How to move steam games to new computerbest casino game on steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review hello everyone welcome to another quick time reviews here on weiners YouTube channel I am Andrew and today we are going to be talking about the ps4 / xbox one remaster re release whatever II want to call it of Dragons Dogma dark arisen and holy cow I love this game now I originally the original Dragons Dogma on the Xbox 360 some time ago and I was interested in it but it never really held my interest to that point I people had been told and told me to get the dark arisen version of it at that time its a far superior product I just I didnt listen I want for the cheaper version at that time and holy  __  they were right because dark arisen is a phenomenal game even now and quite honestly I think between this and and blood-borne I think those are my two favorite souls games at the moment maybe Neos in there but I really really love this game I cant put it down and I dont know whether its because of the the medium ease easy more ease of use ease of access ease of availability whatever you want to call it to it I dont know like the fact that the play is guts from berserk if you know that like he is on the create a character screen hes one of the default characters and well call him guts but lets face it if you look at his face like I saw it Im like thats thats guts thats pretty freakin awesome so its like I said its just a tremendously fun game tremendously deep its so so good and you know theyve ironed out all the kinks of it the framerate issues all that stuff are gone this story is completely wonky but most these games are I mean lets face it youre currently youre killing a bunch of things youre constantly going for more loot and better stuff and I realize the fact that I mean especially in this game there is that that client scalability that the Last Guardian had and um what the hell was the second game Nico shouting the classes there we go like you have that kind of scalability with these larger enemies that are at play in here and and the pawn system to what you get to have at a party with you that you get to pick and choose from and then you can have other players you know pop in and have their pawns come and help you out and its just its just theres so much more to it and you dont feel alone I think thats the biggest thing that the the souls games like surge and neo and blood-borne and Dark Souls all kind of how our lacking when you dont have a party you dont have a lot of dialogue going on even even the dialogue is half-assed and piss-poor in this game and lets face it a lot of it kind of is its no fun it still interesting to hear the dialogue and its so good and so fun and its so refreshing to play a game actually I was even wondering why Capcom bring his game out in one of the busiest months of the year and honestly its one of the games besides Uncharted that Im really putting a lot of time into when its insane because theres three other new games that have come out these last couple months and this is the game Im putting so much time into and Im loving because of just the combat and the the progression and yeah I get my ass handed to me but I dont care Im going back and playing some more cuz its that fun it is that good ever $30 this is a hundred percent of worth it I dont even have to go and tell you if its if its anything else this is a hundred percent of worth it even if youre not a huge Souls fan this is definitely worth a buy it for $30 you are getting a full fledged game with still very good graphics do you know the graphics are not up to par with you know uncharted or in even destiny - or you know a lot of the stuff thats coming out in 2017 but still this is a very good-looking game very clean very polished and is a hundred percent worth your time especially if you are looking for a game to give you a hundred plus hour fix there you get everything in here plus darker is an expansion pack its just like I said its a quality title I cant gush enough about it I wasnt expecting to gush as much as I am right now about the game where I picked it up again but its worth it its a hundred and seventy percent worth it I would give you another 30% on 40 Im holding off that 30% for something else and thats mostly my rage toward Marvel vs. Capcom infinite and why is that rage going toward morale versus kal confident youll have to find out in another video sometime soon but with that being said this is the and revert weve very calm peace Applause Music vampire the masquerade swansong steam Andrew reviews the first few hours of Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen. steam says game is running when its not how long does it take to get a steam deck how to update cracked steam games steamer to remove wallpaper steam online game code