. Anyway what Im trying to say is you should play Warrior Now that we’ve covered the G in the RPG, let’s talk about the R and maybe a little bit of pee. Most of the usual menu d*cking around that plagues this genre is done in the background, for once. As you level up, the only thing you need to worry about is what moves to unlock since your stats will automatically increase depending on the vocation you’re currently playing as. You’d figure this would apply to your base stats too, since you didn’t get to choose them during the character creator. But that’s where you’re wrong and stupid. There are LITERALLY no stat allocation in this entire game. Because its not determined by a g4y little spreadsheet, they’re determined by how you make your fella. Your Arisen’s height alone will affect their running speed, their hurtbox, how well they can climb, their Goblin holes? Ah yeah for the short ones. Bulky characters have more HP, skinny characters are nimbler, male characters earn more gold from quests, lighter characters are able to recover stamina faster but fat f*cks are less likely to be knocked down. That’s right, larping as DSP is actually the meta for Warriors. You need to keep all this in mind when the game later prompts you to create your Pawn, and these mutants are a whole iceberg on their own. Your pawn is this adorable little sidekick who will help you out in combat by being both a source of damage and a source of knowledge. You can have up to three at once, with the other two being Shanghai’d from other online masters And you wanna keep yours nice and dolled up since it’ll increase the likelihood of it being trafficked by other players which in turn increases your Chattel fun bucks. It’s basically a second characteryou create that’s then completely AI controlled although their soft, vulnerable brains can be slightly manipulated. There’s multiple ways to go about this: you can sit them down and berate them, you can drug them into changing their personalities but in true Dangan’s Rompa fashion, this is also subtly done in the background. Since your pawn is essentially a newborn baby they are dumb as rocks and look to you for how to act in combat. Any playstyle you exhibit or commands you throw out will slowly mold their skulls over time For example if you rush bosses down in the middle of a big fight, your pawn will do the same and if you play your drugs right, they can carry entire encounters for you. It got to a point where my pawn was so broken, I started spending most fights looting sh*t and letting them do their thing. THE PROBLEM, is that my slave thought this was some kind of combat lesson so he ALSO started ignoring bosses to grab coins and became completely f*cking useless. STOP LOOTING SH*T. IM KILLING YOU NOW Whats funny is that NONE of those things I just told you about are ever communicated by the game. My only source is Dragon’s Dangle is so allergic to admin it doesn’t even tell you that it’s doing it FOR you. No stat management, no spreadsheets and NO Im not gonna set up two factor thank you very much, Im doing fine. And I’ve had the same password for years! After 15 hours of doing exactly f*ck all, its finally time to fight the big bad dragon. And not the kind I shove up my a$s. From here on out, this video is gonna have spoilers galore so if you give a sh*t, you should pledge to my patreon, and then leave, and then pledge to my patreon, Right before the final showdown, Big Dragon reveals that he kidnapped your wife and this could be literally anyone. This whole time, the game had a secret wife mechanic where the errands you run for europeans make them increasingly hornier for you and whoever has the highest built up s3x meter by the end of the game ends up getting kidnapped by the lizard. Most players won’t even realize that this system exists. 99% of people end up with the princess since the plot railroads you into roadrailing her. Lucky for me, I’m one of the 1% that ended up with f*cking Caxton the blacksmith cuz Cuz I bought a bunch of his sh*t and gave him that funko pop he wanted. He has a wife and he doesn’t even care. We had hot passionate g4y s3x under the moonlight, he said ‘’thanks for that’’ and goes right back to selling me swords. And not the kind I shove up my as$. You’d think riding off into the sunset with your husband would be where the game wraps up. But that’s where you’re wrong. And g4y. Killing the red freak sends the world into a post apocalypto nightmare and blasts a giant chasm in the middle of the city. And considering Belgium is a massive sh*thole, I’m shocked this has never happened to me. And I’ve had the same address for years. While the plot of Dragon’s Dogma is nothing to write home about - here by the way, I live right here - the third act is like if Yoko Taro barged into the writer’s room and they just let him cook You jump into the big hole, you kill a couple bosses to unlock a portal, and then you meet God. You fight him for a bit and then he takes his hood off: revealing that God is actually the guy you played as allll the way back in the tutorial. He tells you that the world is cyclical and every 50 years or so, the Previous Arisen sends out a dragon to scout his next replacement. You have one last epic confrontation, you beat him, and you did it. You are now God. You have become Jimmy, eater of worlds. You take your rightful place on the throne, you beam down to Earth and then you don’t really do much. In fact you don’t do anything, at all. You cant do anything but walk around and look at sh*t Its torture! The reason God needed a replacement isn’t because of some prophecy, it’s because being God is really boring! The only way out is by killing yourself and finally breaking the cycle. And if you beat the game on New Game Plus, the final boss is you! It’s John Nuts! And he has the same moves and build you did! And it makes the fight a f*cking joke cuz that class sucks! (SERIOUSLY, DO NOT PLAY WARRIOR) HOLY F*CK THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER MADE Dragon’s Dogma is not a very good video game. But neither is Godhand. After shutting its doors, Clover Studios rebranded to Platinum Games and they went on to make the best action games of all time. Suda51 gained international acclaim after No More Heroes and remains one of the most prolific auteur game designers working today. The people behind Disaster Day of Crisis went on to make the Xenoblades Chronicles trilogy. Demons Souls ended up being ground zero for a brand new genre that just had its most successful entry yet, and Deadly Premonition director SWEARY still makes dogsh*t My point being, now that we have Dragon’s Dogma 2 on the horizon, mark my lips, that game will be one of the best RPG’s ever made. With the sequel’s announcement, I thought I’d make this to get people into the first one. I hope I did a decent job at it and I mean it’s probably on sale right now. It’s FIVE DOLLARS This game is truly magical and you owe it to yourself to experience it. There’s a lot I didn’t cover cuz I want you guys to see it for yourselves, like the forgery system, the wakestones and I didn’t even talk about Dark Arisen. Or play it. But seriously, give it a shot. Cuz if you don’t, and I just wasted 5 months of my life making this sh*t and beating the game 4 times cuz my save data corrupted halfway through production, I will never, ever, blame you. It’s not a very good video game. how to use steam games Install Raid for Free ✅ Mobile and PC: and get a special starter pack with an Epic champion Jotun💥New players, vote on your favourite Starter Champion at the Promo Code READY4RAID to get 4 x Skill Tomes Rare, 4 x Rank Up Chickens 3*, 40 Random EXP brews, 200 Autobattle tickets, 1 million silver. Available for NEW users only by February 28 💥 Use the Promo Code RAIDRONDA to get a 3-day 100% XP boost, 500K Silver and 5 full Energy refills, 50 Auto battle x3. Available for ALL users by February 28 *NB! 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