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Borderlands game of the year enhanced steam keyusing steam deck as a pc DRAGONS DOGMA: DARK ARISEN review hey everybody this is my thoughts on dragons dogma specifically darker risen which is the re-release that also includes extra content and what youre going to be seeing throughout this video is the pc version even though i originally got this on the xbox 360. it is also available for other platforms specifically playstation 3 and 4 as well as xbox one and nintendo switch and apparently the game was successful enough that they ended up making an mmo out of it that only released in japan although that has since been shut down and they also ended up making a netflix anime series out of it that is supposed to debut later this year i think and if you look at the majority of reviews around the time of the games release both when the original version and when darker risen came out and the subsequent re-releases on other platforms youd find that generally speaking its been pretty well received most people seem to like it quite a bit although thankfully it does seem like most people notice there are some pretty major issues with the game that need to be addressed particularly with the original versions on the xbox 360 and ps3 both of which had some issues with the graphics looking kind of muddy and low res as well as the frame rate being absolutely atrocious particularly on the xbox 360 version were talking that even with a frame rate lock of 30 it still couldnt maintain that it was constantly dipping into the low 20s and even lower than that sometimes and it just ended up being miserable to try to play it dont get me wrong i know console players are more or less used to that kind of thing back then but in hindsight its just absolutely baffling that people were able to put up with it although thankfully that did change once the ps4 xbox one and pc versions came out all of which run at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second as far as i can tell or at least the pc version does i cant speak from experience on the ps4 or xbox one versions and i have absolutely no idea about the switch version but i cant imagine it runs all that well considering how relatively weak the hardware is in that thing anyway the short version of this is that if you are going to play dragons dogma darker risen or just dragons dogma in general the best version to play is dark arisen on pc now that thats out of the way lets go ahead and move on to more important things like why is this an mto rather than a review considering that ive been working on this game on and off for several years now because on paper this sounds really cool youre going to be fighting these massive creatures like dragons and chimera and cyclops and things like that and you can climb on them you can attack their weak points theres different things that theyre weak against or strong against and you have to learn the ins and outs of that theres a very flexible class system in this where you can pretty much go between the different classes and sometimes mix and match abilities whenever you want and thats called vocations in this its got an action-oriented combat system with a fairly decent variety of moves that you can do based on which vocation youre playing as theres a pretty decent amount of equipment in the game theres different places you can explore different secrets you can find and even different side quests you can go on other than simply go here and wipe out enemy and that all seems cool at first glance and then you start playing the game and you very quickly realize that they didnt think their cunning plan all the way through one of the most glaring issues is the fast travel system or mostly lack thereof because you can only fast travel to basically two or three spots in the game and you can only do that by consuming certain items specifically fairy stones which in the original version of dragons dogma were about 10 000 gold a piece and they are consumed upon use so you can only use them one time in darker risen they lowered the cost of them but they also gave you access to an eternal fairy stone which does the same thing except its not consumed on use so you can use it an infinite number of times thing is that only helps so much because you can only teleport to places that have port crystals which are split into two different versions one port crystal rings which are permanent port crystals that you can fast travel to or the portable ones where its an item that you carry around and you can just place it somewhere in the world and teleport back to it which probably sounds great except that you need to find port crystals because until you get to new game plus you cant just buy them and even in new game plus they are 200 000 gold a pop so the short version is that until youve done enough adventuring to find one of these things youre only going to be able to fast travel to the permanent ones of which there are three in the entire game at least in dark arisen anyway in the original game there was only one of them and it was in the main city of grand sorin in dark arizona they added one just outside of the starting town and another one at the bitter black isle harbor which is part of the new area thats associated with dark arisen so the short version there is that fast travel is more or less not a thing unless youre just going back to the main city at least until you finally managed to get one of those pork crystals so that means whenever you want to go somewhere i hope youre ready for a very long very slow trek because youre going to be walking because there are no mounts in this game either you have to just run every single place you want to go and this is a very large world to run around in and whenever you sprint it consumes stamina which if it bottoms out you just stop moving for several seconds as you just heave and catch your breath and keep in mind stamina is used for all of your special attacks as well so if you manage to get stuck in a combat situation after having sprinted halfway across the map well tough luck youre just gonna have to try to avoid damage until your stamina has regenerated enough so right off the bat you have a very major fundamental problem with the game that being world navigation sure its cool to be able to wander around in a big open fantasy world that is rather decently detailed but unfortunately the way the games set up youre going to be going through the same exact areas over and over and over again and going back and forth between the city and wherever you were going before over and over and over again without mounts and for most of the game basically without a fast travel system and to make matters worse no matter where youre actually going between where you start and where you end up you will be encountering tons of trash enemies and by that i mean things like goblins or bandits or wolves or whatever the case may be for the given area that youre in and youre going to have to fight a bunch of inconsequential enemies that dont really serve much purpose other than to mildly annoy you this of course drags out the travel times and it also is made worse when you run into the random large monsters like cyclops or chimera or whatever the case may be and you end up having to make the decision of whether you want to go through the process of fighting what is basically just a massive damage sponge or if you just want to run away from it and eventually get to where youre actually going because heres the thing people dont necessarily think about when they look at dragons dogma they see these massive monsters and they think oh man thats awesome you can climb on them you can hit their weak spots and they have different strategies to beat them and everything and sure the first couple of times you fight the likes of say a cyclops or a troll or a chimera it is pretty cool but then you realize that youre going to be encountering those enemies on a pretty frequent basis and they just become really tedious to fight its an instance of something basically overstaying its welcome and its really unfortunate that thats the case because like i said it is pretty cool the first couple of times you fight these monsters but then the game keeps throwing them at you and while it is still pretty cool when you fight the particularly large boss monsters those moments are actually very few and far between the actual vast majority of the game is spent just running from point a to point b and fighting a bunch of trash mobs in between and that just becomes incredibly tedious incredibly quickly and a lot of that is down to how the combat system works and more importantly how the vocations work now as youve been seeing throughout the video my character started out as a fighter and when i ended up getting to the point where i could go to an advanced or hybrid vocation i ended up going with mystic knight this is more or less the games equivalent of a paladin and whenever i mess around with something thats supposed to be an rpg like this i normally play as a fighter or paladin type class to start out just to get a baseline for what the games like and then i might mess around with rogue type characters or mage type characters later as it turns out this was something of a mistake because while the mystic knight eventually becomes a fairly powerful class once you get the vocation level up high enough and get access to the really high level skills with it unfortunately starting out its actually weaker than the baseline fighter because you cant wear as heavy armor as you can with the fighter you can no longer use the same types of shields that you could with the fighter you are now limited only to using magic shields of which until you get about halfway through the game youre only going to have access to one the wooden wall which is the worst magic shield in the game and its worse not just because it has the worst stats but also because it has the worst timing window for counter attacks you see the biggest thing that the mystic knight can do is a counter attack by getting a perfect block which means that you time your block at just the right moment and then you can do some sort of repelling action that will blast the enemy with some magic its a pretty powerful ability when it works and the problem with the wooden wall is to get the timing window down to something thats actually usable you have to upgrade the shield a fair bit which means youre effectively wasting your materials on it and more importantly you have to get that timing down which is the easier part of the whole mess so right off the bat youre going to be running into problems with the mystic knight and its going to be a rather slow trudge to finally get the class to be something vaguely usable but it gets worse from there you also have the problem of the main weapon for that class actually being mace type weapons so things like actual maces as well as light hammers and things like that and when you start picking those up youll notice that they actually do a fair bit more damage than the one-handed swords do so youll be thinking oh well thats great i can do quite a bit more damage and thats true if youre fighting skeletons because one of the things they implement in this game is damage types and different enemies are going to be weaker to certain damage types than others and theyre going to be more resistant to certain damage types than others so you already know where im going with this the vast majority of enemies in the game are not weak against bludgeoning damage in fact theyre usually pretty resistant to it and they are in fact weak to slashing damage so even though your swords are going to do less raw damage than the hammers they actually end up doing more damage in the long run because enemies are less resistant to it so its things like that that make me look at the mystic knight and make me wonder why they even bother including it in the game at all and that was only something that became more clear to me when i got further into the game and actually unlocked most of its abilities because it turns out the mystic knight is a very powerful class but getting to that point is downright miserable so until youve finally unlocked all those abilities as a mystic knight anyway youre going to be trudging around and whacking things with your sword or your hammer and occasionally blocking things if you can anyway and once you gain access to it youre going to be using the magic cannon ability which spawns an orb that you whack with your sword or whatever to shoot out magic bolts at things and eventually youre able to get some abilities that are actually very powerful and the class becomes a lot more enjoyable the problem is by that point the rest of the game has a warrant on you too much for you to care anymore and its a bit worse if you play a mage because even though they have particularly powerful abilities unfortunately they take a long time to cast them so youre just gonna be standing around waiting for a timer to fill up before you can actually do anything but then theres the strider and the advanced version of that called the ranger which gets a bow where you can shoot at enemies from a distance with and you can actually target things with and you get daggers which do slashing damage and are very fast and all of your special abilities are very quick mobile and often used to get to areas that you just cant get to as any of the other classes and given the amount of areas in the game that were clearly meant to be accessed but can only be accessed by striders and rangers it makes it pretty obvious that they designed a huge chunk of the game around striders and rangers or at least the ability to move like them and theres such a massive disparity in the play style of strider and ranger versus the other classes that it makes you wonder why they even bothered including the other classes make sure you can switch between them basically whenever you want by going to the end and just changing your vocation and some of the abilities you can unlock as a given vocation do carry over into the other vocations but it really gives the impression that there wasnt a cohesive vision for what the game should be it was like they tried to include some elements from monster hunter and they tried to include some more traditional rpg elements and they just didnt know what to do with them so they just threw this mess together its the kind of thing that really needed some refinement before it got to full release and while what we got was ultimately a bit of a mess it does show enough promise to where if they did end up making a proper sequel to this instead of just the mmo then i could see them maybe being able to refine the system and make it actually much more balanced or at the very least give the other classes than just strider and ranger the ability to have different maneuvering techniques than just running around on the ground and doing a quick hop but there is one thing in particular that they absolutely must improve if they do end up making a sequel to this and that is the information that they give to the player because you see if i had known from the start that the game was biased in favor of striders and rangers and biased very heavily against mystic knights i wouldnt have played a mystic knight and while the game would have still become tedious it would have taken a bit longer to become so tedious but i didnt know this was going to be the case until it was too late and by that point i had started to consult the wiki which is something youre going to be doing an awful lot in this game because the game does an absolutely terrible job of explaining anything to the player beyond basic controls the game will absolutely inundate you with various symbols for status effects or damage types and youre going to have absolutely no idea what any of them are unless you consult the manual which certainly wasnt a problem with the original release of dragons dogma because it had a printed manual that you could consult and then darker arizon happened and they decided that the best place to put the manual would not be an actual printed booklet that was included in the game case oh no they decided the best place to put it would be at the main menu meaning you have to quit out of the game the thing that youre actually playing in order to be able to look at the manual so for example if you werent sure what a particular status effect symbol was and you wanted to look it up you would have to just stop playing the game quit back to the main menu pull up the manual look up what that status effect is close out of the manual go back and load your save game wait for the load to finish and then trudge all the way back to wherever it was that you were and whatever it was that you were doing and then do it all over again yeah whoever thought that was a good idea had absolutely no consideration for what its actually like to try to play a video game anyway the important sticking point there is that thats only for things that you can even look up in the manual at all theres plenty of stuff that you just cant like the various quests that youll have and the various item descriptions to figure out what exactly they do so youll just have to rely on the in-game descriptions for that and you will very quickly run into problems where the game doesnt really tell you exactly what you need to know to be able to do any of the things that youre trying to do oh sure youll get into a combat situation with a particular enemy type and your pawns will not shut up about what its weak against or what theyre about to attack you with or whatever the case may be and thats perfectly fine except it does get annoying after a while but as far as things like quest descriptions go itll give you a basic objective and the blurb thats associated with it doesnt really give you any actual information about what you need to know then youll start going about trying to complete the quest and a lot of them are very simple and straightforward things like go and kill this number of enemies of a specific type or go collect this many items of a specific type or escort this person to this location or things like that but other objectives are just find insert item here in order to complete this major quest and then it doesnt tell you where the item youre supposed to find is or itll give you a description that is extremely vague in all accounts and youll just have no idea what youre supposed to be looking for on certain quests this isnt as much of a problem because it does have quest markers but a lot of times those can be rather vague as well and youll still not really know what youre supposed to do and to make matters worse theres a lot of things that are hidden behind the scenes that you just wouldnt know unless you consulted a wiki or a walkthrough or something like that and you found out things like oh well theres a mechanic that is sort of kind of romance but instead of doing the logical thing and building up a relationship with a particular character its just an affinity rating that maxes out if you complete a quest that they give you and you might even have absolutely no idea that that was what was going to happen so then youll go through the rest of the game minding your own business and then you get to the end and it reveals who your beloved is and its somebody you dont even remember because it was just one quest that you did way back when that you completely forgot about and because the game does such a poor job of explaining itself and a bunch of underlying mechanics to the player and of course the manual is basically inaccessible i found the general experience of dragons dogma to be an absolutely frustrating mess when i first started out messing around with it on xbox 360 of course it had all the performance issues and such on top of the issues that ive already described and i ended up just absolutely despising it so when the pc version showed up and the performance issues were ironed out i ended up going back through the game right from the beginning again and this time around i decided i wasnt even going to bother with the notion of going into this thing blind i ended up having the wiki open at all times while i was messing around with it and i found out very quickly that i would just end up paying more attention to the wiki than what i was actually doing in the game and honestly why wouldnt i be constantly going through the wiki when im messing around with this thing because the game doesnt explain itself very well and the moment-to-moment gameplay is mind-numbingly boring its not fun to fight trash mobs its not fun to fight cyclops after cyclops after cyclops its not fun to fight troll after troll after troll or chimera after chimera after chimera the only times the game is even slightly fun are when youre going up against the individual bosses that you only fight once in your entire campaign and even those are boring because youre going up against an enemy that is ultimately just a massive damage sponge cute fanboys screaming about how i need certain equipment or i need to grind to get my level high enough to where i can just annihilate these monsters very quickly or screaming about how im not using the vocation system properly or just wasnt playing the right vocation or im not playing the mystic knight correctly insert any number of other pitiful excuses here ive basically heard every excuse for the game at this point and im just sick of hearing people making excuses for it and speaking of making excuses for it a lot of people will tell me to stick with the game because it gets good so many hours in usually some idiotic number like 20 plus hours in and while ill be covering that as a topic in a completely different video specifically thats going to be a games that infuriate me to no end video some point later on this year the quick answer i have to that question is another question okay cool why does it have to take that long why cant it be fun right from the beginning why do you have to go through this long period of insane boredom in order to get to anything even slightly enjoyable hell ive actually seen some people say that dragons dogma doesnt get good until you get to post game which makes absolutely no sense at all i mean dont get me wrong you know by this point that i can put up with an awful lot in video games i am very patient with them for the most part i can put up with all kinds of performance issues of all kinds of technical problems with glitches and bugs and crashes and things like that i can put up with all manner of jank whether it just be weird indie game quirks or even euro jank like you see in gothic or the especially lovable slav jank like you see in stalker or you are empty but there is one thing in particular that i cannot put up with in any video game at all and that is boredom it goes without saying that good games are enjoyable but even a bad game can be enjoyable on some level i mean look at a game like ride to hell retribution it is one of the worst games ever made i gave it a 0 out of 5. that is the lowest score i have ever given anything and yet i still laugh my ass off at it because it is so terrible it is hilarious meanwhile a game like dragons dogma is certainly playable but it has one gimmick that wears itself out very quickly and once you get past that the game is just a boring tedious slog sure its got some cool things it does but there are things that needed to be ironed out long before the game actually released and while they might actually fix a lot of that in a sequel if they ever get around to making one unfortunately this particular game just got consumed by those issues and as a result im just not going to be able to force myself to finish it thank you all very much for watching and if you like the kind of videos i make then please consider supporting the channel on patreon every single cent i get from that goes directly back into the channel whether it be getting additional games for review or additional equipment or whatever the case may be if you cant afford to or dont want to thats perfectly fine i understand but the option is there if youre interested thanks again for watching and ill see you all in later videos steam games cute In this video, I finally go over my thoughts on Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, Capcoms 2012/2013 attempt at a western-style action-RPG (though its really more of a hack n slash game with RPG elements).ESRB Rating: Mature (17+) - Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, Violence You can get this game on Steam here: Or get it DRM-free on GOG here: You can join my official Steam group here: You can follow me on Twitter here: Want to know more about my channel? 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