Steam owned gamesscreenshots steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review hi you welcome to the gameplay of dragons dogma because the torn you of dragons dogma and well start right away isnt worth playing an hour and at the end think about a review and theyll tell you, so to speak and exactly, start right away because it has to go it actually started at the same place where i might have stopped thats good thats good like saying keep using the same character look where i have to go if theres a purple somewhere there yes i would like then maybe there its the orders for it no it looks like there isnt a quest for that it has to go there somehow lets just go in that direction itll work out somehow I hope to get out of here thats cool it has just as much playing time like the dragons dogma, so 15 hours of play, its actually a complete game, so to speak, only that you have more things, more skills and a new area good question booth visited the picasa there this at night okay since this was also over there down there I have to walk really really long that well but hey I can still remember I was perfect I still had travel stones and I went to cava this perfect so for the urges you dont know yet play it in any case its really captivating so a very good role-playing game classic how many say maybe youre even more busy its poets in final fantasy is all good i think i have to be an investor here the high people rarely leave their houses at night also during the day at yes how is the night supposed to walk around here at night and strut thoma der lina points definitely the first cat that was mysterious definitely the one in a steak I have to look out for it the other driver was okay the texts are good lets go then so shes sort of a ghost from the other island and wants to be rescued or i can n just say actually into the game a nice but please stay away it starts so we are probably on the island where we do everything that is here on the board with 25 chief find awakened the aroma lamp rinn strokes and vent object in rift crystal with the crystals can you other he woke up in the fight there are even be able to help you those among you the thumbs we have already played know it of course and know it is so that you can just take your same character with you that is if you are level 70 sink stalker you in dhaka also reached level 70 of the culex docking in between is that you have more abilities and more clothing equipment and opponents afterwards just like that like that like that feels like the old dragons dogma in the lab in a thousand creatures that no human has ever seen before so out with high level the opponents know you are strength r but now at the beginning thank you what inside again because I actually almost gave up standard which means or in almost all migros to which were worth the same so it was worth exactly zero but I don’t give a __ really it seems it doesn’t matter now just ever queue I would have not snake here it wouldnt have fulfilled the mission where the give new ideas __ yeah me now thats a way well im the best bow to laugh or shines i sleep why the hell hit me hello someone to sleep too everyone also the koblenz swabian hall in your face and a box which of course not publicly or find a hook through his weapons but it looks damn good in any case lets continue hey cool effective so i dont think it was that all the green weed and so on on the ground around there were a bit of green plants pohl looks cool aha they probably thought they could hide it from me but never money money i probably have enough hahaha four kisses good view an armored candy good good that strong dont break me if i still fall i can very well like the power of thought talks is probably immortal but definitely i have to fight against them at the end and then show them we times of mortality is good how about the loyalty golden sword is the ugly just turned on the edge could be a stiff ok if i improve my things i probably have nothing well ok you can also buy something from you buy and sell maybe you have any cool new things there is a difficult course said youve been on the island for so long you just found rubbish the bum hat you bring youve really well if you changed the roof of the armor you can own weapons is a further close improve well job well done that have integrated no matter you kitchen herbs here was certainly king b en and something else very deep down and that regularly has the best archer in the country and sketches perfect so didnt stop the blade 13 experience points I got for this shitty phase I think its urgent to kill rabbits I hit I completely and so theres here but nothing and smoked weed without a door of the type that would break open no matter the animals would give out of nothing look at the other natural after the throw along here the power goes out now a dead one again I think Im on the right path well look at the map how big danis what are you kidding me ok so it looks like the map is huge and i landed it only in a small part i think a red thing have a look examine a broken rip stone you can open it up with rift like with 3500 is a laugh, so with these drift portals, if any of you died or something or a In other words, if you died, you can revive him, for example, someone who is studying your cure, or you can place a zombie directly, just bump into me, done everything, well, thank God, I have someone open some of the islands 5 grams are occupied with a strong curse and their effect is therefore not recognizable there is someone in the bay who knows why not why again people say I left it here you dont need the five years actively so what it is in others if an album my god where to you my key consumer on it im not in the mood to continue you always have to fence all the boxes is really necessary either to the water water i found really better before spinning i really didnt hit two games although i for a scratch sword master with buy lets you dont open the herb ive seen it before but the others are picking mushrooms people hello the door s I cant examine something thats fragile but I guess it was nt good he didnt like me that well youre just alive long ago I should be a king first 2009 104 mb he should have I share it with the fire here just well well It also worked that way when I always have a bit of powder, it’s only on the right or left, well I know the boxes and boxes are always cooler, so for the facelift side light then yes, I think you can use it if you have live streams with you many times, then you want it too slower and your statement faster used up with the lift stone here i can only get 48 euros big look back bottle with oil and found nothing wolf reminds that he should be good at hanging up okay a few years later followed a few playing a bit okay the midnight felix ok quite dark from your everyday life please not directly best and with the flights ok what kind of accuracy do they have n yes ok if its under control im burning i didnt pull anything i didnt get anything from him type another magician or what in any case is that a good one is that maybe quite nice i maybe wouldnt ask what s that in the corner that is teamwork somehow i miss my magician i lost it i think fought against this death is missing because then i could now im succeed meets bitter later who supposedly o my god oh my god how did you get down there __ 48 that fourth act i hope they do nt have to at some point or it seems to be going on i have kabul okay still far ahead i hope it wont be down again you stupid cow sooner could you do it again his new heal you not the only thing what counts is me that was close and dont forget to jump where to jump ill be up soon im why and do i have to be careful that hi he isnt a __ magician somewhere sometime the media in the back can key the lesson have you seen the have more than a perfect there was a box of folios fill the light and here was __ looks like blood another box and for your equipment there goes its about poisoned I m poisoned and here comes lets see if you mine something new theres platinum lumps there are so many falls there to retreat people retreat are detoxified ok again past the club I free you best but I can also lock or maybe it will help if i decided nothing in a stupid eye maker i hope i really dont have to fight in a line really doesnt have to i dont have to have i dont need him to forget anymore but i well get out of here quickly because otherwise i would of course do it too on his nap you some monsters are making themselves about the light your fallen comrades ago well so the since e i only have one key is when it got really tight later hidden on the side i wonder who just put it here is it useless actually grandpa put the ball across me __ poison kills me slowly is because maybe i have here anything that stops my __ poisoning a legendary panacea since its already old ferry yes that sounds good user and poisoning secret think you had it __ here and makes you ready be quite unimpressed but here comes the super hit hope and a soldier falls to me just too heavy ok now the whole building well i think im done here should go back like this it went to the left kings if you ca nt go to the right it goes to the left and here it goes up and here it goes up is quite nice dark i should was actually back haha ​​ about the sturgeon and they didnt give it up i left extra he wants to be able to take in others and there is a box that i didnt open either, man, am i an eye-catcher in the box just comes out in front of a pen and he has an incredible amount of life no not that but a bit slow i really dont have it anymore earn a lot he really surprised me that he was gone ive done it five times you should suspect the enemy behind everyone wants in a blue one thank you for doing that you seconds ok could of course jump over it no Im not doing that now Ill go now out i do nt think its any use what i found here was just a key i hope i can get on with it i think i really went in the wrong direction at first well lets take a look around where if this purple dot is supposed to be look ma go along king says i finally have something i would be more happy about otherwise are good the man poisoning toxin the light hey there must be someone up there who doesn’t always turn on about it probably doesn’t come apart from looking how big the map here seems in the area okay not that big but also huge as you can see it’s a huge island again really cool that says cool dragons dogma were just always there where a door was locked but i had a key with me key of the teaching set up yes perfect perfect im probably without knowing it just the right way perfect well and im still poisoned what the heck okay was there it goes now set up full of energy okay okay okay okay I didnt combine that white maybe church but also not far from it no I really dont have anything to stop poisoning I dont have a magician with me now who could just heal the defects or me man oh man oh man oh man oh man well lets go on maybe Ill live further on are probably the strongest against ner play who rather smaller boss or ok ok how can you force specifically bought more fires he taught us he attacks visor away bum bum bum bum bum ask your countries finished ok i wanted to but i think it should be done michael haydn with grass ok ok i know from whoever i think we found a fical 694 points the hero the hero really endure a lot through me was a stupid idea i cant remember that their opponents were so blatant mostly i know actually okay I think I use up a whole green light it was really so strong I had a show especially actually a second time through the scene good that I can be avoided I I want to grab him works but Im really slow I probably have too much time with me now one wants to be allowed to aim first of crooked then well talk further save half of my life mannoman now i have but now i have people I have him today I am holding him I have I should use an endurance endurance trunk somewhere so late you give in you dont take anything from it but even now you cant get me down I have enough raw materials but it has always increased significantly probably only darkness there I had now done now now people come just a little below one one one one he struts around there just thinking he would be I still have 70 came I had on 14 so it was already more difficult the game definitely but that is definitely cool and i play and not even on hard so there is still a hardcore mode i dont think the opponents are gone with one hit i got the wings with our wine ok how could he poison me petrify or whatever he did be poisoned i think it hacks i am always wary of her was supposed to be the burner yes i believe in __ that i just do nt like it again er than sarah gives because you could give me fire enchantment and we could just burn him and then he couldnt fly anymore without __ for the lowest times didnt play can do right now poisoned and real __ ass ive got all the free ones not all ask questions good thats nowhere before you walk around on the ground proudly i have a lot of stamina and im for poison no im petrified can it be can that be possible okay now i have to smoke something yes that s for everyone well here you all have time we have to live okay Im probably extra slow now I fell at some point did you already think that the stones or we should do it so blatantly fast Ill say my archer 15 I already have a second way of life from the connoisseur here the will be cut off I also have 100 per 100 in front of the first thinks about it currency strutting hhf people give a bit of a run t as or what he calls it waits hell come down ok wait a minute kicked over weekly fire makes disappear ill do the quality now if i build him different ok who can come to me stop over parts in ok __ it a bit stone turned first time caught at 9000 you try code numbers fulfilled people on my race is petrified he is petrified i have nothing left if you could help him __ i didnt even help her through the textures im almost dead was i really had nothing left alive im really all dead now people im only with a ba im on the road i dont even care anymore the pensions are here i dont share my cats rule one more hit ok get 17,000 ep points from them and im one level from now im 68 lets see what i get from him give me a show now how now you sell bums give me r just not my god first he fights him and then he doesnt give me anything okay shes just stuck although there are no more opponents with a vassal paul Ive made my way through here Ive landed here now we re going up first we have enough oil giants here there was also a lamp I completely forgot ok it definitely goes somewhere further i won’t wait for now because the purple circle is pointing somewhere else but the way i was supposed to maybe it doesn’t help me up because the formula is everything is probably the first one wrong way always the best one made this key but that s a bit of a snag for me now will show you a bit more of the story the last ten minutes little bats jump right under it ok if this can i can too i hope they arent like that again maggot lamps I use them now first because I probably should have used them in the spring then the water of the week also comes too week comes the course of the river cant speak anymore people okay she says some eyes are on the way here eyes not very boxes here my lamp removed I wanted all media air out man I think these are really strongest opponents in the game pick them up quickly then get out there now here as well as in good hands lets see again used and the rest easy Im not much anymore but it will work out ok if you already cracked up appear and I look up eyes the drains are flying around people knock and a crass guy the cut off so rough and ran to his mommy my short there i would be dead too oh my god is huge and my god how am i supposed to win you with my presence the blog here but nothing against fire before that you can block me just like get around early So it always happens with these lizards when you cut out the black one, everything fell off and then v vulnerable they were so vulnerable similar to one like that well when he didnt have a tail anymore then it really wasnt that strong anymore i would also say lets stop now is the perfect one coming now they still fought against the small mini box and didnt find it that way because if you watched now then you can almost think of an opinion yourself but Ive played dragons dogma the old game before he said it then the predecessor and thats even maybe a piece or a tick cooler so it has exactly the same feeling it became a bit cooler opponents bigger opponents as well as winners and i think during the course of the game you also have blatant bosses weapon and that is of course also pretty clean so i personally think its a cool game ill open up in any case, the next fifteen hours or 14 hours because Ive already played for an hour and Im happy Im looking forward to it if youre interested in role-playing games its definitely something else to start with if you can do the job if you havent played dragons dogma for a long time then get yourself there then you are really well covered for the summer break so until now I am looking forward to the next games and will of course play them with you and I am happy if you subscribe to us we are 3 gamers so far Know this one and always make pavilions couple of gameplay pc one for the gameplay or a party fans look closely and again steam best games 2022 DRAGONS DOGMA DARK ARISEn lets play und review how to get epic games on steam steam fast how to see when you bought steam game instant pot steam vegetables how to get rid of steam games