Dragons Dogma Review - Is It Worth Your Time?

Steam game everythingamerican revolution games steam DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review hey hey hows it going guys my name is in wood and today were going to be reviewing Dragons Dogma dark arisen and answer the ultimate question is it worth your time so Dragons Dogma is a single-player third-person hack-and-slash action RPG set in an open world fantasy medieval age where dragons cyclopses and chimeras seem to be the norm you play as the arisen a person of destiny chosen by a big-ass ugly dragon to get your heart ripped out of your chest what you get devoured in front of you and survive the whole thing the arisen is said to be the only one able to slay in this mighty dragon and obviously you want to do that to get your heart back although you seem to be okay without it thus stopping your Dragons Dogma journey psyche note Im playing on the ps4 port version of the game so expect 1080p graphics and much steadier frame rates over the original so aesthetically the game has retained its look over the years especially with the port improvements Calas used other classic dark and dull style to make everything as realistic as possible but to a point where everything looks quite lifeless and dirty which really makes the more vibrant effects like weapon buffs magic and certain sceneries feel special compared to the miserable look of the world in general which is actually a good thing in case I sound like Im taking the piss textures and detail in Dragons Dogma and nothing special but decent sceneries look a bit on the basic side with the little ground clutter especially in caves and dungeons which I actually prefer in games anyway I find the too much ground clutter really reduces immersion for me because its just not that realistic its the best part about dragons dogmas aesthetics is by far the lighting effects daytime shadows and lighting are quite impressive but nighttime and dark areas are  __  brilliant you carry those lantern and environmental lighting like torches beaming lights from ceiling cracks and ominous goes in the distant darkness look incredibly good the characters Lampton specifically gives a comforting glow effect and really brings up surroundings and character detail very well but during cutscenes or medium lit areas it can be somewhat hit or miss this coupled with a very good shadow effects incredible graphic immersion to the player a huge improvement over the xbox 360 version I remember we would often get frame drops and the glow effect just seemed a bit too strong back then the UI Ive always felt is a bit too busy with a few too many things on the screen I feel theres no point in the numerical value of your health on the screen when you already have a HP bar the draw / grab and jump buttons are completely pointless and the pong comments on screen our horrible put off fortunately you can disable everything mentioned which I didnt actually know until making this review to be honest you can even disable the attack commands on screen as well which makes everything look so much cleaner and immersive as Dragons Dogma is an open-world game area layouts are large but not that large the overworld is average in size Id say with not that much to explore compared to other open-world games of its time character animations arent that good in general with walking running or rolling but attack animations are pretty impressive melee classes look especially good with satisfying attack animations and creative ability techniques enemies look better in my opinion the movement design for non-human enemies like skeletons goblins ogres and many others look accurate and well made to match the creatures size and strength the overall look of the game really does give a medieval realistic cold feel that a lot of games of the time couldnt do as well given their games more of a fantasy feel but with Dragons Dogma added magic mythical creatures and under worldly monsters its definitely a fantasy game except with a more sensible realistic touch the soundtracks in Dragons Dogma are high-quality fully orchestrated osts with the occasional fantasy sound effect here and there each song has a consistent powerful feel quite dramatic and full of action there are quite subtle and very in-your-face soundtracks which do relate to the gameplay youre experiencing at the time but sadly no OST is even math good to be honest a big downgrade for a Capcom game when compared to their other titles especially when you find out that the composers that worked on these soundtracks made songs from Monster Hunter and Dragon Age not quite bad enough to call them tedious soundtracks but definitely not good enough to download and listen to outside of the game voice acting is also pretty average with nothing really standing out enough for me to mention now for the gameplay so Dragons Dogma does have quite a few difficulty options to choose from I spent most of my time in hard a normal mode hard mode is highly recommended as you receive double xp from every enemy in the game but when first creating a new character is stupidly difficult with most enemies one two three shopping you until you were good for hours in although this is the case I still say hard mode is the best choice as enemies also very regularly drop sacks of 10,000 gold and you will get considerably more rift crystals which is honestly worth the pain in the ass of starting off when you first start the game youre given a taste of a medium level character by completing a mini scenario for you to start things off this involves learning controls general game concept and killing a few different types of enemies and a boss at the end once complete you brought to a character customization screen you have a very wide selection of options to choose from all the way from chin types to eyebrow Heights it did take me a good hour and a half to make my character look like me as best as I could and personally I think it does look somewhat accurate once then you watch a few cutscenes watch the dragon give your chest a little tickle as mentioned earlier then you can control your character and play as youre going about your business youre introduced to pawns the general plot of the game and youre free to do what you like you can take on main quests side quests find random places to loot general Ogun will stuff just after waking up from bed though you do need to choose your starting class classes in this game are called vocations each one pretty much specializes in either magic ranged or melee once you play in the game as normal you will gain discipline points which you spend on abilities to add to your arsenal for battle you can unlock quite a few abilities but can only have three to six equipped at one time you can also get passive and core abilities too things up and once you get the level 10 and travel to the games main city you can change your vocation to whatever you like theres a total of nine vocations to choose from summer hybrid and some are more specialized each with their own play style and mix ups what makes Dragons Dogma unique is the ability to change your vocation at any time so youre not bound to one vocation for the whole game you can even use this to your advantage to unlock passive abilities from other classes and equip them to your chosen vocation very good feature another main part of Dragons Dogma is what I said earlier pawns pawns are basically some sort of dimensional traveling slaverys that are identical to humans except they lacked freewill organic robots as a logical column you as the player have your main pawn that you create and customize you can then recruit up to two additional pawns from other players online or pre-made offline to take with you thus giving you a maximum party of four the best part of this feature is you can customise your pawn almost as well as you can design your main character this includes choosing their vocation their abilities and their passives you even change that inclination which is how they act in the world in general like focus small enemies first priority is looting items always stay close to the arisen in combat and much more this whole pawn feature does make the game really fun as you get a customized any party of four that you like so for example you could be a warrior your porn could be a warrior and then you could recruit to warrior pawns for chaos you could have four spell casters for Rangers or you could have the general setup of a tank a healer and maybe a sorcerer and a assassin for example often keeps the game fresh and fun and again as you can change your vocation as well as your pawns the party mix apps are pretty much limitless character controls are decent general movement feels a bit unrealistic and quite dated things like rolling walking and running could have been designed a little bit better but as mentioned using abilities in combat looks and feels much better quality each vocation really feels different from each other and gives each class a whole different gameplay style this allows you to choose a vocation that suits how you like to play the game miele by far feels and looks the most satisfying in terms of character animations but the tire levels magic user spells are  __  insane you can summon tornadoes meteor showers huge pillars of ice to destroy groups of enemies and much more casting spells and dragons document does take some time and very strong spells do take the piss but are so satisfying when youve let them use ranged vocations I feel the most standard class in terms of immersion and feel quality but probably the most overpowered at high levels in terms of raw damage dealt but regardless there is no real best class in Dragons Dogma so just try them all and see which one floats you bought the most enemies are also pretty good in Dragons Dogma very unique and different from each other each providing a different type of challenge as you play especially on hard mode bandits tend to gang up and focus magic users deals so much damage its nuts and larger enemies tend to flail quickly and one shot / well unless youre an easy mode scrub you do have to use a decent amount of brainpower and take your time and think a bit in combat if youre going in spamming attacks youre going to regret it bosses are also a pain in the ass especially on bitter black isle unless youre following some sort of guide only if you jump straight in the hard mode youll know what I mean some bosses just really take the piss and when you die you have to start the whole encounter all over again but personally I quite like it as I said hard mode is definitely worth a grind even in the early levels as the benefits really outweigh the difficulty in Dragons Dogma there are hell of a lot of status effects you but youve generic poisons boons defenses reduced and silences but then youve also of things like oil your wet a few other crazy ones but either way theyre a hell of a lotta fast traveling in Dragons Dogma is a little bit different from other open-world games in Dragons Dogma you have to use an item called a fairy stone which is consumable upon use which teleports you only to a few set locations around the map this can be remedied by finding items in the game called port crystals which you can put any way you like in the overworld but fortunately if you purchase the ps4 version of Dragons Dogma you do get an eternal fairy storm with unlimited uses so highly recommended in this game there are way too many  __  consumables now consumables in games I honestly cant stand consumables they take away so much immersion for me that I just hate it how can you go from high-intensity combat to a Start screen and just click items to heal yourself click items to restore stamina click items to remove status effects its so an immersive and Dragons Dogma really does take the piss when it comes to consumables you need consumables all the time for everything its so bad in fact that people make videos online of them killing bosses which in the title clearly says no consumables used if they reduce the amount of consumables used the game would be a lot more immersive but obviously they cant change that now if youre the kind of person that really enjoys min/max stats then Dragons Dogma is really good game field if you actually want to play this game to max level you can really specialize your character as to the stats it games per level up depending on which your vocation you have chosen at the time of your level there are online calculators for this which can help and I am one of these people I do quite enjoy optimizing my stats and I will start games again if I make a mistake so this game is perfect for that when recruiting forms if youve got someone on your friends list whos it for example level hundred and twenty a newer only level five you can recruit their level hundred and twenty pawn simply because theyre on your friends list I supposed to be playing easy mode this would take the piss of it and the porn is probably gonna face well everything but when you play in hard mode youd be surprised enemies are very very strong on hard mode so on bitter black Ill again for example it is quite a welcomed advantage so just keep that in mind Dragons Dogma does have a very big emphasis on the grand feature where you can hold on to enemies climb up large enemies and attack specific body parts a good feature but again when youre playing on hard mode this isnt the best idea because enemies tend to grab you or will one shot you while youre on their back so another thing to keep in mind the autosave feature in the skin is quite punishing so make sure you definitely press Start and save the game quite regularly again on time difficulties because you might find that youll go for a whole dungeon while in combat the whole thing died at the end and then you put back at the start again so make sure you go out of combat and save the game when you can another big part of Dragons Dogma is you do have the ability to start the game again except with the same save data a decent feature where you can get more poor crystals in the game to use for more teleports you can get to crooked items and a few other things I want me to go into but another good feature about the game and finally the dragons in the team looked  __  stupid like that big dragon whats going on with this noise he got some sort of beak I dont know it but I just thought Id also mention that its a bit of an unusual dragon design and the design of this dragon seems to be consistent throughout the game where if you know this dragons in the wild theyve again that got the similar strange beak of a very large jaw with 20 years has it I dont know why they went with this dragon luck maybe to be different but I thought Id mention that as well so for the ultimate question is it worth your time its not quite a must-play but for anyone looking for a lord worthy challenge and also loves war immersive combat fun this game is for you if you love a casual game and that prefers an easier style of plate and immersive story I wouldnt really recommend it and will probably suggest something else Im gonna give this game a false start or 83 of the 100 Dragons Dogma just literally just missed out on four and a half stars overall due to the standard story standard music and standard pretty much everything else outside of combat its the kind of game that you look at in your library and you think or should I play it should I play it then once youve booted up the game you find that youre on the game for  __  five hours without even realizing the next day you turn back on your console go to your library again and oh should I play it again if if the overall game was after standard of the combat experience quality then this game would have been a lot better the super high reliance on consumables also takes a lot of immersion away from me as I mentioned but Ill say it again the combat is so good for its time but anyone I know who is pretty good at games and loves a challenge Dragons Dogma would definitely be on my recommendation list well guys I hope you enjoyed the video if you did leave a like subscribe if you want to see more games Ill be within each week and comment if theres anything I missed or what you thought of the video but as always all the best guys take care what does a facial steamer do Is it worth your time? Lets find out! Hope you enjoy the dragons dogma review guys, this one is a bit longer than my usual but more to cover so bare that in mind ;)Twitter: could not connect to steam network 2022 steam tables english units changing steam region for cheaper games steam player lookup coop multiplayer games steam