Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen Review (Switch Version)

Wok steamernori steam iron DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review Applause Music hey whats up youtubers its me again Brian AKA gamer five five five five one and i am back with a video review and for this review were gonna be taking a look at dragon dogma dark our sin AR is en again I apologize if Im not saying the same correctly put in the tender switch also available on the ps4 Xbox one and PC flash steam this is an enhanced version of the original ps3 and xbox 360 games i came back i clean about right back to 2012 and if youre interested but for this review im gonna be talking about the swift origin and if youre interested in a gameplay footage Ill have a link in the description you could check that out I never got around to playing the original dragon dog but when they came out for the PlayStation 2 the ps3 or 360 though but I remember hearing about how this game became sort of a cult favorite they gained sort of a following among gamers and many of them like this stuff some even compared to to the way to sort of sky room to a certain degree and I could see that because Paris invest so it was trying to interesting earlier this year when it was announced that Capcom would be bringing the game over to Nintendo switch and that kind of caught my attention because I thought this this would be interesting to try it out because to switch I always view the switch is sort of like when it comes to RPGs I always thought this would be sort of a good idea for AI considering that you know the whole console handheld hybrid idea so after a vest being like I think maybe a couple weeks or so with the switch working I honestly have to say that Im actually giving away very pleased with this game even though there are little couple hiccups so far here and there so when we get started with the pros and cons on the SHA first with the pros and the first one will be is the stories basically the whole idea behind the story though is basically you weight is basically a dragon sort of attacks your talent all that stuff and the dragon basically rips out your heart that youre still alive and all that stuff and youre quite the during your quest you basically your main goal is to go after that dragon and so forth along the way youll meet interesting characters and so forth so the story itself is kind of interesting as well and what makes also this version good is that it has all the DLCs including the one called the dark a are is minion so basically youre getting all the content all the DLCs which makes it the complete version with a complete story and so forth so story perspective its interesting the next thing I do want to talk about its the combat and the combat is basically follow sort of like an action RPG route at least based on how I see it though basically when you start the game youve picked three different kinds of fighting styles so you go with a fighter you go with a mage or you could go as a Strider though a fighter basically uses a sword and shield a Strider uses the bow and arrow and so I said leave the daggers and a mage uses of staff and you know and cast the spells and so forth later on the game as you get a little bit further you could sort of upgrade your character up to like say for example like with the fight fighter you could upgrade to the warrior or the big mystic night or something like that I opted to go with the mix at night because its basically its basically just like a fighter but can do cast I think certain spells from range if Im making like putting like a fire around their co2 the weapon to attack certain eat healthily thats attacking certain enemies and so forth so the combat in the game is very fun I mean I know everyone will have a different style I offer the fighter some might go with the Strider or the mage though but it comes over all I will say combat wise its fun its enjoyable though it does fall a little bit of the Skyrim Park approach where if you carry too many items their character will get a bit heavy and you wont be able to and that could slow your character down however unlike Skyrim here you can still run and everything even if your character is heavy or very heavy but their stamina meter will drain much quicker and you may have to wait a little bit for the stamina meter to fill up so a little bit better than how Skyrim has it set up but either way though on combat is fun and all and last but not least is the prong system I will see I kind of liked this system that they implemented in Dragon Dogma basically you have basically you have these AI partners that will sort of help you out theres one prawn prawn you can make for yourself if Im saying that name correctly though and then there are chewy to you and you can use like up to two other prawns this is where the online part comes in where you can use prawn from other other characters other gamers have created their own prawns and you can use them for your adventure and so forth though so it adds a little bit and its very interesting I mean your prawns will basically rank you from spotting enemys weakness to attacking the enemy and so forth and just like with your character you can design your prawn how you want to I mean the pawn that you can make your main prawn that you can make which if you could make them as Dino else warrior Archer Strider or mage or sorcerer so whatever style you think works the best and and when you put so just like how you could use peoples prawns from online from their games they could use your prawn as well and sometimes theyll bring back stuff like we mean I so or XPS and so forth so I like the whole idea of the prong system if Im saying the name correctly though okay were going to take a quick break when we get back well get to part two the cons and also I want to talk about a recent issue that just emerged following the release of saints row the third on a Nintendo switch this has to do in regards with eat guys with the patch so well take a quick break and we will be right back okay and we are back with part two of our video review of dragon Dogma dark hour Ahrens Eruzione AR is en again for the Nintendo switch so now that I gave you the pros why dont we get started with the cons and for the cons just like the pros that there were three pros this one there are three console will solve the first one this one has to do with the pawn system now I talked about how I like the pawns this phone system and all that stuff and I still enjoy it though but its not a hundred percent perfect though although your problems will be able to you know attack enemies and so forth oh you are kind of limited in terms of control with them I mean you could issue them to go certain areas we teach them like go or help or come and all that stuff which is fine but you dont really have commands like say like attack this to aim or hold this position or anything like that and I would have liked to have that ability to have some control over the prawns and everything like that though I mean take for example the game and this is back during the Xbox GameCube and PlayStation 2 era the game freedom fighter the game that was - no fought by the same folks who worked on hitman 2 and published by EA yeah you know at the time when EA actually made good games from once exactly one of the things you do it was a third person shooter though but one of the things he added was the ability where you can sort of tell your AI partner if you can eat have them either attack this unit hold this position or defend a certain area like that so you had some control over them and I do wish you had a little bit more control over your pawns in Dragons Dogma though dont get me wrong I dont hate the prawn system I think its an interesting idea and approach and I will say for the most part my the phones have been very effective during my time with the game though but I would have liked to have some control over that next thing do you want to talk about is the graphics of the game now I understand the game is from the ps3 360 era and it shows that oh and well its not terrible or anything like that its just ok I mean its not great but ok though I will say this I I do think that the visual looks better than Skyrim does I mean I mean I dont hate sky room and all but visually speaking yeah dragon dog my looks way better than Skyrim does but its not and I know someone call this being biased to a certain degree its not as good as say like the breasts of the wild was maybe some of his because Brett said while had like an arch style and so forth so I will say the graphics and ragged Dogma are ok though better than sky room just not as good as breath to the while plus I will also like to say I have ran into some situations where there were some glitches here and there I wont say they did anything where the game broke or I got kicked out of the game but there have been some occasions where I see some enemies like stuck into some places like for one cent for example one mission that I had to follow someone I couldnt get you close and they got stuck between like a character and the chair and unfortunately the mission failed and all that stuff so there there are some glitches here and there but again based on my time nothing that broke the game or anything like that and last but not least and I do wish that they kind of added this in for a drag of dogma is that as far as Im aware of theres no real like lock-on or being able to see the enemies on like mini-map or anything like that please based on my time with the game though and that would have been kind of useful went away though I mean theres somewhat of a lot of things to a certain degree but its not a hundred percent perfect comparing it to say Im lock-on from other games like say breath of the wild and so forth so I mean is not perfect lock-on isnt really great or anything like that I mean does it ruin the game its just that theres no real like solid lock on like compared to breath a while and it would have been nice to be able to see the enemies on the mini-map maybe like like a red dot or something like that I mean you can see your characters you can see your prawns you can even see when your prawn prawn trolley is dead and you have to provide them but to not have them on the mini-map right there overall I can understand why dragon Tom lets sort of became sort of a cult hit among many people and Im actually starting to enjoy it though you do get a sense of that Skyrim kind of vibe to it which is not necessarily a bad thing and I do like the fact that its these like epic action RPG style the game and all and I have enjoyed it so far though basically as clean as the mystical knife is so and all I mean yes there are some things I dont like I do wish there were more controls over your opponent that would have been great through the visuals are sort of like better than sky room but not Grays breaths of a while but that hasnt ruined my enjoyment with it though if you missed out on the first time around or if you were waiting to see if it comes to Nintendo switch its definitely worth trying out though heres to hoping that the game does so well in attendance which data convinces Capcom to perhaps maybe do a sequel and perhaps maybe bring the sequel over to Nintendo switch if that happens so but overall I do enjoy dragging Dogma on the Nintendo switch and I do think its worth doing try especially if youre looking for something to play after you beaded breath a vial or Skyrim especially if you got those games on the Nintendo switch okay before I end this video I do want to give my thoughts on a situation that kind of has emerged for saints row the third or the switch version of it now although this video will probably come up on Tuesday so I will say last week though saints row the third just came out or than attendance which came out both digital and physical as well but apparently there seems to be some issues whats the game though basically there was supposed to be a day one patch that was supposed to come out for the game well it doesnt seem like it may sir isnt available from an article on 6 axles or this does six axle again think of the inscription it reads the the quiet seat through the third is of now available on the tin of switch but switch owners arent quite getting the full package if yet as a pink affirm that the day one patch is not is now not going to be available until next week although this is due to unforeseen circumstances which has meant the development teams had to tidy up some issues in the patch code so it can be applied properly for the switch owners of the game see the Saints Row Twitter feed and this is what they wrote on their Twitter account due to unforeseen circumstances the Saints Row third switch patch has to be postponed until next week we hope you hope for your understanding while we make the finishing touch and prepare for or its release please stay tuned for further information on the exact release time and patch notes this tweak came out on May 10th 2019 at around 10:30 6:00 a.m. the patch is set to address issues with online matchmaking audio sync fix performance improvement which includes improving the frame rate drop and display of subtitles fixed so they appear in the open world and not and not just cutscenes though there were also confirmation there are no plan sequence to include gyro controls in the court so for those who had may have picked up the game for the Nintendo switch may have noticed that the visuals not exactly 100 percent perfect to the fact that there may have been some framerate issues and so forth now Ive just got the game and I played it on Nintendo switch and I will say based on my time with it though I its not terrible its not its not like its unplayable or anything like that but it you can see some differences though subtitles do not appear when the only appearing when theyre in the cutscenes not in the regular game visually the game looks like they needed to looks like the visuals could have made me some a little bit of an upgrade to the visuals to a certain degree though I mean this is a ps3 game and so forth but still they could they could clean that up a little bit and I did notice at least based on my time with the game excuse me the framerate did drop basically around when the scene where theyre jumping out of the airplane this is like early on the game so forth I noticed the frame way kind of drop a little bit it didnt make the game unplayable but it was certainly noticeable so while its great that they are for me people that the patch is gonna be delayed till next week I still Im kind of mixed on this I still think this is kind of a little inexcusable that they ship the game in this condition already and so asking people to wait till next week for like a patch and all that stuff so I do think its kind of a bit ridiculous elves did it like that does it make the game on pay up unplayable without the patch no but there are problems that you can easily spot so and I really is I really thought if the patch wasnt going to be ready then why not delay the game first and once you get all the path once the patch is all set up and all you just released a game at that point so its its its not so its really stuck so you have to wait for them to up fix the issue they have the patch hopefully its all set and ready to go by then though as for right now plane seats world a certain switch its playable but without the patch it isnt its far from perfect in any way and I think it is a little ridiculous that they couldnt maybe delayed the game until the patch was ready or the fact that they shipped it in the condition that when being just came out on Friday okay this concludes this video review of dragon dogma or the Nintendo switch and my thoughts in the situation in regards to switch version for Saints rows 3rd and again these are my opinion what are yours what are your thoughts about dragging Dogma dark our city in they are again Apophis Im saying incorrectly though is it a game worth picking up for the Nintendo switch Ive been waiting for the switch version or are you happy with the either the ps4 Xbox one or PC here a Steam version though do you think this game will sell well on the Nintendo switch do you think this will convince Capcom to do a sequel in any way what are your thoughts about well what are your thoughts about the delay of the patch for the switch version of saints row the third are you disappointed with the way the game looks right now though do you wish that they probably have to should have delay the game until the patch is set and ready to go all that stuff are you having issues with the game or youre not having any issues with it at all do you agree with what I said in this video do you disagree do you have a difference of opinion as always sound off on the comments section below let me know what youre saying and I hope you hit that like button I would appreciate it and I hope you do subscribe to my youtube channel if you do make sure you hit the bell icon for notifications of any new videos I put up also feel free to share this video if you want to and feel free to donate to my channel if you like we could do it see PayPal me or patreon it should be in description of this video and I will see you again next time when I do another video hopefully that will be soon until then from Southern California the show honey goodnight daddy bye Music Music you Music steam iron conair Sorry if this video didnt show up on time (Tuesday). I had an issue uploading it hopefully its fixed now. My review of Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen for the Nintendo Switch (also on PS4, XboxOne & PC/Steam. Original version release on PS3 & 360) plus thoughts on the patch issue that has impacted the Switch version of Saint Row the Third. For gameplay footage click here - Launch Trailer - Digital Foundry on the Switch version of Dragon Dogma - Part 1 Pro - 0:18 to 6:47 Interesting story (with all the DLC) Fun Combat Like the Prawn system… Part 2 Cons - 6:53 to 13:25 …Too bad you don’t have some control over your Prawn Graphics are ok (not great but ok. Way better then Skyrim but not as good as Breath of the Wild plus some glitches here and there) No lock-on or seeing enemies on the mini map Thoughts on Saint Row the Third Switch patch issue - 13:25 to 20:14 Links Music used for this video - Violet Letter by Aulx Studio (from Facebook group I’m part of Links SSG: Apocalyptic Media - Brothers of Oblivion Gaming Community - The Adult Gamers of the World United - Team Red Gaming - Subscribe to my channel - Follow me on Facebook - Twitter - Tumblr - Google + - Blogger - WordPress - Mix - Feel free to Donate to this channel (if you like to) : Support me on Pateron - Tags for this video #DragonDogmaDarkArisen #BrianSolow #gamer55551 #Capcom #DragonDogmaSwitch #DragonDogmaDarkArisenSwitch steamed hams the game pack steam games how long do you steam steam railroading institute is a steam mop worth it